Electricity for Health
Lightning vibrates Oxygen in half
creating billions of Oxygen atoms... they are cleaners.
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The fresh clean smell is Ozone
right after a lightning strike...
violet color electricity everywhere.
Lightning hits the ground
Violet color electricity all around.
Even a spark overhead
from an electric street car
creates ozone.
Time to introduce
Nikola Tesla
Here is his
Tesla Coil
showing a portion of the top
Violet color electricity
turns bright white
as it comes in contact with an object.
60 minutes
Listen to Curtis
Nikola Tesla
To prove
violet electricity will not harm you
Nikola Tesla passed one million and
two million volts through his body at
the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893.
More on Tesla later
to 9 audio clips
Ozone is applied in various ways
Dr. Otto Warburg
Sterilize blood
Medical reports
Dr. Robert Atkins MD
I'm just a regular individual
I became severely ill had fever for a year
Sara goes to Tijuana Mexico for treatment
My T cells were down to thirty
Threshold Films
Geoffrey Rogers
Ozone and the Politics of Medicine
Won Best Informative Documentary from the 1994 Atlanta Film Festival
Won a Silver from the 1994 Columbus International Film Festival
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
presented it as... One of the Outstanding Documentaries of the Year 1996
Rogers who produced this fims says
his award winning documentary is not aired by broadcasters
one atom of oxygen~(single atom) .oxygen atom
two atoms of oxygen .(double atom) oxygen molecule
three atoms
of oxygen. (triple atom) .oxygen ozone
48 seconds
27 seconds
51 seconds
52 seconds
100 seconds
152 seconds
54 seconds
51 seconds
68 seconds
More on Otto Warburg
Ozone Generators for sale

They are not kidding
about the benefits of
ozone for our bodies

Ozone Generators or
Violet Ray Generators

violet color electricity


Renulife Electric Co.

more Clues
as to the truth
ozone for health
In the 1920s
notice what was written
about Ozone.
This 12 page flier came with

Violet Ray Generators

they all create Ozone.

Curtis owns
several Model R
a few Model M
and a few others.
This flier included with

Violet Ray Generators

The coils they write
about are
Tesla Coils
Ozone is cool
to breathe.
It says here...
Ozone in large quantities
for inhalation purposes.
These claims made
in 1924 are still true today about Ozone
Here is an easy way
to get ozone into your body
Tesla back in the 1890s discovered how to make ozone by splitting
oxygen in half with a spark. Those oxygen halves plus oxygen whole create
ozone. Then came the Sears catalog 1904 followed by other companies
making Tesla's Electrical Vibrator or it was called a Violet Ray Generator
from the violet color electricity it produced.
Bubble ozone through water
for 5 minutes

We drink Ozone
twice a day
or three times a day.

When you drink Ozone everyday
the inside of your body will become a little bit cleaner every day.
Your organs always need to be cleaned ~ they will function better
and you'll be healthier.
Marcy pouring a glass of water with ozone in it
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