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This is way too fast

Slower is better. Go slow.

This poor woman
was hit by lightning appearing okay.

doctor snaps image
find slower ways
to apply Ozone
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Ozone Therapy EBOO is the ultimate
Natural Anti Aging, Regenerative,
Healing Therapy currently available
in the world. This non-drug based
natural therapy is currently being
used by thousands of people who
want to stay young and active and
disease free for many years to come.
There is no more powerful oxidative
therapy than
Ozone Therapy.
Ozone Mixed
with Patient's Blood
Draw blood from your body
clean it with ozone then
inject it back into your body.
Red Ozonated Blood In
Dark Red Blood Out
My name is Hubert from Holland
and I am having my fifth EBOO today. And I must say that
I like them. It's like a kidney-dialyisis. The blood comes out in
one arm, goes into the machine about 300cc. My blood is
continually out of my body. Ozone is added, and it comes
into my right arm straight back again. So I quite like EBOOs
because they give me more energy. They give me good
feeling. I noticed quite a few improvements. I noticed my
eyesight got better, my smell and my hearing got better. And
I can run longer, I have better condition. I also had a flu very
recently which was pretty heavy. And I constitue the heaviness
of the flu also to the EBOO, because my body cleaned out
much more than usual and I feel very good afterwards. So I
feel it's really helping me, I feel it is a boost to my health,
and my overall performance. So I will be back for more...
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Ozone Therapy EBOO
and Ozonation
See real time instruction
Interesting video
Hyperthermic Ozone Chamber
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
used to treat burn victims.
Ozone Therapy in Dentistry
Alternative to Root Canal
We can inject ozone inside the jaw bone.
And also use Ozone from the ear and
also the nose, to kind of clean up
the head area and the lower jaw.
2:52 YouTube
Please Join the Fight and sign the petition to help give Lyme patients a voice.
My STORM Battling Lyme
Amber Van Wyk
5:21 YouTube
Ozone knocks out lyme in under 1 year
5:21 When I found out that I had lyme... after the doctors said that I had lyme.
I decided to go full time with ozone basically. Because I knew ozone would kill any bacteria and since lyme is a bacteria it would eventually get to it too.
8:19 YouTube
Why I think ozone might be the best Lyme treatment, my story
9:12 YouTube
(This woman produced a YouTube called)
O3 saved my life justin's lyme story (1/6)
Inject ozone directly
into your blood vessels
Here is what this person says...
Ozone Injecting and colonics are easy
and safe to do in your own home so you can detoxify. All you need is the right tools, and some tips to help you get started.
It is important to go SLOW.
And Don't overdo it.
A clean colon is essential to living a healthy life.
3:27 YouTube
Ear Insufflation
The ozone enters the ear canal and passes through the eardrum, which is semi-permeable. There, it oxidizes anything that is growing there, e.g., candida. After that, it will travel on to the eyes, and into the brain, oxidizing any toxins it comes into contact with. That is why this is a useful treatment for eye problems, as well as epilepsy. more
Ozone-oxygen mixture
Rectal Insufflation
1:41 YouTube
Ozone Therapy Can
Eliminate Vaginal Discharge
Vagina Ozone Treatment
Ozone gas inside the vagina, then micro-organisme pathogens will be killed, and at the same time Ozone gas will react with unsaturated fatty acids of cell membranes and produce a series of biochemical effects that can stimulate local and systemic blood circulation. With this method the possibility of vaginal discharge can be eliminated. more
Ozonated Olive Oil can treat bacterial infections of the skin
such as leg ulcers, fungal infections, fistulae, bed sores, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, bee stings, acne, ringworm and insect bites.
Olive Oil Bubbler used with
pure oxygen ozone generator.
Ozone Therapy
Direct Tumer Injection
Clip of various tumors injected and liquefied by the use of medical ozone therapy. This is part three in a series, it is solely for education and information, not to be attempted without proper medical consideration. This was done under extreme caution and supervised by medical personnel.
9:29 YouTube
Facts Related to Ozone
From: The Unmedical Miracle Oxygen / Elizabeth Baker 1994
Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen.

Ozone's only byproduct is oxygen.

The oxygen you breath has two atoms of oxygen.

Ozone has three atoms of oxygen and is known as triatomic oxygen.

Ozone is also known as activated oxygen.

Ozone is natural, organic, and God given.

Oxygen becomes activated when it encounters ultraviolet light and electrical energy.

Lightning creates ozone as does sunshine.

Ozone is Nature's way of purifying the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Ozone is the strongest natural bactericide, fungicide and viricide known to man.

Ozone has been used worldwide almost a 100 years to purify water... Los Angeles
being the largest installation to purify city water.

Ozone in the 'ozone layer' protect us from harmful radiation from space.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant.

Ozone is a very misunderstood and very under applied substance that could do
much to decontaminate our environment and to relieve a multitude of the
environmental and medical problems that we are suffering under.

Here is an easy way to get
more oxygen into your body
Tesla back in the 1890s discovered how to make ozone by breaking oxygen
in half with a spark. Those oxygen halves plus oxygen whole create
ozone. Then came the Sears catalog 1904 followed by other companies making Tesla's Electrical Vibrator or it was called a Violet Ray Generator from the violet color electricity it would produce.
Dr. Bob Beck followed what Tesla made and he recommended people
start making these electrical zappers themselves. Bob distributed a parts list
and the electrical schematic for two Tesla devices, an Electrical Pulser and
Ozonator to get ozone into water. Curtis has Becks 1997 flier... Take Back Your Power. See Bob Beck's lecture then get a water ozonator for yourself.
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Cancer ~ The Forbidden Cures ~
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Easy way for ozone
to enter your body
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