Water Ozone Generator
Lightning bolts through air...
breaks oxygen (O2) in half...
producing millions or billions of...
oxygen atoms... (O1)s...
attach to oxygen and called ozone.
Pure Nature
an effective and powerful cleaner
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Tesla built this lab to confirm
what worked in his mind to
be displayed in practical demonstrations.
A display in harmontics
Tesla placed a number of inductance coils
within the large high frequency coil.
Each coil resonated or became
attuned to a certain harmonic of
the fundalmental oscillation.
It was
Nikola Tesla
Electricity GENIUS
who created lightning bolts.
Colorado Springs ~ 1899
Tesla sits within his
51 foot diameter primary coil.
The secondary coil center forms
part of the magnifying transmitter.
Where did the
Ozone Generator
come from?
Thank you... Nikola Tesla
for matching the oscillations in your Tesla Coil to imitate lightning... breaks oxygen molecules in half to produce oxygen atoms... as cleaners.
Thank you... SOTA Instruments
for producing this wonderful Water Ozone Generator.
We are proud to promote this Tesla based technology.
Nikola Tesla
Chicago World's Fair 1893
Using his Tesla Coil ~ Mr. Tesla at the fair
visitors watched him pass one & two million volts
of violet color electricity through his body to prove this electricity will not harm you.

My guess is... when he took time off from the fair... Tesla had no one replace him for this demonstration.

Listen to Curtis introduce Nikola Tesla
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Tesla discovered Ozone
in 1891
to what people say about...
Oxygen atoms
inserted into water
The water is the vehicle to carry thousands of... Oxygen atoms... into your body
to clean your body.
12 hours later
One ~ 8 oz glass
2 weeks later
Two ~ 8 oz glasses a day
2 months later
Two ~ 8 oz glasses a day
fMore energy the next day...
Stool was different...
Sore throat cleared up...
No morning breath.

1 minute

Lost waste accumulated...
Waist size gone down by almost 2 pants sizes. I feel great... I have a lot of energy. My body getting Oxygen. No craving for sweets... Eat less...
Teeth not sensitive...
Less tartar...
Breath is better...
I have a nice flat tummy.

1.9 minutes

Lost weight 5 - 8 pounds...
Lots more energy...
Mouth & Teeth feel better...
Sweet cravings less...
Food... eats less...
Feet ~ flabbergasted...
Good for your skin.

2.2 minutes

I felt like I had more energy.
It is the oxygen atoms bubbling through the water. So that is what you're getting... it's not the water.

1 minute

I felt great... my movements were interesting. It basically cleaned me out. Whatever toxins were there... I'm cleaner now. I definitely feel better. Whatever weight I shouldn't have... it's gone.
My mouth feels better...
I feel cleaner. My orchid plants are exploding with deep green leaves.

1.1 minute

I talk for two minutes
about this wonderful
water ozone generator

2 minutes

Hear what Michael said after 3 months drinking oxygen atoms
Hear 36 minutes from hour 61 with Michael from Maui
Hear what he says about his knees!!!!!!

36 1/2 minutes

Michael says... fantastic
Michael starts talking about this one and a half minutes into the recording.

Marcy wants to update
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A paragraph from this book
~~~~~~~The biological purpose of hydrogen peroxide and ozone is to oxygenate the cells of the body and detoxify the blood. For this reason
we must do all we can to protect and avoid deliberate depletion of them.
It is disturbing to realize that the oxygen generating rain forests around the world are being destroyed at a rapid rate, causing a tragic reduction in the amount of oxygen available to all of us. iWe are being faced with a slow death due to oxygen starvation. iThe examples of oxygen depletion are endless. iSuch destruction translates to degenerative disease, the breaking down of the cellular structure of the body caused by a lack of life giving oxygen.
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