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Chapter VI
A Wonderful Discovery
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Chapter VI
A Wonderful Discovery
Chapter XII
The Life Giving Substance
Chapter XIII
Effect Of The Announcement
Chapter XIV
The Science Of It
Chapter XV
The New Man
Chapter XVI
The Discovery Universally Applied
Chapter XVII
The Dead Past
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Wednesday November 6th
a greater longevity for mankind... duration of life would double for all who observed these simple directions.
much had been published from the Institute... newspapers and magazines had given great space to the subject.
Thomas Parr, of England,
lived to the age of 152
he performed all his usual work
Living in the Hygiene Department of the Institute were 25 young men, carefully selected from different penitentiaries...
long term prisoners... all under the age of 22 years of age, of good health...
he was treated at court in so royal a
manner, and
his mode of living was so totally changed, that he died soon after
in London, in 1635.
In addition to these, there was about
an equal number
of all ages and affected with a variety of diseases...
it placed them at the disposal of the professionals at the Institute
They ate what they were told to eat
the diet and habits of the Inmates
solely under the control of
Dr. Hayes' department.
X Rays... this electrical apparatus
had been so perfected by 1903
that every tissue of the human body was exposed to view under examination.
The great discovery... had it not been for the aid of the Electroscope,
a combination of the microscope
and the X Rays.
All water, thereafter drank in the Institute, was the purest distilled water. And all food used in the Institute was pure food, cooked with distilled water. Thus no impurities through drinking or eating, were taken into the system of the Inmates.
The water thus used was valuable, not for what was in it, but for what was not in it. All water that had touched the Earth contained more or less inorganic insoluble solids, that when taken into the system coated the membrane of the stomach, kidneys, liver and other organs of the body, and impeded their healthy action. That, water was a great absorbent and would take to itself mineral solids that were indigestible and destructive of healthy organism.
he illustrated with a wooden trough...
in the case of iron springs, that left a red sediment on the boards of the trough.
Tesla... the man from Venus
created the
I had to rotate this photograph because these buildings existed.
The Hygiene building
stood high above the trees
to house 25 young Inmates and about another 25 of all ages
for the long duration.
page 51
Located in Pueblo Colorado situated on the shores of Lake Minnequa
All the buildings have been removed.
This wonderful Institute for all of mankind was destroyed.
These buildings existed in this photograph as well as the people in this book.
Nikola Tesla's contribution played an important part of a wonderful discovery at the Institute.
solid matter, such as the red iron you see there, that is indigestible, and yet invisible to the eye.
Now notice the effect, would say Dr. Hayes, as I turn pure distilled water to running in the trough where you see the iron sediment. And, in a little while, the pure water would have taken up the red solids, carried them off, and the wooden trough was clean.
But, as I said, water is a powerful absorbent; and by using pure water for drinking and cooking, it will, in passing through the system, take up the solids that have been deposited there, and, in time, remove it all from the system.
End Chapter 6
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.....Oxygen & Otto Warburg
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......................Chapter 6