Riley Connection
Born 1946 into a family of sharecroppers
at a time when adults were not taught
to read and write.
Photos of sharecroppers
Riley Martin
on his wedding day
with his wife's birds.
photo by : Curtis Cooperman
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.Riley Connection
Riley's story starts one night
when he was seven years old he saw strange lights out by the river, he tried to wake up his brothers
not one of them would wake. The next night the lights were brighter and little Riley was more excited and this time he tried to wake everyone in the house including his parents. Then the third night the lights returned. Riley didn't attempt to wake his family
he took his trusted dog Brownboy and they went to investigate.

Near the river he saw two alien beings his dog ran off and Riley agreed to go with them to a luminous sphere near Saturn. Riley called it a mothership. On Riley's second trip when he was 18 they placed a strange looking headset on him then in a matter of seconds they download into his brain... beautiful symbols by the thousands. While he slept they downloaded... the history of humanity... alien insights, and a whole lot more. Riley became friends with these aliens he calls Tan and Nela.
O-Qua Tangin Wann.

Riley was driving East on Interstate-40
when 4 saucers came
up behind his car. His camera was next to him. It was a Polaroid type where the positive and negative images are combined.

A short time later Riley connected with Barbara Barthelic a professional hypnotist who did an amazing job documenting
his sessions on video.

Displayed below are the remaining three images Riley gave me since I published his manuscript.

This #4 photo was given away by Riley
my guess is to Barbara Barthelic
his hypnotherapist.

This image can be seen in her
hypnosis video of Riley.

Under hypnosis with Barbara Barthetic
Riley tell his story for the first time
photo Curtis shot from video
Hypnosis Session... #1
Riley driving on Interstate-40, Dec. 28, 1987 with a Polaroid camera. Riley spots saucers
he was taken and repeats Tan's words to us.
Hypnosis Session... #2
Continues to when he is driving East
on Interstate-40 and gets out of his car
then taken again to their mothership near Saturn. When he was returned to his car the four Polaroid photos on his seat told him that
something strange just happened.
The hypnotherapist and her video camera heard Riley's story
before he heard it.
From a sharecropper kid to a mothership near Saturn
Riley returned with what they taught him.
When I first heard about Riley Martin
Bob Eure showed some of Riley's symbols. Said his background
was a sharecropper and now he produced a so-called 600 page
manuscript which intrigued me. A sharecropper in those days
don't produce a person with skill to write one page. I had to see it.
~~Because the cow can NOT JUMP over the Moon.
Bob booked Riley at his conference in Philadelphia November 1994.
Riley wanted me to publish his manuscript
From the very beginning I realized Riley
couldn't have written this without his teachings from Tan.
Michael contacted me after he read
The Coming of Tan by Riley Martin &
O-Qua Tangin Wann
Perfect Bound ~ soft cover
315 pages of amazing text
26 illustration pages
80 Biaviian symbols
Curtis Cooperman published using the name
Historicity Productions
first printing 1995
second printing 2003
Order from
Curtis Cooperman
91 Old River Road
Stockton, New Jersey 08559
25.00 + 3.99 shipping
Listen to Curtis & Andrea talk about the amazing words of Riley writing The Coming of Tan
2005 June 15
Curtis delivers to Howard Stern WXRK Radio ~ New York City
an 80 page proposal for an audition UFO Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Proposing Howard Stern sponsor our show Hello Earth with either Riley as host
or me as the host it doesn't matter because we would have our own show.
2006 July 22
Riley called me to tell me he is kicking me off our show.
He didn't give me a reason other than the fact he can do whatever he wants.
The show lost direction with nothing serious about it anymore.
Howard thinks all this alien stuff is just silly stuff anyway.
1995 to 2006
Curtis booked Riley on
217 radio shows and 3 television shows.
2006 March 27
Howard Stern grants Riley and I an audition for one hour by ourselves.
We took no phone calls. However there were 4,000 callers breaking all records
at Sirius Satellite Radio. On our 7th show we had 21,000 callers.
What an opportunity and amazing platform Howard gave us. Thank you Howard.

Here is a site that reported the Hello Earth Show on Sirius.

Michael says... The Coming of Tan would serve well to help many in the Urantia study groups have fun with the revelations in the book as well as give them a idea of their place
in this special group of Mortals.
Here is an example of the symbols Riley has been drawing.
This one is located on page 358 as you can see in the back of
The Coming of Tan.
Imagine you are drawing this symbol
put your pen on the paper and move it around to form objects.
Riley has never made a mistake or had a mishap when he draws symbols.
Hello Earth
Historicity Productions
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