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NASA launched three spacecraft to visit Saturn

Voyager I & II arrived near Saturn 1979

Cassini-Huygens arrived near Saturn 2006

With coded instructions to focus camera on a luminous sphere
They must have known where to look
to capture these images below... and send them back to Earth.

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NASA site N00062208
24 May 2006
NASA site N00061935
NASA site N00061934
The bright sphere seems
to have a big white object
coming out of the top of it.
switchs to a
for a close up view
and snaps this image!!!
NASA sends

Spacecraft to Saturn
Oct 1997
arrives near Saturn May 2004
Finding this Luminous Sphere
should have been like finding
a needle in a hay stack unless
they knew were to look because Saturn is enormous
compared to our planet.
Something caused this
donut shape to appear.
Was it caused by the cylinder
in the upper left of the
first image
? Cylinder is
missing in this image.
Saturn out of view
possibly on right side
of this image.
Same stars
same camera direction
same luminous sphere
24 May 2006
24 May 2006
Same stars
same camera direction
same luminous sphere
in all 3 images.
The stars are the same stars
in the next three images.
Cassini orbiter Locates Sphere
21 June 2016

See more images at
Michael Connection

Learn what this object
is by listening to:
Michael from Maui

The Urantia Book explains Earth and it explains
architectural worlds such as this one out near Saturn.

Thank you
NASA and the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency
and all involved with designing the Cassini mission
building the spacecraft and launching it to Saturn
more than twelve years ago.


NASA article states...
Prometheus shows up bright in this image of the dark side of the rings.

20 October 2008
New image posted
on NASA site
December 11, 2008

It appears NASA has named
this luminous sphere near Saturn

enlarged sphere
7 December 07
7 December 07
7 December 07
7 December 07
7 December 07
7 December 07
7 December 07
Cassini sends back these images on 7 December 2007.
There must be 50 images of the sphere... here are 8 to wonder about.
7 December 07
How can this luminous object change shape in every frame?
From ~ Google Sky ~ 6 links
Something in space is concealed from us
note ~ center intentionally removed
Most images are ( were ) linked to a NASA site.
A Mystery Glow on Saturn
The northern polar region of Saturn shows both the aurora and underlying atmosphere
11 November 2008
see what NASA says
If anyone can help locate these orange numbers
on the NASA site...
contact Curtis
All orange numbers were linked to NASA
now they don't work
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Is this a Star Ship coming into view?
Watch for the trick it does just below.
22 November 07
Two luminous spheres
in the same image.
21 November 07
21 November 07
23 November 07
23 November 07
23 November 07
23 November 07
23 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
What is this fountain
just before this Star Ship comes in ( or out of the ) the frame?
Fountain cascades
fountain disappears

So far, 52 of Saturn's moons have been officially named.

This (luminous) sphere has not been given a name.

21 November 07
Images were cropped
size could have changed...
click to see original at NASA.
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
21 November 07
26 October 07
18 November 07
hey curtis
Oddly enough, i just stumbled upon this video on you tube. At about the 3:53 mark, you can see an almost identical picture of the same shape as the new cassini images. Let me know what you think.


22 November 07
22 November 07
I like NASA
and the many companies that make their spacecraft.

I like launching spacecraft to Saturn to get a better look at something.
I know if they find something they are not going to use the words...
spaceship ~ spacecraft ~ or ~ flying saucer.
(Space Act of 1958 ~ far below to see why)

It's just funny
a NASA discovery will prompt an article about a rock.

See: Flying saucers around Saturn explained ~ MSNBC

As you can see this sphere shines brightly with 6 flashes of light.
This is interesting
the flashing light rays resemble
whatever this fountain is in these images.
Miami Florida
21 November 07
Watch each image as a slide show
once it is fully loaded

There is a reason of that you can be sure...
and when we know it... we will know everything.

Agatha Christie

All orange numbers were linked to NASA
now they don't work says...
Mysterious Twist Found in Saturn's Electric Ring
Here is the most recent
view we have of
another clue
there is something
out there near Saturn. Clips from article...

...astronomers can't yet explain.
...loop is a lopsided mess...
It's curious that Saturn's ring current isn't symmetric a rock on a string...
More mysterious to Mitchell and his colleagues, however, is a "clump" of electrified particles within the ring that rotates in sync with the planet roughly every 10 hours and 47 minutes.
Cassini's images show the bright clump orbits Saturn between 300,000 and 634,000 miles (485,000 and 1,000,000 kilometers) away from the planet's surface, but astronomers have not yet figured out what creates it nor why it moves so quickly.
The clump seems loosely hooked to the planet...
...we just don't know.
...we're working very hard to figure out.

Click on the cropped images below
to view from a NASA web site.

23 July 2006 ~ all four images
Cassini image of magnetic field around Saturn
22 August 2007
full resolution
Cassini images
uses Saturn's rings
to illustrate movement.
Link to these images
on a NASA web site.
Scientists explain it is the
Sun reflection off the rings.
If this were true... then what are all the other images of a bright object near Saturn captured by Cassini's camera seen without the rings?
Telling the press for the public
these four images are...

...opposition effect phase angle

...coherent backscatter


They're calling this illusion...
zero phase angle... saying it's due to sunlight illuminating everything face-on and therefore no shadow exist.
A mirror face-on creates no shadows. Are they calling this smoke & mirrors without the smoke?
One thing they don't try to explain is the moving aspect of the object.
It's a good thing they're not trying
to tell us it's the movement of the Cassini Spacecraft sailing by Saturn... as a train sails through a station.

NASA claims it is not validated...
The person who could validated it would have to be a person who
has been there and seen it
with their own eyes.

Rotates in sync with the planet
every 10 hours and 47 minutes.
From: michael
Subject: news flash
24 August 2007 16:55:48

Hi Curtis,
Check out Saturn's magnetic field. It seems that the scientists can't figure out what is going on
with this mysterious clump of energy orbiting Saturn. Ha Ha we know.


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Cassini instructed to snap a close-up image of
this luminous sphere.
This image is a NASA/JPL page showing 16 small images
of the Saturn Moon... TETHYS
| 'te O is |

Please note:
This is
page 20.
NASA moves the object around.
It has been on page 11 and
page 18.

Three of these images are not a Moon.
#12 ~ !3 ~ 14
see the next three images
Click on the images below to
view from a NASA web site.
This image
fourth column ~ third down.
This image is NOT moon TETHYS.
The Cassini camera
finds the luminous sphere and snaps this image.
Cassini's mission was to find this object.
full resolution
What is causing the illumination
from the right? And what is causing the donut?
This image
first column ~ forth down.
This image is NOT moon TETHYS.
Take note of the stars
and their positions.
Mission Accomplished.
Thank you NASA Thank you JPL Thank you
all who were involved getting this close-up peek at what is in Saturn's neighborhood.
The stars display the same position as above
showing the camera didn't move.
Cassini camera now with a telephoto lens
captures what appears to be an
architectural world near Saturn
and returns this image for us to see on Earth.
What is
causing all the brightness from the right?
And notice upper left star streak direction.
full resolution
full resolution
This image
third column ~ forth down.
This image is the real moon TETHYS.
The Saturn Moon
This image is so dark
there is nothing lighting up
the area around it so it is black dark.
full resolution
The rest of the neighborhood around Saturn is only illuminated by the Sun.
This image
second column ~ forth down.
This image is NOT moon TETHYS.
Here is another image
of the real moon TETHYS.
Click on this image
to read what
NASA says about the
real moon TETHYS.

My conjecture is
telescopes on Earth spotted it decades ago.
NASA launched spacecraft for a better look.

I called NASA/JPL in Pasadena... spoke with an engineer who confirmed this was
NOT an image from the Cassini Spacecraft... this was an image from Earth.
One of the finest
telescopes on Earth found this
luminous object near Saturn.

Note... 3 smaller spheres.

In 1994 I asked Riley to draw his first memory of seeing what he called the Mothership near Saturn.
Three sentinel globes protect the vessel.
21 Sept 04
21 Sep 04
More images of a huge luminous sphere.
24 May 2006
24 May 2006
24 May 2006
22 May 2006
11 October 2007
December 2005
30 August 04
16 August 04
15 May 04
13 May 04
12 May 04
25 April 04
25 April 04
sails closest
to the sphere
These have more than
two luminous sphere
who's counting?
16 August 2004
This sphere looks
just like the sphere from
24 May 2006
just before NASA switched
to a telephoto lens and
the next image looked
like a huge light bulb.
Amazing image
without telephoto lens.
Here is this bright sphere up close.
NASA instructs Cassini
to switch to a telephoto lens
to snap a close-up image
of this bright sphere...
next image.
These are Ducks

Two of them have extra head feathers...
and I know everyone who sees these guys know they are ducks.

How many luminous images near Saturn
do we need on this page to realize there
is something luminescent near Saturn?


From my deck on the Delaware River
the sun produces 4 pointed stars
with digital imaging.

Sparkles to show what a bright
source does with a digital image.

Compare with what is near Saturn.

Not ducks.

Take another look at these ducks.
There a lot of images of the luminous sphere near Saturn... how many must be seen before the people on Earth are shown what Cassini has found? Now how many images of ducks do you need to see... these are ducks?
You only need one image of ducks to know these are ducks?
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Saturn Earth Connection
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.NASA Connection
Cassini Image N00007453
Above Saturn ~
July 22, 2004

Object has moved again.

I think you will agree...

NASA Connection
7 More Cassini images of
Luminous sphere near Saturn
from July 2004
If you compare the illumination of the
two satellites in orbit around Saturn as seen below...

Does the object on the right look brighter to you?

The Saturn Moon
The Saturn Moon
Cassini locates the luminous object
near Saturn

See this moon on
a NASA web site.
To confirm this is the
real image from NASA.

See this moon on
a NASA web site.
To confirm this is the
real image from NASA.

See this luminous object on a NASA web site.

To confirm this is the
real image from NASA.

These moons are illuminated only by the Sun.

This object
appear to be luminous.

These moons are in deep darkness.

The illumination seems
to be coming out at such
an extreme the area
around it is illuminated.

No shine.

High radiant sheen.

No sign of life here.

Sign of life here.

Use your own sense of reasoning.

If NASA thought this was
a moon of Saturn...
they would have named it.

See for yourself we are NOT making this up in Photoshop.
Go to the NASA links.. see the raw images... then come back.
Seven images of this sphere
sent back by the Cassini Spacecraft ~
July 2004

The first three images show object movement.

Cassini Image N00007211
Above Saturn ~ July 19, 2004
Cassini Image N00007442
Above Saturn ~
July 22, 2004
This object has moved... note unusual shape.

Cassini Image N00007448

This image 7448 used above to compare
it to Saturn's moons ~
July 22, 2004.

Cassini Image N00007450

July 22, 2004

Cassini Image N00007451

July 22, 2004

Cassini is tracking object with a lock on it showing the
star streak. Cassini camera is moving with object.

Cassini Image N00007488

July 22, 2004

"Of course NASA will come up with
another explanation for these pictures...
like dust specks, cosmic rays, flaw in optics, and the like. They may have a more difficult time explaining this one because the object will be in one frame and then not even be in the next frame, or moves radically in the next frame
all the way to the bottom".
R. David Anderson
Cassini - Huygens Spacecraft
In clean assembly room

October 15, 1997 ~ Launch
August 26, 1998 ~ Fly by Venus
June 24, 1999 ~
Fly by Venus again
August 18, 1999 ~ Fly by Earth
December 30, 2000 ~ Fly by Jupiter
July 1, 2004 ~ Enter Saturn Orbit and begin primary mission
January 14, 2005 ~ Huygens probe enters Titan's atmosphere
June 30, 2008 ~ Mission Ends

1958 ~ NASA came into existence
National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958
(As Amended)

It is not the fault of the NASA employees not talking.
Please don't blame them for not telling us what they find.
Below is a section of the NASA space act of 1958.

Sec. 304. (a) The Administrator shall establish such security requirements, restrictions, and safeguards
as he deems necessary in the interest of the national security. The administrator may arrange with the Office of Personnel Management for the conduct of such security or other personnel investigations of the Administration's officers, employees, and consultants, and its contractors and subcontractors and their officers and employments, actual or prospective, as he deems appropriate, and if any such investigation develops any data reflecting that the individual who is the subject thereof is of questionable loyalty the matter shall be referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the conduct of a full field investigation, the results of which shall be furnished to the Administrator.

1988 to 1990 Riley Martin wrote a 593 page manuscript
of paragraphs interestingly composed for a sharecropper kid.
His story tells of being taken to a huge mothership near Saturn in
1953 ~ 1964 ~ 1975.

Michael from Maui you can listen to how it has effected him.

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Saturn Earth Connection
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Saturn Earth Connection
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Saturn Earth Connection
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The Cassini images are
25 years cleaner than Voyager's
Attorney letter ~ 22 February 2002
Unauthorized Use of Norman R. Bergrun
Copyrighted Material.

I had to remove the Voyager images
from my web site. Dr. Bergrun claiming
they are his property copyrighted by
him because the images
are printed in his book.
Even though it was not his spacecraft
that returned the images from Saturn.

He claims he altered the images.
Wouldn't altering destroy the original image?

See one Voyager image on his book cover.

I purchased a copy of his book.

1980 Voyager Spacecraft images
I had to remove them
from my original web site
seven years ago.
Cassini gets a view of Saturn unlike any other... and Earth
In the shadow of SATURN, unexpected wonders appear. The robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting SATURN recently drifted in the giant planet's shadow for about 12 hours and looked back toward the eclipsed Sun.
Cassini saw a view unlike any other. First, the night side of SATURN is seen to be partly lit by light
reflected from its own majestic ring system. Next, the rings themselves appear dark
when silhouetted against SATURN, but quite bright when viewed away from SATURN
and slightly scattering sunlight, in the exaggerated color image.
Far in the distance, visible on the image left
just above the bright main rings,
is the almost ignorable
pale blue dot of Earth.

Read this and more about Saturn and the Cassini Spacecraft...

Listen to Cassini pass by the rings of Saturn
Eerie Sounds of Saturn's Radio Emissions
The Cassini spacecraft began detecting these radio emissions in April 2002 when Cassini was 2.5 astronomical units from the planet using the Cassini Radio and Plasma Wave Science instrument. (RPWS)
16 October 2006
Hello Earth
Historicity Productions
Located on the left bank
looking down river
New Jersey on the left
Pennsylvania on the right
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