Michael from Maui
Hour 89

60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 19 May 2009
5th psychic circle or cosmic circle

Allowing ourselves to radiate
the light of truth in our lives

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Curtis : Michael and I would like to welcome you back to this recording of the Saturn Earth Connection. Our web site is And today is Tuesday May the 19th, 2009 and this is hour 89 with Michael from Maui, Hawaii. Hello Michael.

Michael : Hello there Curtis and hello to everyone out there. You were mentioning how many countries?

Curtis : Well I looked at it again and now we are 94. And at the bottom of the Michael Connection page I put the entire list on there. The statistics only go back to January. But you can see how many countries and it's quite interesting to look at the list.

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : And just to realize that somebody from that country just came to the Saturn Earth Connection to, what's this about?

Michael : Yeah, and the Saturn Earth Connection is really the name of the Mother ship or the grand city in space orbiting Saturn is the New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem in the Bible and the New Jerusalem are the same place. That's what I was told anyway and they are pointing to the same spot. The capital of our region and the universe is Jerusalem. And it's the story about New Jerusalem what goes on there and as Nela said, do you want to come along, do you want to go and see what we are doing and how things work with us? And I said, sure as long as you are going to bring me back. She says, oh yeah. I said, I wasn't very good at math, she says, oh you don't need to know anything about that; mathematics is not what it's all about.

So I went over there and they ran me through a program, which apparently is a program that has been run through by others. I met one of the other people that went through that program was Riley Martin. When I first heard Riley Martin I said this guy knows something. This guy really, really has experienced the very same people that I have. And that's how I first got in touch with Curtis. So this story continues and it continues from the very deeper teachings that I received and over time have actually moved into the realms of the teachings. Because you have got to live into the teachings you don't have theory you have really life, life experience, and you live and grow into the dimensions that are spoken about. So that's what happened.

And we were talking about seven psychic circles of adjustor attunement or psychic attainment or cosmic consciousness whatever you want to call it.
But they ended up being seven real dimensional additions that we build onto ourselves essentially a spiritual construction onto our soul. And it's made between ourselves and a little bit of God, a fraction of God, a fractal of God, that little piece called the thought adjustor, that Christ in us, the hope of glory, or another word was the mystery of godliness hidden from the ages, Christ in us, or as Buddhism was teach the divinity in us. Others have spoken of the very same possession that we have which to some has been jealously attacked because there are other beings out there who don't understand. They don't understand our possession of the thought adjustor, which gives us these additional growth dimensions that they cannot possess. These dimensions are to literally become divine in our character in nature and these can only become divine by experientially growing into these seven psychic circles of attainment.

We've covered four of them. And the fourth psychic circle is one that is a troublesome area for many. Because it is an area of liberty where we have tried to tame our egos and are now entering into the level of service, divine service and we try to do that sometimes saying I am not worthy. But this kind of talk, I am not worthy, is very common in that area but it can be a limiting factor in breaking out into the next level. And you've got to experience that liberty of doing and serving others. First of all serving God essentially. Becoming a divine instrument and as a divine instrument of the very nature
of God, having that in yourselves is sometimes a confusing position to be in.
But reflectivity is the key behind knowing how and why the penetration of harmonizing and coming into attunement with the thought adjustor or being tuned into the first source is all about. it's having this reflection coming back
all the time. This reflection takes a form many times in the earlier stages as answered prayer, and sometimes it moves on from answered prayer to dreams come true concept.

The dreams come true concept is real. It is far more powerful than you can imagine. One of the things that disarms ourselves from growing beyond ourselves into the divine nature or making these circles of psychic attainment is that we think that only God can do what really when we attune ourselves to it, our imaginings, even our dreams perhaps you might say become aligned and true. And when this takes place this alignment of truth we get a reflection back, a result back. And from that we can see and move and have our life in this adventure that we have right now in terms of our lives, and see things that
we only dreamed about and sometimes either foresaw or actually dreamed into existence come to pass. And this happens in an area all the way through and extends in greater dimensions as we make these psychic circles of divine attainment, divinity attainment, the nature and attunement with the thought adjustor. And this is the part that is continuously stomped out by the animal nature in our society, not to believe such hogwash, even religious circles try
to combat that concept but there are so many people out there who have truly attained a level of alignment you know with truth. People like Gandhi.

One teaching or one quote that I find very closely aligned to our harmonizing with our truth is overcoming our fear. One of the things that I have always remembered was one of my earlier teachers from one person who said, this by the way is also in the Urantia Book, and the person who quoted this to me said it was given to her directly from first source or from the Lord, and she quoted and said that, action with living faith in God knows no defeat. And this action with living faith is something that making our next or deeper circle requires. There would be no need for any additional help if we sat on our hands and did nothing but there are people who are literally changing the face of our planet. We see some right now being dethroned right now who are instruments not of truth but of using the instruments of fear and inadequacy. Yet what I was taught was that we are much more powerful than we can believe and much more attuned if we can tune in, and once we tune in we can make many, many things come true and of course once we tune in we no longer serve ourselves but we have become essentially slave to the first source and are synchronized off of that through so many of our decisions and our movements. And I just wanted
to quote something here, this comes from a man who in his inaugural speech spoke these words, his name is Nelson Mandela. And Nelson Mandela said something that is filled with the truth that can help us penetrate into a deeper level. This is where I am talking about today.

He says, our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, famous, or fabulous, actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
And as we are liberated from our own fear, our own presence automatically liberates others.

So this is what Nelson Mandela had spoken and it is filled with the truth, thought adjustors, the nature of who we are and then the activity that we must allow ourselves to grow into. If we have no action, we bear a type of quiet adjustment by the thought adjustor, but we make no moves beyond that then this next psychic circle which the Urantia Book calls the third circle, a third circle of attainment, from the outside moving in it would be the fifth circle.
But this third circle is one in which greater service is rendered. Service such
as taking our truth that we possess and moving in attunement with God, his nature, and allowing ourselves to radiate the light of truth in our lives, this radiance of truth believe it or not that will attract many and repel also just as many. don't mind those who are repelled by the light because they love the darkness. They prefer not to function in the higher levels and realms of life because they have found the animal nature quite pleasant.

However for those of you who are out there listening to my voice, in this the third psychic circle is one of great service, one so great, that this time many personal helpers, one or more, these angels of divine destiny come in to help enlighten your activity in other words they will add another dimension of reality to express outside of yourselves. In other words there will be things that will happen that will seem like miracles but in your real attunement you understand them as coming from a source of all life and reality and things would come that way and the reflections that come about by what you do begin to open up a whole and new and living way of being. Even so much to know that let's say that in this time of economic turmoil you have no fear, you have no concern about it because your attunement has allowed you to make the proper adjustments. And you know that this is a continuous and living way. Though the landslide may occur and the possibility of being buried alive in such a landslide may happen with the attunement you would not even be in the area when it happens or you may find yourself easily avoiding the devastation because of things like that which in my experience has been caused by many times by people who love darkness and they don't like the light that you shine. They don't know why, they don't know what it is, but it is the harmony and adjustment of your spirit and your very consciousness that actually energizes the adjustor within them. The little same fragment of divinity within them and causes them to think beyond or to feel beyond life's pleasures and fear their hearts with the reality that they must be building a greater thing and they don't like it. So sometimes they wish you would not exist and I have seen that happen over and over and over again with myself and then I've also seen at the same time the defense of those guardians of destiny these angels who actually come and help make sure that you are not plowed under by some of these who think that they have great power over you. I have seen tables turned over in the lives of people who wanted to destroy me and it was not by my doing it was just by these guardians of destiny who actually turned situations in life so they turned them from a greater and higher power so that they could move them out of the way. And this is the kinds of things that happen. It's not to say that the tests and the trials and the hardships invoked by you might say just walking in the light do not happen.

One of the things that Nelson Mandela did, was he was stuck in jail, he was stuck in prison a long time. In that he still maintains such a statement of truth that I had to read it as an example of being in that psychic circle, that third circle according to the Urantia Book, where your service has ascended to a point where higher beings are given you on a personal level and are actually assigned and this is for truth. I have noted that in my life and I have noted that in the others who are around myself and seen that very same thing. So that Curtis is one of the characteristics of breaking or just moving stepping out of that fourth psychic circle and moving in deeper to the fifth from the outside or from the out coming from the inside out the third circle and this circle is one
of responsibility higher than you can believe but filled with you might say realization and confirmation of destiny movement. Moving into the divine more and more bearing the divine nature more and more and actually extending yourself dimensionally deeper to be able to what the old teachers from the Bible say making the hope of glory, the actual fusion between yourself and God becoming a truly divine being beyond our mortal origins. Our mortal origins are something that can anchor us to a position where we somehow do not see ourselves being able to move past and we see many people saying we don't want this, so they try to keep you anchored into the animal, or saying that you can't go there you are like us you have to stay here but that's not the truth.
The truth is that we are powerful beyond measure and our light is bright, far brighter than those in darkness can stand it and would want us to extinguish it but it cannot be if we truly are in love with first source from God, it will continue to grow and be filled by energy that is beyond our own spirit and as
a result we live life with a different purpose and my purpose is to try to share this truth as it was given to me and to fulfill my promise that I would help those twelve guardians of the destiny of Urantia who are orbiting or actually I met in the New Jerusalem, as ones that would help with this teaching and with my experience so that you can understand the simplicity and the reality of moving into these psychic circles and then they are all able to be accomplished if we just simply know where to move ourselves in anything so that divinity can have his way with us. So Curtis that's a little bit you got any questions?

Curtis : Yes, the thought adjustor in the Urantia Book, it says that the thought adjustor has difficulty or its dangerous if you don't move together evenly with your intellectual nature and your spiritual. My question is a lot of people are basically intelligent and they may not be as spiritual as they are intelligent.
So here they are they're trying to move into the center circle and the Urantia Book said that the situation becomes difficult if you don't move in evenly if the intellectual nature proceeds faster than the spiritual. So here we are-

Michael : It becomes your own stumbling block you might say.

Curtis : Yes, that's right, thank you very much.

Michael : We need our mind, our intellectual selves, but we also need to find out that our minds will find greater expansion if we attune our minds to the intellect and intelligence that is within the adjustor. Remember the little bit I did about the savants? These savants really have a deficiency in their intelligence yet are able to express extreme abilities far above normal in perhaps like playing in piano or something like that and the adjustor the thought adjustor has these very capabilities and expressing them sometimes people get confused in understanding if it is from their mind or from the mind of God. That some of this inspiration happens. If you as an individual confuse your ego, your self, your ego in saying that all this great ability that you have done is all from yourselves as the source of course moving into a higher attunement would be very difficult. But if you have already made those adjustments into your ego, into your hearts desire and you are now moving towards center because your ego has been adjusted, not centered, first source is centered in you and as a result you are able to realize where all inspiration comes in. In this the third psychic circle you begin to realize the tremendous power of imagination and how when you attune your imagination to the mind of first source or God it can bring into reality your heart's desire. It can bring into reality your heart's desire because it is your way of expressing your light, your love of life, or your light and that is something that will be literally brought into reality. The intellect could give us all kinds of ways to manipulate. That Urantia Book quote that's
on top of my page is the problem that we have with our minds. Our minds in science and our mind needs facts to function with but then we also need faith. We also need the ability to by faith, have our minds subjected to the mind of first source and realize how grand first source or God is in us and that brings about the greater realization and greater attunement. Yeah.

And our own personal abilities within this level of development is all expressed in a perfectly individual basis it's not structured in such a way that everybody is exactly the same in every psychic circle it's exactly the opposite. Everybody's penetration in there goes through these general steps but expression of them can be different for all. So if a person's intellect and their mind is very, very strong and they don't understand spiritual things because spiritual things are hard to measure it becomes yes a stumbling block but if they would only attune themselves to the mind of first source they would realize the ability to test the reality of that domain that is called the third psychic circle and realize just how powerful our minds are, our intellect is when it is subservient to first source to God.

We can express ourselves like this, if we look at our computer without any connection, functioning solely on the programs that it has available to it and it stands alone indeed it is very powerful but as soon as we hook it up to the internet it becomes even more powerful filled with the information out there
far greater than is stored on the machine itself. This is the very same thing.
Did the intellect diminish? Did the computer's power become less? No. It just opened up a connection to a much greater source and this is what this is all about in this the third psychic circle or the fifth psychic circle from the out moving in deeper. And this greater connection will also acquire other entities extra you might say angelic beings that I have seen do remarkable things. So anyway just think of that you don't have to diminish your intellect you just have to connect. That connection is made through a realization that we are going to take some faith filled action and see what happens and then as it happens you begin to get this confirmation over and over and over again and something that adds that new dimension in a persons life. Do you understand Curtis?

Curtis : Yes I see how the thought adjustor how he, he or she really doesn't have that much of a connection with you until you start moving in closer to the circle, closer to the center.

Michael : Exactly. And as we move closer to the center he begins to arrange our reality, the very activity we do here in being a being of space and time into these other dimensions above our four dimensional reality and then we realize, we are realizing these other 7 dimensions beyond and their nature and their function.

Curtis : It sounds like the spiritual and intellectual nature needs to be balanced better to move in easier.

Michael : Exactly. We don't divorce our intelligence neither do we become so unwilling to tune in to the spiritual we just balance both as an expression and move inward as easy as possible. But the first thing is to realize that our ego must not become that center source, center of all. We need to find that point to balance off of which is the first source actually within us, the thought adjustor.

Curtis : Any suggestions for balancing this spiritual and intellectual part of us?

Michael : You know, it depends on what your personality. If you really like to have a very intellectual or very deep believe it or not your spiritual relations become just as deep. If you are a light type of a person, kind of joy, happy, happy go lucky, you'll find that you develop in yourself a very similar light type of relationship with the thought adjustor and it's just your expression of life. Your personal expression of life with this continuous conscious as well as unconscious relationship that is being built with the adjustor and continuously converting your life positive experiences to the attunement of the adjustor so you realize over and over again what you do and what you have in terms of that relationship and this continues to reinforce it and let the animal fear run away and let the main of time and the shortness of life not blind our movement to that because the very things we fear let's say the shortness of our lives, oh I must live my life before I die. Do everything you think so many things you got to do before you die. And then if you have the relationship with the thought adjustor such as moving in deeper because you have moved aside and these very desires of yours remain in place and believe it or not the very reality that you live in suddenly changes so that these areas that you thought were not possible suddenly become possible and the reality of that domain that you live in. Some people call, the religious types, they tend to say it's called the blessed place, you know where you are receiving the blessings from God, but it's really attunement, when you are attuned you adjust your wants to bring the realities of your heart's desire to fruition in your life. That's where you see your attunement this point of being blessed and working in that and you realize, wow, this is a positive area here but its all built around understanding just how and where these circles of attainment are. And these circles of attainment we are talking about now is really moving from an animal nature, a selfish nature, to one of greater service, one to greater understanding both to God or the first source and to others and that's inclusive of the others who are not of this world. Because it's important that we prepare ourselves for the ascent to become a part of the celestial neighborhood and the celestial neighborhood includes other beings of similar but different intellectual and spiritual make-up.

There's a level of morontial level that we can attain here that allows us to experience such a morontial characteristic, spiritual as well as physical and by doing so we can entertain these other entities with realization rather than never knowing that you had met some of these people, these beings from a higher realm than we live in right now.

Curtis : Are these thought adjuster's here on Earth?

Michael : Well the thought adjustor is bestowed as an individual fragment of God from the divine place, Divington it's called from the divine. They are given to us at a time when we begin to realize that there must be God. There must be a conscious realization of purpose in life. And the adjustor will help us attune more and more to the ultimate reality and the dimension. But in this the fourth, I mean the fifth psychic circle or the third psychic circle from the inside out, is one in which we have attained a level of service ability. Ability to serve to shine a light you might say and we receive even greater help from others, entities or beings of also divine destiny attunement that they are working on to help us arise from the muck of you might say the flesh or the animal nature. And they move into the higher realms that are more closely aligned to the will and desire first source. So that desire must become, desire of first source must become our desire also. Or we must be assured in our understanding that the desires that we move ourselves into are also the desires of first source and they are will be reinforced and expressed in our lives and the successes that come about are amazing when we are functioning in the right manner. The approved manner and that manner is pretty much unselfish. There's a point where we need to take care of ourselves indeed but there is also a need for us to serve others and serve divinity, serve first source and when we do that, boy, all of the other things that we thought may have been a selfish desire suddenly come to fruition. And it's interesting to see.

Curtis : It probably really is interesting to see all this take place. How would we feel we are moving through our circles?

Michael : Every time you are moving through a circle it's always, always a continuous reflection going on, a reflectivity that's going on, a confirmation of new domain of real living. Every single one of these circles that you move in
is a dimensional extension of your reality right now. Our reality of being beings of space and time, bearing the animal nature, has to extend beyond that or we will never release ourselv
es from that. So every time you make a new dimension there is a confirmation and I was working with the confirmations or the reflective confirmations that you have made these circles and these are the ones in which I described earlier. Like the very first one is the warmth and love of all of a sudden having that great peace that there is a reason for being. Much more than just simply being born into this reality and must live it through that realization is that real dimensional change in attitude. It's also a reality that can only be expressed when you get there. You know that you feel that you move onto the next one where all of a sudden you can ask and you can receive and you can seek it. You can find these dimensions of reality in terms of having a father that is within us. A father that is attaches himself and we attach him around to a greater dimension and move into one in which we realize that ourselves are really our biggest hindrances and we'd rather not have that to be our big hindrance and then it become one in which divinity takes center stage and we realize that and it becomes an even greater expression of service and then we move into a point of coming all the way into having that service extended through greater powers and energies that come into our lives and this fourth psychic circle, the centered one, would be empowered by spiritual invasion of the dimension of God the third source, spiritual energy, the Holy Spirit, adding additional dimension, and then you know where we were talking about today even entities and angelic beings and guardians of destiny assigned to us on a personal basis as we become servants of the divine and we bear divinity in ourselves a divine nature in ourselves and they help to fortify ourselves against attack from just people who don't like the fact that we are moving into a higher dimension. They don't know why but they want to keep us as animals. It's called the animal nature keeping you held down in this world and we break through with additional help in this, the third psychic circle. There's a lot of trouble that happens because if we do attach ourselves to the temporal and the natures that are more animal and we covet that then we get bombarded harder and it becomes a difficult place to be. But if you become more attuned to such as falling in love with first source then it becomes a wonderful place to be and it's all part of the polishing and the chipping away
of the unnecessary characteristics that are bound up in our animal nature and those fall away. And many of them will never be ever to attacking us again because some of them are just built in to our physicality our electro chemical being, nature of being, hormones and nervous system tension, things like that. These things are some things that we can allow to fall away when we become attuned. The reality of the spiritual energy which is always going to be expressed in ourselves, this assurance and this dimension of love that is beyond our understanding, it keeps entering in us and then flowing in us and then flowing out of us and then it is a light, a dimensional light that shines out of us in this place and just continues to grow.

Curtis : This animal nature you speak of, we all have to eat and drink water,
is that the animal nature you are speaking of or just our connection with this planet as I mean we are really all animals at this stage of the game?

Michael : Well the animal... let's look at something that I consider myself I am going to use myself as an example. There was a point in my life in which I loved to fish, the old hunter-gatherer thing. What eventually happened was I couldn't fish anymore as long as I wanted to be in this proximity with the thought adjustor, the solitary fishing and this fishing for the pleasure of fishing all of that left because it didn't harmonize with the adjustor until I used it as a tool to shed light on the truth in other words spend time with others that did not have the light as I did then this concept of fishing took on a new dimension of life. It's much like when Jesus Christ walked with his disciples you know they were all fisherman and they stopped throwing their net but after he was crucified they went back fishing for awhile and he added a new dimension and they probably ended up truly becoming fishers of men but also fishing at the same time with that new dimension. So suddenly what was an animal nature a pure survival thing became a way of shedding light on things and then it was given back to them with a new dimensional attachment as it was for me.
I didn't fish for a long time and then it was given back to me as a way of serving others to bring light to their life. That's not to say that what we have
is a basic need, which is the survival mechanism, the fight or flight stress mechanism that is something that will disengage when we leave our bodies but it is something that we should recognize that is we can have a greater peace so that the trigger of fight or flight is an animal legacy that remains in us but what disengages it is this dimension of peace and realization that we got from the very first circle and we continue to allow it to grow and as result stresses of things don't harm us as much and that animal nature fades away, which can cause a lot of ill health. Yeah. You understand what I'm talking about? I give
a couple of different examples here.

Curtis : Yes. Except for the ill health area.

Michael : The ill health? A lot of the ill health is caused by electrical imbalances, stress things like that. It's like dis-ease. Not being at ease. But
if you have gotten that great peace that flows in from that first circle and you keep being able to call that into your life you got great peace so that dis-ease doesn't attack you as hard. Not to say that you won't have times in which it becomes ever more difficult to get that point of peace but this is where sometimes we are kind of like stressed to bring about a greater character, an eternal character and nature built within us in this life experience. So anyway that's a little bit of dimensions there.

Curtis : Well it is amazing that you can speak so long about each one of these areas to attain to get to the center circle.

Michael : Yes and again I have tried to make it more, make it easier... it's almost as if the writers of that area in the Urantia Book were approaching it from the center, in other words as a perfect attunement and moving outwards but I believe that when they asked me to help and they helped guide me through to the circles and attaining the first, or the most inner one from the outside, they wanted, they wanted this kind of help, because I would be one who would approach it from the most outside as he drew me outside the seven circles and said, here you are, you are 1,2,3, body, mind and spirit because I had wanted the truth, I had entered into the most outward circle and he began to explain things and the remainder was an experience, one which I can share with you in terms of my journey inward to the first, the most inward one. It's not the same for everyone but it definitely has similar results for everyone.

Curtis : So when you were, when you were taken out to the New Jerusalem, what level of circles were, did they notice you were in at the time?

Michael : Well he had placed me in the second one from the outside so you know...

Curtis : Oh you've mentioned that before, I'm sorry I remember that now.

Michael : Yeah. He kind of pulled me in and says, you're out here, and then you moved in this over here. And that's as the Daynal is teaching me these things but really to have learned from the Daynal. The Daynal as a teacher is a just in point time teacher; if you have a question he will find you the answer. If it's from him he will do it in one way and apparently in this the development of this was to give people traction in order to make their circle attainment as fast and as easy as possible so that everyone can attain the first in this life. At one time many, many, many people, very hard to find one who had come into the first or deepest attunement. There are many tools, the tool, one of the greatest of all tools that were given to us was what was left when Jesus Christ left, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that will point to the Christ in us. Yeah.

Curtis : Wow. Just the whole thing is a lot to take in. But it is rather simple.

Michael : It is simple and when you look for, it is always a reflective area.
You always have a reflective response, one in which you have a control, in others words, a control you know you have an answer, if it's turned, some of the concepts of having gone the wrong way was when the heavens turned to brass and no signal comes to you. I think you are in the wrong attitude you might need to adjust your attitude here. There was a point when I went through a point where I had very narrow concept of faith and where I remained or where I was very important and if other people if they didn't get it, they didn't know, they're just doing something else, but everyone is on their journey and
if they are having a hard time maybe they can be adjusted but my adjustment was one in which I had to literally chip a fragment of myself away, a bit of character which was inappropriate. I had to attitude adjustment in order to make a deeper penetration into these last three circles.

Curtis : Well Michael there goes another hour and it's been wonderful hearing this again and listening to you and thank you. Time to say aloha and we will move on to the next psychic circle next time.

Michael : Okay Aloha. Take care.

Curtis : All right, aloha Michael.

Michael : Enjoy and be filled with joy and awesome discovery.

Curtis : Yes and some clear skies for all of us.

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : Okay. Thank you. Aloha and bye.

Michael : Bye

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