Michael from Maui
Hour 88

64 minutes
Tuesday ~ 12 May 2009
4th psychic circle or cosmic circle

Learn true liberty and discarding false liberty

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Curtis : Michael and I would like to welcome you back to this recording of the Saturn Earth Connection. Our web site is and today is Tuesday, May the 12th, 2009 and this is hour 88 with Michael from Maui, Hawaii. Hello Michael.

Michael : Hello Curtis and welcome back everyone.

Curtis : You've been recording now since last April so this is the two-year mark. These are a lot of hours people can hear about the Urantia Book and the sphere near Saturn where they took Michael. With his permission isn't that right?

Michael : Well I was invited actually in a sense after dealing with Tan and Nela especially Nela she said, Do you want to come with us to see how things work with us? And I said, Will I be returning? She said, Yes, we'll bring you back.

Curtis : Will I be returning? (he laughs)

Michael : I wasn't so sure where I was going then I said something like... How things work around here? This technology I am surrounding by is so far advanced from anything I've ever incurred. Ever even studied I had no idea. And I said, I'm not so good in math. And she kind of almost laughed and she said, You don't need to have any mathematics you can fully comprehend and learn from us how things work with us.

And I endeavored to teach it from that experiential point of view of how things work with this group of celestial and this group of celestial beings is not the bad guys they are the really good guys and they are full of love and compassion and extreme patience. Their purpose for even interfacing with us is to help us along in attaining the very same characteristics that they possess.

Curtis : That's quite a gift they are giving us.

Michael : Yes. And it was laid out by a teacher for me on top of a table.
He drew upon it and I was amazed about it. He drew seven circles and these circles were in fact the very circles we are talking about. Seven psychic circles or seven cosmic circles. They are trans-dimensional beings and these are dimensional psychic or cosmic levels that have characteristics that we can,
if we desire, attain in this lifetime. We don't have to wait around for thousands upon thousands of years to figure them out. Of course mastery of these six or seven actually, seven levels of divinity attainment are much more full. It's sort of like we live on earth we are experiencing the same three dimensions
in time as everyone else but when we look around, there are people who are physically athletes, Olympic champions and gold medalists and it doesn't make us not having experience the same world. But there's a different level of experience and expertise within all of these circles. I'm not gonna say that I'm an expert in any one of them, including this one where we live in the three dimensions of space and fourth of time. Yet I live here and there are certain characteristics and that's all I am trying to expose, the very same teachings as that Daynal the high teacher that taught me these circles. I approached it from the first circle all the way to the seventh where he taught it from the innermost where the innermost is the first circle and he taught it outward, so the center circle is the innermost or the first. In my experiential approach the first circle was the outermost or what he would call the seventh that would be my first. Right now we will be talking directly about the middle one, the fourth circle which is the same from either direction.

It is an important area to master its approach. That one is what we are going
to be discussing about right now. Hopefully you will begin to understand some of the truth behind what I am saying. You may find yourself having realized it already. Anyway that's the way it is Curtis as far as where we are headed unless there's anything you want to add?

Curtis : Well, Brian from Oregon he just asked if there was a conflict with a different direction?

Michael : Oh yeah, I just explained that didn't I? Like I say Brian, I am expressing it from a mortal going in toward the direction where it's taught in the Urantia Book from the opposite direction which is from the highest order the innermost level as the first going outward towards the seventh. Of course
if you are teaching it from that direction or perspective the very first one would be the one closest to you which would be the farthest which is the reason for the difference. I am approaching it from the approach of a mortal. First of all from this concept of divinity attainment, becoming participants and attaining divine nature or the nature of those who live in the cosmic arena of transdimensional realities.

Curtis : In acquiring these circles are leading to our maturity as morontial?

Michael : Yes. Ultimately passing through the morontial levels. All the way
to becoming, as was answered my question, I was finally taken to this place, which in the Bible is called the secret place of the most highs. And I was taken to that place by the Daynal in an, I don't know a chamber of light or something like that. Anyway we ended up in a room of light and I met two people and I spoke to anyone of these beings of light who are called Vorondadek Sons who are high observers and whose responsibilities are to observe the progress of Urantia in its tough times. This same development is in this arena of becoming truly beings of light and life. He explained to me that our ultimate goal is to become like he, a being of pure light. That's a long way from being a mortal. But the attainment of the characteristics of it all is not limited to us because
of our mortality. It is actually open to us if we would just simply attain certain characteristics and these would break through into the spheres in which they dwell. They can come down to our level if they want to but they prefer to call us up to theirs.

So in this arena that we are at right now I am just going to be discussing is
the fourth circle whether you approach it from one going outwards or one going inwards it's still the same circle, number four is in the middle (of seven). It's an important one to realize. When we overcome this circle when we live within this circle of consciousness we are going to be given many more powerful tools to help us work with others in this life and to commune with them in their domain. We must first make this particular circle. In review the outermost circle I call the embrace of the love of God, it's the first one you attain, which is so full of warmth and assurance. You realize that there is actually a lot more to being alive than a lonely mortal experience.

So in the second (circle) we move from that point to a position in which we suddenly realize that there is commune going on and our desires and requests are being answered and this domain of asking and receiving, seeking and finding, and then we move into one in which we have to grow past in order
for more things to happen and we must realize that we are no longer our center. Our center must simply step aside giving our adjustor more dominion within ourselves, within our lives and within our consciousness. This is one in which the ego begins to step aside.

And in this fourth position we begin to function in understanding what is truly right and truly what freewill is all about and free choosing and consciousness
is all about. The confusion that happens because of a short lifetime and being mortal is one that is not easily equipped to overcome this circle. One in which many of the concepts that are out there in this world would actually lead us in the wrong direction. Which is the concepts of the old warring tribes; let us eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die, get the most gusto out of life, this type of liberty of being able to say anything you want is not a representation
of the concept in which we can break through this fourth circle. In this fourth circle we attain the consciousness much more of true liberty we realize that we are creatures more than just ones that are having free choice. We have choices that we now know are made freely but which respects the viewpoint of more than ourselves because we are no longer within our ego self-centered ego environment. We stepped aside and suddenly we begin to change our perspective. We realize that the domain that we live in is being watched not only by the most high observers but our very own thought adjustor who dwells within all of the them, all the psychic circles and when we look upon it from that perspective we realize that if we stay ego centric we could never move into one which we would embrace other people as our brothers and sisters, other races, other nations, even other worlds and other galactic people. And never be able to move beyond that if we were to remain as egocentric beings.

But once we move out of there we realize that there is a center, first source and center. This first source and center, I like the term first source and center because all of a sudden being ego-centered you become first source and centered and your center is not yourself. And your center is one in which it
is given by free will choice to the one that embraced you in an earlier experiential level moving into one who has given much. And many of these things are successes in life and then moving on to the area in which you learn that is not because of what we ended up or our greatness was in our own, or our success was not built within ourselves suddenly we realize it is much more than that. And then we begin to now function with true liberty which is a liberty that is divinely inspired. One that has a perspective that is built not to get like the world says go get the most out of life you have to take it, say anything you want, no it's one that you say things to truly ignite and create or you do things in that same manner where turning about in that way you can actually become a destructive force if you are not led that way and that liberty is not truly divinely inspired. And that's where the conflict is within this particular area because it is one you must continually sort out with an ego that is stepped aside. To gain the perspective of a higher order. Like I said last week I believe like climbing a mountain you begin to see different perspectives at one time at the base of the mountain looking around you see not too far, your distance and your perspective is quite short. As you climb a mountain your perspective increases and you can see more and more farther you also experience in
a different dimension.

It's the very same thing in this area. Now you are at a higher level of being where truly divine relationships are being made not only with your thought adjustor but one in which the destiny guardians, these guardian angel types start to interface with you because you have taken the earlier steps and they begin to help you. So within this environment you are also given more if you attain true understanding of liberty. True understanding of what is right in this area. The concept of just being purely self motivated you realize is not true because you got to be adjustable motivated by divine energy and divine nature and as a result you tend to have a much closer relationship to the divine characteristics and divine senses and abilities and they begin to extend themselves past our five senses. You start gaining super natural abilities which are attained in this area. Many of them just seem to get poured out on you especially the spirit of truth and the Holy Spirit begins the tremendously powerful work of empowering you. All of this being in relationship through the lordship you might say of the Creator Son and the Creator Son can be given many names. One of the most famous (names) of course is Jesus Christ but that is not a limiting factor on this domain.

If many people have come into this arena only knowing the potentiality of moving their egos aside and realizing there is a whole other dimension beyond that and that is one of understanding truly where liberty lies and where freewill takes us and all the expansion that we have beyond that.

So I would say that making every adjustment in our lives is one that must be made in concert and in agreement with the thought adjustor one that will ring
a truth told of liberty. In other words that liberty bell sounds every time you make a right choice and if it's not a right choice, it's one that according to the perspective of the divine within this domain it will strike another note one that is not so sweet and not so nice and one that we must correct. This area again
is a really hard area to untangle. We must make the right choices, we must go through life, yet we are given the tools for it, we are given the know-how but then we don't do it because that's our ego. Now what is happening here? That is something that is a confusing point to find really, I shouldn't be self-centered, what is the motive? And then taking time out to really feel the love. Look around and say what was this all created for? And the glory and the beauty was to be appreciated by truly harmonious beings who resonate with divinity and then we begin to feel, Wow, all of a sudden you realize the tone of love in this dimension. And your motive becomes one not of using intellect and natural talent as well as gained talent. You're attained personal liberties, but one in which having the liberty to choose, you choose to make one that is motivated from first source which is truly love and this dimension of love expands itself so that you begin to take on a morontial direction. And when you do release within that dimension our ability to actually help others attain more, you can actually heal the sick, you can actually see the future, you can actually commune with deities you might say or angels or angelic beings or some of the more you might say kind and good alien types through the telepathic channels.

On your own timetable in other words it's not something that happens only suddenly and surprisingly. These dimensions these benefits are all part of this middle point of the approach. This unwinding and un-confusing of your personal free will choice, your true liberty against the hidden liberty of selfish ambition and power over others. This concept of really using your freedom to choose, I choose to rule not to be a slave. In this domain believe it or not you choose to be one who is a slave to the first source. Essentially keyed on to or adjusted by the first source. It's a very important thing in which I remember working with some of the extremely precise equipment that we use, very very, very precise in their oscillatory measurements to the millionth cycle per second, even closer to the billionth. These were keyed off or slaved off of a master so that they all work together believe it or not our internet would not work if all of the clocking weren't synchronized off of a master. If everybody's digital bits were to have its own time in which it arrived, and it were truly far off there would be nothing but garbage nobody would know what was going on. But once they are slaved off of a master everything seems to work, everything comes through, the data comes through, the images come through and in a very similar sense when suddenly our egos are set aside and the dominion of the first source through the thought adjustor becomes are master clock we slave off of it and then we synchronize on to it and because of that the opening of much more knowledge and intuitiveness begins to come flooding through. The more areas of great power, the abilities to levitate things, and move things around even stop storms and things like that are part of these things all which I have experienced at that point and seen and were amazed at. I'm trying to explain that this is all open to all of us, that we can make this circle, this number four, the middle one, is a very important one to penetrate but it cannot be penetrated egocentrically. Ego has no place in it. But also this domain is one in which there is a locking on our attunement to first source. Becoming a truly slaved instrument timed by the first source. This is an important factor. So I tried to explain that Curtis kind of in a technical manner because everybody sort of listens to us realizes they have a computer in front of them. If it weren't for proper synchronization things would not work.

Curtis : And that's also synchronization with the adjustor. He's right there with you attaining these circles.

Michael : Right exactly. Helping you and he is always there assuring you when you have done it right.

Curtis : Oh that's nice, I didn't know that.

Michael : That's a legacy from the second circle. It just expands. You never
lose once you have made depth into your penetration, once you attain, the warmth in love will never leave you. The next area of asking and receiving these attainments never leaves you it just becomes part of your life. It becomes a deeper dimension of your life in this world and extended out beyond our dimensions of three plus one more of space and of time. So we move past that and this fourth one is really a synchronization of becoming more fully a channel for the love of God, you might say, the love of first source.

And along with that there are many good things that happen. As well as sometimes there are tests that can happen that are there to essentially help remove such an imbalances in our character that are not necessary for the movement beyond.

Curtis : So attaining these circles you are really tuning your personality or your soul to the--

Michael : The soul is being developed--

Curtis : --With the adjustor?

Michael : --Beyond our three dimensions where we live in and of time. It is actually visible and extended beyond that by the celestial beings. They're watching that growth beyond the dimension.

Curtis : So the soul is growing--

Michael : -- Right yeah.

Curtis : -- More than it's ever been?

Michael : Yeah, your soul is actually growing past where we live to a much more celestial place one of this truth. The celestial places they are given nice names and one of them where the thought adjustor originates from, comes from is called Divinington, the divine place. What we participate in is the nature of Divinington or the divine nature. This Divine nature is one in which we harmonize with or sympathize with or synchronize with and that is attained in a much nicer way, a deeper way in the fourth one right here in the middle. And it's a challenging area because there are, you know here in life where we run around we are continuously bombarded by 3 dimensional thinking, you know life is too short and this is your decision. Things like that; don't waste your time with that situation in your life, just trash it and go on. Never mind about the other persons feelings, just go on, you know step all over everything and just continue on it's all about you. But it's really really a place in which the forces that be want to keep us locked up in but we can easily break through if we just realize once we have synchronized they have lost all power over us.

I remember that there were times when negative forces would be about someone, and these negatives forces would be bombarding a particular individual and who was having a hard time progressing. And simply by my presence the negative forces would just leave because they would be put on report and then this person would be given much more insight into their lives and be happily moving on to attaining even more truth. But there are negative forces there are fallen beings but it wasn't taught to me because knowing the enemy is not so much important as knowing the truth because if you are light
a being of light, light always beats the darkness. I can never say when you turn anytime you turn on the light darkness flees I can never say when you turn on the light darkness wins.

This is what I am talking about. This is why I was never given the details of evil, I was given the details of right more than the details of wrong, all I can do to help in using the same method, and don't worry about the negative because they will fall away. Don't worry about the wrong kinds of choices, because if you attune to the right ones these wrong choices are not made and as a consequence there are many guiding areas in the zone which is either right nor wrong, just one which is better or good, even some which are light saving that will come into your life through the thought adjustors implant of information, or even in some other areas where they can actually be divine, or intervention by other celestial beings who are assigned our destiny you might say to fulfill certain areas.

Curtis : So when we are maturing on this planet and our intellectual nature is faster than our spiritual nature isn't this something that we need to put in check?

Michael : Every person is different. Some people have great, great spiritual nature and easily overcome the intellectual or logical nature. Some people need everything to be placed in a mathematical concept or scientific envelope but others can take things more by faith. But as I said earlier the thought adjustor will always be giving us a feedback on how we are doing.

Curtis : Oh

Michael: That feedback in our lives is many times simply in the area of peace that can be attained in this world. Presently right now we are looking at all kinds of things going wrong in this world, yet the thought adjustor with me has always given me peace, and then also assurance that says because I listened at one time or another to his guidance I can enjoy this peace that I have. So this is other areas in which simply living in the dimension of the attained circles gives us greater, greater true liberties than the false liberties of being deceived. No body is going to take care of me except myself and all of this concept. No, God is really quite capable of helping us because he has equipped us with himself within us if we would simply understand how to make that approach. This is what I'm doing right now trying to give us some traction in
a practical manner of how to make the approach.

Curtis : Just making the right decision all the way and you said the negative will fall away.

Michael : Yeah, the negative will fall away. Right.

Curtis : That's a nice way of looking at it, too.

Michael: Yeah there's more and more avenues in which we can extend ourselves be given to us as we grow, sort of like exercising in each domain
in each circle that we attain. Our life experience can put us into circumstances which will help lock in our true nature, that nature of correct behavior or correct thinking or correct way of being, the simply experientially added to
our personality. And as a result we take on the nature of what was called by biblical scholars the nature of Christ, the nature of Jesus, was the first source
is extension of the Creator, so is Creator Son becoming human being, and of course in that extension he was fully divine and fully human. This is how we begin to take on his likeness, the image. The image of the Divine One.

So in working with our personal liberty there are many times at which in their subjection or in their being under the synchronization of the thought adjustor,
in yourself you find obtaining personal goals and objectives much more fulfilling. For some reason they are attained, and for some other strange reason they are attained in ways that others do not attain them and this is another confirmation that we have made some of these approaches correctly. Once we make these approaches it becomes a part of us, where we are at and this area where ego has lost its place, and now in our expansion within the domain of true liberty we make choices that are keyed off of the resonance of being in attunement with the first source through the thought adjustor. Constant control, constant not really control, I think that's too strong of an explanation, but being under the thought adjuster's guidance and our self-control, being one of attunement resonance with that. So we never fully are, it's not desired that we are automatons, ones that think off of a master robot, that's not it. There are robots, there are actually some very interesting cute guys robots but they are without personality they are without free will of a kind that is divine in its nature.

Curtis : So is all this happening in the conscious state or in the subconscious state?

Michael : Actually in both. The conscious state will present them logically many times to the framework of our minds. The unconscious somehow delivers it in the area of our heart, and our heart is something that is, some people say it's a functional aspect of our mind, but it is that part that which might have more to do with one with one that is more of a feeling, more attuned to feeling of emotions, the bed of emotions and the subconscious has a lot to do with that area. So certain movements are curiously kind of entangled within that area, that are untangled if we become more attuned to hear the resonance of that continuous chiming of the first source and of the third source, the spiritual source. The first source, second source and third source, the trinity concept
is what we are building within ourselves. As becoming actual triune beings ourselves and keying off of this. There is a lot of help that comes in being attuned because there is a literal spiritual energy that flows in from this attunement. If you were to look at this flow of information it's much like tuning a radio signal in, where nothing seems to come in if you are off the frequency but as soon as you become on frequency here comes the whole radio program and whatever is on that program and all that energy seems to flow through and this resonance is part of this domain of attaining truly divine choice or liberty.

Again this is a confusing place because we've got the statue of liberty and we've got the United States which is supposedly keyed on liberties and there are many wide open spaces that liberty marketers who want control of us causes us to think in a way which is totally wrong from the adjuster's viewpoint, from divine attainment viewpoint, but according to liberty that's the correct way to think that this liberty which is false, that would not give us attunement. So I'm just saying that where we live is a challenging domain, always trying to put things down like fall in love with God. If you can fall in love with God you can really become attuned, you can really become resonant with the first source and all of its truth and understanding will come flooding through like tuning into the radio channel and the radio station and bang it comes through. That's the same concept where there is another one that hits our man who lives in this space and time ourselves and only that part of us and if we only listen to that we get driven into making wrong decisions. Let's say someone, we walk into the trap of the new car show and the salesmen are key on knowing how to sell it to the man who lives in this world of space and of time, the new car and he sells it to that person. And if you are a person who are able to be manipulated by those weak concepts and get trapped into making those decision which may be incorrect and one that is for the benefit not of you but of the salesman or something like that. That is the confusion part that we live in, so we have to sort through that part and have dominion over that and really again when you start to fall in love with God and become a synchronized slave to the thought adjustor, it's not wrong to think that, because this true liberty when it's rich you can go to the salesman and walk out not being taken in by short term thinking, as a result victorious life and circumstances are more true, because what's down in the future many times is not apparent to ourselves in our seeing but to the domain in which the adjustor lives which he comes to look into, this domain one in which many of the problems of life can be overcome before they ever need to be lived through in hardship.

I remember meeting or not really meeting but noticing your neighbor there Curtis, and I could never understand why they would want such a place, the home that was far more than what they needed, from what I could understand or observe it was more than they could really sustain. Yet being taken in by the wrong kinds of consciousness in this world, they are now part of the many disasters of the mortgage meltdown crisis and you are not. (laughter)

Curtis : Well thanks to my thought adjustor for keeping me in line.

Michael: Yeah because you easily could have done something at that particular time it was thrown out there and you have a lot that could have been mortgaged to attain things that you would not need. Now you are looking at that and what a waste.

I was recently just looking at YouTube where there's this video of these guys are showing these brand new million dollar homes at one point valued at a million dollars and no one lived in them and this big machine is tearing them apart just destroying them because the banks don't want them there. It really
is not right. It shows how raw the whole system is.

Curtis : Well if their thought adjustor is right by their side, it seems that we don't have to make each one of these circles on our own, the thought adjustor is right there with us helping us--

Michael : Exactly, all the way through.

Curtis : -- He is guiding us all the way through, and when we do get all the way through then we'll be able to communicate one on one with our adjustor?

Michael : Oh yes more than one on one.

Curtis : More than one on one- More than one on one?

Michael : Your adjustor becomes you and you become your adjustor.

Curtis : So isn't this what the adjustor wants? You said something about the adjustor and you being a slave to the adjustor. Is that what you meant?

Michael: Yes, I use that term because it's a hard term to think about, the idea of enslavement but in a technical standard without having slaves to a master we could never have the internet function. Everybody would be not able to communicate with each other all the computers could not talk to each other.
It would have to be synchronization. The term it's not always thought of as a negative term. In the technical world slave and master is not a negative or positive term it is just a distinguish-ment of roles and there is nothing wrong
to think of your selves as being a slave to the first source, the very energy that made all of the universe real.

Curtis : That's beautiful.

Michael: If I had to be a slave I would much rather be a slave to the first source than to Chase Manhattan bank or something, or my gold card.

Curtis : Well it's our superconsciousness that keeps us in line and it's good the thought adjustor is right with us making sure we don't step into any dangerous areas.

Michael: Exactly and there will be times in which the adjustor will help us make when serious moves are needed. It's sort of like can you imagine yourself going down a river and just drifting down a river, and coming to a point, you just came through some rapids which were very rough and tough and now you are on a very, very smooth and beautiful part of the river that is very calm and the scenery is beautiful and your thought adjustor says... Make the shore, step ashore, make the shore, step ashore. And you could easily keep gliding down the river but you decide I outta obey, I'll just make the shore and go to the riverbank or hit the shore some place close by because I can hear the continual reminder, Do that. And then you do and you start walking down the river and there is a huge waterfall and you go, Oh if I didn't do that I would go over this huge waterfall.

Many times there are things that are senses are not warning us about. And I always use that very interesting one which was told to me at an intersection that I frequent all the time which was to put the car in neutral. I was the first car at the red light. Put the car in neutral, put the car in neutral. I never put the car in neutral, put the car, put the car in neutral, put the car in neutral. And the light changes to green, and I pressed on the gas, and I forgot the car was in neutral. And the engine revs up and just as the engine revs up a car coming through there at about 70 mph zooms across the intersection. If I was there, if I had accelerated in there I would have been broadsided by that car because it came in quite a long time after the red light had changed. It truly had come through the red light and I said, Thank you and I put the car in gear and passed the intersection safely.

Curtis : Well your thought adjustor was right there with you and he knew what was going on.

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : Or she knew.

Michael: And the next discussion we will discuss about the other beings that will be helping us work with more empowering things. These angelic beings that will come about into our lives. And sometimes it's amazing to see what they can do.

Curtis : This is really wonderful to hear you explain in such detail with each one of these hours crossing over each one of these circles.

Michael : Yes. And I do not want to hit too many details because really everyone who wants to make, and chooses to attain these circles does it by living life correctly. You can be guided by people but you really got to live the life and the challenges that are in life and the imperfections that we live within. I mean as I said right now talking we're about liberty and this zone of liberty, number four, where we start to implement life, we extend our will into the lives of others sometimes is a position in which we must approach it with understanding of true attunement to the adjustor otherwise we may take liberties in the lives of others, in the lives of many sometimes, that are truly not from God, their source is very, very wrong. Hopefully we don't make any gigantic mistakes in this area otherwise the penetration into this fourth circle would be very difficult. Again it cannot be done if our ego is the most important area in our life.

Curtis : Well we'll keep one eye open to our adjustor and both eyes and both ears I'll say.

Michael : Right. I just said your ego has to step aside and then you start to
live it with the liberty to choose, choosing really as a slave to the choice which finds its source in the first source. And again my question and the reason I was invited to see how things work with them, these celestial beings, was because I wanted to find God, that is their highest motivation, finding God, finding God, and that is a point of common agreement between that thought, that hearts desire and that of the celestial, aliens those of a benevolent and kind and loving, truth seeking beings that live off beyond our universe of earth, outside of that, into the domain where so many other celestial beings live.

Curtis : Well Michael we are up to our 60 minutes and thank you so much
for this hour. I hear we now have 93 countries listening and that's good.

Michael : It keeps growing and this continuous expansion of listeners and of course they are not just listening to me you have so many neat things on your site. If you haven't checked out everything on helloearth take a look at other things going on there.

Curtis : We are constantly growing a little bit and talking about oxygen a lot and soon we'll be talking about magnetism because this all goes together. Thank you Michael and we'll talk to you next week and have a good week
and I will or we will all talk with you again.

Michael : Okay, aloha

Curtis : Aloha

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