Michael from Maui
Hour 85

60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 21 April 2009
First psychic circle... is there a God
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Curtis: Well Michael and I would like to welcome you back to the Saturn Earth Connection. Our website is And today is Tuesday April 21st 2009. And this is hour 85 with Michael in Maui, Hawaii. Hello Michael

Michael: Hello Curtis and Hello to everyone and uh glad to uh.. be able to share.. uh with you even more insight into what I've been taught. And uh promise to help relate to whoever is ready to listen and learn.

Curtis: Well we have lots of people listening around the world in several actually over 80 countries and uh tomorrow is Earth Day.. and uh one thing I would like to say about Earth Day is that we have somehow been taught to use a small letter "e'" when we write "Earth", which the... that's always bugged me. Everytime, everytime I see it, it bugs me. But, Earth, please everyone use a capital "E", uh Earth should get a capital letter. The little town I live near, uh Stockton, New Jersey, it doesn't have a traffic light and it still has a capital "S", for Stockton. How about you where you live Michael? Is there a traffic light in your town?

Michael: Yeah we've got much more than the old days when there was just one traffic light

Curtis: Okay, and do you have a capital letter for your town?

Michael: Oh (laugh) yeah

Curtis: Okay, Great. So, tomorrow's Earth day and uh Cassini has a new image uh... up on the NASA page. In fact I have it up on the NASA page... uh, Andrea sent it in... and it is uh... uh... it is... uh, gosh I wish I had it right in front of me... it is uh... um... What is it Michael? Here I don't even have it in front of me...

Michael: Well let's see.. um a picture of uh... a um... moon. I think just above the outer ring of um... ah... Saturn. And this is uh... quite bright against the rings. Of course in order to see the rings we have to... ya know, sort of open it up the picture... it's kind of dim.

Curtis: Well they have it labeled ahh Prometheus... and Prometheus is one of the moons that Voyager 1 and 2 spotted when they flew out to Saturn in the late seventies.

Michael: Yes.

Curtis: So, this could be the same thing, we're not sure. But, it sure looks illuminated to us.

Michael: Well, one of the things that uh.. it was um, uh important um.. for me to see was that when I left the New Jerusalem... when they opened up the... I guess you could say the view, the viewing position and I noticed a moon. Not the same luminous body and I said "What happened to the ship?" And they didn't say a word. They just wanted me to observe the moon that was there. And I said to them I said, "Was I in the moon? And uh... was it uh... um... bright because uh... you know, you surround it with a field? Or, is it hiding behind it?" And they said something like "In a way it is" (laugh)

Curtis: (laugh)

Michael: So, um, it wouldn't surprise me to uh to find out that um... our New Jerusalem is uh in very close proximity to any of the moons. And often hides uh in orbit with uh with uh one of them, I don't know which one or any of them at all..But uh that could be something. But it was interesting that they wanted me to see that. First, the approach, we've got a picture of that on the NASA page where we see the object in a position... like a lightbulb, which is exactly the way I, I said. You know that lightbulb thing, and there it is. And uh, and uh when we left it looked like a moon, or there was a moon, there was a moon there. And it had uh cratered and uh textured features that told me it was a moon. So, that was uh, that was uh something they wanted me to definitely observe and I guess I can just relate that and we can sum... you know, summarize.. We can come to our own conclusions about uh... what I had observed.

Curtis: Well I used photoshop and I blew up that object uh... on the edge of the rings.. Prometheus... and ah... it's very close to the top of the NASA page, NASA connection page. Part of it is illuminated, the other part looks like it's not illuminated... what do you... what do you think of that, Michael?

Michael: Well, I'm not sure where the source of light is, the sun in relationship to the rings... but, it's sort of.. uh what I can see in the blow up is um... this um H-shape... which is sort of equivalent to... what the shape of the New Jerusalem is.

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael: But uh.. then again you know.. ah it's not very clear ah... But anyway I uh.. we can definitely see something there. And it's way outside the ah... um... inner rings. It's outside closer to the... one of the outer rings...

Curtis: ... uh, the color of that other object it's almost like a companion with it is ah about the same color as the rings. Meaning that the rings are not illuminated and that object is probably not illuminated but the... the main part of the ah... sphere is...

Michael: - Luminous

Curtis: Just an observation it's...

Michael: - Luminous you mean like uh...

Curtis: Yes ah, part of it's luminous but the other part that's gray is the same color gray.

Michael: - Yeah I noticed... is a gray protrusion or companion as you may say. And like I told you once... the um... guardian uh... spheres... they move all over the place. Ya know, they... they have a... a position outside of uh... um.. the New Jerusalem and which can expand far out or come in which can depend on what the need is.

Curtis: Mhm. And then on the rest of the NASA page... unfortunately, I had to break all those links that NASA took off their site. So, all these images don't really link to NASA anymore. Some of them... uh some of the ones at the top do, ah because I still I had the high resolution link. But all the other ones, if anyone can find those links for me at NASA, please let me know.

Michael: I'd like to make a comment on the top three pictures. Again, um, uh we have that donut in the middle... before the zoom-in. Donut of light, but there is a missing... um uh bit of light or object that is no longer in the shot. If you go to the first shot, on the upper left hand side there is a uh what appears.. if you do a blow up on it, appears to be a cylinder. And if you take that... if you notice the cylinder's uh... angle ah... which it would be going if it were to follow the uh the length-wise direction. It ends up pointing toward that area which is that donut of light but you don't see anything within there. And I was uh mentioning to uh Curtis that uh pointing it out to you, uh you also, that this is an indication that ah... something moved ah... dimensionally away and... and it may have left a wake of light in its leaving. Which is caught on film as this donut of light. And it makes a lot of sense, because the New Jerusalem is... filled with ships, just thousands of them, making moves in and out ah dimensionally moving ah, throughout our galaxy and many other galaxies perhaps... but definitely within our galaxy. And of course... for such moves to be made at.. at light speed would be awfully slow... so they make the jump ah... dimensionally and ah this is one thing that I have seen that has amazed me because it continually verifies this this ah mode of ah transport and we actually can see that. Besides the actual space part of New Jerusalem, the city, or architectural world, or whatever you want to call it, or Mothership... is uh... um... definitely in the... in the area. Which is ah negotiating a lot of traffic. And if you study that shot a lot in the blow up, you'll notice that there are other specks of light, ah that ah seem to indicate that there is activity going on with some other ships that are moving in and out. And these ships would become... would be very very large. And uh... uh this is the kind of activity that is going on over there. An extremely busy place... um.. and in my opinion, (laughs) because I was allowed to sit there and watch the activity. And uh, that's my comment so if anybody wants to ah go in there and zoom in there on those shots. The link works now and you can blow up the uh the picture and you can get some really ideas and you can study the... uh... the shots. I put em in photoshop and move them back and forth... and... real quick between each other like a very fast frame. And I can see objects that are there and not there. And I can see them actually wink in and wink out

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: So very interesting. With just 3 frames.

Curtis: Yes and that... ahh what you refer to is the lightbulb image.

Michael: -Yeah

Curtis: 11:18 And ahh everyone knows what it looks like if you turn your head upside-down.

Michael: Yeah it.. again I would like to remind everyone that I had uh uh... you might say the pilot of the craft that I was in... Tan and Nela were not flying it... uh or um... you might say navigating it. He was... and he (laugh) he stood in front of the viewpoint and he sort of insinuated "Don't I look like that? Don't I look like that?" (laugh) ya know.

Curtis: (laughs)

Michael: It was... it was a sort of sense of humor actually and ya know I said "Yes you look like it, but I still think it looks like a lightbulb." And he sort of was like "Okay".

Curtis: (laugh)

Michael: Well he didn't quite get it. He wanted me to say that he looked like the ship. And they may have intentionally done something like that.

Curtis: Ah, to me it looks like they... they popped their top off.

Michael: laughs... Yeah

Curtis: Ya know they.. Because the bottom of it is luminous but the top is not luminous, it's just bright.

Michael: -Right

Curtis: -And ah... and it, it does appear like it is... two alien eyes on an alien head. And in space nothing's upside-down or right-side-up.

Michael: Well, since we're talking that way if you're gonna go to the um... Michael Connection.

Curtis: Yes

Michael: Page uh... the new shot over there is ah... all the way down on the bottom where you placed it Curtis.

Curtis: Underneath the hours.

Michael: Yeah, and there's a picture of a very interesting skull.

Curtis:.. Yes uh,

Michael: Are you there Curtis?

Curtis: Yes, I'm listening, can you hear me?

Michael: Yeah, I can hear you.

Curtis: Okay

Michael: Uh if you look at it uh... it doesn't look human. Humanoid definitely. UH the uh the um... plaque on the display... this is at the British museum... on the Egyptian antiquities section showing um various diseases that can be seen in the bones. But they um, also... they classified it as a um, a bone disease of the formation of the bones being inadequate. However, um I've seen other shots of this actual type of bone disease and there's no deformation of the skull in this manner... this this..this manner is um ah... very very different, it's got the perfect proportion of... ah Tan and Nela's head. um... and uh their... ya know their really wide and rounded top. And also, above the eye orbits there's no indication of a possibly a growth of a supraorbital crest. This is one of the areas ah that are uh ya know the really big supraorbital crests is the one we know as the caveman ahh bump above the eyes where the eyebrows are, or where the neanderthal had his well-developed crest. The chimpanzees and other monkeys also do... and of course the gorilla and many of the um.. the archaic humanoid or hominid types too. um But if you look at this skull there's none at all. In fact it's eye sockets are very large in relationship with the face. And uh... um there is also an indication that the eye sockets themselves are shaped a lot different, because there is a very large... um... I guess opening... um vertically than rather horizontally. In other words it's more ah... egg-shaped uh... rather than-rather than uh.. with the egg vertical... rather than it being sideways. Our... our eyes... our sockets are either round or more egg-shaped. Tending to be that way for ya know of course the uh... the structures that hold our eyes. Our eyes are very... one of the things I noticed... our eyes are very um... ah... articulated. Ya know we can look all around, right and left, up and down. um I noticed that Tan and Nela's eyes... uh when they took off their eye protection which ah is ah... this black lens. They take off their eyes and when I could see their eyes... I noticed that ah... their eyes didn't move right and left up and down, as much as ah... ours do. And if that's the case... then the musculature that's built into the eyes- eye sockets wouldn't necessarily have to take up that much space. And ah... what we're looking at... in my opinion... in that skull is that... this could very well be.. um.. um.. some um.. ahh.. Form of a... lets see... Baiviian perhaps... in-interface or some kind of hybrid perhaps... what do you think? (laughs)

Curtis: 16:53 Well the uh the eye... the eye sockets on that... what you refer to as that child's skull... it's so... they're so large... there's... there's like no room for any sinuses. The eye socket comes down very close to the ah... maxillary teeth, almost down to the, down to the... down to his teeth.

Michael: Yeah exactly.

Curtis: And anybody can feel their own skull right above their eyebrows. And they can feel that, that ridge there's also two other skulls below you can see the ridge on both of those skulls. But this, this ah.. so-called child's skull has no ridge... at all.

Michael: Right

Curtis: But those eye sockets are-are definitely huge. They ah... well...

Michael: The shape uh... matches uh... Tan and Nela's head which are... the wide part of their head was in the back of their head.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: Sort of flatter in the back of their heads. So if you were to look, and ya know when you're taller than them, when you look down upon their head... you can see the top of their head shape and it's not oval it's more like a triangular shape where the forehead area is a little bit more narrow than the back of their head. And this child has the same, same feature. If you notice the forehead's width and of course you can see how much wider the back of the head is.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: You notice that?

Curtis: Yes, I did... um

Michael: So this is, this is indication to me that there is some interface, maybe genetic, at one time. Because Nela did take... when I looked at... she took off her eye protection and I could see her big irises and her eyes were ya know, really pretty. Actually really pretty eyes, big eyes. And um... uh... she uh... I said "Wow your eyes are like mine!" And she said "Oh no, Michael. Your eyes are like mine." (laughs)

Curtis: (laughs)

Michael: 19:03 So, uh this is an indication that something else is going on here, ya know? Ah, "You mean you gave me my eyes" or you.. what- what is it you know? So um of course they, they never claimed to create life. ah.. these- These people who I've met... ya know who are classifed perhaps as Alohim, or Anonaki. Alohim of course are the small gods and if you remember Genesis, the book of Genesis... and it says "Let us make man in our image after our likeness." Well this "us" ah is uh... indication that um.. these were the alohim, the multiple gods. Um, the uh... not the uh Yahweh... or the One, First Source. And we can talk about the First Source later on in our, in our um... ah desire to explore the seven circles of psychic and uh... morontia dignets you might say.

Curtis: Yeah I wanted to mention also about the eyes on this child's skull. When you uh... when an artist would draw a human head, they'd... you put the eyes in the middle between the top of the head and the chin. But, these eyes on this... in this top skull is... are not located in the middle.

Michael: No they're not, yeah.

Curtis:- Now, there's ah so much more skull there, or cranial structure.

Michael: -Mhm.

Curtis: So that... we're really happy to have that added. And this uh.. if you have anything else to say, or I don't know. But this-this other image of these two skulls? If you want to... want to tell us about those?

Michael: Right, right well they're situated right next. Um, And ah.. it shows uh variations in skull shape. But the first thing I noticed about it was uh it was very very large. And ah... ya know I also went to the area which had something to do with the dawn of man, and there were some Neanderthal skulls there and Cromagnon skulls. And I noticed that it is true that the Cromagnons ah... brain cavern.. as well as the Neanderthal is quite large. But ah, in this case of things that I noticed right away was ah, um the shape had this sort of a bulbous look... of the uh... cranial vault. It had this bulbous indication. And I went walking over to the Sumerian display and looked at the Anonaki there. Right below there there's the anonaki. And it's get these features of wings over there. And he's got a bulbous headdress on there. And of course they were about 50% larger uh than ourself. And if you're 50% larger than ourselves, that's about 8 or 9 feet tall.

Curtis: 22:14 Mhm

Michael: And if you look at that skull Curtis... you pointed it out right away you'd notice it's about 50% larger...

Curtis: mhm

Michael: ... than the skull right next to it which is more normal... but ah...

Curtis: It's huge.

Michael: Uh... um... It's there as a... an indicator of some ah.. some dental problems. (laughs)

Curtis: Yeah I think they... they did pretty well to have their teeth that... well, they uh... ate different kind of food than we did. And they seemed to grind their teeth flat.

Michael: Yeah.

Curtis: Uh my father was a dentist and he examined 5,000 skulls and that's what he found... that most of them had their teeth and that they did grind their teeth flat. They didn't use those cusps anymore, but that's a whole 'nother topic, but...

Michael: (laughs) Yeah.

Curtis: Ah... they uh... the human skull... with these two skulls... notice how much further the eyes are up in the skull than the-the teeth compared to child's skull above. Where the eyes seem to be right down next to the teeth. And a huge cranial. Well...

Michael: 23:26 Yes and there's even a little tooth developing in the child's skull. Is that something that would be normal for that... what age would that be?

Curtis: I was... I-I was looking at that and trying to.. because if it is developing it wouldn't be developing outside of the maxilla bone structure.

Michael: That's not normal, would it be?

Curtis: No, that's not normal, that wouldn't even look like that.

Michael: Yeah. So, ya know the um the indication was that they had some kind of ah problem with development of the bone. But uh... one of the things that the Biaviian type, or the Tan and Nela type, was that they're light. And um.. this-this would indicate that they're also very lightly built. I mean... been a failed... as a I've kind of...

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael: ... they failed the experiment, genetic experiment.

Curtis: Mhm. Well we uh... we're eating up our hour, so, let's move on a little bit if we can. Are you about done with that?

Michael: Yes, yes yes.

Curtis: Okay uh... Uh one comment that we did receive uh from uh actually Laurence and Nicola... They both wrote to me about the same time, and they talked about surviving... ah 2012. And ah, Nicola wrote to that Nancy, what's her last name, Landers?

Michael: Leader

Curtis: Leader. Nancy Leader. Who was...

Michael: Zeta Talk... yeah

Curtis: From Zeta Talk.

Michael: Yeah.

Curtis: And he writes to her and he says ah..."How many humans do the Zeta predict will survive the 2012 cataclysm?" And Nancy writes back a one line answer. She says, "The Zetas have not said it will occur in 2012. In fact, state it will occur before 2012. 90% will die." So, Nicola says "ask Michael tomorrow about getting any new information about 2012 coming early." Have you heard anything about that Michael?

Michael: Well, the um.. no I have ah not... been given any indication of that. Uh this- this past week, uh last week uh I was uh struggling with so very negative uh... pressure from the thought adjuster. Who gave me an image of some pretty tough times ahead. Including um.. ah... some death, a lot of death. I'm not sure if that is an indicator of it, but there is ah... this ah... foreboding feeling. It will become clearer as um the time approaches. However one of the important things that I was sent, I was given an assignment for, was to allow us to ah be able to ah be prepared in any case. Whether we are in a position where we are unable to survive such a cataclysm, but are well able to continue our-our... um, journey of life in the next dimensional stage. And I know for a fact that that is um.. something that uh we need to prepare for. And one of the ways in which we need to prepare for it, is first of all realizing that that exists. And that, ah is the very first ring of the approach of our seven psychic circles. Once we realize, or we becoming... become uhh very curious about.., is there life beyond life?, is there a God? Is there all of this? Suddenly we make the very first psychic circle. This first psychic circle will reward us with insight and information that will allow us to confirm that this... ah... is true. Um.. The very very first psychic circle there's a lot of reflective confirmations. One of the important things in each ring that we make, each psychic circle that we enter in, gives us reflective confirmations of... ah psychic...ah... attainment and insight and we can classify many of them. But, let's say the first one. The first one of course is there God. God will reveal himself to you in many ways. Because first of all the divine essence or fractal of God or element or fragment of God this divinity within us... which is not available to some. Especially some of the- the reptilian ones do not have that...ah... ability. They don't have the thought adjuster. We do. And because of that we can have a very ah high assignment. Um.. this is something that was recently shared with me by my wife, was that... in her time she spent with Tan ah.. he um.. ah would question her on many different things and ah... had commented to her about some things and ah said... "well you know this weakness that you have in your, ya know, your human race has.... ah... brings to mind that ah we don't fully understand why you have a higher destiny than ourselves" And this is a Biaviian talking that ah... actually ah... confirms some of the Urantia book in terms of ah our higher destinies. But, making that very first approach... it's sort of like you've got to know where their airport is before you even begin to land. So, once you realize that, there's ah many confirmations that begin to happen. Reflections that ah... oh... um, it seems that ah, your request for truth your request for... even tangible ah experiences that you could attribute to God... come forth. And of course, for me one of the ones that when happened to me... it was the actual coming into close proximity with these ah... celestial beings... Tan and Nela, the ship ah... greeting me, this one guy that turned... ahh I was already deeper into the seven psychic circles than... than one but... it-it was basically the same question. Ya know and the reward of course was... a real physicical experience. And ah... in the... a... this dimension too... this 3-dimensional plane of existence. So um the very first circle and all the way through to seven... all give reflective indications from the thought adjuster that we are... there. It's sort of like tuning in a radio signal in uh the old days... Remember those days you turn a nob there, Curtis?

Curtis: Yes, on the radio?

Michael: On the radio and you got a "zschew zschew". You pass the station and go "voooodsg" ya know, and then come back into it.

Curtis: 31:25 Yes

Michael: And it's sort of like ahh... when the FM stations lock in real nice, but in the old AM station, you could kind of... beat off the ah... high side and the low side (laughs) and know this is the right place here... ya know.

Curtis: Uh huh

Michael: And these are the reflective signals. In-other-words... we are... we become resonant. The resonance, once we have resonance, there'll be a.... an indication that we are making our circles. And these come in the form of many times answered requests, answered prayer. And uh answered prayer is a very very ah, important thing because the first approach... is a form of prayer. Um And this uh approach is of course is of uh touching the divine matrix, or the divine fabric of God. And of course that little bit of divinity that's within us will reflect or vibrate accordingly, giving us comfort and ah giving us um... One of the very first thing I noticed that when people first realize that they should turn and make their first approach is... a great deal of comfort and peace that comes upon them because their resonance from within themselves suddenly rings clear. um The ah concept of the duality of ah just being a sentient, being, thinking and uh doing and perceiving. And looking about at life and looking about at uh non thing... non living things... is all that is... uh there's nothing inbetween. That uh, that concept uh never gives us comfort. But as soon as we make the very first psychic circle, the comfort that comes about because there's a, suddenly, there's a fulcrum in the balance of ourselves. Um remember that horse, rocking-horse object I told you that was given to me, Curtis?

Curtis: Oh, I certainly do.

Michael: Well, what does that symbolize to you?

Curtis: It symbolizes balance.

Michael: 33:36 Right and in order to get balance... you can't just be floating around or something. It is actually balanced on a fulcrum. And um, we need that point of balance. That's the first, first circle. If we don't make that first circle we would just float around and essentially be ships without a rutter, um.. unable to be guided by the thought adjuster, given insight, given amazing things. And the- and the higher levels, the telekinetic powers that open up, which I was speaking about in moving the fountain jet. First from the single fountain jet to sev- so literally moving seven jets all at once, are a form of being in contact with the Thought Adjuster. A reflective ah... um... indication. And um, there's others that um will come about uh... first. But, the very first one will be this great sense of peace and well-being, and knowing that you're on the right track. This is the first psychic circle's first voice to you of... ah, of contact. So, the first psychic circle, your attainment is properly adjusting your approach. And then when you make that circle, when you properly do it, you end up with uh this wonderful peace and ah realization. Suddenly you're.. you've got balance in your life, and uh I'd like to uh read something form the Urantia book which is ah... one of the hallmark ah statements that I think that I really hold by... in terms of ah attainment of ah the adjuster's movement and it's uh in uh the Urantia book... ah... Paper 111, on section 6 starting from about paragraph 5. And I'll read it to you. And it says, "When man wishes to modify physical reality, be it himself or his environment, he succeeds to an extent that he has discovered the ways and means of controlling matter and directing energy. Unaided, mind is impotent to influence anything material- save its own physical mechanism, with which it is inescapably linked. But through the intelligent use of the body mechanism, mind can create other mechanisms, even energy relationships and living relationships, by the utilization of which the mind can increasingly control and even dominate its physical level in the universe." Moving onto cha... paragraph 6 which is... the key point here, "Science is the source of facts and mind cannot operate without facts. They are the building blocks in the construction of wisdom which are cemented together by life experience. Man can find the love of God without facts and man can discover the laws of God without love but man can never begin to appreciate the infinite symmetry, the supernal harmony the exquisite re-pleteness, of all... of the all inclusive nature of the First Source and center, until he has found divine law and divine love, and has experientially unified these in his own evolving cosmic philosophy." So this is the-the approach. The first approach of course is that when we live in this world, we begin to move and read and wander about it and we act in it and we begin to uh tinker with it. Which is one of the very uh interesting thing, we tinker with uh mechanisms we tinker with uh uh looking and observing life... and um ya know just, just working with ah... planting a seed and watching it grow. All of these things are the very first things that give to us this duality experience between mind and matter and it... before we could go any further... we need that fulcrum in the middle, which is the correct approach. Whether it be from one end of the fulcrum, one end of the ah... the seesaw or the other. Whether it be from a um... uh... theological, philosophical, metaphysical side, or a scientific side, or a uh mechanical side. Uh the approach toward the center must be made. And once it is made... we find this greatest reward that there is first source, and first source greets us with peace, greets us with love, because that's the concept of who first source is. And he will ring true that feeling in our hearts. So once that happens... it allows us to continually make greater discoveries in our journey. Until we make all seven circles and literally find ourselves functioning in it, morontia level of being. And actually transcending all seven um... mansion worlds which are talked about um in ah... the um Urantia book. Here in this life, but not necessarily we do that, but we can transition all 7 here and be fully... ah in tune with the Adjuster, not necessarily fused with the adjuster. But in tune with the adjuster. Giving us insight to future events to thought events to moving around things both in terms of our mind, having these wonderful um exp- um uh (laughs) revelatory... uh ya know when the light goes off and... you invent something new. Or a having another light go off and having able to... do someting by... working with the... the fabric or the level of reality that we are indeed apart of and supposed to be in... in alignment with. And we can so those things that... actually uh find themselves uh being able to manipulate matter and in a more direct sense through the thought adjuster. So there are many many things but the very first psychic circle... again... is in great amount of peace and ah... and ah... love really.

Curtis: In the beginning of you talking about this uh first circle, you said.. uh the first one.. "is there a god?"

Michael: 41:27 Yes.

Curtis: So that's...

Michael: So you're at the very first, at the outer circle you're, prior to that, movement toward that you're wrestling without... you're sort of like floating in... without balance. As soon as you desire to-to find truth... and ah... come to that realization, the thought adjuster... and you called this... um... called this first source. You call this God, you called this Christ... you call this whatever, that makes your approach toward the First source, incorrect. You know, you're taking the correct direction as you're moving in the right direction. There is immediate reflectivity that happens, which is the first sign, which is... great peace and love. It comes from this well-being... of having found ah... the direction to move in.

Curtis: -mhm

Michael: 42:39 Some people call this a religious experience, some people... ah... call it just... really nice. (laugh)

Curtis: Peaceful.

Michael: Peaceful, ya. And people find it in many places. I mean, some people find it right within a church atmosphere. But not... most people find it in a walk... quiet walk somewhere, sometimes in a park atmosphere, sometimes just doing their, their... ya know, routine life's work. ya know, whatever it may be. And suddenly this... this... this more heartfelt desire comes into being and uh... there's this reflectivity that happens.

Curtis: So this uh, this first circle is ah... has a lot to do with balance.

Michael: Yes and balance... and then of course with this balance gives us... the ability to navigate and to have direction.

Curtis: 43:50 More basic animals that are not human... and with that... They really don't understand this first circle, or is there a God? They're just more into getting food and going from one day to the next.

Michael: Yeah but we can't ya know... say that all life is... you know... not in contact with um with God...

Curtis: I was just about to say that, I was just about to say that too

Michael: Ya know, there can be other elements in their behavior. An interesting behavior that was seen in the dolphins, who according to um... I think the Coming of Tan. ah, which would be Tan... said the Neptonians had a lot to do with uh... bringing the uh dolphins here to Earth.

Curtis: 44:41 Mhm

Michael: Um, there was a shot that was taken of... thousands upon thousands of dolphins, breaking water in between... uh um the pirate ship and the Chinese ya know frater. Sort of like as soon as these pirates decided to... try to attack the-the frater, they all came up and blocked the way. So the pirate looked at that, and turned around and didn't attack.

Curtis: I didn't see that photograph.

Michael: Oh, well yeah. I'll-I'll show it to you. Um, you can... uh I'll find it uh somewhere, I guess in... I think I noticed in on uh...

Curtis: So the dolphins intervened? And-

Michael: Well that's the assumption it looks ah ya know, like there's a syncronicity of events or it may very well have been an intervention of sorts. Being able to be sent to ah stop some activity that is unwanted...

Curtis: Mm.. that's...

Michael: ... that could lead to some very unstable situations. There's more going on in our planet... then in our in our... in our very fabric that we live in that we are aware of. But, most importantly, ah... um... it happened just to.. just at time... when they broke surface... they stopped the pirates from attacking.

Curtis: 46:10 That's a beautiful story.

Michael: Yeah, so ya know... But it comes down to the thought adjuster in terms of our problem, our position. And uh, our arrangement. And like I said earlier, there are beings out there that do not have the privilege of the adjuster... the thought adjuster. In fact there are many ancient... sculptures that show a dragon trying to chase a... a um... precious gem, which we possess... yeah... which is the thought adjuster. But, what happened on Earth a long time ago and in the development let's say of the economic system... this is a false... Well, just, it's not really, it's an artificial system. Is that um... the concept of ah-of ah... the thought adjuster I think was buried, in a sense. The ah- the concept of the divinity within was buried in order to make it to work. And what was hailed as good in consumption and in terms of what is good... in terms of all the temptations of the ah... the eye, the physical mechanism looks for a lot of the ah... the rewards that would come from this physical mechanism and uh as a result this uh this relationship to the thought adjuster was... buried. Um.. And ah, as the result... the masses of humanity can be controlled by artificial means and one of the most powerful artificial means in use today is the financial system. And which is um... ultimately coming to an end.

Curtis: 48:27 Yes, that's ah... ah... listening to Benjamin Fulford is about the only person that makes me feel... there's positive things ahead. A little bit of ah... tough times ahead but ah... it looks good past that. But then-

Michael: - Well, yeah

Curtis: -But then there's this 2012... and ah... is there going to be a cataclysm do you think?

Michael: Well, before... what's... what is happening right now is the necessary removal of this system. Not necessarily money will not exist... that's not the story. The way the system exists right now, to control worlds... it's empire, in the hands of a few, who consider themselves gods, who consider themselves gods of this world. Which is actually... um... kind of ah... you might say, blasphemous. Because ah... none of those that I met in the New Jerusalem consider themselves God. Ya know, We are the ones who give them the title, that "ohim", ya know... the little gods. But uh they are... they don't ya know.. as Tan told my wife he said... when he took ah... her for a ride-which was an invitation of uh.. it was a time in which I lost the... the rocking horse ah... He came to pick that up, but also to... ah talk to my wife. He said it's not.. he said to her "This is not about power, this it's not about control, and it's not... and remember you didn't chose me, I chose you." And uh this whole idea of ah... of ah... celestials trying to control us, it's not the point. It's the point that they've tried to liberate us from... ah the system that is... um... really an artificial, ah... demonic system. Yeah... of a... enslavement. It tends to make it hard for us, our people to make that first approach.

Curtis: 51:07 The first approach to the circle or the first approach to the...

Michael: The first approach to the thought adjuster.

Curtis: Oh their first approach to the thought adjuster...

Michael: Yeah, some.. ya know if they get.. People become slowly entangled with it that ah... ya know, that everything is measured in... in terms of the dualities of the physical sense of ah.... accomplishment of... material senses, material things. And rewarding those material things, we reward... our... our mind of things. But there's a big missing gap inbetween. And ah... none of that little... none of the material things will ever reward then. Or bring to us that... point of reflectivity of great peace and love that only can come from... the divine alignment. And that is the reward of the first circle.

Curtis: 51:59 Michael... deja vu... every once in a while we think, boy we've done this before, or we've uh been through these steps before. Is that associated at all with the thought adjuster? Deja vu?

Michael: Absolutely. Deja vu is a... another reflective component with alignment with the adjuster. And it's deeper in. You-you make this a little deeper in.

Curtis: I'm sorry, a little deeper in the circles you mean?

Michael: Yeah... in... in terms of not just the first circle. If we water the first circle... which is again, peace and love. And ya know.. and working with that allows us to make this.. the deeper ones uh... you mean... the second circle, third circle... fourth... sixth seventh... you know... or the other way around... 7... you know... 6 5 4 3 2 1. But getting in toward ah... First Source... is ah.. always rewarded with... um very viable and real and tangible ah... reflective components of uh.... knowing that we're aligning... and tuning in.

Curtis: Because when that deja vu feelings comes... comes through us... it... it can be very strong.

Michael: Definitely. The adjust will allow...

Curtis: ... very strong

Michael: ... many of the very strong feelings to come through. And uh... one of the things that helps our... helps us align ourselves. We've got to... want to... become... like... the adjuster. That's why he's an adjuster. Ya know, that's why they gave him ah the Urantia ah book. Use that... term... in terms of calling the divine element within us... the thought adjuster.

Curtis: 54:14 Wow... that's ah... it's-it's really good to have a good explanation of ah... stepping over this first circle, or achieving this first circle, or really knowing you have achieved it.

Michael: Yes ah...

Curtis: I guess knowing... knowing that you have achieved it... is ah.. is very important for all of us to feel.

Michael: Oh yes... and there is so many people that I've led through to that. Um.. many people. You know the term of... the term that the Christian church tends to have, or many ah, of the religions of the world tends to have is... is sin, and righteousness. Or sin and correctness. And uh there's just a sea of sin that we... we live in. But if you live... outside of the alignment toward moving to the Adjuster or moving toward First Source... then you'll... if you were to place yourself outside this bulls eye... the target, which is a bull's eye really, with 7 circles and a bull's eye in the middle. You might say if we would put our selves outside there, there's only one direction that points toward that bull's eye. Yet, we've got every other direction that we could go. So, the uh... that choice to make it to the bull's eye is... is... is the one path... that is... is the one true path. And ah... um... what happened um, 2000 years ago was to make this path... much more... palatable and more real. When Jesus Christ the thought adju- ah, not the thought adjuster but... the Universe Creator, brought more clarity to that um... role. And he said that ah... he would be able to pave that way better for us... and then we could- you could follow that... that pathway.

Curtis: 56:23 Mhm Well, in Washington a little bit of ah... news... The National Press Club had ah... had Edgar Mitchell speak there. He was ah... one of the Apollo 14 ah astronauts that went to the Moon in 1971. And ah... They seem pretty far behind us, but they're still trying to prove that extra-terrestrial life exists. And ah, and he said uh that we are not alone in the universe. Only in our period do we really have evidence. So, this is a really good time to be alive for our ah- for all our evidence of this. And uh you can read this on CNN but this one I'd like to read to you says, "Our destiny, in my opinion is that we might as well get started with it. And that is to become a part of the planetary community. We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our Solar System and find out what is really going on out there." And somewhere in this article, he also talks about... catching up and reading some- reading what's on the web about ah.. UFO's. And ah... they really do exist. And ah... there's so many images of them on the web, it's just phenomenal how many people are seeing them and...

Michael: And they're... there are various levels of technology, by the way, so uh.. ya know, I was just privileged to be able to ride Tan and Nela's one... which are... which at the time I... was pretty much a... very beautiful, ya know, craft. Not even a craft... it's grown.. and ya know. But ya know.... there's other things that even now, we grow... we grow CPU's and things like that.

Curtis: 58:28 (laughs)

Michael: We grow a lot of our electronics that way.

Curtis: Well, we- we've learned from them.

Michael: Ah, well it could be inspired, yeah...

Curtis: Or inspired.

Michael: There's a lot of talk about back engineering, but uh, I think there's a there's a whole lot more... that comes by inspiration... which is... which is another gift from the... the Thought Adjuster.

Curtis: And um... well we have about a minute left and you could end with something.... ah... ah... But, you mentioned next week you would like to... go to move to the second circle... and talk about that also.

Michael: Exactly. And ah... and hopefully we'll ah... cover all seven with very practical insight on what to expect when you arrive. It's an experience that is for everyone. No two experiences are alike. However there are certain... certain true indications that you've uh.. you've made.. made some new insight.

Curtis: And a lot of us have already reached this first circle, and uh... gone beyond it.

Michael: Yes, definitely.

Curtis: 59:48 Well, Michael, thank you very much and we'll uh... talk to you next week. Um this hour just flew by so quickly I... sorry it went by so fast but the clock keeps ticking.

Michael: (laugh) Huh- yeah

Curtis: So time to say Aloha

Michael: Time to say Aloha, Okay Aloha again, Let the creative and living breath of God bless you all.

Curtis: Thank you Michael, Aloha, bye.

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