Michael in Maui

Hour 8

24:40 minutes
Tuesday ~ 24 July 2007
Michael receives a call from Stan
who has studied The Urantia Book for 25 years
and has a study group with his wife.
Stan could not hear Michael as clear as you will.
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Curtis : We're having another show called Hello Earth and we have Michael back on the line again. And this is a... actually not really a show it's actually a recording and were talking about the connection between Saturn and Earth. And I hope our audio doesn't sound too bad. But this is the best we can do for now. So let me just bring Michael back on and we already have a caller on the line. So Michael how are you?

Michael : I'm fine... how are you?

Curtis : I'm good. Okay... so do you just want to start right with the caller Michael?

Michael : Oh sure.

Curtis : All right great. I understand Stan is on the line.

Stan : Hi

Michael : Hi Stan.

Curtis : Okay. all right Stan have you heard some of these podcasts or have you heard these recordings with Michael?

Stan : Yes I have although I can not hear Michael. But I can ask a question and then perhaps he could answer.

Curtis : Oh you can't hear Michael.

Stan : No

Curtis : Okay. uh.

audio : electronic crash

Curtis : I can't bring on that Aux. B on Michael's line.

Stan : Okay. I could go ahead and ask a question and then perhaps I could listen to the podcast later.

Curtis : Well... It sounds to me Stan like we are having trouble with the audio... so lets just see how we do... and... well can you hear Michael now?

Stan : No

Michael : Hello

Curtis : Michael go ahead.

Michael : I don't think he can hear me anyway.

Curtis : No... and I'm afraid to even bring this up...

audio : electronic crash

Michael : Yeah You can't bring it up. I don't know there is another problem there.

Curtis : Unfortunately Stan I don't have people to bounce this off of that aren't in the room with me. You know they have to be somewhere else.

Stan : Perhaps I could just pose a question and and then...

Curtis : I'll repeat it to Michael.

Stan : Okay. I recall Michael saying that I believe earlier this year when he had visitors from that area of our Solar System near Saturn... that they visited both him and his wife. And if that is so...

Curtis : I really want Michael to hear you say this. I don't want...

Michael : I can hear him.

Curtis : Okay you can hear this... okay... good. 2:28

Stan : And if this is so... I also recall that he mentioned that of course his wife wouldn't want to come forward publicly but for the sake of validity to assure those of us who are searching for the truth in this matter. Is it possible that she could present some sort of a written testimony that could be shown to the public in some way that as validation on the visit?

Curtis : Did you hear that Michael?

Michael : Yeah. Well first off... before you are waiting for a written testimony. I believe Curtis spoke to her in person concerning this and maybe Curtis can verify some of your questions directly.

Curtis : I can even answer this question a little bit. That ah... his wife... well... let me go back even further. Michael thought all of this was pretty creepy and he didn't even want to get into this too much and so time and months want by as we were talking and then the same thing happened with his wife. She didn't want any part of this... and then they were able to come here for a few days a couple of weeks ago where they left on the 4th of July... they were here for a few days and it gave us a lot of time to talk and it gave Phyllis... oops I said he name but... anyway. It gave Phyllis some time to get to get to know us. And then she would... she told... a little bit about what happened to her.

Stan : So she did talk to you as a witness to this experience. 4:41

Curtis : Oh Yes. And part of it was... she went up to Michael and Michael was asleep and said... where is the rocking horse? And that is an object that they gave Michael and I have Michael's little drawing he drew for us... a little stick drawing of what it looked like. But she said it was not... it was not from off the planet... it was from on the planet... but they had one of those things and they gave it to her and they said... that every time that they are going to be there or appear or not appear... anyway... the thing has... it disappears. And she said it was... I think the beginning of October or something like that... that is disappeared again. And they don't know where it is and uh... It has happened before and it will reappear... it was there way of showing them that they've been around.

Stan : When these beings came to visit Michael and Phyllis... where they material beings... or were they more celestial type beings?

Curtis : Did you hear that Michael?

Michael : Try to relay this to Stan. The latest that I got was that she just remembered also looking in the center of the craft. And in the center of the craft was a sphere with a lot of beautiful colors in it. And she stood there trying to determine what it was... thinking it was maybe a mouse or some kind of control... you can relate that.

Curtis : Can you hear that Stan? 6:16

Stan : No

Curtis : Okay. Well... uh...

Stan : I could get the answer later I suppose.

Curtis : Well... I don't even know if we've even going to post this because it is just so bad.

Stan : Oh I'm sorry.

Curtis : Well thank you for being sorry. It is just... we've had real trouble and there is a mixer we have and this mixer the sound has to go in and out. And the second engineer I thought had it worked out. But... it is not good when you can't hear Michael.

Stan : Yes I would love to be able to hear him.

Michael : (Tries to speak but Stan can't hear him)

Stan : And exchange ideas with him.

Curtis : Yes speak again Michael let me see if he can hear you. 7:00

Michael : A little bit of the signal...

Stan : I'm sorry I can not hear him.

Curtis : Oh you can't hear him Stan?

Stan : I'm sorry.

Michael : Okay let do it the way the lines are configured.

Michael : Anyway... there was a point where Phyllis operated a control and a beam a... a bright... a tremendous beam of light came out of this orb. And she was about to look into it directly and Tan she knew it was Tan because of his red face. He ah...

Curtis : Is this recently Michael?

Michael : He took her hand and pushed her back.

Curtis : Is this recently?

Michael : That was during that episode. So there was an actual physical push to keep her from looking into the beam of light.

Curtis : All right. Stan he said that there was an actual physical being there that pushed her to keep her from looking into this beam of light.

Michael : It was Tan.

Stan : Really

Curtis : And he said it was Tan.

Stan : And she verified this?

Curtis : Michael he said she verified this?

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : Yes he says yes.

Stan : Oh my lord.

Curtis : I mean Stan... isn't this amazing... that we found... or Michael just appeared... well he didn't actually appear... he told me how it all happened. He heard about Art Bell and would listen to him on the ham radio... and then found out about Coast-to-Coast AM...

Stan : As a student of THE URANTIA BOOK for about 25 years... I...

Curtis : Oh now I know who Stan is. 8:44

Stan : Yes

Curtis : Oh hello Stan. Michael this is Stan who is... who sent us email about THE URANTIA BOOK.

Stan : Yes... I have been anticipating that the adjudication of Lucifer would occur sometime shortly so that the communication lines and spiritual line would be reopened from our planet Urantia to the rest of the planets and spheres around the universe because the circuits had been closed and we've been in isolation because of the Lucifer Rebellion but that was about to be adjudicated at any time when the book of... when the papers were given to us. Do either you or Michael know anything about the origin of the Urantia Papers?

Curtis : Michael does.

Stan : Okay

Curtis : Did you hear that Michael?

Michael : THE URANTIA BOOK as far as when I was first introduced it was out at Saturn and the individual was dressed in white and was human that told me about it.

Curtis : Stan he said the person who introduced him to THE URANTIA BOOK was out near Saturn on a spacecraft I believe Michael... Right?

Michael : That is correct. 10:19

Curtis : It was on the spacecraft it wasn't on the vessel. And the person...

Michael : It was in the vessel.

Curtis : Oh it was in the vessel... I'm sorry... it was in the vessel and the person looked absolutely human... isn't that right Michael?

Michael : That is correct.

Curtis : This person looked absolutely human where some of them don't look absolutely human... and showed him the book... I think I asked Michael before if he held it before and he said no. Is that correct Michael?

Michael : I wasn't... I was only introduced to the name.

Curtis : Oh he was only introduced to the name.

Michael : And later drawn the seven physic circles.

Stan : Yes that is the way I had understood it initially. (Stan didn't hear Michael speaking when he spoke).

Curtis : And then later he was shown these physic circles. 11:00

Stan : Yes the seven physic circles.

Curtis : Stan I really need to get this working somehow before we attempt this.

Stan : Okay

Curtis : And I really appreciate you calling. It thrills me tremendously that you would call.

Stan : Maybe we could do this again after things have been worked out.

Curtis : Yes I want to do this again because this time to me it is not working.

Stan : Would it be about the same time of day?

Curtis : Well I can arrange it to be the same time of day... is this good for you?

Stan : Yes... 8:00 is probably a good time for me.

Curtis : All right.

Stan : I am a full time professional artist but I am always home by this time.

Curtis : All right Michael it sounds like Stan is on the east coast and 8:00 is All right with him. Is that right you are on the east coast?

Stan : Well we have eastern time. I'm from Indianapolis Indiana.

Curtis : All right he is in.... (I can't even say it)... Indianapolis Indiana.

Michael : Before Stan drops off the line...

Curtis : Yes... before you drop off Stan.

Michael : Tan in: The Coming of Tan is Morontial... Morontial... pass that along to him.

Curtis : Oh I never heard you say this before but he said... that Tan... in The Coming of Tan is Morontial.

Stan : Morontia? Morontial.

Curtis : Michael did you say Morontial?

Michael : Yes

Curtis : Morontial.

Stan : Okay... Tan is a Morontial being?

Curtis : Tan is a Morontial being.

Stan : Okay well I understand that then... he must a... ha. Well see the Morontial material is actually a super physical type of material and depending on the level of the Morontia material... it can be presented to humans in a... vibrancy where it is either invisible of visible when Jesus resurrected. He resurrected in a Morontia form and at the beginning of his resurrection he was in a much... he was in the base of Morontia form so he was much easier to see and actually touch. But as he progressed during the visitations he became more and more at a higher vibratory rate more spiritual and less physical in the Morontia form. And it was more difficult for the physical controllers in the Midwayers to present him in a way that humans could perceive him.

Curtis : I see. 13:50

Stan : He went through... actually the seven levels because in the Morontia world there are seven different levels where you progress when you... are resurrected on the first level of the Morontia World. It is more of an adjustment type of existence where the first thing you realize that you are alive and of course and the very first thing you have to do is start to learn the language. And adjustments are done and you will have to go through some training and some schooling to correct problems and deficiencies you came through with from Earth or some other planets.

Curtis : I see. I would really like Michael to be able to hear you and comment as you are saying this because... ( in the confusion I forgot who could not hear who ).

Michael : I can hear him.

Curtis : Oh you can hear him good.

Stan : By the time you are ready to leave the Urantia World. The... seventh... level... then. Because on the first level... you're still about probably 80 percent physical and maybe only 20 percent spiritual and as you progress to the seventh the seven levels of the Morontia World. And who knows how much time you have to spend on each level as you graduate to the next level. But if your Morontual body is actually fine tuned more or less... it's readjusted for the next level... and a... once we leave the Morontia world we start going out into the Universe on different spiritual levels. A lot of people have fused with the thought adjuster by the time they leave the Morontia world... but not always. But it is a wonderful existence. We are just beginning... we're just kind of going through a metamorphosis... kind of like from the moth to the butterfly except in our case where we're animal origin beings that are involving into true spiritual beings.

Curtis : Well we seem to be evolving all the time rather slowly in my mind.

Stan : Yes... the birthplace of our existence is right here. This is where we do the... go through the intense birth struggles... spiritual struggles. And it is a short life and it is a very intense life but we learn things on this planet that a lot of spiritual beings never learn.

Michael : Curtis... 16:40

Curtis : Yes

Michael : When he talks about the different worlds... the Morontian worlds... Riley was shown one of them. Where he saw... chosen... (Stan not hearing Michael talked over him).

Stan : I never realized that... I remember that he mentioned that the life carriers... he met some life carriers on this architectural sphere near Saturn. And that makes sense to me because... THE URANTIA BOOK talks about the life carriers leaving the planet once they witnessed the successful beginning of the human race on this planet through the spontaneous evolutionary stages that occurred and that we started having human that begin to have a conscious. But for them to go to a place like an architectural sphere near Saturn I could understand them wanting to be near by so that they could kind of baby sit the planet for a couple of million years while they watched.

Curtis : And they are far enough away where we really can't see them unless we are able to.

Stan : Well they would be far enough away until... we wouldn't really wouldn't be able to make contact with them until that time was right.

Curtis : Yes... do you hear that Michael? 18:18

Michael : Yes I heard that. And I'd like to let you know that... what he talks about from the movement from mortal to essentially morontial or semi mortal actually immortal. You might use that term: immortal. And once you start moving to that place in the different worlds... (Stan did not know Michael was speaking).

Stan : Did they say anything to Michael about the supposed year of 2012? I know that Riley keeps talking about it but I don't know if this is mostly superstition or if there is some validity to this?

Curtis : Did you hear that Michael?

Michael : Yes but there is no specific date.

Curtis : Did you hear that Stan?

Stan : No

Curtis : I'm sorry... he said there is no specific date.

Stan : Are the... did he see large UFO type vessels inside of the architectural sphere?

Curtis : Yes he did... they were like a mile long mile wide.

Stan : Did he say how many of them?

Curtis : Michael how many ships did you see inside the vessel?

Michael : It was a lot. Specifically they are making more.

Curtis : Okay Stan he said they... he saw a lot of them and they are still making them... and they are making more. Sounds like they are just filling this thing up with lots of craft. But some of them are so huge... he thinks they are like a mile wide.

Stan : Did he say that the approximate diameter of the architectural sphere is about 28 miles?

Curtis : Michael... what size did you think the architectural sphere was?

Michael : Back in ah... when I was there in '72 was about there. It has probably grown a lot more. It is growing continuously.

Curtis : Did you hear that Stan?

Stan : No

Curtis : He said back in '72 it was the size it was then but it has been growing since then. He feels... It sounds to me like this architectural sphere is almost what we would call alive.

Stan : That makes sense as far as an architectural sphere... yeah that would make sense. Are these large vessels being produced so that... I've always... you know... even though the Urantia Book doesn't specifically say this... I have always thought that this planet being the planet of the nativity of Christ Michael... that it's kind of a prominent planet in Christ Michael's local universe and that he would not or his followers would not want to allow this planet to be destroyed. So that there would need to be a giant airlift... or... a relocation of the people on this planet to another planet to continue the progress.

Curtis : Yes... Did you hear that Michael? 21:59

Michael : Yes. It is a nice thought but... if you put one and one together you get this story... with big big ships and their capabilities. Also tell Stan that one thing I noticed was that all these different beings over there seemed like students. Just let him know that.

Stan : (was talking over Michael he couldn't hear Michael).

Curtis : I'm sorry... say that again about students Michael.

Michael : A lot of the beings... other beings over there... the younger ones was... Like Tan and Nela were far superior in terms of their knowledge... but they seemed like some of these other ones like the Dorian seemed like students.

Curtis : Yes he said that... Tan and Nela seemed quite authoritative as far as not being students but the Dorians to him seemed to him like they were students to him.

Stan : Star Students?

Curtis : Would you say... Star Students?

Stan : When the Urantia Papers were first brought here to us back in the twenties... 1920s and 1930s. I think it was a... the communications that were opened up at that time were... they referred to themselves as Star Students.

Curtis : I see. Well lets... lets do this again when this is in better shape.

Stan : Okay

Curtis : I don't know if I need a different mixer... or I don't even know who I can go to get this right because everyone I went to they didn't know what I was doing anyway.

Stan : laughs

Curtis : So it has been a real battle... because I don't have anyone to help me.

Stan : Yep

Curtis : Well I have to find somebody... I am going to try again tomorrow. And Stan really... I am thrilled you called... that is wonderful. And Michael lets just close this now... either call me tomorrow... I'd like to talk with you a moment or email me or I'll keep in touch with you. Thank you so much. I feel I am talking into a tin can it sounds so bad to me.

Stan : Okay

Curtis : I don't know what my voice sounds like to you.

Stan : Shall I just wait until I hear from you then.

Curtis : Yes. And I'll contact you.

Stan : Okay

Curtis : I have your email. And Stan thanks very much it was good talking with you.

Stan : Okay bye. (Stan drops off the line).

Curtis : Hello Michael...

Michael : Hello

Curtis : Okay... all of a sudden... my voice sounds so much better.

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