Michael from Maui
Hour 39

60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 29 April 2008

Mental telepathy before it was asked.

The Armada the airlift... they wish not to leave any souls behind.

About at the 45 minute point

Curtis : I guess the main question is why are they taking us?

Michael : The harvest has been done on other worlds but not here. It has been held back because of the quarantine. When the quarantine is lifted the harvest will come. The Bible calls this the Resurrection. So the resurrection includes those that have perished from their physical bodies and have not been harvested yet but have been brought to even right here a waiting place where they are with essentially the harvester. The god of gods. The creator son. As a result it matches with the resurrection. It also aligns somewhat with the concept of what modern Christians have pointed out in terms of the rapture of the church. The rapture is a concept taught as simply as could be. Where the physically alive people who are functioning as normal people will have and undergo a special participative activity much similar to what would be I was prevented from attaining when they pointed out the resurrection chamber or the regeneration chamber and I looked at it and said it looks like a tanning booth. But they said no this is reĶchamber you go in there and you will live forever. ..

Then they pointed out that my physical body would perish in the way that it functions in a normal sense.

Wont he need his body? said this individual who was like a technician for the booth he was explaining to my guide there.

Okay well, your body will die, essentially. So those who participate with a body that is alive are mortals and that body will perish and it will become very different from what we have right now. The people who participate will lose the ability to procreate.

Curtis : When they lift these beings and leave their bodies behind?

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