Michael from Maui
Hour 3
Michael continues searching for
the creator... where we all came from.
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Tuesday ~ 13 May 2007
Curtis : Hello. We want to welcome you back to Hello Earth. Michael is with us again from the island of Maui and he going to be talking about his trip out to a huge illuminated object somewhere around Saturn. He said it moves around quite a bit. But.. last time when we seemed to just cut him off at the end of the hour. Michael you were saying that humanity... we were brought here... and ah... God had a lot to do with it... could you... do you want to take it from there?

Michael : Yes I'll take if from around there. Briefly let me ah... explain how it all started. And what it... what it.. why this is.. why this is the term God is in here. It from... it is because I was ah... out in my... backyard basically screaming at the top of my spirituality I guess you might say uh... just not... you know physically using my vocal cords but just screaming God where are you... I want to know you. Please make yourself real. Send someone to help ah... verify your reality. And I kept saying that for a long time. And ah what happened was... a star ah became a point of focus for me. And then it began to move and get closer... and then there was definite intelligence behind that star. And I knew that I had made a contact with somebody. Because there was defiantly a contact to that star. The star moved ah... closely... ah... to... slowly... close... to... was as close... enough to be within a hundred feet... of me. And ah that was pretty much my backyard and it was in the evening sky of course. The yard ah... ah grew ah... a beautiful blue lite haze. Lite lite. And ah the stars as it hovered it's formed a cross in it's four rays extended out a beautiful white and the bottom ray touched the ground. And at that point I had a lot of missing time because the next thing I knew it was bright morning and it was... into the day already and I found myself ah... there and there was a lot of missing time and um. I felt wonderful... I felt like I wanted to go back and ah... see the light... see the people that I met in the light... and I just couldn't believe. So here I am I'm going to be telling you right now for the perspective of the searching soul. What had happen there... and how much it's opened up in my memory... and ah now that ah... I have found ah... Riley's... testimony and story. I found out that ah... this is quite accurate quite the same as what I had experienced however from my viewpoint it was from a point of a you know... a human being searching of the reality of God. And that's ah... pretty much of... why... the question was of... where did humanity come from. Where did all of the... ah... creatures... even life on Earth come from. And ah I found out that ah... that we were not an accident... ah not some ah.... a um... you might say... um result of just the right mix of... of circumstances in that they started on a very simple level and worked its way up. We actually were... ah Earth was actually um... a build ah... one of the built sphere of life ah... that has been done throughout the... the new universe through the Milky Way Galaxy itself... plus other galaxies. And these people were explaining to me to something about that ah... how... ah... how... it's no accident... especially it's no accident that ah... it happened. So that question on... why... I mean... were we were we... you know... just simply brought here. Ah... as far as the human race was it just brought here. No it actually was developed here on Earth but... against the design that is humanoid And it's ah... because one of the things that I did go through was the description that ah... Tan and Nela as described by Riley. A very accurate description and very accurate drawing and ah... they are humanoid definitely humanoid. And they are very wonderful beings. They are full of love. And they of just... are able to ah... commune with God. And this ah... is an important factor in my knowledge is... here's... here I am trying to find God. And ah... ah... the next thing you know I am... with them and I am declaring that they are not God. Cause you're not God... you can't be God... cause... God is much more than you. And they never said they were God... but they tried to point me to God. And the ah. During the time in which I was with the council of the elders... in the hall of the elders. um. It was a very beautiful experience there. Because although I... had all my preconceived notions and things like that ah... I um... really realized that they... really wanted to point me in the direction... and to realize that we are only... only a... one very... of... of of of millions different worlds of just numerous numerous worlds that have been populated by beings that are... um... human humanoid or one of the other thing that it was not always humanoid but the characteristic was intelligent and God seeking beings. People... or beings that can make progress toward ah... being eternal... eternal beings essentially. Having a very very very very very very long... um life. Relative to time it would be... (chuckles) you might as well say it is eternal. So that's what ah... I experienced there... and ah. Is that what it was Curtis? Were we around there?

Curtis : Yes... we were talking about ah... how humans actually got here. Whether the DNA was the basis of life from here or from another planet. And it sounded to me the way you were describing it... that the ingredients were already here... they just changed it a little bit. And when you were speaking about trying to find God... these people weren't saying they were God... but... didn't they have ah... you were almost implying they had a hand in creating us or arranging us?

Michael : Oh yeah... They um... God as the creator of the Universe and of all life. They understood exactly what I was getting at. And of course they um... they knew that... ah I wasn't really capable of... perceiving the full picture. But what they wanted to do was some... some way to get to know me. Get to know me in several different way besides knowing my personality and actually did some things concerning my... my ah... actual health and DNA and all of that. And um... through that they uh... began to ah... show me that ah... there were other beings... similar and... ah some that are not... not similar at all their... and they are coming out of the hall of the elders. Let me give you a little bit of a wrap-up in their explanation and in what they did was. When I rode the levitators into the hall of the elders through an open space into the vast inter... inter space inside of the hull of the ship it is in the center. And I realized that ah... I was going to a really nice looking place and I always compare that with such a majestic and beautiful area it is splendid it's wonderful and full of life. Different. It is not some cold... intersperse... under surface of the sphere... no... it is full of life. And uh... enter into that. And after... I went through that discussion about what happened in there as far as my complaints and why don't they just come and do everything for us. But later they began to sing a song. And after I said I'll do what I can... you know within my ability you know. I don't have super abilities. But within that... I can do... I can do what... try to do... you know willing to do. What you want. And I don't know what you want but I'll be willing and ah. I am in the hall of the elders... and... they seemed to approve they really approve of the fact that I... said okay I'll do what I can and I noticed that they... had a happiness about them... they seemed pleased and happy. And then they began to sing... sang a few bars of... almost like a praise. And during that time when they were singing what I believed happened was they were simply allowing me to be a part of them worshiping God. They wanted that experience. They waned to give me that experiences. They knew that I wanted to know God. So in the way that they worship God... which was with a song... and with full heart... I experienced um... the blue light again and ah this wonderful blue light that engulfed them and myself also. And what happened I believe is in the bible in the Hebrew version of it... was there was a visitation of the shakena (? ?) glory of God in the holy of holies.. and that was visible. A visible light and ah... the high priest would be within that holy of holies and God would come there. Well what happened was a similar experience except all of these elders were engulfed in this glorious light again this blue light or so this blue light again and the next thing I know I am engulfed in their worship and praise. And this is my experience with them and they decided to show me how they reach God. And that's a beautiful experience. After that I was taken to see... some other creature that are not on Earth. First one was this big gigantic octopus guy. And I say guy because he had personality. I stood in front of him and... they said that ah... well my first impressions was oh... you got a gigantic octopus in here you know... we like to eat them. You know where I come from in Hawaii we... it is one of our delicacies we go after those octopus... we call them Tako. The next thing you know... I hear a reply from him... which is say... of... you look pretty good to eat myself... I'd like to eat you myself... I thought my goodness. I kind of got a feeling like... oh I didn't expect this... then I also got an understanding that he was making a joke. And I realized that... there is someone that... it was such a personality there... an octopus. And ah... I realized that he was at very... a high level intelligence and much more that I could have imagined and yet... ah... he was part of their crew or their function there. Then from there we moved over and we went into another place where I saw are very regal...

Curtis : What size... what size was that octopus compared to your size?

Michael : I was standing I believe maybe twenty feet away and at that perspective I was looking up.

Curtis : I see. 15:40

Michael : And I remember his eye... really (chuckles)... he was like... there was something behind his eye like an intelligent brain.

Curtis : Oh yes.

Michael : You know. You look in a real octopus eye and it is like... you can tell that it's just an animal.

Curtis : oh

Michael : But this guy he... you know he's got this look at you and he's got this personality too...

Curtis : Is that the only thing he said to you... he said he had a personality?

Michael : Yeah it was like a person... well he had that personality that actually made a joke.

Curtis : Oh yeah right... some joke.

Michael : (laughs) And then I said oh... if we have them swimming around here in the ocean... then we wouldn't have... it would be... we wouldn't have anything out here... they'd eat everything I guess. (ha).

Curtis : Oh yes.

Michael : Well anyway. I asked him were they planning to plant him in our ocean but they said no... he is not going to go to the oceans of Earth.

Curtis : Was he in the ah... a capsule of water like an aquarium or something?

Michael : Yes he was contained in ah... in his environment.

Curtis : Did he look happy?

Michael : Yeah.

Curtis : Okay... did he look content?

Michael : At a certain level. See my cry out for God... was also his. And ah... his story is that it's a journey. Once... we as human beings are... what they were showing me in this... we as human beings are coming up to level that other creatures that are so different from us have already have attained. And that is the ability to progress beyond the temporary mortal level and move on to a level in which seems to be like eternal. Not mortal or temporal but eternal. Cause this seems to be ah... where they were pointing me. And it didn't necessarily have to be just human beings its other creatures are on the same journey.

Curtis : I see.

Michael : So he knew he was on that same journey.

Curtis : I see. How are we doing on that journey?

Michael : We're confused.

Curtis : Yeah yes.

Michael : So on that journey... that... you know people... the most famous ones now are the suicide bombers. You know and they think they can do God a big favor. So on that journey... one of our... one of the most noble characteristics that human... humanity has is... is there is no greater love that a man would lay his life down for his friend. This concept going than no greater love for God that a man would blow himself up for God. Well this has been perverted confused. You know. So the proper reaction is... we've gone... we kind of went a little bit... were far away from the real answer to that which would have to be... not go over there and you know... blow them up but almost the opposite. Because the a... understanding is that it is wrong. Now the... creatures that... you know... we are... are trying to make that ascension... to become... beings that don't have to worry about death or anything... above the animal. But sometimes... a lot of times... fall back to almost being like an animal in a confused state. And I guess seeing these... this great octopus and his personality and the fact that he was on a... the same journey and quest moving towards God. Was interesting. Yeah. Then I moved toward the other one. Which was... you see one of the... the octopus I guess was there and he has no skeleton or any form of skeleton. And then I moved to one who was ah... had an exoskeleton... like an insect... except very big. And he was regal. And he seemed to be sitting on a throne like a special chair. And he had a real regal composure like he titled his head toward me and bowed. And ah... when I was introduced I have forgot what his name was. But... he also displayed... you know as if you are being introduced to any person any personality. And I realize that they were showing me others not just human beings here on Earth you know searching for the right thing. These other creatures are moving toward the right thing they are moving and making the progress from ah... from one level that... maybe even... maybe their level was even past where we are. Because we don't have any united Earth. We don't have people that are all like ah... in that... hall of elders where the elders displayed this oneness and uniqueness toward God. This oneness of heart and mind and biosocially of love receiving the love of God. These creatures that I saw were also on the same level. So being introduced to all of this and ah... as I move away I'm perplexed. And this is where in the last... hour before this... I believe I was talking about seeing a human being who was surrounded by very large humanoid group it's the Nyptonian... they make the best Mr. Universe body builders look small... even the professional wrestles of today look... they seem to have that though that size but they were bigger and they were surrounding him. And this is where they introduced the... he tried to give me more information this one being... a human being looked very human talked English came out. He said you look a little confused... And I said Oh ya... very confused. And I ah... I still had my head spinning after seeing all of these things...

Curtis : huh... I could understand. 24:00

Michael : Yeah... and he said about the book you know... there is a book on Earth that will help explain a lot of things for you. And ah... I didn't realize there was a book on Earth... and I jumped at it... that must be the bible... then the bible you know. But of course... it was another book. He realized the bible was... he didn't say it was a bad book he said it was... you know a good book and it's a book that does have some of this information but the other book is called... THE URANTIA BOOK called The Book of Earth or THE URANTIA BOOK. He went on and he explained that within that... you'll find a lot of the answers. And it's interesting how THE URANTIA BOOK actually does talk about what they call... the Spheres of Life and Architectural Spheres of Life. And the architectural spheres are really made-to-order worlds. And if anything describes... would describe this mothership around Saturn it would have to be a made-to-order a world. A world that literally is growing as it needs to grow. And is one of the farthest away from the bigger ones and the more gigantic ones that would surpass the size of our Solar System of course. But this one is small. And it's posted out here for our Earth... our development on Earth. They were literally... according to THE URANTIA BOOK they are a part of a group beings called the Life Carriers. And the Life Carriers are responsible for seeding life throughout the Universe and they are very very ancient in terms of their age. Actually millions of years... is easy for them to be that old. And that's basically as a mortal being as creatures that are created coming up to a level where we can worship God we can seek after God and try to be connected to the Universal Creator... is the actual level of creation which is wanted and desired by God because that is the point in which a creature moves away from being an animal to the potential of being an eternal being.

Curtis : I see. (Wow)

Michael : So that was like it matches. And I am looking at these other creatures who are probably very very old defiantly on their way and... to... if not already immortal... on their way to immortality. They seem to be like... very just regular... they can you know manipulate their environments. One of the things of course was their remarkable telepathic ability. But apart from that they were (? ?) beings... I wasn't looking at some spirit or something.

Curtis : When you said you were looking at ah... like a insect... on that chair or throne.

Michael : Yeah... that was not an image... not a hologram... or not some video seed or something they were giving me. In fact I remember when I was taking off from Earth... and they were showing me Earth... I kept telling me... just replaying some of our... they are trying to fool me you know. And it was a real trip away from Earth... and of course traveled in excessive the speed of light... very fast. But looking at this one creature... it was the same kind a... it wasn't the same kind of thing... I wasn't looking through a panel... I was looking through air... right at the... there was nothing in between... and ah...

Curtis : Were you making contact... was he making eye contact with you?

Michael : Oh yeah. Well the eye contact with... with one insect type or exoskeleton being. Was (? ?) designed it... it was similar to like a praying mantis. Very similar... except much larger. Such a noble character about it.

Curtis : Was he your size?

Michael : Bigger. 29:19

Curtis : Bigger.

Michael : I was also looking up at him.

Curtis : Also looking up.

Michael : Yeah. He was no where near the size of the octopus guy but he was big... I was looking up. I'm not sure... he was on this special seat.

Curtis : Did he fit in with the rest of the beings on that... on that craft out near Saturn?

Michael : You just go walking around with him and stuff like that. I'm not sure... cause I only met him in... like a throne room. And remember I in fact I in fact remember saying to my friend... my friendly Biaviian guy that was always with me. The first one... when I saw the octopus... I asked him... is this God? It can't be God. (chuckles) That is where they're on the you know... the same plane. Then I went over and saw the... the being that was ah... insect like. Very beautiful. Is this God? (chuckles)... no it is not. But they are on the same journey towards us. So... here we are as the planet Earth... and ah... moving toward God... and there is a very important factor that what happened to me... after I had come back from this experience... cause I had no memory... of all of this when I am describing right. But I was... absorbed in... one person's story that was ah... was given to me... it was we spoke... for quite a bit we're on the phone. And it was simply a bible story about Jesus Christ About how he came to the Earth as a son of God. And that how he had ah... made a way for all... of... anyone who would want to believe on him... would be given that track toward eternal life. And I just couldn't get enough of it... and I began to move my... my... desire to find even more. So I ended up... what happened to me... was... within a couple of a.... days... a few days later... figure about a week and a half later... I found myself with a... a minister... and I had accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. And the next thing you know I'm... and I grow in knowledge and truth about this. And then I began to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit... and I began to notice that... and everyone began to notice right away... that I was not just the ordinary Christian that was coming up. There were certain things about me that was very strong. And certain gifts of the spirit... word of knowledge word of wisdom... ah... prophetic... seeing into the future. All of this stuff was really strong with me. And the next thing you know I'm a... I became an ordain minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I had a church following and everything. And then ah... later on... ah more and more and more of the knowledge came through until I pretty much have quite a bit of it... almost all of the... of my... short stay over there in the... on the... that ah mothership. But along with that... I was given the a... pointed toward the answer for my big question which was... God. Where is God. How do I meet God. And the answer is here on Earth.

Curtis : huh 33:33

Michael : So that's one of the thing that I have at my perspective. I don't know if Riley had that experience... but I sure did and I had that purpose and I had that ah... that weight on my heart all the time when I was in the ship seeing all of these different beings. And what is... I know what is... about to happen in the next level... is that... we're always taught the lords prayer and this a... the concept of the lord it'd be God... you know... praying out to God and asking God on Earth is here where we're at. Praying that... the will of God be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And the will of God I began to notice... they had a real concept of duty and do their job... up there... seemed like a... there was a lot of love and caring... and service. And I believe it was through God. So they have that level of relationship to God that we need to generate here on Earth. And a... a little by little... we're making wonderful strides toward it... and sometimes none. Developing a civilization and base somewhat on that and some of course not based on God at all. And it... I noticed... we can notice within this short time... those that wanted to be atheistic governments which were gigantic such as the communist block countries have broken down and have begun to allow humanity to... that they were trying to stifle from the third part of our nature. We have body we have mind... but that spiritual part that seeks after God was trying to be quenched and of course their civilization has broken down and now... all the world is... should try to be free toward moving toward God. Like how ah... whether it was how I was... is... you know... the church is all over the place but I just wanted a direct one and the next thing you know I guess is contact and beyond that... I get removed of that memory of it and lead down the normal pathway. And I believe it's directly by their influence too.

Curtis : Well you said you were a minister for three years then...

Michael : Yeah I was a minister in one church for about three and a half years and in another church for three and a half years... a total of seven.

Curtis : I see. 36:40

Michael : And ah... their influence in my life has been precise seven year cycles... and this is one of them.

Curtis : Could you explain that... more?

Michael : Well. The seven years is an interesting factor because the star symbol... that was being worn by them on their uniform as I explained before was not just an ordinary patch. We're familiar with... you know... like a uniform has a patch the military have patches the police have patches on their shoulders... they are so stitched up patch. But this was not a patch such as that it was an emblem... that was 7 pointed. But when I looked at it... it had a 6 point... immediately I said that is the Star of David... that is the 6 pointed Star of Jerusalem or Israel. And ah they said count the points... then I realized it was... it ended up at 7. But this one point was alive... it moved through the count as I counted and it always appeared... always appeared at the end of the count. And it ended up with 7 points. Even thought it had the appearance of 6 point. What it means and what I have been shown... by them is that... the 7th point is the 7th stay of the Son of God in different worlds as he descended from... ah... or went out from... his location... in... in the central point of the Universe. And went all the way out into the 7th stage... the 7th stage was Earth. And in the 7th stage he ah... became human... became mortal. He could have become... ya. The thing about it I realize now... he could have become mortal as that octopus or the insect or any one of the other humanoid types that I saw... but he chose to be on Earth... and become mortal there and then open the way... for all of us to become adopted into the universal family of God. So... these aliens... we're the aliens right now to them. Cause we are not fully adopted into the family of God.

Curtis : Yes...

Michael : They ah... um... ah... Like um... the stories there were wars in the heavens. Riley has accounted for Tan's point of view story of having some problems with some other creatures. And ah... it is... it is one of the reasons why Earth has its trouble because it was one of the planets that these Life Carriers were interrupted in their work... because of this battle. And Earth went through... like a... quarantine period. And because of that quarantine period civilizations went its own way. The concepts of faith and God went through different religious religions and until finally we end up... trying to quench the concept of God entirely. And only trying to become basically... a very smart animal. And that fails. That will fail ultimately. Even right now... there are things that we are discovering that say there's got to me much much more to our being here. And are in fact... even our personality are in a way we can pick up things... that just our mortal... mortal... bodies and mortal state is um... big (? ?) almost picking up experiences that are... are the level of that... the eternal. And that is way... they're there. To make sure that... we're... we're... attended to I guess.

Curtis : We're attended to?

Michael : Yeah. We are not a forgotten... a forgotten planet... or sphere because of them.

Curtis : When you said humanity is reaching to God... how do they see what we are doing with many different religions? We don't have just one religion here. Seems as we are fighting because of our religions.

Michael : That is the confusion of ah... um the story of... religions. Humanity's ego... have tends to want to say that we have the only answer. And the other guys are wrong. But basically... the cry of in the soul man... for God... is the one call that... they want to hear. They want to hear that call out of the living creatures on planet Earth and we are the one that makes that call. Chimpanzee or you know a dog... they can not make that call. They're incapable of it.

Curtis : Yes

Michael : So as far as being part of being an animal... we can be an animal just like them if you want to stop calling on God. Or we can become ah... almost selfish in terms of our religious attitudes and say that ah... you have the ultimate answer and then you know you have got this divine authority to go blow-up people. But that not... that is because of a perversion of some of the greatest characteristics of about who we are. And ah... although biblically there is a lot of... teaching out there about how God is going to you know... ultimately clean up the whole mess. That is a work in progress... I guess you might say.

Curtis : That God is going to clean up our mess?

Michael : No what some religions say. You know. Basically... like you better be good cause God is going to come over here and teach you a lesson.

Curtis : I see. 43:03

Michael : You know. And that is not the case. It is taking some of the truth... basically all it boils down to is what that message is. Is that God is love... there is... they show me this pure love... and that God is love. And that that is the essence of where we need to go and then we can be fully adopted into their society their everlasting society. Society where people. These people do... their not like mortal where they live like seventy years and die you know. They know about extremely long periods of time... ago. They're there... when Man was just getting civilized. They helped influence and there were some problems too. And as I said... there was a point at which the war as caused Earth to be quarantined. And ah... now Earth is moving toward be adapted back in along the lines that it needs to. So we will see a lot more you know... events and I think more and more people will begin to accept that... these beings who are not bodily form or humanoid form. Maybe they are not our... some people's religious ideas of how angels are suppose to look like... but are actually functioning somewhat in the role of different level... angelic hosts these are... these I am pretty sure according to where I see them sit in the Urantia Book that these are the Life Carriers. So that's why Tan & Nela are concerned with that kind of stuff.

Curtis : How many times are there spacecraft coming to Earth? Seems like there's lots of sightings.. people see them all over the place... all over the Earth.

Michael : Yes.

Curtis : They are under the ocean.

Michael : Yes. That's all true. And they're active very much right now because the activity on Earth is increasing a lot. Earth is maturing toward a point in which... they will have to... they will come to a point ah... be ready as the planet to be... adopted. Of course... you know... it's not like it is going a hundred percent perfect utopia society. That is not the case... but more or less it is going to come to a where.... more of the world will be God (? ?) God understanding God seeking. And because of that then... they'll realize that they can move... they can move in. Not move into Earth but move in closer to us... more like embrace us. And share the love of God and say... we're also... that way.

Curtis : Do you feel they're showing themselves to us? Seems like there is just more and more alien traffic on this planet.

Michael : Of course it is going to be. There was a time when were... they had to... they were not going to... you know... let us totally destroy ourselves so they did... certain things on mission. These were done by... defiantly got the feel that some of these beings up there were really skilled in... almost a military type of ah... of feel to them. The Dorians had that feel... like they were like military people. You know... but ah... they may have come... maybe they were the ones... I don't know. Who may have made sure we didn't pull the big switch and shoot rockets at each other with nuclear (weapons)... bombs you know. May have stopped... total devastation. There stories that are out there that say that ah... things did happen like that. (? ?) Things didn't work. And I believe that as... as... their responsibility is the... is as a Life Carrier... as... is too also be like a farmer... nurture... make sure everything.. you know... goes right. We're not... we're sort of farmed for a harvest of eternal beings you might say... we're all temporal mortal beings but Earth is going to become a planet... is already... a planet where a lot of eternal beings come out of it. Yeah... yeah.

Curtis : Michael could you discuss a little bit about how you are becoming enlightened by these beings because you were there once so many years ago?

Michael : Okay we've got about... you know... about five more minutes. So ah...

Curtis : We have about... eight and a half minutes.

Michael : Eight and a half minutes okay. Well... let me put it to you this way... I had explained to you that... within the Christian circles... within the circles of ah... the Pentecostal group which believes that... many of the supernatural gifts of... of God... the holy spirit. They noticed that I was functioning at a very high level had a lot of things that I noticed that too... it just didn't seem ordinary. And this is one of the ways in which they are influencing the world. When I was with the elders... I definitely got the feel that at one point before the room turned blue with this beautiful light... they had... been... like praying you might say... for Earth. And this is a wonderful thing that I perceived so... yeah. So is that the answer.

Curtis : Well I was looking for... an answer since you've haven't been out there but... years and years ago.

Michael : Oh... as they pray for Earth they also are... communicating back.

Curtis : That is what I am getting at.

Michael : Huh. 53:03

Curtis : That's what I am getting at... their communication...

Michael : They are like praying for Earth or influencing... the receptive beings on Earth with their... influence. I'm one of them.

Curtis : And you pick up their messages... or...

Michael : The messages are not like coming in... where I can just sort of read them off. Many times there just... like a complete knowledge. And then I can just sort of give the words to the understanding. You know but certain things like ah... I was not even a clue on. Like ah... ... like 911 was one of them... where when 911 happened... I had no clue. I mean the first thing I knew about it was looking at it on the TV. However... quick flash back. About the year 1987... there was a skyline that was described to me... by a friend of mine who had ah... in accordance with my ah... my teaching. Described the skyline of New York... from the Jersey side across the Hudson as... missing the towers. And it was directly relating... um... directly relating to me about when things are going to get really troublesome here on Earth in the US too. And that was you know... back in '80 something... '87 around... around '87. And sometimes it does come to me sometimes it goes for... the information comes to me and I have to remember. It comes to who ever is receptive at the time sometimes. And ah... so that kind of stuff does happen and so people who ah... wonder if you know... if you got a question and I can ask them the question and if I can relay it right back to you instantaneously. Sometimes perhaps everything has its limit and they can tell you... sometimes they will not... tell you.

Curtis : You mean you can relay a question to these beings... and get an answer back momentarily?

Michael : Sometimes. Yeah.

Curtis : Well that is very interesting.

Michael : Yeah. Because it's... it's part of the... what they ended up doing up there with me I guess.

Curtis : So you have this on-going connection with them?

Michael : Um... I guess so but it's... not just with them you know... really pointing toward God. But... um... I am sure that a... because of... my stay there... I think they did... make sure that they got to know me well enough. And because of that you know... sort of like... I recognize your voice and I recognize you... okay you know.

Curtis : I see... so you can communicate with them... much more easily than anyone else could.

Michael : I am not saying that there... I was given the title as: Navigator. See when Riley was... when I talked Riley... a second time. The first time he was taken away... cause he was talking to Question and he briefly saw me and he want... Woo... what are you doing here. And he was getting very upset so they moved him away. And the next think I know I... went through all of this and later... toward the end before I leave the Mothership um... coming to this room and... I meet Riley and Riley is introduced to me as the: Ticketer. And I say... you mean like a conductor on a train... and no... that is his title: Ticketer. And then Riley looked at me and he said... I was introduced to Riley as the: Navigator. And Riley went and said... Navigate... he doesn't even know where he is at. And I said yeah... that pretty true you know... I don't really know how I got... I mean... how all of this works.. you know. Navigate... my goodness what is navigating... you know. And ah... obviously Riley is writing tickets and... ah... um a... I'm the Navigator. And you make the... I guess it will become apparent why that title was given. There was another one that was that girl... that lady... she is a little older than me. Caucasian woman that caught the ride with us... back... and she was introduced as a: Communicator. So there is one more that is probably really good at communication. Yeah. But ultimately... for everybody who is interested in knowing more... about this sphere out there... I called it... when I first saw the object they pointed it out to me... I said... oh you mean that light bulb? It had that spherical look but not circular. So... light bulb would mean like... oh... you have one photograph on your web site that looks like... a light bulb.

Curtis : Yes...

Michael : So...

Curtis : And we have ten more seconds. We'll have Michael on the 22nd of May... anyone just write in your question and we'll ask them on the air... and ah... we'll wrap it up... Michael and have you back soon.

Michael : Okay

Curtis : Okay Thank you... Aloha

Michael : Aloha

Curtis : Bye.

Michael : Bye.

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