Michael from Maui
Hour 24

Tuesday ~ 8 January 2008

Looking into the awakening.

Micahel spoke of the Sun spot cycle 23 & 24

Ned from New Orleans called in.

Different ending I gave the last minute to Michael
he thought to give us Elder names he fellowship with.

Sighting near Curtis' home on Delaware River. A few years earlier Curtis & Marcy had the bright green shinny ball sighting heading into the same direction... below the river.

New Jersey Bright Light

FRENCHTOWN -- On December 25, 2007, my wife, and two sleeping daughters were driving home from a Christmas Eve dinner, at 12:20 AM, north on State Highway 29 which runs north and south along the Delaware River. We were the only car on the road about four miles south of Frenchtown, when I spotted directly in front of us moving from sky to land was an enormous globe (sphere) of perfectly round shape, very, very bright with no discernable other color. The object was moving at an extreme speed toward the tree line on our right or across from the bank of the Delaware River. The sighting lasted 3 or 4 seconds.

There was no impact, explosion or any other sign of disruption on the ground. My wife and I both saw the same thing. I have never seen such a sight before. Neither of us had been drinking. I contacted the local police and nobody had reported seeing this object. There are no airports, military bases, industrial sites or power plants in the area. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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