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Tuesday ~ 15 December 2009
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Norway Spiral

CNN shows 12 Images

This is image #2

Strange Spiral:
Residents in northern Norway
were left stunned after the
light show, which almost looked
computer-generated, appeared
in the skies above them.
A blue-green beam of light was reported to have come shooting
out the centre of the spiral
see: 2 videos
This image from second video
8 December 2009
Norway spiral light in the sky ~ Is it a UFO?
On Tuesday night, 8 Dec 2009 the Norway sky filled with a spiral rotating light
that some residents said was as big as the Moon. The light stops, then spins
into a spiral at a quick pace, and lasted 10-12 minutes before disappearing.
No one seems to have the answer as to what it is.

Some witnesses thought it was computer generated, some thought it was
a fireball meteor, and others thought it was a missile from Russia
(the Russian military strongly denies), and some said it could be
a Bulava missile from a submarine.

President Obama will soon travel to Norway to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Net buzz on these videos are hot today because it just happened last night
and because no one can seem to identify exactly what it is.

See videos.

thanks for reporting Net Buzz Examiner

5 images and
2 videos
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