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Subject: Questions
Date: 20 July 2007 12:37:39 GMT-04:00
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Hi Curtis,

Here are some questions for Michael, Tan, Nella and yourself:

The first two questions may have already been answered in previous recordings but it might be good to go over them again. There are a couple of questions for Tan or Nella that maybe Michael could forward on for me. Feel free to put them to Michael in a recording but unless Tan or Nella are present I wouldn't expect an immediate response.

1a) Michael - could you explain in detail how contact takes place between you and Tan or Nella? Does the contact take different forms?
1b) Has Tan or Nella appeared physically on Earth for you to see?
2) Michael - there are surely many, many, sincere, loving and God-seeking individuals on this Earth, but they are powerless or they do not seek power. How can they turn things around? It would appear that it is already too late and if there is no external intervention, the Earth will have to undergo dreadful climatic changes which could cause starvation, disease, war and death for many millions of people if not the whole human population - not to mention animal populations. What are we supposed to do? Try and do something - which cannot be enough. Or simply get mentally and spiritually ready for the inevitable?
3) Michael, Curtis, Tan, Nella - Michael has been called the "Navigator", an unknown woman the "(something - I forget)" and Riley Martin the "Ticketer". Riley is selling these "tickets", or symbols, at $40 a shot, saying "It's your ticket out of here". Can this be true? Can we buy our salvation for $40? I feel this creates a major credibility problem. What are your positions on this?
4) A question for Tan or Nella (I don't expect an immediate response) - In my quest for "God-realization" or "Enlightenment", I'm at a point where I realize that my conscious mind can't really "KNOW" anything, other than to be aware that I am conscious, that I am perceiving this existence, and that anything other than the silent, present moment is illusory. "Life" or "Creation" seems to be generated at a level to which my limited conscious mind has absolutely no access. My question is this: Is it possible for the conscious mind to change levels and delve into that greater consciousness, with or without form, where "Life" and "Creation" happen and still retain some sense of identity, a sense of self, while still being one with God? I hope that makes sense.
5) Tan or Nella - A request - Would you be willing to contact me?
6) An open question for debate: If there will be no major external intervention by the extraterrestrials to clean things up here, would it not be more compassionate on their part to simply cleanse this planet of all life? After all, life on this planet is full of suffering, for humans and animals alike and one must wonder if it's really necessary to live like this. Surely we can still work towards finding God in a different form, free of the difficulties and suffering.

Well that's it for now. Number 5 may appear cheeky, but I think it's very relevant. Many people must ask themselves why they do not have any contact with extraterrestrials even though they are surely mentally stable enough and spiritually advanced enough to deal with it.


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