Riley Martin's
UFO Polaroid Photographs
and others
Riley driving on Interstate-40 on 28 December 1987... saw a formation of saucers in broad day light. With a Polaroid camera... he snapped the remaining 4 photographs.
I have three.

You can see them all the way to the edge of the image. If photos are ever proof of a real visitation... they'll be Polaroids. Polaroids are the positive and negative in one image.

Please note the diamond formation of these four spacecraft... magnetism could/may be a factor in their positioning.

Tan turned the saucer top into a clear dome to allow Riley to photograph them in their ship. I have the negatives to these two photographs. This seems to be a photograph with an alien on film. I asked Riley if the image in the center of the ship was the robot pilot and Tan... he said... "it could be Tan & Nela".

I hear there are several other photos I don't have shown here that Riley has shot... and from what he says... there are others in a box in Tulsa at a friend's who is holding them for Riley. This friend of Riley's sent me these photos above and the negatives. He says he has other photos somewhere and as he put it... that is if he didn't throw Riley's stuff out. We are happy to have these although photographs are photographs and there must be thousands of UFO photographs taken around the world.

Taken in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1988. Riley said that four ships came to visit him... they came to comfort him after he was shaken by two Targzissian that came into his room at three in the morning and did slight harm to him. Riley says these ships came by to allow him to photograph them to see his own photographs in order to relax and see he is not going crazy.

This story of this event is in The Coming of Tan.

I asked Riley... how is it you had a camera ready at the very moment they were there? Riley says... I knew they were coming and I got ready with a camera in hand. Riley says... something like... There they are... bang press the shutter... bang press the shutter and got them again... and when I pressed the shutter for the third time it was like it was connected to them because when the shutter went off~ they vanished.

Another diamond shape formation can bee seen as a jet passing in front of the speed of sound...
note the shape of the cloud captured on film... another diamond shape. An interesting possible connection.

Here is a F-4 Jet over a airport runway faster that the speed of sound.
This photographer was lucky catching the cloud formation on his film.
I've tried capturing this twice and missed a photograph of a jet faster than sound.

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