Michael from Maui
Hour 86

61 minutes
Tuesday ~ 28 April 2009
2nd psychic circle
ask and receive
a delightful place beyond the norm
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Curtis : 00:00 Michael and I would like to welcome you back
to this recording of the Saturn Earth Connection.
Our website is and today is Tuesday April 28th 2009.
And this is hour 86 with Michael from Maui, Hawaii. Hello Michael.

Michael : 00:00:24 Hello Curtis and ah welcome back to all of you who are listening in from so many countries out there... and besides ya know the many thousands of you that are listening from the United States. There are many thousands out there that are from various other countries. So welcome back

Curtis : 00:00:46 Yeah, it's ah, it's nice to see the totals we had between January the 1st of this year and April 23rd there were 85 countries. So, on Michael's page... One quick announcement is, ah on his page I finally have the progression of all three of those Cassini images right in a row, ending with the light-bulb sphere near Saturn. And ah, did you get to see those Michael?

Michael : 0:01:19 Yeah I see them... right, very, looks very nice

Curtis : 0:01:22 And also the last hour Michael sent us- sent me I think 3 more images to post on the web ah of the skeleton..ah ...Has no vertebrae...vertebrae, I saw. And maybe ah, maybe the vertebrate wasn't really with the skeleton when they found it, but.. And it makes me wonder about those legs. Ah... Those legs are so bow-legged it almost looks the the drawings Riley drew of their... flat feet and-and bow legs. But I didn't see any feet, were there feet in that- in that display?

Michael : 0:02:04 No, no feet.. Yeah, I was mentioning to you how they walked, ah... many of the... the shorter guys up there, who looked like... have a head shaped the way they are... they're shaped and ya know, ah.. Have really bow legs. I remember (laughs) a bunch of these short guys walking in front of me and they have bow legs and they walked like flop-flop-flop on the ground. Ya know their feet would kind of slapped the ground. And flat-footed, bow-legged, and ya know their walking efficiency wasn't (laughs) the best. But they-they-they scampered around quite a bit, ah ya know of one of the groups that that I saw which is..probably the most common ones...

Curtis : 0:02:51 What do you- what do you mean their walking efficiency wasn't great... you mean like cadence?

Michael : 0:03:00 Well, human beings I guess have a better efficiency in walking... we basically, ya know, can stride away. Of course, those who are... have... taller, and lankier I guess have ya know, nicer stride.

Curtis : 0:03:26 Mhm.

Michael : 0:03:29 It's one of the things that I notice about Obama, is he has a very ah... President Obama has a very, a very easy stride. Ya know he walks with ease. And that's out of the Bible code too. Ya know Bible code says he would walk with ease. And he sure does.

Curtis : 0:03:48 Hm

Michael : 0:03:49 And I guess, (laughing) I guess to someone.. who may be observing, ya know... Got this bow legs and flat feet, ya know, and the big round head, some of them. Anyway that... the shape of their head is-is very much the same. But the top you can see looking down, pretty close to some times the view I may have had with some of them looking down at their head, had that kind of rounded.... not perfectly round look... more triangular, flat in the back. Of course they had no sign of a-a forehead ah, you know like a eyebrow... or the supraorbital crest over the eye was never developed... this big eye.. Anyway getting past that. That's an idea that when I first saw it I was shocked to see it you know. And I read what it was, and I said, Well, yeah well it could be. But if someone had a bone disease you'd expect the disease not to be producing a perfectly symmetrical, ah well-proportioned skull. Ya know, maybe some dents here or some... some problems with it. But, no. Nice and well-proportioned, just a little bit bulbous and ah, shaped ah, a little differently... but still not, not ah, breaking out of the normal symmetrical proportions of... of symmetry ya know.

Curtis : 0:05:25 So you're saying on the card that they said, ah that this person had a bone disease, and that's why their skull was so large.

Michael : 0:05:34 Well yeah it's ah... basically is a... inability to form.. ah.. the bones. But ah.. I've looked up, ah others and it's a, ya know, a disease that is somewhat common in... not common, but can be found in human beings that are alive... besides dead. And those that I've seen have... do not have skulls shap---... they look very, you might say, fragile, ya know-

Curtis : 0:06:06 Mhm-

Michael : 0:06:06 But ah, they have ah, not deformed skulls.. of that kinds of dimension that follow that. They have various... ah... problems. Having frail bones, that's about it, ya know.

Curtis : 0:06:24 So do you think now that you're looking at these photographs on the website, and not in the museum anymore, looking at it more comfortable looking at and studying them. Do you think that's the head of the, one of the Biaviians?

Michael : 0:06:40 No I don't think it would be a Biaviian head ah, I mean ya know a real Biaviian's head... I seriously doubt it. However they may have shared genetics or used genetic form. And this may have been a throw-back. And I think ah, oh from what I could see in the, some of the problems maybe with the- the shaken baby syndrome too, could have happened was that... This-this being, this little child, have been very telepathic, and scared the wits of the people that were around them and they may have, killed it.

Curtis : 0:07:25 Mm.

Michael : 007:25 That's just my supposition or opinion ya know.

Curtis : 0:07:28 Mhm... Okay well... well I'm shutting off my telephones to make sure they don't ring... Ah... So you wanted to speak about the seven psychic circles? You-

Michael : 0:00 Well it's that ah, you've chosen, so. Let's look into the-the psychic circles. First of all, these were, again, shown to me by a high level teacher. One of the highest of the order of teacher's sons... The Danal order of teacher's sons, who, sat down and drew these circles on the tabletop and ah... explained them to me. And I would like to ah, explain them as one who's achieved them. These circles as they represent ... a level of attainment. First of all, let's look at what's happening. We are born into this world three dimensionals, and one of time. Basically, four-dimensional creatures, limited in those four dimensions. We think, as we grow up, we reason to ourselves, this is all there is, and begin to manipulate our surroundings and our things, not to realizing that there is more to it. What these circles represent are attainments..., we really ah.. are constructing ourselves and our soul, ah beyond a dimension that we live in. And these first attainments. The very first attainment was the ahh.. belief that there is a very first Source there is a God, there is more, there is ah more to this, because there's got to be, because of the - what can be seen around....and life and all that is. Ah...This-this turning to , presents a attainment in ah this first level of construct. And, there is a level of reflectivity that happens, when this first thing happens... is that there is warmth, love, ah peace and ah security that is reflected to yourselves as beings of this first sentient order of discovery. And it, in that is that first confirmation, that reflective confirmation. And it's ah really good. And that's why many have described the nature of reality of what God's substance is is love. God is love. And this is 'cause this is one of the very first reflective images that we get back from having obtained the first circle. Moving on to the second circle is one of the most playful and wonderful circles to be within. Ya know, this one constructs a much more dynamic role within ourselves. First of all as we moved up in our-our-our building of ourselves, basically going from physical needs on to emotional, social, intellectual, then moving on into actualization. These circles form a similar development except the development is of a characteristic that presents itself beyond our dimensions that we live in. They move ourselves into another realm. We literally are expanding our souls beyond the gates of this, our world which-which bars us from really seeing that right now., ...In terms of what you might look at, we seeing...we're-we're-we're seeing with our imaginations or science, dimensions that could form beyond this. But, are in fact really there. However, to progress into them requires a-um, a-um,... our development requires a level not only in belief and faith, but moving beyond those things where we actually develop relationship with our adjuster. Our Thought Adjuster gives us that. Because it, our thought adjuster is is all of those positions or dimensions. And ah through the thought adjuster we attain ... presence within those domains. And there are many many times in which people say they have various levels of development in terms of ah psychic or spiritual development that reflects certain abilities but the first again is reflected with this wonderful love. The second is also an interesting one. Now when you move into the second it's because you request things. It is the one where you begin to.. ah when you grow up. Curtis you remember ever being like a little kid or is that too far over?

Curtis : 0:00 No it isn't too far over, it's the same mind but it just feels like a lifetime ago but yeah I know what you mean.

Michael : 0:00 You remember those days when you were curious, and you went to your father and asked him for why things happen and ask him for this. And sometimes you ask him for a thing and sometimes you just asked why, and you developed this ah.. Hopefully this ah... curiosity or any kind of things that you, ya know, you cry to your dad, for one thing or another.

Curtis : 0:00 I had curiosity

Michael : 0:00 Yeah...and wonderment. Well, what this first- second circle represents is this,... asking and receiving. And this is , always reflected, but much more now than just receiving the embrace of God. Assurance that wow, there is a God. You receive this. Some people call that first experience a religious experience, but then it moves on. It moves on to another level, which is a level of asking and receiving. These always end up becoming much more than.. you might say syncronicities, or serendipities. But actually, really request and an answer.. A really real definite request and an answer. And these are-are continually going to be the instruction points for containing all the rest of the circles. Because it, from this point on begins the relationship where the thought adjuster becomes a re-... much more reflective component in your life having not only... given you an warmth and embrace.. but also giving you a specific, tangible and real answers to request, and desires even. And Jesus Christ, said one of the things, asking... you- he said, Ya know, "if any man asks his father for a fish do you think he'll give him a poisonous serpent, of course not, it's not what's going to happen. And what happens then during this first circle is, this- this level.

0:00 Oh, by the way, what I was saying earlier was typpified in Jesus Christ saying to one man, who says How can you live forever when you get to this place? And Christ said you've got to be born again. Well basically that born again experience is the construct of yourself, beyond our-our-our normal dimensional plane. And actually a way of constructing our souls to expand past the animal level and slowly we'll eventually start to lose the animal legacy. That-that really is .. Those, things that some people say are, are the weaknesses of our character, but actually they're not, some of it is just necessary. But, anyway going on to this- this circle which I define as this.. this developing relationship, and answer-request, and answer-request, and answer. And it becomes one of the most interesting things you can..You begin to-, you begin to wonder at it because it always comes true. Whatever you ask ya know if you really believe it, you'll receive it.

00:00 And, of course you'll be asking it, and through the gateway presented. And that gateway, ah, that allowed you to attain the very first circle. And , I don't want to use a religious tones in here, but that gateway has a name that you've given it which is addressing the same sour- or second source. Or, that person- in person- personality. And you begin to give the- the reflective individual a personality and you begin to kind of combine in the relationship within yourself. And that second circle is a is a developing the divinity which is already in you, but maturing it and creating it. And through this second circle it's delightful. Because its one of the most delightful levels because you basically just keep asking and you notice it always comes true. It always happens.

Curtis : 00:00 Could you give us an example of something that always comes true?

Michael : 00:00 Well let's say there's a request that you had and it wasn't so special. But let's look at....saying, Well I've used it before this is.. difficulty in finding a parking.. Oh I'd like to find a parking space. And, you'll be given an answer somewhat, and just follow that lead. Of course in the beginning part, it's just like you'll have more serendipitous kind of an account because of the guidance of your.. isn't quite as well-attuned. But you'll end up finding one. You end up finding one like r-right there. And, it's it's an amazing thing. It's also , requesting .. Some people have requests in their lives for specific needs. Some people have their circles have found their... out that the very thing they needed in their life, maybe a better job or a job actually when they had no job, was found in this- this circle. And others have.. been able to attain what they could not think they could naturally attain ah through normal channels. They think of something that might need supernatural intervention, not necessarily putting the essentially the whole thing through a ridiculous test. But using the thing, first of all...Circumstantial things that might ya know- has to be a perfect timing ya know for certain things to happen. And , ya know it'll happen in that timing. And sometimes it will take a little while longer but many of the little things a child would ask for.. Having a more pure faith, and more pure mind, and more pure attitude.. ya know

00:00 When you use too much of your intellect, It dissolves the request you might say. It's got to come from the heart. Ya know it's got to be very similar to the telepathic communication that , that many of the celestials possess. Which, they , able to commune with pure thought. Thought that isn't covered with other kinds of .... Sometimes ... Thoughts that are..... Inappropriate.. Thoughts that are blocking other thoughts. And this kind of confused, thought-base. One of the things that I've found was how specific things can become when a request is made.... .. I've .. I've found that, sometimes it's kind of become... Not too...too... Round about in your request. It's got to be, "I want a red rose." And...something like that. And all of a sudden ya know somebody comes over there and pins a red rose on your lapel and says "Aw you look nice." Wow, how did that happen? (laughs)

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm, (laugh) yes

Michael : 00:00 Ya know. And things like that have happened to me. And , and they confirm. But they're- they're at- at times I've always noticed that the request is pure, and almost innocent in itself. , not setting up.. Let's say.. I will put this to the test. Therefore, I'm going to do this and I will expect that, and if it doesn't happen then this is a bunch of bologna. When a request is made with that message, it generally is not going to be answered. But when it is put forth in an almost innocent childlike way, then the answer comes through, because it is a pure request, one that is not covered up with our ah... Our logical mind you might say.

00:00 Because you've got to remember we're constructing a correct relationship. A relationship that functions with the Thought Adjuster who does not use any- anything, any gear-work or thoughts that are sidious. Or having hidden agendas, or things like that. Hidden agendas are very very negative and I don't think that you'll get anything in testing the first circle if you have a hidden agenda. Because you'll be seen and- and then ... become a rough place for you. , because .. You- you know, you bounce around there between the first, the first and second circle, maybe even hitting the third and bouncing back to the second.

Curtis : 00:00 Hm

Michael : 00:00 So, what I mean by the third.. The third is a harder circle. It is a circle in which there is more proving and testing going on. So sometimes I said, you- you end up asking for that kind of proving and testing that's giving this kind of... Then if you request that of the Thought Adjuster, then the Thought Adjuster requests that of you. Therefore, you'll be able to be tested yourself. And then you find yourself in a sometimes a more proving situation one in which that will help to eliminate that kind of hidden agenda in you- your psyche. And that's how the Thought Adjuster adjusts you sometimes. And generally it's not too hard, but sometimes it can move into much more ah difficult areas... ah...ah.. and , they're all able to be overcome anyway. But the pressing through requires the desire for, this. But within the second circle, again it's a delightful place, if you have that kind of childlike attitude. And you find it just, just amazing. And , in fact I wouldn't discount calling it miraculous, beyond the norm of our normal ability to conceive of these things.

Curtis : 00:00 Hm

Michael : 00:00 I've had people who have (laugh). Said.. Go look for.. They were looking for a job and they go , How? Just go look. And they ended up just driving in someplace and get a job. That's like, How did this happen? But to move also requires something like that. You've got to be in motion and , but not , not with a hidden agenda. And .. It requires.. it-it- one person wanted to find a, a place to open up something. And they ended up finding it without like using their logic of mind. Ya know, It's like opening up the normal directory. They just went where they felt like they wanted to go and there it was. Anyway, these are the things that happen which are delightful in the second circle. It's always delightful. It's this wonderful place, only the second circle of divine attainment. Ya know, Divinity attainment.

Curtis : 00:00 You said it was a maturing in development and then you-

Michael : 00:00 Well, yeah-

Curtis : 00:00 And then you said , But your request almost, it has to be so pure, it has to be-

Michael : 00:00 Like a child asking their father-

Curtis : 00:00 Like a child

Michael : 00:00 Ya know, like a child. That's why the father- it's called the Father Fractal because it gives us that sort of authority.. Like the father in the appreciation of a child or ya know a daughter or a son, looking at father, The father is.. has a almost .. ya know.. First of all you realize that a true father would have nothing but good for you. And .. also have a almost like, "Wow, ya know, father knows best." Ya know, this concept ya know, and you have it as a child in a very pure sense. And that's the level in which you begin to realize. Ya know...Knock off all these hidden agendas. I don't need to test, I just really need to move on. What do I really want? What do I really need? And- and just trust and it moves on and you realize it pings back at you. It's there. There's a response. There's a confirmation. And- it.. and it goes. And as you begin to get it tuned with- even within that second psychic circle. ...- you you hear that attunement, you feel that attunement, with so- and see it. And have it - happen to you within your experiences within this , this life that we live that constantly rings that bell of attunement within there. And you're like "wow" and you know... And many times we always will, we who have attained all these circles have moved up and down within them because it is a domain of being., But it starts off with the, the very first embrace of love and discovery. And it moves on to the second level of where the appreciation of.. we requests are rewarded with real and tangible elements in our lives so... that confirm our- our childlike requests many times. And requests don't end, they move on. But the little ones in the beginning are neat. And those are little and very- very acknowledged. (laugh) So,-

Curtis : 00:00 I'm sorry what was little Michael? In the beginning you said, it is very little?

Michael : 00:00 In the beginning the.. ... Requests, many times are not big requests.

Curtis : 00:00 Oh little requests

Michael : - 00:00 Little childlike requests

Curtis : 00:00 Oh, I see-

Michael : 00:00 And they ping back with an answer and they come forward with a, a reality. And for many people, who are.. Who when the Thought Adjuster comes to them first of all. generally about age 5 through 7 we begin to experientially first try to make our very first approach. And , as our first approach is made, we- we- we tend to be.. and .. But some people are- are in.. You know, you kno, pushed back or retarded by systems that require us to use our intellect, our minds to .. to circum-scend the Thought Adjuster's reality and replace it,... with other concepts of control and , ideas. And the result, what happens is that, our first approach many times is pushed off, pushed off, pushed off, and sometimes we end up being a little bit older than you know 7 or 8 years old (laughing) you might ya know be like, like 20 years could be ya know. Or 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 years old before that first approach is made. And maybe even later, sometimes very close to the death because of how it's been pushed away. And the concerns and the , the factors that build a life,. .. have ... Essentially, wiped out those.. early attainment. Those innocent attainments. Those little things. And then as you get, ya know, more intellectual, more scientific, more.. You tend to ... not , accept these- these kinds of circumstances and serendipitous... opportunities that come along.... As a... reflections of commune with the adjusters , within the second circle of the attainment.


Curtis : 00:00 I think a lot- I'm sure a lot of your listeners are older than 8 years old.

Michael : 00:00 (laughs) Yeah, but they-... What I'm saying also is that many are- are well past the second circle., discovery, the curiosity, the discovery, the hope to- to see even more, ah...reality from a dimension beyond our four, is, where, some people begin to.. to make their discoveries. Yet, at a young age these movements within the first and second, third are- are almost really smooth and very efficient. But sometimes it's like I said, been pushed off there's...or, we've got a mind and that's all we have. It's actually much more than that. To actually construct outside of our dimensional plane, our souls, ourselves...yeah, so-

Curtis : 00:00 So in other words- in other words, a lot of , a lot of your listeners are probably...past their first and second circle.

Michael : 00:00 Probably past it. and may still be bouncing around within first-second, maybe third circle.... But the third circle, a lot of times, if you don't approach it right, it'll kick you back to the first. The reason is that the third circle is a proving grounds. And , it's a position where..... ... where you... essentially become more- more proven or trustworthy. And you yourself understand that too.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm

Michael : 00:00 So .. I- I would say that if you can .. become like a more innocent child in your requests or what you.. Take out as much of a.. a test and - test and see. Instead of doing a test and see or a wait and see attitude in the second circle, it's better to almost be like a...maybe like a connoisseur you want to taste and see, taste and see. In other words you have faith and believe it's not going to be poison- but at least you'll taste and see how good it is. And once you start to do that, that's a more mature level, that having that childlike level. But both are operating. The child can operate in the second circle. An adult would- would perhaps need a more taste and see approach rather than a test to see approach. The test to see approach will ping you back between the second and the third because every time you test to see you will also be tested to see. So kind of, it's a harder one to do... because, true telepathy, true telepathy does not have within its boundaries hidden agendas like tests. In fact, , I think it was taught in the Ten Commandments that you don't put God to the test,. Ya know, Tempt not the Lord they God. In other words don't put God to the test, because by doing so, the , pure communion cannot happen. This- there is a level where that-, , that pure... .. request is buried under layers of various.. Kinds of eh, you might say eh... checks and balances that are not required.

00:00 So, I have ... I remember that to attain really the true spiritual purity of that- the Buddhists use a level within this circle. They- They of course believe in the Thought Adjuster. They've given the term as the divinity within and they understand it. They create this state which they call "moo" or emptiness. And this emptiness is without desire , it is without... many of (laugh) ah the things that busy ourselves during our lives. And they use a meditative process, Zen meditation where you just empty your mind of things. But what many times they lose in this meditation is the childlike innocence. So, ... They have an emptiness, but where is the request? Where is the request? It's not there also. So if you attain this, go ahead and meditate, become at peace with yourself, put up no barriers., sit there calmly and quietly if you want, and you can use a Buddhist form of meditation- or that type of meditation of emptiness, emptying one's self of all these other things that could possibly test reality beyond.. because you won't be .., building anything that way because it's not built that way, ya know beyond our dimension where we live. In engineering, we- we always have important.... bases of design that we go through. And you formulate that, by of course using known values that were ya know tested too, that we may formulate the appropriate mechanism or a structure ah that can withstand certain of the dynamics, as well as produce according to a hopeful desired result. Having used tests..

00:00 Again this is a scientific concept of applying science. But what I am looking at right now and showing you right now is a construct beyond our dimension, outside of it., I asked recently... If our soul, as painted ya know in this dimensional structure, outside of what we are moving into and positioned which is beyond ourself.... what are these ghosts about? And... the reply of course was, These ghosts that , many times people report, have a couple of functions. But one of them was...what it put forth, was a smudge on a glass, essentially failed. Essentially leaving only a smudge at that transitional point, where nothing really of substance was built on the other side. And that has to happen. We have to build our souls on the other side. And we do this through this structure of the seven psychic circles. So the second one, again, is a lot of fun, because you just keep getting answers. If you're on the right track you'll just expect them. And eventually there will be such confidence that you know that your requests are correct and that you should see the answers so you end up looking for them and finding them and it's amazing.


Curtis : 00:00 I like that you end up looking for the- for the answers.

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, yeah. Sometimes in the beginning part... it may slap you in the face, because ya know, you're not sure how to look. But, eventually your requests will become more sophisticated. And , you've got to look for the answers a little bit more in-depth, but then you find them, and then you realize, All I have to do is retain this level of purity of being and having that request within that second level of attainment, divine attainment. Then watch, then see, then have that reality confirmed in our dimension where we live. And see it, sometimes in unbelievable ways.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm

Michael : 00:00 Yeah

Curtis : 00:00 You said -

Michael : 00:00 This is- this is one... I desire to see my relative. I lost my relatives in Japan ya know.. And so , I visited Japan many times. And in this one time, I went to Japan and I had this desire and it was a [?] desire. Just "I would like to see"- but I didn't even know who their name was... I didn't know where to look for these people who were my relatives. and I.. went to a store, a special kind of store, and.. Where you have high level items, ya know items that tourists...all selling at ten thousand, as much as 1/4 of a million dollars in there. Anyway it's all this collectible art stuff that's very specialized.

00:00 Anyway I sit across this one man, and he looks like my grandfather. And he looks at me and our eyes meet, and we suddenly stare at each other like we recognize something, but then we look down and say oh you know, "whatever." (laugh) And I said oh well whatever. and then, .. The store clerk comes over and says, "Oh you know a lot about this stuff?" And I said "Yes, I do." And he commented , " Well, the older gentleman that was in here also likes those things. And his last name is the same name as your last name." I said, "Oh? Really?" And he gave me his first name and last name. And he said, "Is that your relative?" And I said, "Oh, where's he from?" And he came from the same pre-fracture where my grandfather came from. I said, Oh we're getting a little close here.

00:00 But, then well, I said," Well he already left in the taxi cab, I watched him exit the store. taking his goods with him. And , leave in a taxi cab. Well, what happened later, which is very recently ah. Was that we were to dig up some old records and had them translate them because I couldn't read them, and I found out that the man's name ... is my relative. He is actually ... .. down the opposite my grandfather's brother's line. And comes down that line toward their first children. There's like the third son of my grandfather's brother, and .. I-I.. You go there. There are millions and millions and millions of people in Japan. There's nothing that going to be there (laugh) , that will that would pre-arrange anything.Yet, it happens.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm-

Michael : 00:00 This is the kind of confirmation that comes about. I would say that is almost miraculous.

Curtis : 00:00 That is.

Michael : 00:00 That that ... But if you look at it from the dimension beyond the fifth dimension and the sixth dimension, the viewpoint of making such a thing happen is probably not very hard, however it just happened where we live confirms though. There's another one here, strike up another one, over and over again, been going through my life. Since I made that first circle, and then the second one, and just counting away, it's be just one wonderful confirmation after another, continuously.

Curtis : 00:00 Well, you said it had to be in motion and that certainly is in motion.

Michael : 00:00 That what?

Curtis : 00:00 You said the , attaining the-

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, I had to be in motion - I had to fly over to Japan, ya know.

Curtis : 00:00 Yes, that was in motion for sure.-

Michael : -You know and, you know... then move through, it was in the Ginza area. One of the stores in the Ginza area. And , that you know, That's- first of all....and you often have to move from a perfracture north, many many many miles north, ya know. A hundred miles more north... of , Tokyo to get there and meet at this store at that time. So this is a kind of request that I would make. I'm not taking the normal pathway, which would be get your records, translate it, go to the- appropriate agencies, find the - ya know, the records. Ya know, I did everything backwards. I went...ah with a request to the Thought Adjuster first,"That would be nice that I would have that".. Innocence in a way..I would like to see my relatives like that. Ah, anyway...ya know, that's nice, but ya know I could move.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm-

Michael : 00:00 But then you know, Bang it happens. And then when I go through the process in reverse, using the normal, okay I'm going to get my records translated, I'm going to go through this and go find it. Well, halfway through it I find out that the person I met there... Or, I just, I didn't shake his hand or anything, I just saw him. And that's basically of the level of request that I had was that I would see- I would see my relative, and I did, yeah.

Curtis : 00:00 Well that's a beautiful story.-

Michael : 00:00 But yeah, it's.. and believe it or not, when I said I would see my relatives there... That is very literal. It never went beyond that. Didn't see, and converse and shake hands, didn't have any of that.. And that's exactly the level that happened. I sat across them on the table discussing to different sales people, ya know, what were being served by different sales people. And still were looking at each other. So we saw, or I saw my- my lost relative. So, this is the kind of thing that happens in the , the second circle. And it- it's a lot of fun, and it confirms the beauty of the relationship with the Thought Adjuster. It moves beyond that later, to other areas which I'll discuss, but this innocent area is where I want to talk about right now.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm...where you-

Michael : 00:00 The childlike area.

Curtis : 00:00 Yeah, the child- this ... this without really having a lot of focus in trying to do this, just to, as you said, playfully do it.

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, sort of playfully, innocently, and- and having a heartfelt desire there too. That no request without desire there is made, ya know, is true. So, hopefully.. .. you can- you can understand this circle a little bit better. And it's a relationship-building circle that moves you to the next, and then from there moves to another, another and another. We'll discuss the level. Why I said the sec- the third one would be a little harder to, to understand, . It's , it has more to do with .. character improvement.

Curtis : 00:00 You said getting the second circle, it's, it's got to be in motion. What exactly is in motion when you are, when you say that?

Michael : 00:00 Not- not emotion,

Curtis : 00:00 not

Michael : -00:00 You've got to be in motion.

Curtis : 00:00 Yes, that's, well that's what I tried to say.

Michael : 00:00 Yes, well, in other words, you do it.. You have to be essentially moving and breathing and living here., you have to receive these , answer... The second psychic circle would be... given the name Ask and Receive, ya know.. ya know.. Request-answer, request-answer, request- answer, between yourself and the Thought Adjuster.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm

Michael : 00:00 And,, it'll take other dimensions further on,, but right now it's just between you and the Thought Adjuster. And it's not a voice in your head. Many times, it will not be answered that way. Because in the earlier stages with the Thought Adjuster, especially a version adjuster, the language- your language, our language- is not understood. But the requests, the pictures in our mind, and all of these things, are understood. So .. It it moves in that Request-Answer and we become more attuned in that, this first, the second I mean, second circle. to the , the commune or the communication, or the attunement with the Thought Adjuster with the divine nature.

Curtis : 00:00 And you also said you can't test it, like a , like a science class.

Michael : Yeah. Soon as you try to approach it from that point, you place what is called .. What-what is.. What.. It removes the innocence and it becomes convoluted so that the request is not seen. Ya know, .. And as a result, don't expect an answer because it's not, not phrased correctly.

Curtis : 00:00 Wouldn't most people who phrase a question... Wouldn't that be almost a convoluted question within?

Michael : 00:00 No, it's not a question, it's a request.

Curtis : 00:00 A request.

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, so you request, you receive. Want an apple, I get an apple. Want a flower, I get a flower. I want to see my relative, long-lost, make the motion, go to Japan, have no idea where, and receive the answer.

Curtis : 00:00 (laugh) Yes

Michael : 00:00 Ask and receive. So
Michael :
00:00 And you can spend a lot of time in there before moving onto third. There's third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. Now, you moving in, this second one is wonderful. If you can begin to perfect it, you'll be continually be able to move back and forth. Even if you attain deeper, you'll move back to this,, ask-receive place as part of life's natural way. Because you've developed this higher sense of self, of divinity on Earth.

Curtis : 00:00 Well, this is... this is really good for the.. People who are trying to get this picture in their mind exactly what you are talking about and this makes things a lot more clear... I like that part where it's a.. delightful place. And it's beyond the normal.

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, it's.. It's always.. You will always know it is a super-natural thing. .. Wow, this happened. (laughs) The term "Wow" is , probably a good way of finding out.. Oh wow, the answer came. Ah hah. But , think back how you phrased the question. And you say, Well it was so innocent. It wasn't you know, filled with all of these extra things and Overlays of other thoughts and ya know filled with structures of culture and religion and science and all that in its request. No, it was just an innocent request. And boom, the answer comes.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm-

Michael : 00:00 Then you realize, this pure innocent attitude, this "moo" concept of emptiness that Buddhism teaches. This concept of ... no more hidden agendas, no hidden it's there... This trick is.. You don't have to go through the rigor of Buddhist meditation, (laugh) but it can help.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm.... So, as adults who have ah..some of- Some of us have already gone past this circle. But, "taste and see", you said as an adult.

Michael : 00:00 Yeah, it's the way of making that... taste and see.. How is it? Good? ask and receive, this is the second circle. Very very.. ... very, very.. A lot of fun when it starts to work for you.

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm... And, , these people can be any age when they start doing this. They can be eight years old or...

Michael : 00:00 Eighty years old...

Curtis : 00:00 Or eighty years old

Michael : 00:00 Yes, exactly-

Curtis : 00:00 It's never never too late to understand

Michael : 00:00 Yeah. But, we're not promised... If we make the first circle, then at least we have structure to... ya know, ... Given the opportunity and time, which will be given, to construct a life eternal. It's just that we can attain all seven circles here right now, and have .. Have a glorious ... ah... level of attainment ready for, outside of our dimension right now where we are

Curtis : 00:00 Mhm...

Michael : 00:00 So going back to sitting there with the Danal., It requires this- this sort of guidance- I mean, room inside of yourself. , If your ego is centered in your- yourself, there's no room for guidance that can guide you through these levels, these first, ah, second, moving on through some hardships later on. But, through the first and second .. there's ya know... If you have an ego it will become much more difficult because then you always throw agendas in your, in your requests- and they won't be pure, and you won't feel it coming through. and if you do start to ah, do that, bang bang bang, things start to happen. when you are essentially having the ego, yourself...Ya know, your ego you ideal, many things including yourself-- that will be moved off to the side and you will be able to attain so many of the blessings and the fun part of receiving answers to requests.

Curtis : 00:00 Well Michael it's once again time to say Aloha.

Michael : 00:00 Aloha.

Curtis : 00:00 Michael we will talk with you next time. Thank you and we'll be working on this.

Michael : 00:00 Okay

Curtis : 00:00 Aloha

Michael : 00:00 Aloha

Transcribed by : Curtis
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