Michael from Maui
Hour 6
60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 13 June 2007
Michael goes back to the path
of the 7 physic circles to the creator.
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Curtis: Well we'd like to welcome you back to Hello Earth... with Michael in Maui, and it is Michael's sixth hour we're talking with him. Hello Michael?

Michael: Aloha.

Curtis: Aloha, there he is. And, uh we're still gonna be doing this recording, just Michael and I. However, on the next hour, uh, understanding that everyone has heard Michael for these hours... and so next time we'll record it it'll be scheduled and uh... this will allow those who have heard the six hours will be able to ask Michael a question or comment about what has been said. It's an amazing subject that we're talking about the connection between what's out near Saturn and how it has been watching us here on Earth for... a long time. Who knows how long... Do you know how long Michael?

Michael: Not really

Curtis: Not really alright. Well can we say decades or a hundred years?

Michael: Oh much, much longer than that.

Curtis: Longer than a thousand years?

Michael: Oh Yes.

Curtis: Oh, well now we're getting.. So when you say much longer.

Michael: Much longer than that, yes, yes...

Curtis: So really for as long as we have a history they've been out there watching us?

Michael: Longer than our history

Curtis: Longer than our history

Michael: Yeah

Curtis: And the fact that they've been watching us and had a big help in creating us... uh or creating what we have here, or we're creating what we have here. But anyway they have been watching us and now we have technology to be able to see them and go out and take better pictures of them and send those pictures back to Earth. The Cassini spacecraft, there's an amazing image on And uh, the other images from the Voyager. There's uh one book cover with an object, with a bright object on its cover. Well, Michael I'll let you take over and take it away.

Michael: Okay... Fine there Curtis... Yeah um, one correction, one thing is that the uh, probably, the next show that would take calls, would not be, it would be scheduled appropriately the... on I guess your website.

Curtis: Yes it will be on the website.

Michael: Then it will be available, for so people can schedule.. if you wanna have a question, a live question. But, in any case I'm, ya know, being led to allow everyone to participate in the true sense. In trying to move toward Tan and Nela... Not to be afraid of the fact that you're actually invited to interface with them and others. Especially in your pursuit, if you... Especially if you're in your pursuit of God because I don't think anybody's interested in UFO's if you think the whole world revolves around your ego, yourself. Um, if you're thinking about other extra-terrestrials and you're checking that out and you've got a belief in a much greater universe and uh I'm here just to explain my experience. And one of the things that I experienced... and I explained earlier that there was an individual that was very human looking, and quite friendly. And I did mention how he came and sat with me and that was in like a lounge area. And I was speaking to you, Curtis, earlier... how it seemed like a restaurant, kind of a place like a restaurant, but no one was eating, that was interesting to me. Seemed to be sitting around these areas and the table right next to us had a Dorian group over there and across the other way there were sitting a little bit further away were the big Neptunian guys. And uh, Along walked over to me from the Neptonian area was an individual who introduced me to the Urantia book and uh he sat down with us, and I was not alone I was with Tan I believe, and he sat down at the table. And then he um, after uh... the Dorian had said to me that ya know we're not females, we're not girls, we are, then they explained that they weren't either. They weren't girls nor men. They were neither. And as this guy sat down he said ya know "I realize your position and your search and this is what I want you to understand.. and your position here" and he began to just draw on the table these seven circles. And I noticed him drawing it on the table and uh and I began to wonder how he was doing that anyway... and he draw seven circles and he drew another on the outside, three circles, and he says "This is you" (laughs) I remember as he was drawing I thought out loud and said... well I guess he picked it up right away and I said "I know what you're drawing, you're drawing our solar system. To tell me to see if I know where I'm at." And he said "No I'm not drawing the solar system, but you might say it is a system. But you are moving. I wanna draw your journey, where we want you to go, and where we want all of everyone to go on Earth", and I said "Oh, okay." And he said "This is you outside of here, and that's you your physical self is in 3 circles and you're, let's say your inner-most circle is your physical self. And you became a much more grown up, intellectual personality that was experiencing the real world of space and time." And there four-dimensional space where we have basically 3 dimensional physical dimensions and one of spatial dimensions and one extra of time... and then he came in and explained there that the intellectual sphere was important. But, it needed one more, and that was the outer-most, which was the spiritual sort of area where we need, all of us, need to enact. Many times we can hinder it simply operating only in the two inner spheres. But as soon as you activate the outer-sphere, the spiritual aspect, like you were doing or... like he was saying, you were doing... was calling out God where are you, if you're real make yourself real, or send someone to tell me about you. And this is exactly what happened. And uh, it enacted the outer area. And of course, I was operating in that area all along, until they interfaced with me and he took that bull's eye target of three circles and he put his finger in there and he dragged it across the seven circles, telling me how I would interface, I was interfacing, to the... what uh... he wanted... places that he wanted me to grow into, we want all of humanity to grow into...

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And uh I was watching that and I lost track of what he was saying ecause I was so amazed that he was dragging this thing he just drew with his finger across the table into the extra, you know those other seven circles.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And I began to ask him (laughs)... completely just forgot what he was trying to demonstrate, and wanted to, was wondering about the technology. Well how did you do this? And he simply mentioned," Um, don't worry about that it's something that Earth will soon have, this kind of technology it won't be anything special so just try to follow along with me" and I just said "Okay" well in following along with him... Before I take the next step, I'll just say taht we all know drag and drop if we've been on PCs and stuff or working with computers.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And um, and uh depending upon the time of graphical interface we have and we uh use that today. So, it was nothing special, however what he was explaining is that's how we can, as individuals, begin to empower ourselves to move into the celestial family of God. And, uh once we move out for the desire in our heart to find God, we need to, we activate our spiritual self. It's almost like trying to find your way in the dark. You kind of move your hands out there to feel, but it is like enacting or starting a new sensory activity which is to put out feelers for God. So as he dragged me into that and he says "Here you are now. And um I was um someplace inside the seven circles but not near the center." He says that you've come to a point where we want you to.. we want you.. we cannot interface with you, we can work with you. And that point was that you're now gonna be able to work with these... this thing he called.. a fractal of God. And this concept of a fractal of God is geometric in a sense of design. But it's beyond the kind of math that we can understand. It requires other dimensional characteristics. But, basically he said it's a piece of God this little piece of God, or a fractal of God, is how you begin your real journey inward. As you begin to get your associated with that. Now that association with that fractal, the image of God that is placed in you, as soon as you put out feelers and you start looking for God. And you start to make that contact. And um, it reminds me of being a preacher. It reminds me of this scripture it reads "It shall come to pass in the last days, that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." And that's very interesting because, the name, they didn't say what name, they said the name of the Lord... all will be called upon... that looking out for God, looking for God, shall be giving this fractal of God, and begin this inward journey toward becoming a celestial inhabitant of a... everlasting universe. And consequently becoming a being that will never perish. Graduating through different levels of maturity. And "On Earth" He said, "These, these seven circles that I've drawn for you are fully attainable on Earth. You can attain all 7 of these. When you ascend or you move inward, you're moving inward and closer and closer to a relationship with that fractal, that fractal image of God that's inside of you. That fractal image of God that he has with him. Or he has actually merged with and that is um.. essentially the uh.. tool that God uses... To give... all beings eternal life.

Curtis: so...

Michael: And this is a very important thing. 'Cause if people turn away from this and they desire just to retain their physical self, which is ultimately going to get old like an old car. You know a car that's nice and new... and then it gets older and older and you're just going to throw it away. Turn it in trade it up... but this is a way we can trade it up to another, more dynamic, essentially better model of piloting ourselves through eternal existence... not existence... eternal life you might say. Not an existence. And um...

Curtis: When you...

Michael: While I was listening to that I was noticing that uh... Tan was nodding his head like "yes, yes, yes" (laughs) Like he knew exactly, he was following right along. And this, it was an interesting thing because it was not foreign to them, what he was teaching was something that is universal and what beings who are all on this journey toward God... A wonderful journey because it involves moving in a very exciting way. I know that Riley Martin often describes his journeys to different worlds, different planets, different places, just this immense journey. Wonderful and exciting. It's exactly what I was given, but I was given it at a more... a more... this kind of a... education, what I'm talking about right now. And um, it's... something,like I said, that we here on Earth can begin to navigate. And the first thing, as I said was... just reaching out toward God. It doesn't have to have a name. Has to have... you have to be able to call out... and sincere and pure... with a pure heart and the reception of that will be the strength of God.

Curtis: 17:39 When you say it doesn't have to have a name?

Michael: It doesn't have to have a name... Like uh... people give all kinds of names to God, and it doesn't have to... You call upon the name of the Lord which is almost a mystery. In Christian circles of course it's you call upon Jesus. But uh, in the purest sense of it, you call upon Jesus with the heart prepared to receive his fragment. In other words, you've stepped... All it amounts to... This is another way he put it to me... He said this is... he went as... he went and he played with me, as in the three circles... and he says "As long as you're here in the middle, you cannot move." Then he began to wobble my center, 'kay that's like our ego.

Curtis: 18:37 Mhm, Yes

Michael: And if we kind of wobble our center, in other words, make room. We're not truly... con-centric, we become a little eccentric, a little off-centered. You know, our position about ourself...then we're able to be moved and we actually find a place for this fractal of God in our center. And that's when we move in toward that. Just having that space within ourselves, we're not centered, we're not it. This is probably one of the reasons I went and looked at those other creatures which were not, were intelligent creatures, and uh, they were not even close to being human. Ya know,

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: -they were a gigantic octopus and a great big bug, beautiful as they were. But ya know, Helps us get ourselves off our center, too, ya know. We're, as a people, we're not alone but we're not it either. We need to make room for this fractal. Is that... is that kind of what... does it make any sense to you there, Curtis?

Curtis: Yes, yes it makes sense. When he was describing moving towards the center, he wasn't basically describing that you were moving towards the center... Wasn't he describing that humanity was moving towards the center?

Michael: He was describing the hope of all of humanity taking into... all... in other words... Each individual's journey is personal. All of humanity was designed to take that journey. In other words we all have like automobiles. Let's say every automobile has the ability to drive on the road, go on a interstate and traverse the country... But if you leave it parked in your garage and polish it every day, you're not making your journey. Ya know.. And many people that go into their garage and they start up their car, let's say that's us, and rev the engine a few times, and ya know you're petting up on the engine, enjoy the sound.. and polish it up and make it look beautiful and walk away from it. Never making the journey. it's sort of a sad thing

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: So, what we need to do is realize that we are not... As much as we think we are just mortal creatures stuck here on Earth, we're not. We're at the beginning-end of a great journey. And we need to get out of our garage and start on the road inward. And the first place that we start it up is like when we start the engine. We start remembering or trying to make room for... God in our life, God in our heart, God in our mind. And that means we no longer are the center of ourselves, consequently the engine starts up and it begins to move and we begin to be attracted toward God and we enter these seven.. actually the URantia book calls them the 7 psychic circles I think they're mentioned in paper 110, Chapter 6. Calls these.. it describes 7 psychic circles.. But he was showing me these same psychic circles and trying to explain things to me in different ways than the Urantia book does. But they talk about the exact same inward journey and.. toward becoming a really more complete being.

Curtis: And this inward journey is, as he showed you, entering the circles from the outside to the inside?

Michael: Yes

Curtis: And the inside being... getting closer to what you referred to as God, or could be referred to as our creator?

Michael: - It would be a...

Curtis: - or where we all came from?

Michael: It would be a... almost like I might say... that fractal of God in the outside in the outer portion of the... those circles are... is where you might say our intellect and our physical self... Our perception of this world is. In the outer, let's say in the outer two circles we're, ya know, aware of our world, we're aware of planet Earth, and enjoy nature, and ya know we can interface in society. We have intelligence enough. We move that way in relationship toward a direction toward the center, which ahh... which involves that spiritual bond. So you move in from maybe the 7th, 6th 5th circle and you're fully... ya know, your center is moved all the way in 3 circles so you're pretty much inside of the plan but now you just start to grow up and experience life with this continuous knowledge that ah... you are um... you are being um guided to the rest of the way. Initially, uh... it requires ah... the animal man, ya know that's the man that does not have the fractal of God. It requires that person to seek it out. Once that happens, the person moves in pretty quickly to the first outer three rings. Ya know... you end up becoming aware now of what your life journey now you realize is toward..ahh, experiencing life in the light of God. Consequently, you wanna do things... according to God's will. And they're many... and that's inherent I guess in humanity 'cause there's so many philosophies that try to explain that outer area, the outer rings, ah how to behave right and how to not behave totally wrong and ah... ways to behave.. And ahh.. most ah religions of the world and philosophies ah would allow you to enter that. However, ah there's a point where things get messed up because um... we um... we can become unbalanced in one way or another, and within those outer rings. We need to go all the way in... um.. we can't just.. um.. stay outside in this space of uh.. going through life and acknowledging that there must be some greater power out there. And ah not uh moving inward even closer through the devices ah.. that are apparent... uh, that we have um... in our hand.

Curtis: How far do you think most people have traveled within the circle?

Michael: Within.. Most people.. I think most people um... if they acknowledge a belief in God, they're probably within the outer three, at least within the outer 3 circles...

Curtis: And when you say a belief in god...

Michael: Yes

Curtis: Could you say it in another way?

Michael: Um yes, yes you can say it in another way. It would be um... a realization that the... that you're not it. And you.. your center is not.. ah..your life center, your life goal is not centered around yourself, but in an exploratory mode. You want more. And uh.. because you want more, you off-centered, you're exploring. And ah, there are different ways that we do it, and I love to cling around back then. And ahh back in uh... '70...'72, '73... '72 this experience happened to me, in '72... since about '73 years... I think could have... yeah about '73, I was playing around with ah things like laser beams Tesla coils and holograms just these wonderful aspects of our real world and how we can uh play around with it. That's part of the exploratory process. But there's also other areas where uh we look for uh the source of all of this and what makes all of this stuff happen. And that would be um... uh... a little bit harder to find but uh if we only rely on our intellect it becomes difficult. If we only rely on our spirituality, it becomes difficult. But at that point, um, when we become that curious generally... um The little fragment of God, that fractal of God is given to us. And uh sometimes we uh become very... (laughs)... these ah inspirations... some of them become a very spiritual inspiration, some of them very intellectual inspirations... where it becomes very inventive, uh creative ideas and uh create something that is actually from God. But, uh manifests itself in our own creative abilities that's ahh that's a reflection of the God in us, that fractal of God.

Curtis: When you say a fractal of God in us... what are you... could you say that a different way?

Michael: Um, yeah.

Curtis: What- What is in us?

Michael: Uh, you might say um, lets look at different ways... uh let's look at it in a computer... and say that... uh.. um.. um.. The stages would be like we're... we've got our laptop or our PC, we put it on our desk... and we run various programs... And some of them give us an idea that ah... there's more out there... So we find out that we need to ah... get connected to the internet. So we found out oh, if you're gonna get connected to the internet we gotta go through this other process. So there's a certain curiosity involved. So you go and explore that, you find out what you need. You get the appropriate provider. And then you get hooked up and you have a particular browser. Or in the early days ya know it was just asking techs... I came from those days when it was called the R program... But anyway... um... you end up ah.. basically no longer being alone.. of an individual computer just sitting out. You become connected to others... and you might say um... that fractal of God can be considered your computer... your connection to the internet where ah... you now have a ah..much bigger picture. You're no longer processing things all by yourself, you get information from other places. So in a small way that is it, but one of the difficulties is, is that. The um... the way that God words and the way the fractal works has more dimensiality than what we can understand. So our basic selves we need to uh.. we need to become more open... to spiritual things ya know.. to these kinds of things to help us to interface with that. Um, you might say that the computer would have to have if you wanted... um in the early days you want a dial-up modem... if you need this dial-up modem... um... you would need to be able to properly code yourself. Huh, ya know put in the proper drivers and stuff for your connectivity.

Curtis: 33:05 -Mhm

Michael: To make your modem work or whatever. And then ya know there's the codes and all that ya know. So, you might say that in a sense, ah... in a very primitive sense... that that is what happened. And as it gained the connection of course it gained ya know more and more ability simply because they had more knowledge. Then the journey literally will pull us through, to the center because it's just a wonderful exploration towards the center. When I was out there I was on the outer rings but now when I'm talking to you I'm talking to you from close to the center rings.

Curtis: I see.. Well, when Tan was watching this man explain this thing to you, he was realizing that he was describing all of humanity... moving closer to... where they desire us to be?

Michael: ... Mmm... not really. All of humanity has the potential to move in that direction, and that is what will bring all of humanity to a much higher level. However in the beginning of it, only a handful of people start to move in that direction. Pretty soon in our age, thousands of years and thousands of years have gone by since they really started to process this. Especially, you might say, it started this at officially at ah... at Pentecost... at the point where Jesus uh.. demonstrated uh.. um... his ability to rise... or to resurrect... or that reality... and at that point... um a lot of things changed. And one of them was what I'm describing now, that inner journey. And it's now being participated on a much greater level than before. Um it requires uhh tuning in an listening. My voice might help people understand they need to tune in a little bit closer and tune in and realize that your life is... our lives are able to be navigated by our own will but, we should try to use our... our ah... powers of decision to make decisions based on how we want to make it in alignment with what is... ah... the will of God, or the will of the source of all... ah... that is created. As I'm standing within it but we might say that we might be players within a symphony and ah... watching the conductor, try to just follow that. But that's a real simplistic idea. But, ya know... so in the fullness of it all I mean humanity is a very important instrument uh... for this uh... this journey. Ah, I guess. uh... it is something that is proven to work against uh... umm. ultimate... ultimately just going nowhere. It's proven that it will go somewhere. If you look at humanity's history that has been recorded you see there's definitely been progress being made.

Curtis: 37:05 Mhm, now how about the progress of other animal on this planet. Let's say horses.

Michael: Mhm

Curtis: The horses are not looking for God.

Michael: Yes they're not.

Curtis: I see. They're not as... well they're not as intelligent as humans. They don't make spacecraft. They don't make things with their hands.

Michael: Exactly.

Curtis: And we've done a lot of progression from all these other animals on the planet. Even though all these other animals are extremely intelligent, they're just not equal to humans.

Michael: Yeah they're at that animal level which is.. which is a tremendous expression of God... expression of the Life Carriers, ya know. Um Those guys ah.. out there..uh... like Tan and Nela that ya know... pretty much know all about ya know. There is exactly like how Riley Martin said there is... a real dynamic wonderful recordings of the progress of planet Earth from its earliest beginnings before any life was there, right on through. And you can stop at any point and you can see it, because it is there... that is there... who they are. They were commissioned to bring life to this planet. And the purpose of creating us as sentient beings to become expressions, individual expressions, of that... uhh... ah.. source center, God himself. And uh, dynamic living expressions, all individuals, none being the same. No robots allowed (laughs).

Curtis: Mhm... So- so, these seven circles in getting closer to the creator and finding what we are all about... and moving in to the center.

Michael: -Yes

Curtis: And all these other animals, I mentioned horses-

Michael: Right

Curtis: Horses are on the outside they... ah... have they moved in at all?

Michael: -No...

Curtis: Alright so they're on the outside and all other-

Michael: They'll never move in...

Curtis: 39:34 They'll never move in... So this is really designed... I don't know if designed is the right word. So this concept is really for humans?

Michael: Um, you might say humans are for the... for the... for the circles.

Curtis: Alright, humans are for the circles.

Michael: Yeah, um like I was given a picture. We're not it. We're not the only ones moving in that direction, those circles. The seven psycho-circles work for the... the great octopuses ya know... and the uh... the oh... the insect guy. Ya know, the regal... beautiful regal exo-skeletal guy that was... looks like he was sitting on a throne. Also you asked if I wanted... if I had a... any other ones but... I did um

Curtis: Any other, I'm sorry any other what?

Michael: Any other creature that are you know making this journey...

Curtis: 40:31 Oh yes

Michael: ... Intelligent at least. Um, there was this one that was kind of mount... it was a raised area sort of like a bump... hill a little hill... and on top of that was some kind of a... growth. It looked halfway between animal and ah... and plant. But it was just one kind of a... a netting. Ah, It looked like a netting but there was essential node and I followed it all out and it basically looked like this great big plant, just laid out flat. And they told me that um... it was intelligent and it was uh... able to manipulate it's uh... it's environment very well. And I didn't... I couldn't talk to it... and it's as if its communication level was very different. However, they mentioned something very interesting about it. It was a master chemist and a master at ah... um being able to... uh he would lay over basically raw... he could move over raw material and literally.. ah... cross-link molecules and stuff like that, and you know how weird kind of in a laboratory, ya know doing that. But it could, instead of hands, like you said, with our hands, we can you know make things... Well it didn't have any hands at all you know, but it was able to make things uh.. at the molecular level. So what it... if it moved off to see... If you could imagine if it moved on a hill of just dirt... and it moved off of that hill. What would be left under it would be all of this... um... different kind of a material... actual gadgets it could create. So, um... that was one of its signs that... it was very intelligent so... how do you like that one?

Curtis: Oh (laughs)

Michael: (laughs) That's far out to me.

Curtis: Yeah that's far out.

Michael: Yeah.. But uh.. so I guess it was also on the same journey... our journey.. so... ah...

Curtis: So, you mentioned how far.. when you were in your backyard...

Michael: -Mhm

Curtis: -and you were putting out those messages...

Michael: -Right

Curtis: ... and how they... when they first contacted you, or first picked you up, you saw that blue light?

Michael: -Right

Curtis: Uh, where do you think you were at the time, with the circles?

Michael: I had already progressed inward a little bit. I was on the outer rings and I had received that little fractal of God, ya know. So, um.. an interesting thing that happened at that point- I don't know when it could have been it could have been much earlier in my life but I just never listened... until that point where I began to... to actually ya know start to... ahh... want the next level, next move inward. Uh, at that point when you receive the next fractal of God the Urantia book calls this the Thought Adjuster or Adjuster. Um... that fractal of God, um along with that is an interesting happening in that there is some helpers that come. And these helpers are really sweet beings they're celestial... um.. uh.. Christian church calls them uh.. like um... guardian angels.

Curtis: - Mhm

Michael: They're real but they happen at that point where you receive the fractal of God, when you start to open up yourself toward God. And you're no longer alone, and that's why you kind of like want to call out and want more proof, more dynamic bigger picture and uh... we can get it.

Curtis: Mhm! All I can say is wow.

Michael: Yeah

Curtis: So Tan's there watching this man explain this thing to you and he is understanding that he is really explaining to all of humanity, and not just you meaning you.

Michael: Yes, all along when he was saying that to me... I thought what a waste, you're already talking to me, and who am I? I'm just some kind ya know?

Curtis: - Mhm

Michael: Why are you telling me this ya know? What for? Ultimately I ended up on a journey that um... put me through some real... ah... experiential things that really have to do with gaining of real experiential wisdom, and knowledge about God. And even the operation of ah churches both necessary and unnecessary. If you were to de-cloak a lot of the churches of their traditions and their dogmas there's a... element of truth in all of them.

Curtis: Mhm...

Michael: So, anyway. in a general sense, um I know what you're getting at uh Curtis, in a general sense... probably wondering in a general sense is humanity coming to plan...

Curtis: -Yes

Micheal: Well uh, (laughs), no. But, then again um... it all has to do with our concept of uh good and evil and our measurements of that, and sometimes ah... it becomes confusing. We all kind of wonder about that because you see terrible evil in the world and you say Gee, why does God allow this stuff to happen? Why doesn't he stop it?

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael: Well, some people can chose to do other... to express themselves in a, in a way that does not even enter into those seven psychic circles. They can choose to be their own God. They could choose to say that I will do it my own way, I'll establish my will over others, and I will become my own God. I will establish rule and dominance. And that is uh... a part of free will.

Curtis: ... Isn't that what most people do? the-

Michael: Initially, yes-

Curtis: I'll just say the non-religious people, the people who don't really go to Church.

Michael: Yes, initially it is very self-centered. It is a.. ya know, it's a dead on bulls-eye, you're just sitting there. And everything needs to revolve around you and you're gonna establish... and given... we're given tremendous tools. And uh, because of that, we can uh... progress.. ah.. Way above other people if you wanted to... ya know, desired to do that. And many have.. And ah, we've seen the result of that.. But it all goes back to.. this uh... story and it's a true story. And it has to do with uh.. how celestial organization within our sphere, within our domain, where Earth is.. uh many other planets... several hundred of them that were aligned under a very powerful leader. And we know him and he has a name and his name is well known. His name is Lucifer and he fell because he decided that he didn't want to follow a particular plan, and he wanted to establish the exact opposite of what I'm saying. He wanted to establish the fact that, if you wanted to stay outside of the seventh psychic circles and you wanted to establish essential freedom... to... to... to grow and express.. and not participate within those movements within those seven, inward toward the seven psychic circles or spheres. Um, you could uh.. do it. and uh... and be free of uh.. this concept. And uh... essentially there ended up uh... with a breakdown. Ah... we have remnants of very very old civilizations that.. very old monuments that happened after the falling down of this.. ah.. Of the uh.. energy lines. I talked about these, seeing the uh power plant. It was more of a being, like it looked like a stomach?

Curtis: Yes

Michael: Well, uh he's gathering energy that... that ah.. comes ah.. not only from a reaction..ah let's say hydrogen or... reaction... cold fusion but also from zero point... zero point is from God itself. God itself lines on the energy that comes from God itself... through channels of energy. These channels of energy once operated on Earth as I've said once before and they uh... been cut off. When they were cut off, basically society fell down. And uh-

Curtis: Society fell down?

Michael: Yeah this much much older society... people call them Atlantis and things like that...

Curtis: Yes

Michael: Yes and their group was exactly how ah... Riley said there was like the group that was more, more in tune and more wanting to do their own thing apart from making this journey, this seven psychic circle journey inward toward God. They preferred just to stay outside of that. And there were the Bealvians who were very much moving into it and decided to get out of here ya know. And uh so planet Earth was put into a position of no longer having divine guidance, active guidance, because of choice. We are here as a result of ah and ah seeing a kind of a interesting development of society ah... and we can look back in the rocks and archaeology and see, ya know, a certain kind of a society that did suddenly appear. And yet with... and yet there's... there's much older things, that are even older than the oldest of the reconstructed society... let's say the reconstructed society. That's like ya know essentially the very earliest arrivals were the life carriers and there was no intelligent life here yet and they were operating here already... um so that was not endemic to planet Earth... Later on um... uh... there was more ahh.. ah.. more intelligence though.. beings... humans running around. And uh they were not very civilized...

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael: Ya know.. And then.. became more civilized under, under basic ruler here.. And then, he decided to side with the Luciferian philosophy.. and which was freedom from God.. ah freedom to do it apart from God and not participate in the celestial um.. the celestial family.... Becoming a..ya know, essentially.. And didn't realize.. didn't realize that the energy, the communication lines, all of that could get cut. And they were.. And ah that's the first fall of civilization. Ah, it was small. It was not like becoming whole world. Like ah you might say of.. eh prior to even Atlantis. Atlantis would be the second one.. and ah.. when that finally got cut it all fell apart.

Curtis: And you don't feel it fell apart now?

Michael: -Um no, this is um.. since.. uh...

Curtis: Since Atlantis?

Michael: Since Jesus Christ, since the Resurrection was demonstrated... really... there hasn't been a real fall of society In fact. Before that, the mapping out of civilization was pretty well defined. In fact it was prophecized. Ah how the different empires would come up... and the... that prophecy was given to our two uh ancient men of old... that have ah.. have... um... have wrote it down. Yeah.

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael: So we're wondering where we are in terms of our progression as a civilization. And I read a point on progression, that we are now going to make a move to realize that we're not alone. It's gonna be sort of... it's gonna become more and more clear...

Curtis: And how do you think it's becoming clear to the people on Earth.

Michael: To the people on Erth it'll become clearer because it'll be seen I mean like ah... 6 o'clock news ya know, 5 o'clock news... and of course it hasn't. It's been kind of hushed up. Ya know, people don't wanna carry that kind of stuff... Like the rock of society too much, rock civilization too much. Ultimately it will, it will made though, And uh in fact uh... the bible does in fact describe the same example. So yes, this aerial event... very very powerful event in the air.

Curtis: We're coming down to the last couple of minutes but what even do you think could move the news media to change their tune and start to talk about this more?

Michael: A very very dramatic event.. if if.. they um.. ah... if focus over cities, there was a time where the Mexico sitings were, were making everyday news... at least in Mexico.

Curtis: In Mexico, yes

Michael: So it will be many times greater than that.

Curtis: Well, don't you think the US Government will still keep a lid on this and do everything they can to let the genie out of the bottle?

Michael: Well, the US Government I... I'm not sure about, I'm not sure about what their role is. It's important to have governments but ultimately governments will have to realize uh... their... their power is... is important and the organization is important but... um.. now is something even more dynamic, more powerful, right in front of them that they cannot refuse. And that's, that's what will happen, the changing of an age.

Curtis: Mhm... Well, that's gonna have to be something rather large for a large number of people to see, to have this happen. But uh, so Michael you'll be around still next week?

Michael: I'll be uh...

Curtis: Tuesday?

Michael: Probably not I'll probably be taking a look at Europe or something.

Curtis: Alright, well. I'll post it on the web when we'll do this and we will uh take questions from people out there and comments who have heard Michael and able to... you'll be able to ask questions about him questions about the seven psychic circles and... questions I can't think of. Well, you have a good trip Michael and we'll see you next time, if you want to... we have a few more seconds before the hour's over.

Michael: So, yeah I would like to wish everyone a big Aloha, and I'll see you again.

Curtis: Alright

Michael: -Bye

Curtis: Aloha thank you very much, Michael and I'll talk with you soon.

Michael: Okay Aloha

Curtis: Bye

Michael: Bye

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