Michael from Maui
Hour 53

61 minutes
Tuesday ~ 19 August 2008
Us who are mortal
who are learning to follow the original plan
of divine ascension.
Aloha Curtis and Michael,

All of us are exposed to the potential experience of extreme vulnerability and helplessness at the time of physical birth. This experience may be recreated later in life, in varying degrees (and repeatedly!), by a variety of situations, evoking a non-rational sense of vulnerability and helplessness. (The circumstances around Graceboy may be one of those situations.)

It has seemed to me it is at these moments of perceived helplessness that, unwittingly, any one of us may invite the "power" of Caligastia (as discussed in The Urantia Book), or perhaps more commonly thought of as the force of ego, to "rescue" us from the threatening situation. In these circumstances, I have found the "force" of ego versus the "power" of the Holy Spirit to be a challenging, and often difficult, exercise in discernment, just about always requiring a "parity check" with the Thought Adjuster.

Is this an issue worth discussing on one of your hours?


Richard in Sacramento
Hello Curtis,

Caligastia was the fallen leader of this planet and has been judged by Jesus Christ. His former army has not been judged, but are allowed to roam free and only test us for the benefit of both of us as repentant or hopefully repentant Sons of God. In other words because of the knowledge that you have been given about the power of love and the higher powers and helpers given to us, they are sometimes given the opportunity to put us to the test. If they repent and turn back to God because of our actions then they are given the a judgement fitting there test and we are given a higher rank and standing in the future with the Celestial government.


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