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Hour 5

60 minutes
30 May 2007
Michael continues

The Urantia Book

Saturn Earth Connection
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Curtis: Hello Michael, Hi, this is Curtis we are back on, uh, And we're talking really about the Saturn Earth Connection. This has been going on for millions of years Michael said and, uh, we're gonna, uh touch on a lot of things but it's always best just to get going and uh, let you take over Michael, so, Hello Michael!

Michael: Hi Curtis yeah, this is Michael (laughs) Yeah, we're here with Molly and uh, that's uh interesting title, the Saturn Earth Connection

Curtis: - Yeah it really is

Michael: And, uh, it could very well have been a very very very old connection. And um...

Curtis: -Yeah, you were talking about your, when we left on last time, you were talking about your experience into the compression form of the Urantia book.

Michael: The compression form or the uh, of the Urantia book?

Curtis: Yes, of the Urantia book.

Michael: Okay, well, I would like to uh

Curtis: You can start wherever you want you can go wherever you wanna go.

Michael: Since you've got that neat title, the Saturn Earth Connection and you've got these just unbelievable pictures that have just really actually photographed this ellipsoid spherical mothership, as Riley would describe it. And how it ties together with the Urantia book, because since I was taken there and I was also introduced to the Urantia book. And that uh, uh, was promised for me to be able to uh help explain a lot of the things going on over there. And of course other things but, uh, for that uh, that confusing stay that I had over there.. seeing so many different uh intelligent uh people, living creatures that you might say if you include us as a creature, uh sort of a kind of a bad way of describing intelligent beings ya know-

Curtis: - Mhm.

Michael: Like, saying we're just people. And uh what I discovered, and it was interesting because the Urantia book does cover a tremendous amount of information concerning my basic search which was... but what had happened I was intercepted basically because I was out in my backyard and, really making as loud of a telepathic shout as I could... I guess it comes from the heart and deep within and just calling and calling and calling and asking for God to come or send somebody, or help explain why I had this tremendous longing to find God. And then of course the whole story begins to unravel now, and uh and it's uh something to do with time tables I believe. But if you want to look at this idea "What is this spherical ellipsoid ship all about?" And how does it tie in with this Urantia book which is, um, like a textbook of, uh, that sort of can go hand in hand with the Holy Bible, but, more as a textbook. So if we were to take it from that viewpoint and we were to go to just the start of it and look for some uh something there I found some things in the Urantia book that started from right around Chapter 11 and what Chapter 11 is involved with is the uh the Eternal Isle of Paradise essentially the center where God dwells. And it was funny when I was there they all knew where God was. And according to the Urantia book (laughs) where God knows is surely known and easily navigated to anyone who uh knew that. I guess all of the ships, all of the spheres, all point directly back to Paradise but what I found there was interesting, was that in the uh eleventh Chapter the first section and the first paragraph it sort of gives us the idea there how the ship is, or not the ship, the dwelling place of God looks like, and it's just immense but it goes on and it says uh "... this is the Universal Father's residence at the very center of the upper surface of this well nigh circular but not spherical abode of the deities." Now this is interesting because it, the uh, they are all patterned against, ya know, Paradise. Everything is sort of like patterned against paradise, not a direct copy or a certain miniaturization of it but essentially follows a similar pattern so Eric says right here that even where God dwells is not a sphere, perfect sphere or circle, but more a eclipse, and going to find a point of ellipse you go down to the nature of the eternal isle and we move down to, uh, let's see, what they call the uh section 2 paragraph 2 of that uh chapter 11 or book 11, And it describes it in terms very clear it says, "In form, Paradise differs from the inhabited space bodies"... which includes like let's say Earth. Earth is a sphere, but it, it is not spherical it is definitely ellipsoidal. Now if you look at the architectural spheres which are designed or created after paradise, there... it says it here, it says "ellipsoid", what do you think about that, Curtis?

Curtis: It's amazing to hear that in there

Michael: Ya it's in there ya!

Curtis: It's in there, and then our telescopes, uh, see the same shape.

Michael: Well wait til you hear about the other more mighty ones this ones. The ones that we have on Saturn seems extremely tiny compared to the ones described in here. But if we were to move over to the.. there's a specific section in the Urantia book that deals directly with architectural spheres. That would be in uh, let's see book 11 I guess, no not eleven, in fifteen... Yeah. In 15, which is the Urantia book's description of seven universes, we moved on to section, uh, 7 I believe and it goes right into the entire section of, uh, architectural worlds or spheres... ya know uh... in the section before that, it classifies spheres of space. It says Sun for the stars of space.. And there also includes dark islands of space- now we're beginning to discover that, this dark matter stuff... and um, minor space bodies: comets, meteors and some planets and decimals, and, you know, things like that... asteroids.. And then it goes on to planets and.. which includes inhabited worlds and in the section the last one is called an architectural spheres and it says "Worlds made to order" Now that is interesting-

Curtis: -Wow-

Michael: - because if you take that concept and have it bend there it sure looked like a world made to order because it gave me that feeling it was like a really really neat place to be it was a wonderful wonderful environment...

Curtis: Mmm

Michael: So as we moved on into that section, the next section, O7 architectural spheres that moves through the whole gamut of different functions but its interesting, that when you look at the architectural spheres as described and uh you try to find the smallest grouping of them, uh one of them that is used, will be, uh by the Life Carriers. The Life Carriers I believe are the ones right there in Saturn. Life carriers are nowhere.. would be found in 36 Urantia book paper 36 the life carriers. And if you were to look in 36 go down to section 2 Life Carrier World and uh probably move on down to, uh, the um spheres of, uh, life as evolution. it goes over there it classifies 7 different life carrier worlds. The first one being the Life Carrier Headquarters world, and Life Planning sphere- there is the word again that's a sphere again Life conservation, sphere, sphere of life evolution sphere of life associated with mind... sphere of mind and spirit in living beings, and the sphere of unravelled life. Now when I go down to the bottom of this, I find that all the worlds are architectural spheres. Actually, it's not in the Life Carrier grouping, but it was more in the next section I wanted to point out I'm just pointing out these interesting things in which um this, this nice guy (laughs) walking over here and telling you, you look confused and gives me the understanding that there is a book that helps explain... um.. the activity that goes on over there in Saturn. Now if you look at the... if you were to look it up, and you'd see that these life carriers are almost describing, um, what I call the quaint or or people over there because they're so involved in intelligent life and uh things like that and um, I was so amazed. so-

Curtis: Could you, could you go back a little bit? About the uh, the life carriers? Uh, many times you've mentioned these terms which are familiar with you but the Life Carriers to help the Earth come alive?...

Michael: The Life Carriers um are described there very clearly as created uh for a purpose uh and have a distinct classification.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael:And uh they're classified of course as intelligent beings and are uh part of the family of divine sonship. And believe it or not that's what our family is. We, even though we're mortal we have the ability to become uh ya know part of the Divine Sonship, and are actually invited to uh, for ourselves to ascend to a higher level so that we can actually participate with the life carriers in their, their functions if we want to, and then so, some later time when, even when we don't.. when we pass off our mortal bodies but

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And that's interesting too (laughs). Um ya know the concept of mortality and what I saw there. Uh, just jumping the subject here, and getting back to Riley's book. He has got a drawing about this chamber..And I stopped by and I saw the same thing and I thought, ya know, "Why have they got tanning booths here?" Ya know, what is this, ya know, so I mean that's not its purpose-

Curtis: -Mhm - It looked like a tanning booth.

Michael: (laughs)- huh?

Curtis: You said it looked like a tanning booth to you.

Michael: Yes, Yeah it did, ya know. It looked like just a, like somebody would get in and uh lights would be on. And um, what it amounted to was uh there it was... I saw the actual place, this booth, and then there was a picture on the side and then it showed it in a similar sense to how Riley drew it. He drew the picture of somebody being reconstructed in there. So, moving from essentially a mortal human being to becoming what is called sittered ya know like Tan and Nela within the uh confines of the function of this uh Urantia book as being Morontial. Morontial is this state or term between being pure spirit and pure mortal, you're, you can function on both ends, ya know in other words, Many times if we uh are dealing with a purely spiritual being we have no way of perceiving their existence. A Morontial being would be able to interact with us, very much in the same way that, uh when Jesus Christ resurrected- he was able to um go and sit down with people and have a meal with them and actually offer his body to be touched. Yet, he was able to just appear and disappear within the rooms where his disciples were and there's testimony about that. And that's an interesting function because even as a mortal being, they had the ability to, uh , change uh my vibratory rate. And with that blue light it just went through, and um what would be physical barriers basically my, my door (laughs) and right on through to the ship (laugh) so I know that ya know believing in such a possibility um uh became more of a... not a foolish concept... more of a something that I really believe is what they're doing there. So when I was within the Life carrier function, um, they go around uh, almost like Riley says they just sort of mark out areas in which a life could possibly come up and as the time progresses uh they can actually being to start life and uh although they are not the creators of life they do essentially do have the ability to help uh create it and uh what was interesting to me uh what was interesting was was that Earth was classified as an experimental world, uh, Every world of life, uh, a Retent world would be classified as a life experiment sphere where a uh different experimental uh things go on. And that may help explain why there are seem things that may seem experimental going on in the UFO community such as ya know why people get abducted, the possibility of hybridization.. all of these things because of that classification. However, that is not supposed to be happening according to the Urantia book after um the uh intelligent life of the planet becomes uh fully aware of deities fully aware of God, and have and possess the knowledge of God and knowing that knowledge is that part that gets uh enlivened. That part of God that's in everybody that will get enlivened and fully aware. Religion tries to do that and many times succeeds. But uh there's still uh some people ya know that (laughs) ya know they can not quite come up to the batter's plate and still strike out, and oh anyway, and even in church, many churches themselves do that too. Trying to get people centered on true north essentially "back to paradise" with that heading. So uh, not sure if I answered what you meant about the life carriers, um, Curtis...

Curtis: Well, you would refer to the life carriers as helping the Earth come alive

Michael: Yes to bring life

Curtis: To bring life here

Michael:- here from the most basic formula. Almost where we could bring it except we can't create that first single cell of Earth super slime (laugh), or whatever you want to say primeval soup. We can know the ingredients but somehow we just don't know how to cook it up because they're the ones that possess that ability.

Curtis: The life carriers.

Michael: The life carriers, yes.

Curtis: And they are bringing life here

Michael: -Well...

Curtis: -They're waiting til we come to a level of understanding that we aren't just creatures here, we are living beings and we came form somewhere?

Michael: More than that actually. When we all begin to have a more full understanding and direction on... There is paradise, God, and God is real, we are not gonna become just our own God to ourselves, and um, Indeed, presently people can come to that conclusion. However more and more we are being exposed to um, more verifiable, or more real encounters with these beings. What will happen is that uh we've got to open up our mentality heavenward, bigger. Uh... and, um, along with that we need to open up our spirituality because indeed what I did find out washhouse beings are very spiritual. They are not without this spiritual concept. They have a lot of knowledge about the spiritual uh part about being alive

Curtis: -Mhm-

Michael: -Especially life carriers because uh they related to me better than a purely spiritual being I guess would.

Curtis: And who was relating that to you?

Michael: Well it was a group thing. Again, my walk through that was initiated with like Tan and Nela. And we went on introduced to uh just by circumstances, where part of um their process was um meeting all these other people and I knew they weren't from Earth, they were humanoid but not human and then meeting definitely intelligent beings that uh were not human at all. And uh... and uh, also the God concept was familiar to them- enough so much that they could deny being God.

Curtis: Yes...Well, you've had a better understanding of that Urantia book and this whole concept than all of us and we're just... hearing it for the first time.

Michael: Yeah Well I have a tremendous advantage because he basically gave me that as a book of explanation of what goes on there. Not necessarily um in terms of just that uh mothership around Saturn. But goes on within the heavenly realm within the area of responsibility. Ya know there are things going on that they're worried about that they need to check. Ya know.. the progress of life over here,..they have allowed things to happen which would actually allow an extinction to happen.. and you start to begin... but there are some things that they keep tabs on, and that's why sometimes people see them doing things.

Curtis: Doing things like what... are you referring to?

Michael: Well they do things like um, let's say um, we look at a cattle that, a cow that's mutilated, say it's a living animal but it's mutilated. And it's considered and animal, what we consider an animal, and we slaughter it for food. We don't consider it spirit, anything high that has a soul, and they don't either. However what's happening is that there's something that's going on that they need to keep track of that they're very concerned about, and it has to do with cattle. And we know there's this mad cow disease thing...

Curtis : -Mhm

Michael: Uh, We know that there's other things that could be happening. But we don't know what they're looking for , but we know that they're looking for it in key places within the physical part. We know they need blood to do tests... you know how you go to a doctor? What do they do? They take your blood. Another thing they do is they um take a sample from the cheek of uh... where the cow chews, so that's where if they're looking for certain dangerous things that may be in our environment that were not there at one time and the effect for an animal and sampling it through various areas. They'll take these which would have a residual uh..possible... a residual uh.. I don't wanna say toxin or anything, I just did, but, um... something that they're concerned about, and uh look for it there. Interesting enough they look for it going in, and look for it going out. They also look and notice that they're looking at... the utters of the females are also taken. This is kind of an interesting thing because it looks very much like they need something to make sure... basically our food supply doesn't really get messed up. They're not trying to mess it up, they're trying to make sure that it doesn't.

Curtis: - So in other words by slaughtering these animals

Michael: -They're not-

Curtis: -Well we call it mutilating them-

Michael: -Yeah

Curtis: And taking animal parts..They're really not doing it for themselves, they're doing it to monitor how we are progressing on Earth.

Michael: Not necessarily we... Maybe some

Curtis: - Our food supply...

Michael: - Uh yeah. It think it's... if our food supply gets screwed up ya know this-...

Curtis: - It'll affect us

Michael: -It'll get to some kind of uh... ya know look at what happened with AIDS.

Curtis: Yes

Michael: It gets into our... It's not a curse that was sent by them but it was something that happened. And they have maybe some inclination to believe that they need to keep monitoring something that might be happening.

Curtis: Oh I see

Michael: So life carriers have that kind of responsibility.

Curtis: Oh I see well that's a whole different view of the cattle mutilations that I've ever heard.

Michael: Oh, yeah. I keep hearing that from uh, from them. Ya know. And uh

Curtis: How often do you hear from them?

Michael: Well, sometimes I don't wanna listen because I think it's like you know, you know why do you wanna just tell me for? Now look, it got a little further out into the open.

Curtis: 'Cause I remember when you first started talking about this you said you wanted this to be a dream...

Michael: -Yeah

Curtis: - and you almost wanted to keep it there...

Michael:-I just

Curtis: - in a box.

Michael: Yeah - just forget about it- just let it be not real and we can go on, on our normal way... That's another thing they keep pounding and reminding me "remember Noah's Arc" and I think it's a broadcast too we've even got a movie where a guy goes out and makes Noah's Arc. And uh (sigh) um, it's trying to awaken Earth that what was happening during those times was really normal life progressing. However, this one character Noah, he had a certain kind of relationship that uh pretty much was telling him... you know if you build your house and your barn and everything and make it into the shape of this great boat, and it'd be good if you made it in these dimensions. Then he followed that accordingly and basically made a house-boat on land.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And it was a usable house and a usable barn all the time, except the shape was different from everybody else's. A lot of people just piled up rocks ya know and uh let their goats go into these areas, and ya know, their animals and uh that was their fence, they had fencing... versus somebody chopping down half the forest. And so what happened was he was doing something that was instructed from somebody that knew something was coming up. Now, what's happening with this concept of um, uh, moving... maybe in like a... Riley's uh symbols and things like that... Riley, again, was introduced to me as a ticketer. And so part of the concept that people shouldn't uh just look here on Earth. In fact the Bible says, when you see, Jesus was teaching it, When you see these things come to pass like all the natural disasters, wars, rumors of wars, and all the stuff that needs to be done. But it says as you see certain things, some of them had to do some temple stuff in Israel... but basically ended up saying look up, Look up.. because that's where your attention needs to be. Now in our day we just wanna just go out on our lives... ya know drive down go to work do our thing have fun take trips and move through life in our progression... is not looking up. And what's happening right now is... says to doing something different and that would be to begin to prepare our hearts and our minds. What it amounts to is why I was picked... picked up was.. I was able to have that deep yearning for God and uh, with that.. uh.. was able to be heard. Uh this an interesting thing that happens they're very very telepathic and they're just able to actually hear us if you try to, try (laughs), ya know. And that's just one of the different things that has to be done. We go on our lives. We build essentially our arc... would not be one built out of wood, it would be one more that's built out of looking up and now preparing our heart to accept the will of God and then to do it... and then we have our vehicles that have been given. Of course Jesus Christ is the center vehicle.. And the actual ones (laughs) that actually may be really of use for a physical movement for a mortal being... would be like maybe be like one of those ships, one of those V wing crafts... I couldn't understand why they have to be so big (laughs). I looked at them and I said, my first impression was like "Why do you need wings up here?" I'm going back to the mothership and looking at this big V-wing craft.

Curtis: Right, that big uh, boomerang.

Michael:- Yeah, boomerang.. it's huge, ya know. And it had wings and I looked at the wings and I said what do you need wings in this for.. We're not only gonna be involved in outer, in a sense outer space and ya know, areas where there's no atmosphere but you're gonna be working in areas where there is that atmosphere.

Curtis: -Mhm

Michael:- And what do you need that much room for? Are you gonna be doing some mining?. Or you gonna be doing something that ya know, getting resources to build this? This is a new interesting thing... Are you gonna be getting more resources to build this, this place bigger? And uh, the answer was. "This place grows as it is like you grew from a baby this place grows." So I realized they weren't mining resources to build a bigger ship they were looking for something else to transport. So the uh the whole thing about the sampling and all of that stuff and their monitoring and that stuff. There's a big plan and all that coming up.

Curtis: Big plans...

Michael: Yeah. Uh actually the plan is there. Otherwise they wouldn't have these things in place. The timing is not known I guess. But I've seen that and it's uh,... and uh people are... there's reports about these things around, being seen now... in our own atmosphere.

Curtis: -Mhm what-?

Michael: I haven't seen one ya know, flying around here.

Curtis: You said the timing was coming out and you feel like this is just happened to you, as far as your memory you were talking about.

Michael: Oh yeah, this was interesting... I was told uh before as part of the experiences.. I did speak out before, and one of the last things that happened was that Nela came over and says "I gotta make you forget." Before, I knew it was that I kind of dipped my head to let her do that forgetfulness thing that she uses. And uh then she said you know "I have to". and part of all this experience was the knowledge that hypnosis was out of the picture, the question. I wasn't supposed to get hypnotized by anybody for any reason at all.. because there's, I guess there's a timing thing that happens and when certain stuff happens I get a recollection and I begin to understand. Or there comes a point in my life where I begin to really search out... ya know,.. hey ya know, Maybe I'll start looking for my experience of it.. All those guys looking around, running around with gray alien stuff.. that's sort of, but not quite ya know (laughs)...

Curtis: - Mhm

Michael: It's sort of close but it's not exactly. I wonder if there's anybody that had a similar or more exact spirit... then I find out that it's Riley Martin. He's talking about a very very similar if not identical encounter or experience with um, beings from uh beyond our... so... this whole expiation comes out that they give me the explanation and we can unravel it. Um Anybody who wants to, can read the Urantia book and look for parallels and try to disprove it and debunk the whole experience if they want to.

Curtis: 35:55 You mean parallels with the coming of Tan.

Michael: With the coming of Tan and uh yeah and look for dissimilar things. There may be in fact, both... uh Riley often says ya know it's not his, like he really knows, But also the Urantia book says there's limitation in his ability to project, or to use words to explain things. And uh there's the apostle Paul who said he saw unspeakable things, things that were undescribable. And for me there have been things that are pretty undescribable. Though one of the things I didn't describe was as I moved in toward the hall of the elders as they were gonna help me understand more about God uh I remember seeing it was spiraling in on it but when I went through the gateway, or the opening, toward the hall, or temple, if you wanna use that term was this pearlescent uh, um, way, not just like a pearl over a gate like it's described as the pearly gates in heaven or in Jerusalem. But I found out that uh, through the Urantia book that uh this also well, is true too, that they use that kind of pearlescence, um uh, which is... one of the beautiful things about that pearlescence is much as we have a pearl, we look at it , and it basically depends on how we move light across it, it has a beautiful sheen to it. The iridescence... but the iridescence that they use is almost like it's alive. Ya know.. So...

Curtis: -Hm

Michael: Also about the uh, there's uh within the Urantia book when I was, when I asked to see the engine and what makes it run they took me down and ya know I guess I described that living creature that looked like a stomach and how it changed colors like a squid would change colors. But uh the Urantia book calls... their many power units, power regulators... power transformers.. power transmitter. These are all living... uh... living beings.. And not necessarily functioning at a mortal.. in fact not functioning at a mortal level... but um... described that. So, now realized that what I was looking at was a power regulator that was a part of the ship. So um, an energy-regulating pathway.

Curtis: Hm

Michael: Now what was interesting was with that came this little bit of knowledge... Now this is something I just surmised and realized that there are things on Earth they are called holy areas, lay lines, and things like that.. where energy could pass through or something like that... Well the Urantia book calls this circuits of energy that can be used by these creature to funnel energy, or to not necessarily funnel energy but well, connect.. to the circuits of energy that come from, um I think it's if I remember it right, as the Urantia book described it, it was coming from the Center Isle of Paradise, from God itself. These energies were cut off I realized during this particular um war uh that happened, it's called a rebellion that was ended this domain which is called Satania. This is where, this is part of this uh group of a section... this is what the Urantia book says... they call this section that Earth is in, is Satania... and uh this was instigated by a very high-order angel whose name was Lucifer. And uh we find out that's okay, well Lucifer. Essentially what I was looking at was the cut off communication lines, and energy lines. And we were like well what is pyramids about what is stonehenge about? what is these things about? actually there was long time ago there was energy running through actually how I asked "why don't I take one of these back (laugh) and solve all of the Earth problems and energy problems?" and I think that these things were actually functioning on Earth and no longer are on Earth, however.

Curtis: When you say these things are actually functioning on Earth, what-?

Michael: -We're actually functioning.

Curtis: You mean the pyramids-?

Michaels: Yeah It was... was not so much... was the other way around

Curtis: The other way around..?

Michael: Instead of people saying there was a logic in the Pharaoh period, probably was the other way around, it was energy connectivity... Um... the grand clock of the Stonehenge clock... the time table of uh passing generations uh... was also a location where they might have had another one of these energy transmitters the Urantia book talks about...

Curtis: Does the Urantia book talks about the pyramids?

Michael: Ah, not really, yeah, not directly...

Curtis: I see

Michael: None of these things are, just the circuits of energy. If you try to piece the concept where people have actually found, and geologists have actually found certain circuits of energy. Others, they pick it up as spiritual energy, and uh believe it or not they're both these circuits, but they're basically cut off to Earth right now.

Curtis: I see well the Urantia book is not an easy read. It's- I was talking with you Michael on the phone when we weren't recording, and we were talking about how difficult the Urantia book is and you said "Oh it's so easy for me." And then I thought well, uh I don't have my copy yet it could be coming in the mail tomorrow, but I've read some of it on the web but I'd rather have my own copy but anyway... The Urantia book came out in what the 30's?

Michael: Yeah well it was originally written out in the 30's as some individual papers and the way it was given out is a little bit of a mystery. Some people think it was composed by a very eloquent author that knew how to uh make mistakes, ya know scientific. One of the mistakes they point out is that the Urantia Book says is that there's 48 life plasmas or something like that or whatever, concepts or bits, for the human chromosome, and we know that we've got 46 isn't that right?

Curtis: -I'm not certain... 46?

Michael: Yeah I think so, we got 46. So it says 48 and it's making a big mistake right there. But it didn't say chromosomes it says life plasm, of our essentially instruction sets. But what they didn't, people don't know is that two of our chromosomes are spliced. We have essentially 48 but there, two of them are spliced, so the total count comes out to 46.

Curtis: I see so the Urantia book is correct.

Michael:Yeah, uh, Evidence of that is we have people running about with 47 chromosomes and they have Down Syndrome?

Curtis: Yes they have an extra chromosome.

Michael: They have a broken chromosome...

Curtis: Broken...

Michael: Yeah, so one of the splices broke.

Curtis: I see and when you and I were talking about the Urantia book I was saying well I'm so new at this, and you heard about this when you were 19 or so and then you said, oh you weren't allowed to hear about it, and the Urantia book is so new to you also...

Michael: -Yes it is very new-

Curtis: -with this time line just coming out now...

Michael: Yes, I have basically walked the path that was guided to me, was given to me, which is, went to a what is classified as a spirit-filled Pentecostal Church. And I became, people just surrounded me, wanted me to tell them more and more and more about the bible. I said I'm no expert. Yet they kept doing that, and next thing I knew I was ordained minister, and teaching from it and at the same time learning a whole lot about the Bible and realizing that people, my essential message always central message was that we are all sons, we have the right to be sons of God to be born again to be sons of God the concept of being born again was very central, a central theme. And uh we can stop and say we don't wanna be born again, we wanna be a God to ourself. Um them consequently we will not be born again we will remain a very intelligent animal but only when we move beyond that and connect to as these Nela, as Tan and Nela, are connected to God in that same spiritual sense in doing his will and being able to actually know where God is.. Uh, that is indeed where we really need to be if we want to ya know, complete ourselves, complete our.. and have a very very everlasting journey. So between studying the Bible and studying the Urantia book... The Bible is I believe in a sense deliberately written in a very nebulous way... simply because there is code hidden, and there also is a code unravelled which is a spiritual unit that's been given a place on Earth and is a very real interface for us and that's called the Holy Spirit of the spirit that comes from God himself. And it actually functions whether ya know, you believe in God or Not...

Curtis: Mhm... when you were referring to being out on this vessel, this huge thing.

Michael: -Right

Curtis: - out there near Saturn..This was one of our phone calls. And you were talking about the creatures there, or the beings there, or are they creatures or are they beings?. And then you said something that they all know how to find God.

Michael: (laugh) Yeah... and then (laugh)

Curtis: And here we are on this planet and we don't have a clue.

Michael: We try to search for God. We scream like I was screaming "Where's God?"

Curtis: - Mhm.

Michael: Exactly.

Curtis: And when you mean "Where is God?" you're almost referring to where you came, how you came to be...

Michael: Right. And that's why I believe they came... these... that Tan and Nela was allowed to say, "Hey, okay, we got one that wants some explanation." And um this explanation was that we are not the creator of life, but we are, we essentially started the whole show up here on Earth, and we nurtured the planet, to individuals just like you. Human beings that are God-desiring that want God.. that wanna be, find the first source and center of the universe the creator of the universe. There's so many others that are using our very... uh high brain power actually, and believing that humanity is really its own God and that's really falling short of the purpose. Essentially that's not where they want us to be, They want us to make the jump to God-centered beings. Because that's the real higher level that's how all the universe works. Without that, you're just simply a very smart animal.

Curtis: Right.... (pause)... What group of people on Earth have made that jump? Or what do they- how do they view us? How do they view, uh, how we're doing? It seems like there are a lot of people trying to find out where we came from...

Michael: Yeah it's interesting... um... it's hard to say exactly, um but one of the um the things that I believe that is the reason that they interfaced with me... is that how God would seek the true worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth, throw your agenda away, you just want God. Then once wanting God, you just simply want to do to follow in the will of God. You want to be an instrument of God. So this, this is something that, uh, is found in only a personal decision of... each individual's given that wonderful thing that's given from God that is your personal will. uh you can you know, will to uh say I wanna believe in God I want to, or you will to say I would like to find his secrets, and once I find his secrets, I find there's no real God... there's just secrets we can all discover.

Curtis: mHmmm, mhm...

Michael: So it's an individual thing, it's just general, the Earth, in general, is a planet. According the Urantia book it's pretty retarded. Not because it was retarded because it's... the people here... because it lost connection to God because of this uh... this concept of uh... Good and evil... uh coming in and basically causing people to disconnect from only knowing Good, only knowing one thing... and uh... the author of that was uh, a very high being named Lucifer, who still exists.

Curtis: Lucifer?

Michael: Yeah.. Lucifer wasn't the ruler of just Earth, ya know, he had a whole domain called Satania. And this guy named Satan was named after Satania...

Curtis: Hm.

Michael: According to the Urantia book. But uh what I'm here, and I'm trying to talk to you about, was not so much the Urantia book.. and it's sense about all these things that happened a long long time ago. But, what's happened recently.. Ya know the Urantia book is 1935, is there activity going on yet? Um,1972 I received that visit and that ride up to the ship. And uh in that visit I was introduced to the Urantia book as being an instrument that they will be using and maybe now thy will be using them more as a text book.

Curtis: As a textbook...

Michael: Yeah, as a study book... but don't throw away the Bible by all means.

Curtis: Well, on some of these future recordings we can use you to explain the Urantia book better. 'Cause, I've heard people say they've been reading some of it, and it's pretty hard to understand and then you said "oh it's easy to understand"

Michael: (laughs) Yeah it's very easy to understand...

Curtis: - And uh

Michael: -To me anyway

Curtis: - Yes, to you, and so that can help us understand it.

Michael: Yeah, well... once... we all are given the right to connect to the creator for source and center.. and uh... We just need to um forget about making deals with God, or making deals with these uh, beings, like Tan and Nela or whatever. No deals, just be true. Just be honest. No hidden agendas... They'll read right through you instantly, ya know...

Curtis: They, uh, they'll what instantly?

Michael: They'll read write through your hidden agenda-

Curtis: Oh read right through you.

Michael: Yeah I mean if you got a hidden agenda it's like I could just.. ya know... whatever.

Curtis: Well with telepathy you can't hide anything.

Michael: Uh, yeah. You can uh, you can blur it though. Yeah if you're blurring it then uh, they don't-they don't really like that. That means that you got something you're trying to hide. That's not truth. Ya know, you wanna be led to all truth and not use instruments like that that would cause you not to be led to truth.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: And having your own agenda like just "Oh I just could debunk this whole thing. Then I won't have to worry about it." Then your agenda would be like "let's find every hole in this thing" rather than "Let's see how to put this whole thing together" and uh, if it falls apart then we know we have nothing. But, the more I looked into it, the more parallels I saw.. as far as the Urantia book and as far as the architectural sphere concept... What... it was really there. It was something that something we just, we actually went into.. it was something, we thought it was gonna crash into it, But we went right into the first outer hole(?)... (laughs) That was an experience.

Curtis: Mhm... Yeah that must've been amazing to see that thing come up so fast

Michael: Yeah,-

Curtis: And the way...

Michael: I didn't realize it was that big.. Ya know I thought we would be docking at the airport or something...

Curtis: And the way you described it as a light bulb.

Michael: Yeah cuz it.. there's also descriptions people can.. It'll take a long time to read the Urantia book to you. But there's descriptions about how these regions of architectural spheres are self-supporting they have their own essential light source. Um it also describes in some areas how the energy is using.. but not creating a sun within it, but... although it's described as the Sun.. As a... as an energy source, but there's no sense of source of light, it just seems to come from everywhere.

Curtis: Mhm

Michael: -and uh things like that describe it environment, temperature uh... In fact, I don't remember it being hard for me, a very nice controlled comfortable environment.

Curtis: Well you're gonna be telling us more about that object out there.

Michael: I- Yeah

Curtis: And uh on these future recordings we'll eventually get to a point where you'll say let's start taking some phone calls and have some questions for you from other people who have already heard several of these hours.

Michael: Yeah I'm sure that ya know this might open up more questions and answers.

Curtis: Yes, and when we get there we'll point it on the web when we're gonna actually have a scheduled podcast and uh people can call in at that time.

Michael: Yeah

Curtis: But, in the meantime it's... this is good just to have you give out the information and see where it goes and it isn't like we really start these things with much structure at all. We just see what happens and uh this Saturn Earth Connection is uh... is unique. But we're-

Michael: In the meantime ya know you should... I would invite anybody to email you, to see if they're...

Curtis: Oh yes and ask questions that way. Yes please email me And we're uh closing in on this hour, we're trying to hold it at sixty minutes each and we'll have Michael back again. And uh we'll do some more recordings on electricity for your health coming up soon. And uh it's been amazing again Michael and thank you very much and we'll talk to you very soon.

Michael: Okay, thank you.

Curtis: Alright, bye, Aloha.

Michael: Aloha

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