Michael from Maui
Hour 41

60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 12 May 2008

From: michael
To: Brian S
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 8:15 PM
Subject: Re: hello.

Hello Brian,

I'm glad you found it interesting reading. The classification that I am specifically connected to is the most mysterious, the cosmic reserve corp.

114:7.10 The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over one thousand mortals whose insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode, but I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group of living human beings.)

What I am revealing is the forbidden part, just as the thought adjuster allows each part of the revelation to be remembered. The New Jerusalem is a real out post of the Universe citizens that are awaiting our adoption, the dropping of quarantine.


Those that will be lifted will really have gone to a point
where they are no longer of this world
they have graduated to a level which has
made them a higher order being.
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