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Tuesday ~ 19 February 2008

Michael's crystal clear telepathic dream

Curtis : Hello... we'd like to welcome you back again to with Michael in Maui... and Michael is on the line right now and we were just talking. Hello Michael.

Michael : hi... Aloha

Curtis : Aloha. Well we have this ah... big story to talk about. But this is hour number 30 and it is the 19th of February and ah... a UFO landed in Mexico and was there for 30 hours. There is a link on the site right under the hours just to read that article and ask everyone read it and Michael has read it. It's that amazing Michael that the first time ever that a UFO has landed and an entire town saw it.

Michael : Yeah it's... quite amazing that... it was for 30 hours and people actually like you say jumped on pick-up trucks and went close enough to it... to find out their cameras didn't work.

Curtis : Some of the... a lot of cameras were distorted and all kind of things but there were cameras that were working and ah... one person sent the video to Houston... and ah... the fellow who wrote the article he said he was watching the images on a video camera. Some of them were 5 miles away and some of them were a kilometer away but it is quite interesting because there was no one in Mexico who went to get their gun or their F-16... jet fighter.

Michael : laughs ~ yeah... right 1:54

Curtis : So they didn't have anybody chasing them... and ah... the town... it flew right over the town square to get everybody attention and then it landed on a hilltop.

Michael : Right right

Curtis : And they are calling it a close encounter of the second-kind (CE-2).

Michael : That is correct. And ah... is that the one where they could see... what they thought was people running around in there?

Curtis : Yes they said they saw a ah... the shape of a feline or a horned being that appeared to be in the center of the light.

Michael : Yeah... agrees

Curtis : That's that's all together different.

Michael : um hum

Curtis : And they you... well you can... So what do you think about that Michael... I mean... who is this that has landed there?

Michael : Oh it's... it is just part of the group. This one I didn't meet. There apparently got real tall ears. They look like they could be remnant of some of those... Egyptian looking ah... types that ah did have as a... they did deify somewhat Egyptian... both the cat and the dog. I forgot what kind of dog... except it had long pointed ears and ah... of course... the Urantia Book did say that um... it takes many... you know... many kinds of um... beings to ah develope toward um... you know... self reflection and God seeking. And of course having high... higher intelligence. Many many base were mentioned... some of which are... like the... the ones who were seen there. And that would... that would be... probably be my conclusion as to what they were doing there for 30 hours... as I said before... I just told you Curtis that that site that hill was a landing site that... was known to have had another landing their before... maybe as much as 30 years ago or maybe more. And there's some ah... they said there is some some... minerals... I forgot which ones... ah that were found below in that... in that hill.

Curtis : Yeah they said metal deposits... such as uranium, cobalt, gold, silver and copper. 4:50

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : And there was another one they couldn't interrupt for us.

Michael : Right. So... we don't know what they were doing there... but they apparently needed something. This happened after the Tampa UFO incident. What was that January 20th or something?

Curtis : January 20th was Tampa. And this was the last day of January.

Michael : Right. um... The Tampa UFO... people go to youtube and look at the... that one... you'll notice that it looks like ah... entry... entry... re-entry of something ah... from space... like an asteroid. And I strongly feel it was an asteroid that was shepherd away from Earth... ah because I was told that it will be too... they have done it in the past and they are continuing to do this. In other words... we haven't had a gigantic ah... ah... impact. Tunguska wasn't a direct impact either it was Ariel and it was in a.... in a area that wasn't even um... heavily inhabited. So um such things have been shepherd away so that they wouldn't destroy planet Earth. So that's ah... actually destroy you know... our... interrupt our civilization. So that is what is happening right now. And that is a good example... the Tampa one is a good example of ah... the ah... the ah... the protection... that is being offered or actually being given to us... um and ah... sometimes we're not... we're just... we don't understand it. And that's what happened. There was another event... a famous one that the asteroid like entered our atmosphere and went over some of the people at a football game filmed it... going right over the top and it sort of just went back out into... space. And they saying it was a ricochet effect... but it was also shepherd away so it wouldn't impact and ah... really destroy a lot of things going on as far as our civilization is concerned.

Curtis : You know... that would be quite an explosion. 7:49

Michael : Well you know...

Curtis : Impact from a creator.

Michael : We've had a lot of things that have been put up on you know... some of these informational channels you know that talk about asteroid impact and what could happen and how many happened you know... eons and eons ago you know... before civilization occurred before even ah... I guess... well... at least much older than 10,000 years. So there's been a certain um... protection going on... to let us continue our development to the point which we are at right now... extending ourselves out into space and um... getting to the point of becoming a ah... adoptable civilization. And ah right now I would urge people to look at that and there is a couple of still shots in that Tampa one that show two tiny little objects in between these ah fiery ah... um... spheres really that are that are... just sort of like... right between them and moving along with them and not trailing as a tail of ah... of ah debris melted (? ?). Let in the trail of this ah... um burning object. Looks like and asteroid. And those I feel are very much the craft that are that were specially um... placed there to ah... shepherd the asteroid away... and ah...

Curtis : It actually looks like it's coming from the left hand side of the screen heading toward the right hand side of the screen... and then a little while later it's going toward the left hand side of the screen.

Michael : Yeah it turned it turned around. And the earlier one... the one that... the one that went over that... I forget what year it was... but it went over the football game and they filmed that... it looked almost the same... and it just went straight. This time they decided I guess... to turn it around... so that people would... think a little bit more... that... what's going on. And um... I just want... you know... the people who listen to know that... they're actively involving our welfare and they're not just... they have no need to take (laughs) anything from us... but they've got this this tremendous need to obey um... you might say obey God or obey over there dictates what what they ah... want they're told to do which is to protect... us until there comes a certain point in time which we are rapidly approaching right now. So a... I could I could... quote from the Bible to show you were that is mentioned... um Curtis.

Curtis : yes 11:09

Michael : It's actually out of John's Revelation. Which would be the book of Revelation. And ah... you know my... my mind is... he is... pretty much heat up to those things than... the scriptures or these teachings end up being reminded. There are two events that when they talk about... beings not... ah to prevent from hurting the Earth or (? ?) or something like that. In Revelation 7 this is specifically what's happening right now is the fulfillment of this... section called... in Revelation 7 that's Chapter 7. And it starts of with Verse One and it says... and after these things I saw four angels standing on the 4 corners of the Earth holding the 4 winds of the Earth. That the winds should not blow on the Earth nor the sea or any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was given to hurt the Earth and the sea... saying... hurt not the Earth nor the sea nor the tree till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Now the interpretation that I have for this scripture has to do with just plain bringing archaic... ah... concepts toward... to become more ah... within within where Paul ah... not Paul but where John's mind was at. First of all he saw 4 angels. Okay he saw 4... of the extraterrestrial types... of ah a certain type of command having the four corners of the Earth in other words embracing... ah... having a responsibility toward the Earth. And four winds have to do with full navigation. Winds at the time of John were used to carry ships from one point to another and navigators to rely on them... ship's captain nav... would rely on to get around to where they needed to go and particularly John... who was stuck on the island of Patmos saw navigation or sailing as and winds as very being very ah significant toward freedom. But ah... not receiving any of it at the time. Now the winds should not blow on the Earth nor the sea nor on any tree um the Earth or the sea a division and the tree and the others are basically a like. This navigational things were sort of hidden... the extraterrestrial interventions are sort of hidden... with this seen (? ?) and ah limited. Now... ah... the... the key indication here is in verse three... they received these commands... hurt not the Earth neither the sea nor the trees. Now they had the ability to do that but apparently they also have the ability to... protect or not hurt the Earth... not hurt the sea... not hurt the tree... until... the servants of the lord... of our... God... ah... it helps the seal the servants of the God in their forehead... of... of God in their forehead. Now of course we know about... the implants that have gone into... people's bodies. Sometimes in their... their arm and sometimes... a lot of times ah... in their nasal cavity... which is where mine is. And um... that would be forehead you might say. And this is um... a job they are doing and protecting the stability of planet our wars and stuff are not dictated though... but these natural occurrences such um... as a big asteroid impact are being shepherd away. Prevented from happening... until a certain time comes. And its ah... the remainder of that talks about ah... what's going to happen... is ah... a very large group... 144,000 um of ah... the children of the Earth. He said the children of Israel but really in John's mind he couldn't conceive of the people who threw him in prison as being of God. But the truth is that... ten tribes of Israel have been lost and have gone through out the world and they have ah been found... in the British Isles... Africa... in Afghanistan... in China... in near India... Pakistan... the Pacific Islands... Japan. There is some talk now even in North America and South America. So basically it just confirms the fact that... they're all a big family of God already and it's gone to mark these ah... this genetically diversified group of ah... selected individuals... selected mortals actually. And then it concludes ah... about this... the remainder which is a great multitude which could not be numbered... of all the nations kinders and (? ?) that ah... that stood ah... before um... Jesus... and and ah... were given white robes. And ah this this is reminiscent of um... my experience in part... and ah... I kind of... wonder about... you know... where is the transition between mortal and immortal... but somewhere within there... laughs.... in this ah... this... this area right here... scripture. But in particular what we're seeing is... is this... this fulfillment of... this particular area where powerful angels who have... the ability to hurt the Earth if they needed to if they wanted to. To do exactly the opposite... and they have received this command and are taking is seriously. As a result... the asteroids do not impact Earth... we can see them being shepherd out back into space and ah... maybe the craft that landed was a craft that needed... may have been involved in the affair and needed to replenish something... or may have... ah... um... not been involved in the affair at all. So I don't know but... there seems to be ah... some very interesting fulfillments coming out around right now and I can see very much that ah... the work is... is continuing to move on. There will be much more exposed ah... soon... Curtis.

Curtis : With this UFO in... in Tampa January the 20th... that was nearly a month ago and here we are February the 19th. 20:01

Michael : Right

Curtis : It was a month ago.

Michael : It's a month ago... yes

Curtis : I heard about it today.

Michael : laughs...

Curtis : I mean... you called and told me about... taking a look at it on the web.

Michael : Yeah... if the asteroid impacted... you would have heard about it...

Curtis : That day.

Michael : That day... laughs...

Curtis : But... now... and what it appears what you're saying and also what the video shows... is they made this asteroid not just skip off the atmosphere by kicking it outa here... it looked like they turned it 180 degrees.

Michael : Yes they did.

Curtis : So that's ah... that's really news worthy.

Michael : Well... what's news worthy is... that they're actually gone to try to... you know... (? ?) try to explain it... you know... try to find out what could be the reason. Um... could it be... ah some... you know... little airplane... invisible airplane pulling some fireworks behind it. Does it look like it could be that?

Curtis : No... it doesn't look like it could be that. 21:08

Michael : oh

Curtis : I mean the video is pretty shaky... it looks like it was taken from a car going down the highway.

Michael : Right... there is... someone spent enough time to stabilized the image frame-by-frame and ah you can actually see it break apart... and you can actually see two small dots in between these two these two big asteroids burning up. These two small dots are the shepherding... shepherding vessels. They're like out tug boats. But of course... you know... laughs... much much much much much smaller... laughs... high tech.

Curtis : Yeah... more sophisticated than a tug boat.

Michael : Yeah... but in a sense that is exactly what they did.

Curtis : Well tug...

Michael : They acted like a tug boat... ya. But the funny thing... they didn't go in the front... they're in between them. So that means they have a... they're doing it in a in a in a different way ah... then pulling or... sort of... guiding and shepherding.

Curtis : So they... so they basically took an asteroid and did something that nobody could do.

Michael : Yes yes. And was... it's not for their good. If they keep one from hitting Earth... it's not for their good... it's for our good.

Curtis : Yeah it sure... sure didn't hit the Earth.

Michael : Right... so the a... one place that I was... you know reminded of... ah... strongly... was this particular scripture revelation 7... verse 3 saying... hurt not the Earth... nor the sea nor the tree... until we've sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. So the task is not complete as far as sealing... you know all of these servants. in other words... this... this is like Tan going... telling my wife... you know... it is not about you choosing me... it is about me choosing you... you know. We don't... they're selected according to... whatever criteria that is being... being ah... put out for those who are being tagged I guess you might say and sealed. But that... that... does... it does not exclude all... of the rest of the Earth if there is something terrible that should happen. And a lot of people died. Because there's immediately a reference to a great multitude that no one could number... that are actually brought before alive an well ah... and continuing on in ah... in ah... in heaven you might say.

Curtis : I wonder if this was reported in the Tampa newspaper. 24:04

Michael : I don't know. I don't know.

Curtis : I mean... that's a... it was taken in... that was a daylight photograph that I saw or it could be dusk.

Michael : There is a news thing that grabbed a hold of it and wants to do a special on it so I don't know if there is going to be anymore coming out on it or if they're... you know... going to be ah... ah... holding all the information back until they can get on the air... with a decent report.

Curtis : Well they did that right over the United States... well the a... where the ah... meteorite or whatever was coming into the Earth... it was right over the United States.

Michael : Right... right. And if it hit United States... it wouldn't be nice for our country.

Curtis : No it would... it would be huge impact and I could probably feel it up here in New Jersey.

Michael : Yeah... and ah...we know the consequences of such and impact. So this has been prevented... and ah...

Curtis : And prevented is such a way... that it's impossible to prevent.

Michael : For us to prevent it.

Curtis : Well us... or for anybody to do what they did by turning it around 180 degrees and go the other way.

Michael : Yes... yeah. 25:27

Curtis : And ah... this ah... luminous craft that landed in Mexico... that's ah... that's actually a big deal for a craft to be on the ground for 30 hours.

Michael : Right

Curtis : Like I mentioned to you on the phone they didn't have the United States shooting at them. And all they had were... what did it say... scorpions and ah... scorpions and something else... rattlesnakes and scorpions were there.

Michael : ah huh

Curtis : Didn't actually have a road going right to it and...

Michael : Yeah it was out in the... middle of no where.

Curtis : Middle nowhere. But it flew right over the center of the town.

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : And there was one fellow who recorded that on a video going right over the town.

Michael : Right... I'd like to see that one.

Curtis : Yeah... they said they sent that to Houston. 26:28

Michael : Yeah... and ah... Curtis I also told you... that I received a very... um important dream... ah... on Saturday Night.

Curtis : You started telling me just before the recording started and...

Michael : Yes. It is related to these events.

Curtis : Was this last Saturday Night?

Michael : This past... yeah.

Curtis : Okay... great... tell us. 26:56

Michael : Well ah... it has to do with... somewhat Nicola's question but... ah... Nicola had a question about how they would get into our... our... announce um... themselves on our radio system or our telecommunication systems but mostly on our own feed. Our own... our own reporting systems that will make it known. They won't suddenly appear as they are... it would be too traumatic for Earth ah... to see that. But there will be an event coming up and it is coming close to this time right now. What this dream had to do... is it's crystal clear ah dream and ah like I told you Curtis it... I actually wake up continuing the dream. And ah and I decided that... ah I see... they have a message ah... a very clear one. And um that particular ending was ah with the ship a little ship coming down Tan and Nela. Coming in and landing and asking me to come with them but this basically tells me that this is coming from them... coming from ah... our friends my friends our friends up there. And ah... what it amounted to was it began... broad day light... a broad daylight sighting. Of a ah type of craft that ah was um flashing colors... the rectangular ah sign post type ah out out maybe at an elevation of maybe about 15,000 feet or so and then dropping in closer having very very bright daylight visible color spectrums like ah ah green ah blue white yellow various red spectrums. Those colors just flashing and flashing making itself very visible and very ah ah well known... in a sense ah advertising itself. And then um it suddenly more and more craft began to appear. And the numbers of craft began to appear they began to appear in great numbers and much larger sizes and diverse types too. Not just having a um... a saucer shape type. Having those that are... cylindrical ah some of them will have wing shapes and others that where ah... saucer shaped where just unbelievably (? ?) just simply popping into vision... and pretty soon the entire ah... the entire sky was covered by them and ah what was given to me... and this is a dream now so there are symbols here that are being brought forth to explain what was is about to happen. And um along with these these ah pictures... the pictures of many many craft coming into being and staying ah up in in the sky... was the statement it is... look at this armada of ships... the term armada... it's... what does that bring to mind? Curtis

Curtis : Sounds like a huge ah... ah huge flock of them. 31:21

Michael : Yes yes and the formation the term armada was ah was brought out it looks it is the Armada of the federation of of of GOD. It is the actual symbol of our um... coming into age... where we need to get absorbed back into ah where our planet is supposed to become... it sort of... should have been there a long time ago but... it didn't make it. But these armada this armada or formation will literally make itself known throughout the entire globe or the entire Earth would know of there existence... and many many areas of the larger cities the Earth will simply make bye-byes. They will be invincible there is no need there...

Curtis : It'll get... it will make what? 32:24

Michael : It'll... They will be invincible invincible... there's no sense in um...

Curtis : In shooting at them.

Michael : In shooting at them... right. But their message is almost fearful. In other words... it is... going to be so obvious that they are.. that they're there. That no one can deny that they're there. You know... this is not some mass civil... hallucination of ah you know a particular city or group of people you know. It is not a sighting of one large craft... but literally armada... a formation. But it... they didn't appear ah... in a sense where... they all flew in together. They started just started to pop into... ah... vision and ah increase in numbers some did fly in seems to move in toward the formation where most just started just popping into view. So this is ah what I received in the dream. Of course the interpretation is not too hard to do and it ah... the timing of it is sort of vague though... but ah... that's that's something that... at least we get a hint on... is what's ahead of us right now. I did say that this year is will be... um increasing number of sightings and it seems to be happening right now... um according to the dream it looks like it's going to be escalating to a far higher... um level... a level that even makes me... like surprised... that could ever ever be so large.

Curtis : Well this is February... are you saying it's going to be this year?

Michael : It's it's started already...

Curtis : It's started already. 34:27

Michael : Yeah... it's just going to continue.

Curtis : I see.

Michael : Until there is... literally going to be... just um unbelievable ah conformation. ah People are asking... you know our governments for full disclosure. You're not going to need any disclosure. The disclosure is not going to be coming from our governments... it's going to be coming from our friends who shepherd our... the asteroids from hitting our Earth.

Curtis : Oh good well they'll be a lot more believable to listen to.

Michael : laughs... yes. Yeah so... but it's not going to be... it's not... what an an important thing is... as much as I ah... would think wow it's a nice thing... it's going to be somewhat scary. For a for... for the entire Earth... to see that much happening. ah It will progress toward that point... but it will come to a point where... it's undeniable.

Curtis : um You said this is going to be for entire Earth.

Michael : Yes

Curtis : Will this armada of craft fill the sky is that going to be... the sky over Maui or is that going to be sky over a certain area... I mean how much of... how many...

Michael : It's going to be ah... well of course they're going to move through. They're not going to literally just cover the entire planet Earth. They will move like in an armada In other words... a very dense group of them will just make their presence known. It will be hard to number them... there will be...

Curtis : And the came to you in a dream last Saturday.

Michael : huh? 36:22

Curtis : You said this was your dream last Saturday.

Michael : Yes... this past Saturday. Even nighttime I woke-up Sunday morning with a... full ah consciousness of ever part of it. But it's just summarizing it in a general sense... and ah...

Curtis : And you remembered your dream? I mean a lot of people like myself....

Michael : Oh no this is... this is the kind that I can not deny. It's a dream which is very lucid. ah I get... I you know... asking questions... receiving answers... um... things like that.

Curtis : So you were asking... asking questions right in the dream?

Michael : Yeah... so what is this? It is the armada of God... the ah... the expression of the announcement... so ah... ... ... So anyway that's um... the... the basics of it I guess.

Curtis : That's quite a dream?

Michael : Yeah... well... it's not out of line with what I have been saying. It is more or less... you know conformation not from... from ah my own mind dreaming it up but a message sort of said in symbol... by ah my mind... in a very vivid lucid way... ah basically coming out with this massage.

Curtis : And was this message a visual message or was it also a visual and audio message... did they... talk to you in the dream?

Michael : Yes but... it it ah wasn't as significant just a few words... that needed to be like the armada of God and ah... another things was that the choice for me to go... with them... was immediate... there was no... let me go back and get my things... kind of concept. There is no time for that. You either are going... or you're just going to get... you know just stay. There is no... I'll wait around here... ah... go get your things... no. Just go... the way you are. So that's what was given to me... and ah... I said... oh well... lets see what... you know and then of course... that is pretty much where I woke-up and I said... ah okay I know what is going on. And ah... and ah this is an important part yet... we won't really have a chance to say hey... let me go... ah find my... my ah... my wife... or lets go ah tend and get my pet dog or anything... no it is none of that. You have basically no no time for that. It's... are you willing? Yes No That's it.

Curtis : huh 39:49

Michael's dream

We thank Ned from New Orleans aka ATSGUY for posting his comments
on... AboveTopSecret.
He transcribed a few minutes starting at
27:40 when Michael talked about his dream.

Michael : So but it doesn't exclude... it doesn't exclude... you know the mass majority of people from becoming ah part of this great multitude that is described in the Revelations that no one could number. But as far as the numbered group that will be taken out and will be moved by this armada. And this will usher in a tremendously different age upon the Earth... an age of development... of knowledge... of learning... ah it is the age where our our our weaponry would be demolished. Actually ah um much of it would be um the technology will be moved away from purely weapons based technologies ah... to peace based technologies. ah and... They will be for the good of the planet versus for ah protection and for ah destruction mass... ah... there will be a few that will have weapons of mass destruction. All the weapons of mass destruction... will be done away with. And as... we... ah... they have demonstrated by that tape of Florida... UFO of how they are protect... are protecting us. So we must have that sort of ah trust that they would do that... on all levels.

Curtis : I see... wow

Michael : So that is the only way our weapons will be dismantled... you know... if we have that trust that we will never need them.

Curtis : Right

Michael : Yeah... so we're rapidly heading toward that apex right now. Which would will be a transition. um... It's not to say that they are going to come and move in with us... I don't think they really want to do anything like that. It's all like... do you want to move into mister Neanderthal's cave... no no... not really. (laughs)

Curtis : Right (I should have been laughing)

Michael : Yeah... so that's that's ah...

Curtis : So are they going to be flying over us in this armada... of God?

Michael : I don't think it will be initially an armada... I think there is going to be more and more. Cause I'm taking it... as it was painted in my ah my story the dream. Which is is is a type of informational dream... and ah... it didn't come... bang suddenly. But around the point where um ah I get the opportunity to jump aboard... up... it gets really dense. There is a very very very undeniably dense formation. But I've watched it from one craft... signally signally signally making colorful signals up in the sky. Obviously not an airplane... obviously not a balloon obviously having the ability to ah signal... ah with colors... and ah then more and more craft appear. Increasing increasing increasing increasing. And sort of like coming to a crescendo. And at that point is when ah people start getting ah these... people start getting picked up. The ones who need to be the genetic ah... the mortal genetic sampling. I don't know much more than that except ah that... um the planet Earth with continue its journey... being lifted higher to a higher level of understanding. Coming to a point where they don't need any more weapons... weapons it will just be a stupid things to have. Except you know... artistic or historic or things like that... you know museum pieces.

Curtis : And how about small hand weapons... I mean... when you say weapons of mass destruction... do you just mean just the nuclear weapons? I mean we have tanks and other forms of artillery.

Michael : Yeah they will be ah pretty good sources of base... metal for recycling.

Curtis : Oh... well that's... that would be a good use for it.

Michael : Yeah you don't have to mine the Earth for more steel or things like that. But what it amounts to is they'll just... to be very very... dynamic for a complete recycling... or you know end you in scrap heaps... ah some in museums and things like that. But the weapons that we know as mass destruction that we that or otherwise we will not have piece. Those those things will be completely destroyed. But we will put them to bed as you might say.

Curtis : This dream you had is quite fascinating... was it a long dream... or what else can you tell us about it?

Michael : How vivid it was. It was like I was right there. Very lucid you know. I'm interacting with it an moving around. I noticed that I... I've decided that one of the things I would do immediately as the density of the ah sighting was pretty was pretty ah... thick you might say the numbers of them up in the air was very high. I decided to I decided to communicate and ah... the level of the communication was so strong that I actually couldn't stand up I fell down. And continued (chuckles) trying to get the whole picture but ah...

Curtis : What do you mean you tried to get up and you fell down? 46:41

Michael : Well I tried to... ah... to really ah... continue looking up... but it was such an amazing sight that as I kept looking... I was ah... in the dream I was standing in the middle of a grassy lawn. And ah it was so clear I was just looking up and looking up and looking up... I didn't care... I started to communicate and ah as I ah continued... I just fell over backwards from looking up so much... and ended up lying down on the ground and looking up. Laughs. And having this ah ah how... how awesome the term this awesome has been over used but... it's just awesome. Beyond ah... belief yeah that this is happening. So anyway so that is the dream so. It has a certain... ah... color to it that my mind could try to paste together... but the message behind it is that ah yeah we're doing stuff. And we're going to increase doing stuff.

Curtis : And they want to tell you personally this?

Michael : an No I don't think so. I think they wanted me to get this out so that other people would know... that this is all part of a plan.

Curtis : You mean they know you are doing these recordings?

Michael : oh Yeah.

Curtis : And they think that's getting the word out? 48:22

Michael : They think that... it's part of it... part of it.

Curtis : Part of it... well some people will hear... but we don't have a lot of people listening to these recordings.

Michael : Yeah... it'll increase as time goes on. Yeah. As people want to hear me talk about things... it is best to... try to make recommendations to some of these... more well known... shows... I guess. Ya. Anyway this is early... and... ah it will be happening more and more... and ah the interpretation of the Tampa... Tampa event and the Mexican event landing there... very interesting... things are happening.

Curtis : Have you had other dreams that were so vivid with these beings?

Michael : Well... the... interface with the ah the beings was not a dream first of all.

Curtis : Yes

Michael : So um... the one that is being painted was only craft... different kinds of craft. There were a few of them that were ah... were shaped like a blimp... but without ah... the tail section. Conic... not conic.. but ah cylindrical. And they had wing types and flat types and all of that was given... to my mind to paint so that's basically what I am saying I. Much of what... you know... you see from the prophet of old to coming up with... are their ability to perceive or a transmitted event. There are times in which they can directly transmit a thing to you. But this one was over a longer distance so they gave me more of a... a composite ah... sort of script to... to develope in the dream... and then empower it with very high clarity. So ah they didn't think the vision... sort of like ah... I'm going to a movie and watching a movie... it is more interactive. But it's ah... got an underlying message... and that is the message... again.

Curtis : And the underlying message is... this is occurring... and it's going to be occurring more and more. 51:15

Michael : Yes... and there will be... continued movement until it is undeniable and it will be on a scale that is probably exponential.

Curtis : uh huh. Well that's very interesting. I wish someone could ah... ask you a question about that dream that I can't think of. I'm sure there are people out there having a question in their mind right now. But that's ah... quite amazing... so... many many craft and large different sizes diverse shapes... covering the entire sky.

Michael : Filling an... not only filling it up... ah... in terms of ah... the same altitude... there were at different altitudes... some as low as 100 feet. And of course the end was... one landing right in front of me... and ah... out they popped. They um... they wanted me to specifically say they are not going to be coming out to appear as gray aliens or whatever... they will make every effort to let people know that they are um... our types our humanoid types... that we won't... you know won't... fracture us... in our... in our... in our minds... cause us to become terribly afraid. They do reveal themselves... they will try to reveal themselves in more a more human manner.

Curtis : Well even humans can be awful scary when you meet somebody in a dark alley or something ...

Michael : Right right

Curtis : People are afraid.

Michael : But they will be... they will be somewhat you might say... out on... you all know that they're not... from... they're alien but they look... but they won't be so alien that we can not relate.

Curtis : I see... well this story about your dream just last Saturday and on top of ah... just what's happened since the beginning of this year. Is quite amazing with the activity... that has... and again having an luminous UFO land on the ground for hours.

Michael : For hours yes.

Curtis : That's ah... I asked George Filer if he ever heard of that and no he had never heard of it either. So it's ah... really a fresh story as far as... and it is not being covered in the news... even though an entire town saw it.

Michael : Right right. And by the way I don't know if... you know... if there was a terrible event that preceded it... like they allowed an impact of a big astroid to come in. But from the fact that the area I was in... was green grass there were buildings all intact... did nothing looked as if it got hurt... and then they appeared. um I would say you know that's was prior to the terrible event.

Curtis : And you said that the craft came down and came right in front of you and...

Michael : Just landed yeah...

Curtis : ... and you spoke to being on board. 55:15

Michael : Yeah two... basically not have a choice. You know. They are not coming to visit... they are coming to get me. They showed themselves. And basically you don't have... you don't have time... to think about it.

Curtis : You mean you don't have time to think about or basically anyone they get... to communicate with.

Michael : Yeah... just about anybody that they'll... they'll interface with... of those that they're coming to get will not have much choice. You know. You either go or you don't... you know.

Curtis : Well I would imagine... a huge armada of ships in the sky... covering the sky and land and say... get on board. I think a lot of people would say no way.

Michael : Right right. There is going to be a lot of people that will say no way. Yeah they will do exactly... the opposite. They will scramble and hide and not want anything to do with it.

Curtis : Because that is what happened with this craft that landed in Mexico. Some of the people got very close and ah... actually the article I... people can read it... but it said... they starting crying like children... they thought they were to be captured and hurt... which they weren't... no one was hurt. They did say it hurt their eyes a little bit. And ah... but that was a huge... that's a huge big deal having a UFO land on the ground. And like I said before... they didn't land in the United States.

Michael : laughs

Curtis : But this will ah... so were are going to see more and more of this... this year.

Michael : Yes it won't stop getting bigger until... the actual... the actual lift has taken place.

Curtis : They won't stop...

Michael : They won't... they won't get any smaller... they will get larger and larger in numbers until the lift takes place. After the lift... there will be sort of you know... a disem... disem... kind of a... governments and things like that will really becoming like... oh no... you know... it really turns the table of... their... their agenda. laughs... so...

Curtis : The government's agenda. 58:10

Michael : The governments of the world agenda. They won't know how to proceed exactly. And then they'll come a time when it will be moving toward that... the age that opens up more ah... teaching... people will be given more and more teaching and understanding and then you know all of this... um will begin to be... all of this mess that we're in right now... will be begin to dissolve away.

Curtis : I see... well we'll be... watching the news... not the news but at least the web and see what's happening. But... we have about a minute left if you want to close anyway Michael.

Michael : Well that's... you know... we've been talking for this hour.

Curtis : Yeah you have really said what you wanted to say.

Michael : laughs... yeah.

Curtis : And ah... well we'll be watching the news and I'll post this on the site and again we just got high speed today and DSL is working that goodness and maybe I can get this posted tonight and ah... we'll do this again next week and see what is happens in the news next week. But this week has been ah... and I'll take look more at those images of ah... Tampa the Tampa UFO on the 20th of January.

Michael : Yeah and try and look for those two lights two lights... kind of like shepherding these... could have been a really terrible event.

Curtis : Yes... amazing. Well thank you Michael... we'll talk with you next time.

Michael : Okay

Curtis : Okay. Aloha

Michael : Aloha bye-bye

Curtis : bye

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