Michael from Maui
Hour 291

71 minutes
Tuesday ~ 24 November 2015

Many of the things would be
straightened out if you would understand
the primary purpose of life

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Real life experience

Stan Myers water powered car

Magnetic pulser

Subject : Thanks

Hi Curtis. I just listened to this week's broadcase with Michael.
Thanks for presenting my questions, and please convey my thanks to Michael
for his discussion and endorsement of the

Calvin Len Mckee

21 November 2015
read this hour 291
Subject : Morontia World Teachings - Blog?

Hello Curtis and Michael,

I continue to listen faithfully to your wonderful broadcasts.
The last broadcast was another triumph.
I have visited the site and it is wonderful to know
that the Time of Change is on.
I read the first two sessions.
I feel its reality and truth.
Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

I intend to read the teachings from beginning to end.
I'm wondering if any of my fellow participants;
listeners, you, Michael and of course any of the Shaharoon would like to participate
in a blog.
I notice the MWT site has provisions for opening chapters.

I am taking my Masters degree in psychology now; thus my disappearance.
What I am finding is partial answers to people's problems.
Faith is missed in the field; not absent just marginalized.
So I prayed a petition to the Father to guide me to filling that void
and in your next show, the answer came in the form of this site.

Let me know your thoughts.

Earthly Ted from PA

20 November 2015
read this hour 291
Subject : Possible Sighting

Hey Curtis,

Something interesting happened want share with you.
I asked the celestial to show themselves or give me a sign,
then had this feeling of stopping my car and taking a photo of the sky.
I did not notice anything but when i took a closer look I noticed a purple round translucence sphere ...
this is a little above the 9 clock position.
Hope all is well...


P.S. Well over 10,000 new visits for the month again on
Keep up the great work I am still learning new things from older recordings,
a real treasure trove of information.

20 November 2015
read this hour 291
Subject : Paul Simone's art store

Paul Simone's art store

13 November 2015
read this hour 291
Signed by Paul Simone
Thank you
Paul Simone
for your wonderful color image of
Nikola Tesla from the famous black and white photograph
of 1890 by Napolean Sarony.
See Paul's email of
30 November above.
Tesla printed on very fine paper


I went all the way
and bought Imagekind'
top of the line paper
for my Tesla print;
Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl.
You'd not believe the difference
in lightness of color.
Just an FYI for you.

Subject : Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship
Certification Plan for Commercial Transport Approved by the FAA

Something LM is working that I hadn't heard about before.

Subject : pod cast Hour 289

Hi Curtis,

Here is Eric's and your conversation for pod cast 289. It was just wonderful!

Love and Joy,

Pod Cast Hour 289

Curtis : So, as far as ah... as far as what they call the "Hollow Earth," a whole area and they ah... We've seen drawings with suns, with a Sun in the middle, just looks like... and clouds. Sounds like the New Jerusalem.

Michael : Yeah, uh hum... yeah.

Curtis : In a way...

Michael : It sounds like a, you know, a ah... manufactured, uh... a mined out area.

Curtis : Uh hum.

Michael : Yeah.

Curtis : So, can Shaharoon tell us if there is such a place? Or, if there is such a place? Or, if he could show us how to find it? Cause ah... I've read stories about people climbing a mountain and going behind a rock and finding a passageway and going, going down this long tube corridor and then seeing a, a... like a head light coming toward them. And it turned out to be a sled from old technology but ah...very modern. Crazy story, but that was years ago.

Eric Sharhroon : Oh yes, this is Eric.

Curtis : Hello, Eric Shaharoon.

Eric Sharhroon : Yes, it is interesting that you would say that. But in the light of things concerning old technology, you must remember that many of the structures that were initially placed upon the Planet Urantia were, you might say Bases uh... Way Points, structures as we have on the Moon presently here. Orbiting planet or orbiting moon ah... does have a active facility of ours. And it is used as a intermediate point on an observation area. We ah... do, also do some gathering of material - mining. But most of the material that we need is much easier found. On Urantia, early structures were placed upon the surface but would not endure. Ah... especially during the time of the Ice Ages. And we found that structures could be more enduring if they were placed beneath the ground. And they were not as expansive as you might have thought they were in the descriptions that others have used to describe these under-world areas. But they, indeed, are large. You can literally fly ah... an aircraft in it. But they are ah..., you might say... specialized Bases, presently. We still are not able to reveal every detail of what goes on because there are many, many things that do take place there ah... that have to do with the governance of a Fallen Sector.

Curtis : Hum...

13 November 2015
announced hour 289
Eric Sharhroon : The governance of the Fallen Sector requires that there be others involved in the continual, ah... operation in the very remote regions. And as you're well aware, ah... ah... your Heavens are ah... quite spread out and Urantia is far on a very ah... distant area of ah... some of the locations of the closer more well developed ah... both planetary and ah... environments which were structured or as the Urantia Book calls them, architecturally developed - Architectural Spheres. You might say we follow similar patterns in the way in which we structure some of these inner-Earth structures. They tend to be spherical, yet, connected by inter-connecting tunnels. These tunnels are not necessarily just a, you might say, a open gap. They are literally connected through inter-depend... inter-dependent dimensional pathways. These seem like open connections if you were to move through them but they are not. If you were to operate or look with, to them from a different perspective which is within your own environment they would seem like solid rock. But it is not the case in many of these openings which are essentially the same way we can move through solid material. Therefore, some of that which was seen and observed was as only a "view" not as a real experience in terms of overall exploration of these cavities. Again, some of the many, natural, natural openings and the natural openings sometimes do interface with the... you might call them inter-Earth or inner-Earth ah... structures ah... artificial - as if we were making them. They actually appear as, you might say, a type of metamorphic growth-changes in the material. And it results in not necessarily requiring mining or movement as you would structure a tunnel you dig through and remove materials leaving a, a , a opening ah... These ah... many of these that were structured we use a very different method and one that ah... you will be learning one day. How to do and how to use. And you'll find that there are many planets that will have structured themselves to become hollow. The reason for that ah... many of these becoming hollow is because these structures or planets have become ah... irradiated by various sources of energies, especially their own sun. Ah... their magnetic fields have become ah... very weak if not nonexistent. Ah... Planet Urantia is definitely not the case. There's a very lively electro-magnetic field, a shielded, which if it was erased would simply eradicate a great portion of life on the surface. And the need for moving underground ah... would ah... for a higher civilization would be not necessarily a difficult thing to accomplish. But in the case of what is spoken about this ah... various explorations and different ah... incidences where people have actually come back with testimony of observing the underground world ah... it is true. So, ah... they are not populated by your human population today because it isn't necessary. In the early Earth structures that were necessary to build ah... they were ah... placed under the ground. As you can tell, structuring a sphere, large sphere in space is ah... time consuming. Although it's much more elaborate, it can be much more beautiful then a structure that would go underground such as what you have on other planets ah... populated closely within your own Solar System. An example, first of all, would be your own moon. The next would be other close by planets such as Mars and Venus are those which have underground ah... structures also.

Curtis : I've heard Venus has an underground world or an underground civilization.

Eric Sharhroon : Well, your old, ancient ah... human populations did ah... create underground cities. Ah... these were quite elaborate. And of course they were very primitive but, nevertheless, they ah... moving underground for a population of humans was at their time a necessity. So, ah... there were other times in which other populations were guided by us to move underground. Ah... you would look at ah... some of the ancient histories or even legendary origins of people. Ah... the Japanese on their island community, ah... were ah...led by our people to ah... save themselves by moving into an underground domain in which was fabricated already and made ready for them and their dwelling for a time after which they were allowed to return to the surface.

Curtis : Are you referring to in the middle of the 40s, the 1940's?

Eric Sharhroon : No, this is much, much longer a time period, thousands and thousands of years ago.

Curtis : I see. And, Shaharoon, your saying the Japanese went underground at that time... thousands of years ago?

Eric Sharhroon : Yes, in order to survive the bombardment.

Curtis : Hum... And what was happening on the surface of the Earth at that time at that area of the world?

Eric Sharhroon : It was a mix of natural bombardment from your own Sun and some that did come from out of your Solar System.

Curtis : Ah... Could you be more specific what you mean "out of our Solar System?"

Eric Sharhroon : Yes.

Curtis : That means that out of all our planets in our Sola Sol... from outside our Solar System?

Eric Sharhroon : Yes.

Curtis : Are you referring to trouble?

Eric Sharhroon : No, this is something that would happen and could happen to your planet again.

Curtis : Oh.

Eric Sharhroon : You would not have enough warning. The velocity of such a energy bombardment would be nearly that speed of your detectors. It would require us knowing and simply moving. We would in time have such a advantage, perhaps, you might call it, to be able to move faster then the velocity of light to be able to warn you people. It would be very selective, not a broad sweep.

Curtis : Hum... hum... And, uh... was this only centered around the Island of Japan from out... or was this, was this the whole planet that was affected from outside our Solar System?

Eric Sharhroon : It was ah... the entire planet.

Curtis : Was this a shock wave? Or, what could you tell us? And, what was it from?

Eric Sharhroon : It was a shock wave from and exploding planet, a star as well as its' planets that were consumed in a mighty, ah... explosive action producing a bombardment of more then just highly charged particles but energetic waves that some of which you know about , others which you do not. As you are aware of, the Sun's recent bombardment of your planet only a few days ago - a flare as well well as its' ejections from the Sun did impinge upon your planet creating a smaller interaction. Some of it resulting in earthquakes. But they can be much, much, much more powerful energies that set off both Sun as well as coming from the actual primary wave from outside.

Curtis : This ah... shock wave or explosive action thousands of years ago, were the, were the Pyramids in Giza built at the time or were they not built at that time?

Eric Sharhroon : They were built at the time. Ah... the ah... the Complex was built where the, the Pyramids are today. You see, the Complex is built on a Complex which is built on a... so the Pyramids stand upon a Complex of ancient, much older structures some of it which is no longer there. Evidence, you will find that the oldest element that is visible there is much, much older then the Pyramids.

Curtis : Hum... And what is that that's older?

Eric Sharhroon : The ah...

Curtis : The foundation, you mean?

Eric Sharhroon : The ah... sculpture of ah... the giant sculpture of the animal-man.

Curtis : Oh, the Sphinx, that we call the Sphinx.

Eric Sharhroon : It has been distorted many times. It is quite old. It was there.

Curtis : And, recently within the last, I'll say fifty years, they showed how there was water erosion around that "animal-man" at one time. You can see the lines of water, of what water would do. It seems like nothing else would do it but...

Eric Sharhroon : Yes, but it was a much different climate then. It was very, very tropic. Very, very, very different.

Curtis: So the Sphinx was there before the Pyramid Complex was there?

Eric Sharhroon : Ah... the Complex was there. The Pyramids were built upon the Complex. The location is, is, was selected much, much earlier then when the Pyramids were structured there. But the Pyramids themselves were a Guidance Structure initially. You know, to ah... have multiple functions. Simple pyramidal structure as it is, inert, without the installations inside of them still will function as a energy absorber and distributer. The energy that is absorbed then distributed has a lot to do with the health of the area. But the overall climate must match but it does not anymore.

Curtis : Do you mean the overall climate of our entire planet?

Eric Sharhroon : No, the entire planet is of course shifting and you should well be aware of your own sciences understanding of the movement. And, of course, you understand that the area around there was much, much greener. Even rivers have dried up. So, you know, it was a important structure in terms of bringing forth highly productive ah... you might say, fruitful areas.

Curtis : So the Pyramids were... We have all these drawings that show how humans could build the Pyramids. My gosh, we didn't have ropes or people on the planet to pull those huge boulders up 450 feet in the air. And, ah... people often wonder who built the Pyramids and why were they built? Well, you just said, they were a ah... a Guidance Structure and a energy absorber and distributor.

Eric Sharhroon : Yes.

Curtis : And would this, would the Pyramids still function as that if it was ah... activated again?

Eric Sharhroon : Ah... they are in a way a very low intensity way still functioning in a similar... Because a pyramidal form is very important in bringing forth that triangular nature of triangles. There is more to it then that.

Curtis : Yeah, there's a lot of very interesting things about the Pyramids. They're perfectly lined up to the North Star and there's a ah... a shaft in there that ah... when you, when you get to the bottom, in the Pit, that it doesn't matter whether it's daytime or nighttime, it points directly at the North Star. Was, I always thought that that was almost like ah... a ah... Celestial Signature to show who built them or where, they, where the builders came from.

Eric Sharhroon : From the North Star?

Curtis : Well, I don't know from the North Star. But this Shaft points toward the, you know, lines right up with the North Star when you're down in the Pit. Course, you have to have a mirror in there. It goes up and then it shoots up again. But, ah... the light from the North Star comes in that, in that passage way. I often wondered where the signature is of who built them and it's interesting that they still, that they still could function.

Eric Sharhroon : Do you not consider that a signature?

Curtis : Well, ah... I guess if we don't know how to run it or control it, or use it or operate it or... It's like... Well, we have these things called helicopters. And if you can't fly a helicopter, all you can do is get in and, you know, read the time on the clock or get in out of the rain if you can't do a, if you can't, if you can't function, if you can't use the equipment. So, I feel like the Pyramids is something we just can't use because we don't know how to work it. Are there instructions or what can you tell us about how to run the Pyramids?

Eric Sharhroon : There are many things that the Pyramid was made for but the strongest part was necessary to stabilize it for the distribution of special energy. Special energy that you talk about, that I talk about, is what is available to us to use. It makes possible inter-dimensional function, energy, travel, time dilation, time gating. Time dilation sometimes is required in, to do work with materials ah... material formations, ability to soften, even solid rock to a very low temperature, in fact, natural temperature. Yes, there are many other things that you will learn shortly. But, most importantly, you must turn from the divisiveness that has stifled your civilizatio's ascent toward the Divine Nature.

Curtis : So you said, we will, we will learn these things shortly?

Eric Sharhroon : Yes. You must remember that discoveries that you make today are really rediscoveries, a form of special learning.

Curtis : Uh huh...

Eric Sharhroon : Can you imagine to say, entire world structured with the same concept of the pyramidal design throughout and that which supported the pyramidal design there? What a boring place. Everything is the same.

Curtis : Everything is the same?

Eric Sharhroon : Yeah, how would you like that? You might say, we allow you, for your own evolution, even in design and application. That creativity is the Essence of the Divine Nature. To stifle it would be stifle-ling the very Divinity that flows within all of you. Creativity is Divinity. Standardization is anti-Divine.

Curtis : Hum... (laughs) That's beautiful! That's a... that is just... Creativity is Divinity.

Eric Sharhroon : The Essence of It.

Curtis : The Essence of It.

Eric Sharhroon : Why do you think that you search for the Creator? Cause He put a bit of Himself in you, in us... that we may be allowed to be alive to make the necessary life movements, decisions to be just that - creative and Divine. Intelligent, hum... many times intelligent doesn't always make "intelligent decisions."

Curtis : Yes, that's where they make the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons.

Eric Sharhroon : Yes.

Curtis : Not for to ah... prosper humanity. And ah... it's just a shame that humans are suffering so much on this planet and it just doesn't have to be. Seems like the wrong people are steering the masses in the wrong direction. Nothing like natural food and natural pure water. That's all we really need. Or, maybe, Shaharoon, you could think of many other things we could really need or really should have. Is there a ah... is there a magic thing you could tell us to ah... aide the people who really aren't creative or deep thinkers to open their minds to ah... a better understanding for our lives? It seems like people are in, seem to be in a, what we call a rut or just going in the wrong direction. Creativity is, I mean that's how we got out of ox-carts and got away from horse-drawn carriages.

Eric Sharhroon : What is wrong with horse-drawn carriages?

Curtis : Nothing, it's very reliable but if you want to, if you want to get from this part of the world to the other part of the world or if you want to travel a distance our automobiles are... We have headlights and, you know, comfort inside and we can travel at what we consider a decent rate of speed just to get around a little bit in our own community. But our, our Solar System is really our, our own community, our own neighborhood and ah... ah... just to be able to... I mean we send our space craft out to Saturn and take pictures of your Architectural World and we can see them from telescopes and we have several pictures but ah... There's a group of people on this planet who will not allow that to be shown and they keep a blind eye to the whole thing. It does stifle our creativity is what is, is, is what the problem is. So intelligence is ah... is very important for us to ah... to exercise. Thinking - we need to be better thinkers. But, I like hearing what you have to say about the Pyramid. Is there something else you could tell us that we don't know?

Eric Sharhroon : It is most important that what you already know you include in your life experience. The Divine Voice that resides in you is the key that opens all the mystery. If you persist in Its' Leading, you will find yourself experiencing a wealth of experience. Where you're at right now is temporal, temporary abode. But you must gather for yourself as much life experience that takes you hand in hand with the Divine Voice and in appreciation for All That Is, both natural and that which you make yourselves. For they are all a result of the Nature of the Divine Voice within you. Do not escape that Voice. Or if you do escape that Voice, a great void will swallow you up. You will loose the compass and bearing that is necessary to navigate into the areas which are not known and make proper choices. Without that bearing upon that timing and that initial Fragment of the Divine within yourselves, there can be no wondrous thing that can happen to you, no magical influence. If you loose that, you loose that very Essence, the spark and wonder of life. Therefore, say to you, give an ear and have your voices ready, not simply only to ask but also to sing a voice of appreciation for that which you've gained so far. And moving forward from that point with that voice of appreciation toward the Divine Voice, signal a true influence unflow because it will. Because in that appreciation would be a sharing of the same Voice throughout making a New Destiny Creation of your own Abode, One of Light and Life, One that will never end.

Curtis : Well, we would like to live on and never end. There is always wonder to see.

Eric Sharhroon : Even that will perish even if you do understand that. All things must be renewed. And this continual renewal process is not something that happens once or twice. It is a continual and ongoing process. You might say, you continue and as you put your foot forward a new walkway appears right in front of you. And as you continue your ah... walk in alignment with the Voice, that walkway will continue to appear just in front of you discovering more and more as you move on. But if you escape that Divine Voice, your next step may cause you to fall off this path. And if you do fall off, ask, and you'll be put right back on it as if you've never fallen before. And then continue your exploration. I bid you farewell, I, Eric Shaharoon, farewell.

Curtis : Farewell Shaharoon, thank you so much for coming on and enlightening us once again. I... we all love to hear what you have to say. And uh... very interesting. Wow! Ahoy, Michael.

Great Thanks goes to Kathleen
for her wonderful effort and work transcribing part of hour 289
for all of us to read.
Subject : thanks and questions

Hello Curtis and Michael,

What a delightful pod cast (289)! It had a little bit of everything,
enlightenment, mystery and wonder. Another gift that just keeps on giving. Thank you,
Curtis and Michael and to everyone else for their contributions and
thank you
Eric Sharhroon for your profound and beautiful message.

After I read Wendy's letter on your Listen page a couple of weeks ago,
I went on line to refresh my memory on
the Hollow Earth Theory.
And I ran across this short manuscript called "Etidorpha or the End of Earth".
It seems to express a dimensional aspect (inter-Earth?) to the inner-Earth journey
that is taken. I found it to be very thought-provoking and if anyone else
would like to check it out you can find it here:

Also, I do have a few questions for the Shaharoons.
My first question is pertaining to the
"mystery of the crystal skulls".
I have never seen them in person but years ago I did buy a book on them.
I have always felt a strong energy coming from some of the photographs of the skulls
in that book and I was wondering if you could enlighten us on the history and
purpose of these skulls.
My next question is, when Eric said,
"You must remember
that discoveries that you make today are really rediscoveries, a form of special learning."

It just makes me wonder if this has anything to do with what Michael has said
about our civilization having to De-evolve or maybe reset.
Could you expand on this please?
Many thanks to you always.

Love and Joy,

13 November 2015
read this hour 290
This photo of White Eagle
holding a crystal skull
taken by Curtis
at the Pebble Hill Church
Doylestown Pennsylvania
approx. 2004
Subject : Contacting the Shaharoon...

Hi Michael,

I'm sending this to you for confirmation
that it is one method to contact the Shaharoon.
It's nice to have feedback sometimes.

For those of us who do not have the 'circuit' you have been given,
this seems to be the key to contacting them and other celestials as well.

This is the ingredients for my recipe:

1 - Desire: I must create the desire to communicate with them.

2 - Love: I must muster up, accumulate or otherwise generate enough love energy
to power my desire. This love is focused in my Heart Mind.

3 - Visualize: I must actually picture, in my mind's eye,
seeing and being with the Shaharoon.

4 - Open: I must raise my overall vibrational frequency,
allowing the growing love energy in my heart mind until it floods me,
to 'connect' with and be open to them.
Eliminating as much ego as possible helps.

I have done this and felt their love as well as the
long standing dedication they have given for all of us.
This also gives them a small reward back, for their eons of service to us all.

Other words that can be used for the steps listed above might be:
Intent, sympathetic resonance, manifest , and channel.

I'll try this again tonight to see if I've got it right.


10 November 2015
read this hour 290
Subject : question for Michael of Maui

Hi Curtis.
Could you ask Michael if he could endorse
the Melchizedek's Mansion World Teachings,
as we have archived them at www
These are the teachings of the Celestial Overseers on Earth
as described in the Urantia Book
and are under Abraham's direction.
He, (Abraham) and Mary Magdalene are two of the most
hear-connected of our human history, to today's people.
Little wonder why the Universe would select them
to spearhead these mansion world teachings ... which as he states,
are now availble to todays mortals.
They are the lessons otherwise humans receive
once they get to the Mansion Worlds.
I'd like Michael's endorsement if he could.
Thanks and nice to hear your shows.
You are appreciated, Curtis.

Calvin Len Mckee
SLC, Utah

1 November 2015
read this hour 290
Subject : Cassini prepped to conduct
"screaming" pass through Enceladus' plume

Hi Curtis,

Just a quick note with a link about plans for Cassini this week:

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, Cassini will "sample" the water
ejecting up from geysers spraying up from Enceladus.
At around 12:00 SCET/UTC, at an altitude of approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) above the Moon's south polar region, Cassini will soar through the plume
- which has the same consistency as smoke - and, in so doing,
conduct the long-lived vehicle's deepest dive through one of Enceladus' plumes.

more later:
John in Columbia Maryland

27 October 2015
read this hour 290
Subject : Inner Earth theory - Agartha

Dear Gents,

I have recently been asked by my 18 year old daughter Crystal
if there is any truth to the hollow/inner Earth theory.
I remember reading a book many years ago about a father and son's account of their journey on a boat after surviving a mighty storm and sailing into unchartered waters. They arrived at a place known as Agartha/Inner Earth.

I cannot say if this was fact or fiction,
but I allowed my imagination to roam for in the story Agartha
resembles a community in light and life,
which made this such a pleasant read.

I would greatly appreciate the Shah'roon's response
to whether there be any truth to this or not.

The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha

Voyages to the Inner Earth and the Realm of Aghartha
View on

With warmest greetings from New Zealand,

22 October 2015
read this hour 289
Subject : Coming economic crash

Dear Michael,

I have been doing allot of reading in regards to the current 7 year jubilee cycle.
There seems to be a big correlations between tech, housing, and other investments
in regards to the global economy. The latest seems to be the biggest which is
the new app bubble. Billion dollar investments and valuations for software companies
are rising again. Could this be the start.
In 2000-2001 you had the tech bubble burst,
then in 2008 the housing bubble,
and now it seems another tech bubble is growing
and this one will be even larger than before
considering the entire world economy is connected with apps
and Internet software unlike a decade ago.


20 October 2015
read this hour 288
Subject : Questions

Hello Curtis and Michael,

Every time that I listen to your pod casts I feel like I am opening a precious gift,
a heavenly gift. I carry such a living gratitude in my heart towards both of you,
towards the Shaharoons, towards James and the other questioners and listeners.
I feel it is such a high privilege to be a part of all of this.

I have had a few things on my mind lately that I am hoping
the Shaharoons may be able to shed some light on.
First of all,
in Pod Cast 285 at 21:57, Ted said,
"The nations will stand before us having The Lord Most High Universe Creator
looking upon them. The New Jerusalem, there which we are,
orbiting but not yet implanted upon your planet
will have a time as it was pointed out in to the old man,
the prophet of old. His name was Isaiah."

I have listened to this excerpt many times and I am wondering
if the New Jerusalem is currently orbiting Urantia?

Ted continues on to say,
"Isaiah could see as we would show.
In that day which is very close, the assembly of the multitudes will be
enlightened upon your planet infused with knowledge
which I try to share with you and hope that it successfully embeds
seeded truthfully in your planet and ignited in the fire
in the flame of greater truth and understanding.
In that day, people will come and say,
"Let us go unto the Mountain of the Lord,
to the House God of Jacob, to the Ancients,
to those who were
writing upon scrolls upon scrolls of paper and parchment
that He may teach us concerning His Ways and that we may walk in His Paths."
This is very much what you asked for.
The Urantia Book speaks, yes, of the Nature of Divinity, the Divine Ways."

When you speak of the "Mountain of the Lord," are you referring to
the New Jerusalem implanted on Urantia?
And that the time that this happens is very soon?
... the time when multitudes of the people of Urantia will go to the New Jerusalem
to learn the Nature of Divinity, the Divine Ways?
Can you speak more on the changes that precede this time?

In loving gratitude...

Love and Joy,

19 October 2015
read this hour 287
Subject : Earth and Moon image from Nasa's Deep Space Climate Observatory

Hi Curtis,
Just a quick note:
I saw this Earth and Moon image and thought of Michaels story of heading to Saturn
and seeing the Earth and Moon shrinking in the window view.
That was when he realized it wasn't an Apollo video.

Keep up the great work!

John from Columbia MD.

Photo from:

Video of transit:

7 October 2015
read this hour 286
Click image to
Watch on YouTube... then see...
Planet Earth seen from Space (Full HD) Original
Subject : Finality of Thought

Dear Gents,

I trust this finds you and all those who partake of this broadcast in good spiritual health.

As a creature of time, I accept that I must enlarge my concept
of the temporal to embrace the reality of eternity.
This enlarged way of thinking is challenging to me at times.
In particular, I have difficulty in understanding 'Finality of Thought'.
I would be most grateful if the Shah'roon could expand on the UB reference,
if they so desire.

Paper 32 The Eternal and Divine Purpose
Frankly, eternity is incomprehensible to the finite mind of time.
You simply cannot grasp it; you cannot comprehend it.
I do not completely visualize it, and even if I did, it would be
impossible for me to convey my concept to the human mind.
Nevertheless, I have done my best to portray something of our viewpoint,
to tell you somewhat of our understanding of things eternal.
I am endeavoring to aid you in the crystallization of your thoughts
about these values which are of infinite nature and eternal import.

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature
of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of
boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life.
And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career
are yours for the striving!

Paper 112 Personality Survival
In time, thinking leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to worship;
in eternity, worship leads to wisdom, and wisdom eventuates
in the finality of thought.

With warmest and loving greetings from New Zealand,

11 October 2015
read this hour 286
Subject : Nursery Planet

Hello Curtis, Michael, and fellow listeners,

Curtis, in hour 284, you asked Michael about the fate of infants.
The Urantia Book touches on this subject in paper 47 part 2 titled,
"The Probationary Nursery". Check it out if you'd like.
I would also like to ask Michael if midwayers are unique to Urantia;
or, are they found on other planets too?
As always, thanks for what you do
and I hope you stay safe from this hurricane.

Light and Life,

Chris in Liverpool, NY

1 October 2015
read this hour 286
Subject : Fruits of divinity

Dear Gents,

I trust this finds you well. We are enjoying the renewed beauty of spring
in New Zealand and the fruit trees are in full bloom.
It is only fitting that I felt the desire to read more of the spiritual fruits
that Jesus spoke so much of during his time on Urantia.
There are hundreds of references to this topic in the Urantia Book,
but the following reference struck me the most;
Paper 56
To finite man truth, beauty, and goodness embrace the full revelation of divinity reality. As this love-comprehension of Deity finds spiritual expression in the lives of
God-knowing mortals, there are yielded the fruits of divinity: intellectual peace,
social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy, and cosmic wisdom.
The advanced mortals on a world in the seventh stage of light and life
have learned that love is the greatest thing in the universe - and they know
that God is love.

Love is the desire to do good to others.

I often ponder on the wonder
of participating in this broadcast and I never take this gift for granted.
The mere miracle of gathering once a week to be in the presence of our wise teachers:
the Shah'roon, and to get to know all those that participate in sponsoring the podcast,
presenting and sharing in Michael's wonderful experience of visiting the New Jerusalem,
is such a treasure to me.
To each of you I can truthfully call dear friends and I hope to cross paths with,
be it on Urantia or another sphere, I know you too share in my joy
in the full understanding that what we now know in part, one day we will know in full.
We may live on a backwards and confused planet, but already we experience the joy
and great hope of being part of the family of God.
Already we all share in this love-compression of God.

I would greatly appreciate if the Shah'roon could expand on the fruits of divinity,
if they so desire.

Sincerest and warmest greetings from New Zealand,
Your friend,

23 September 2015
read this hour 284
and will read this again next hour

Read this again in this hour 285

Tesla Motors ~ Electric cars made in the USA

Launches All Electric SUV Model X ~ tonight 8PM PST

Reactions to the Tesla P85D
insane mode...
4 minute video... fun to watch.

29 September 2015
Subject : Energy pulse

Dear Gents,

My own understanding of the following matter is very limited and I hope the Shah'roon could shed some light on this recent event of the 'Large microwave energy pulse', and if this has any relevance to last week's discussion on Urantia's current movement within the galactic plain.

As always, loving greetings from New Zealand,

Large Microwave Energy Pulse From Outer Space Hits Planet Earth! |UFO Sightings Hotspot

4 September 2015
read this hour 281
Subject : Podcast 280

Hi Curtis and Michael,

I have spent this Labor Day weekend in a labor of love.
I have written out the words of Ted Shaharoon from pod cast 280
for you to post, Curtis. Deeply felt thanks to you, Shaharoons, for the enlightenment and for the Love letter. They are both priceless to me
and I treasure them in my heart. And to you, Curtis and Michael, I hope that you realize deep in your hearts my love and gratitude to you both for what you have brought forward into my life. As always...

Love and Joy,

7 September 2015
read this hour 281
0:29 Curtis : ... and occasionally we hear from Shaharoon using Michael to transmit his voice into the recording. And I want to thank James from North Walles Pennsylvania... I appreciate you tremendously James... thank you for sponsoring the hours. And I wanted to say hello to Bernadette in France. She wrote and at the end of what she wrote she said... who is Shaharoon? And that is what we asked last hour. ~ Hello Michael

1:03 Michael : Hello Curtis

1:04 Curtis : Hello. Welcome back and glad the hurricane didn't effect Hawaii too much. ah... Weather but ah. Hot as can be here... and I wanted to say about ah... Shaharoon. It ah... is great having him come on and ah... explain things to us about ourselves that we didn't even know. So that is always an eye opener.

1:44 Shaharoon : Yes Curtis... this is Tadaktic.

1:48.375 (Who said this ???) : Hello

1:48.550 (Who said this ???) : Ted

1:49.075 Shaharoon : I am here.

1:50 Curtis : Hello Shaharoon... Glad you came on so quickly... hello.
I have a ah... I have a question for you Shaharoon if you want to start right there. Lets see... this is from Kathleen in Kentucky 24 August... she writes...

Hi Curtis and Michael,

Hope you and yours are doing great. We are all doing well here.

Your pod casts just continue to offer up enlightenment after enlightenment.
It feels as if a spicket has been turned up and I am amazed at what pours forth each week.
It is as if one thing clicks into place and then the next piece is brought forward.
It took a little more effort on my part to keep up with this new flow but lately
it's as if I have found the rhythm to it and I'm moving more in the flow of it.
It is such a wonderful feeling.
I want to express my deep gratitude for what you make possible.
Thank you, Curtis and Michael and to the Shaharoons also.

Michael, when you mentioned how we are passing through the Galactic Plane,
I went back and studied Pod Cast 160 (19th Sept. 2012)
in which you spent a good deal of time explaining what that meant
and some things that we would experience.
Now that we are actually passing through the Galactic Plane, I would like to ask
the Shaharoons if they could expand on what is taking place as we make this passage,
what will take place as we continue on.
What can we expect with this focus of morontial energies?
Will there be sudden changes?
How long is this passage?
What does a "time wave" mean?

Love and Joy,

Thanks to Kathleen
for transcribing
the words of
from Hour 280 /
Pod Cast 280
28 August 2015
read this hour 280
Shaharoon : Thank you Kathleen. The concept of movement through the Galactic Plane is what you are experiencing presently and it does have some physical and also some, you might say effects upon living, the living - you as a Human Being. These things are an influence of the various energies that are focused upon the Plane. The Plane itself is a highly focused and not well understood by your scientists, uh... the technique of energies and dynamics that have to do with the setting up of such a Plane. But it is related to the dynamics of energy, electrical energy. You might say, energy in its' simple form. If you were to look at every Galactic Plane there spinning about, spiraling out from a central axis, is the connecting point by which galaxies are united in a universe. That is an important thing to understand. Your galaxies are not isolated. You presently know your galaxy, The Milky Way, as your home but your Destiny is beyond it.

All physical Beings who have been given a soul and the relationship with the Divine Fragment, the Thought Adjuster will be allowed to ascend by their very nature, having both a consciousness and a soul functioning with a Divinity Fragment has the possibility and true Destiny, if they desire, of making it through such connections through galaxies. In other words, a greater home beyond The Milky Way. It is in such a way that these forces include spiritual energies. Spiritual energies can only be perceived by spiritual attunement. I repeat, spiritual energies can only be perceived by spiritual attunement. You are not a low form of life. Indeed, you are a high and very special form. One given a soul. Your one morontial possession. That morontial possession, indeed is a gift of your development and a token, truly, of your Higher Destiny. Do not forget, do not forget your Higher Destiny.

As you are within this field of force of energy, morontial energy, spiritual energy, take time. I do not say take all your time. But, take some time out of every day to gain attunement within. First, attuning to your own Divine Voice within you as an individual who will begin to open as if an eye was opened to the sights and sounds and perceptions of this Higher Realm of Reality. You see, you have no destiny beyond your sphere of in... of life if you do not gain spiritual attunement. But your, and has been shown through many, many, many developments such spiritual energies can effect the reality plane in which you live. In other words, the spiritual things can actually manifest in real and physical things and events and circumstances arranged by will creatures as yourselves, as we are. It is our great desire that you attune yourselves regularly to the Divine Voice personalizing Himself within you and you personalizing yourselves within Him. In other words, the engagement of true, new personality development. The neo person, the new needs to grow. But if left alone and unallowed to make input into your desires, into your will chosen lives, you simply will be cutting yourselves off from the influence and advantages of this higher energy plane. Right now, you might say your battery is ready to be charged up. And if you are charged with a significant charge that is not of the Morontial Plane... In other words, your cup is full, not of the essence of life, but is full with the desires of life in this Plane of existence which you live in right now. Your life is short but it is important, extremely important. What you feel your life is with the relationship to this area, to your engagement with others, to you might say civilization in part but with the greater and higher civilizations that are and do exist in the Higher Realms.

Thanks to Kathleen
for transcribing
the words of
from Hour 280
We have inspired many things within your planet. Your Ancients did devise various ways of symbolizing their relationship to us as we tried to impute into them the understanding of the Higher Realms. As a result, many temples were built that were stacked up that had a resemblance of higher houses such as a pagoda stacking one house upon another until ascending to the height that equals approximately seven. Many times including the full eleven heights of dimensional home. You, at the lower level, if you do not realize that you have a higher level will spend all your time simply functioning at that level. Have you ever looked at ants busily at work within their realm of existence? They seem impervious to your gaze. They are busy about, moving about busily getting things done. Much of that can be duplicated by your own lives. But do you ever wonder as you gaze upon an ant that others gaze upon you and hope that your consciousness grows from that of an ant to that of a Son Divine, a Child Divine? Will you stop and gaze up and understand that there is more toward your existence then that of an ant? I hope so. Indeed, I know so. For those of you who hear this, my voice, have chosen to listen to it as insight into that realm of attunement. Simply take time daily. Attune yourselves. Listen and you will hear. You will hear our voice speaking. And I am not saying it is my voice. I am saying it is the Divine Voice which is our voice also. For by the same voice, we all attune ourselves. Heaven and Earth are not separate. They are united and linked by this extra-dimensional plane.

Moving back to the Ecliptic Plane of the Galaxy... The energies of the dynamics of electromotive as well as others are understood somewhat of your scientists. But these spiritual energies that are also included in that Plane are not understood because they are not perceived by scientific experiment. Rather, they are perceived by the intuition of your own receptor. You might say, your extrasensory ability to hear. this is an important and very personal gift to you such that your receptivity becomes more acute as you spend time daily as the energies are truly moving, you might say, you might begin to hear more clearly the Divine Voice.

But in the Physical Realm, look about and you see changes in your planetary weather systems; you see changes in dynamics in your convulsive nature of earthquakes and volcanism. Grand currents that move in the oceans are moving and changing. The dynamics of your magnetic field upon your planet is a movement right now. You see this as a terrible thing, something that may cause an end to all life. This is not so. Life will not terminate on this planet because we, as Guardians of the Destiny of Urantia, will not allow such a thing to happen. And if it be beyond, far beyond our capabilities, then the most precious Ones, you who have been attuned to the Voice Divine, will be evacuated in both physical and morontial form. Such an event has been predicted and perhaps even prophesized. But do not let it be the focus of the manner in which you attune yourselves to the voice of the Divine because that goes far beyond your life upon this planet. If you attune yourselves to the Voice, you are well aware that there is more to your life then the things physical. More important then food or clothing, the car you drive, the work you do, the daily business that you have to go through, you say, in order that you might live. But in that living, take a time out every day or night and absorb this morontial energy that you may never have the chance again to drink in with such great splendor, giving you a great boost. You might say, a true lift in your development.

from Hour 280
Grand Spirits have been allowed, the Great Spirit, Holy Spirit assists you in the change in which you need to make so that you will live a life in the physical, yet not purely physical. You will live a life in your bodies, within your minds and concepts but have a grander experience even with the Celestial Consciousness. And it is important that you gain relationship to the Divinity within yourself by which you will have even a relationship to those sent to you to personally help you in your lives, in your development as you gain a Divine Embrace as you also give an earthly or physical embrace to the Divine. That is the time, your time, in which you spend to embrace this relationship. You, in the Physical Realm are locked within time itself. Taking a small bit of that time out to embrace the Divine is your ability and your way of expressing a Divine Embrace. Your Divine and your Human Embrace toward the Divine who is not locked within time. Yet, that bit cut out from your daily normal lives has a great effect upon your development and your nearness to us. You see, the brotherhood of man, the brotherhood of all of us is made up by a spiritual bloodline, you might say that you gain in these times and you gain in your lifetime. Understand again, that your Destiny goes even beyond the Galactic neighborhood, The Milky Way and the spheres that make up your local system. The fallen system of Satania in which you are is a challenge, for even your neighborhood, neighboring worlds were challenged. Many of which fell, fell down under the veil and the dark. Making their way back to the light, gifted, many of these have been challenged. You who have and seek the Light and understanding and greater understanding of the neighborhood, know this, that the things pertaining to the Physical Realm will be altered somewhat. Some by your own technologies and much of it because of your personal attunement to the Divine Voice. Life as it is on your planet will undergo some changes simply because of priorities of purpose It is one that we have been working with you to develop that attunement. Again, not to the physical or mental but to the Spiritual Plane - the Spiritual Plane which units us all and which share energy lanes. Energy lanes even between galaxies upon which your physical selves cannot journey. The journey between galaxies are made on a Spiritual Realm. Your scientists do have a concept and understanding that such a thing would be impossible to do on the Physical Realm. All that which makes up you as a physical Being would be torn apart in such a journey. But in that journey, you will be able to make and understand and be part of the greater neighborhood of the Grander Universe and making your way because you have developed into the Associated Divine Sons of the Foremost and Kind.

Do not forget your time - your daily time. You can use many techniques. A day freely walking among the trees in the park, a day at the beach, a time of day, quiet time, before a meal, after a meal. There are many times, the morning time, the evening time. Make a time. This is so important. Develop your Higher Destiny Attunement while you have breath in you - do this to gain the rewards of Higher Destiny. such was the message of the Creator Son, Jesus Christ to you. Believe on Him and He has made the Way for you. For truly, there was no other messenger as great as Him into your world, sharing the same message yet walking your very same path. He's showing you the Way like no other messenger ever could. What a gift! What a gift you have to have such a messenger, the very Creator of all the Universe! This I leave with you right now, One, Joshua ben Joseph, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God whom I hope you would make your Lord who you would become attuned to as well as His Father through the Divine Unity of the morontial energies present and the influence spiritual. These are ever flowing. We can give names, familiar names but it is your relationship to them them that is most certainly supreme in importance in your lives. Therefore, do not worry upon the things pertaining to your lives. They'll be given to you and fulfilled in you in your walk if you take your time and make your presence known to Him, the Creator Son, the Voice Divine within you. As He will make His Way known to you.

from Hour 280
Look about and see the changes and understand that they have indeed forces that are coming upon your planet, not by your own making but upon your planet because it is by His Making. A change is coming. I guide you to that change for attunement, to higher attunement, to grander attunement to entire planetary attunement. Confusion will leave. Light will shine. Knowledge will flow. And the technologies that you hope for will become apparent as we will give them to you one at a time by inspiration in a manner in which you receive even such a voice as mine...

Shaharoon : Ah... yes, I see it. Do you ever wonder that we ever write love letters? Indeed we love you. How then do we write such letters? You wonder, ah... crop circles, they're a message, yes?

Curtis : Yes.

Shaharoon: We have many who will write such messages and many different ways of expressing them have been shown. Sometimes we actually do things that help you. But messages, letters of communication are often something that we experiment with. As your technology moves to higher levels, we can use them to express our indeed our heart felt feelings for you. It is not incorrect that it be perceived, that light apparition, as a heart because as we have found out and know it is a symbol in which is nearly universal in your people a a symbol of love and as such we present it. The others are artists. The orbs are indeed true. they fabricate such a thing. It is that simple.

Curtis : Well, that's a nice message, Shaharoon. It's nice you uh... share with our listeners that you know they're listening.

Shaharoon: Ah... it is also a message to express that we are aware of you through the channels and lanes in which I have been talking about. These spiritual channels which link you to a higher realm and a perspective. In other words, as we can gaze upon you as you can gaze upon ants. Understand that we can try to communicate with you as you could try to communicate with ants. but ants are mechanistic. They are not spiritually attuned. They are attuned to living force but not the consciousness and spiritual attunement that I am talking about. So, when you become spiritually attuned to us, we can send you messages and even as I use a beloved son of ours as borrowing his vocal chords so these messages can come to you on a personal level - One on One. And that is wonderful - One on One...

from Hour 280
Curtis : Shaharoon, is there anything in Mars that would be worth, interesting for us to go visit and see? Personally... like...

Shaharoon : There are many curiosities that are there. There are relics of installations that were placed there at one time. But these installations have gone perhaps, below the surface.

Curtis : I see.

Shaharoon : I would say that you would find Mars no where near as beautiful as your own world. Take good care of your world. Why look to a deserted relic?

Curtis : That's how I feel.

Shaharoon : Instead, understand and as you have well understood, yourself, Curtis, that there are indeed worlds, and one orbiting Saturn that is much more interesting. And it's filled with great wonder. It is a place of launching out within the Realm, within your Galactic Realm, not Inter-Galactic but Galactic. Where physical Beings interact and interchange on the Heightened Realm of Development. You might call it a part of the "Staircase to Heaven." There can be finished many areas of your Ascended Career ahead of the normal way which may sometimes take many, many lives beyond your own. But if you attune yourselves to the Divine, that, indeed, can be cut short and your development and your appreciation of the Realms of Worlds of Wonder and which you will share the construct of many, many lives building monumental, glorious structures unbelievable by your standards as being ever possible to exist. The New Jerusalem is nearly beyond comprehension. Yet, I believe it still is within the realm of the grasp of your imagination.. It is a small thing in comparison to that which you can explore if you graduate beyond the realm even of your mindal experiences and curiosities. Yes, to go to Mars is indeed a great thing such as discovering a new land voyaging and realizing your planetary structure and moving about your planet. It is all part of the development. Yes, and the neighborhood and the physical neighborhood in which you dwell. But much more importantly, when you move into the Realm in which we dwell which is in the space beyond your planet, even in between the spaces of the spaces. We expect that you hold in your hands, in your grasp, a well understood understanding of the free invitation into our Realm which you are invited. Simply learn how to read it because it is spirit. Simply learn how to understand it because it is spirit. And if you do, the invitation has been read. And we will gladly forward you to a Higher Destiny and Realm. This is our purpose for you. And our purpose for ourselves is to keep you aware of your Destiny. This is just one of many.

This voice... grows weary... and I will release it.
Good life to you.

42:23 Curtis : Farewell Shaharoon.

42:31 Michael : Yeah

42:32 Curtis : So nice for you came on and talk with us.
I loved how you ended this by your free invitation and... this is our purpose to you. That's beautiful.

42:51 Michael : I'm glad you got that part........

1:10:58 ~ recording ends

from Hour 280
Subject : pic

Hi Curtis and Michael,

Hope that you all are enjoying life. We are enjoying an early taste of Fall here
even though it may be leading us into an early winter. It seems that many places
in the northern hemisphere are experiencing early snows and cooling trends.

However, the reason I am writing is to send this photo that I took on August 23rd at sunset.
I just find myself drawn back to look at it again and again.
I went out to take photos that evening because when I looked out a window
I saw what looked to be a meteor or something.
But by the time that I had gotten my camera there was no sign of it.
I did notice that there was one, lone pink cloud in the sky so I just started taking pictures.
I didn't notice anything at the time but when I pulled this photo up on my computer,
I noticed the
heart shaped form and also the three gray spheres.
One at the bottom right and two at the top left.
The sphere at the bottom right seems to have a small circle of light on its' bottom.
This photo just seems to have grabbed my attention and I would like to know
if the Shaharoons would like to make any comments on it.

I am sending the original photo and also the cropped part of the photo
of what I am talking about. Thank you so much.

Love and Joy,

28 August 2015
read this hour 280
Kathleen image
23 August 2015
Subject : thank you and questions

Hi Curtis and Michael,

Hope you and yours are doing great. We are all doing well here.

Your pod casts just continue to offer up enlightenment after enlightenment.
It feels as if a spicket has been turned up and I am amazed at what pours forth each week.
It is as if one thing clicks into place and then the next piece is brought forward.
It took a little more effort on my part to keep up with this new flow but lately
it's as if I have found the rhythm to it and I'm moving more in the flow of it.
It is such a wonderful feeling.
I want to express my deep gratitude for what you make possible.
Thank you, Curtis and Michael and to the Shaharoons also.

Michael, when you mentioned how we are passing through the Galactic Plane,
I went back and studied Pod Cast 160 (19th Sept. 2012)
in which you spent a good deal of time explaining what that meant
and some things that we would experience.
Now that we are actually passing through the Galactic Plane, I would like to ask
the Shaharoons if they could expand on what is taking place as we make this passage,
what will take place as we continue on.
What can we expect with this focus of morontial energies?
Will there be sudden changes?
How long is this passage?
What does a "time wave" mean?

Love and Joy,

24 August 2015
read this hour 280
Subject: Universe Names

Dear Gents,

I trust this finds you well.

My sincere thanks to everyone working at keeping the weekly podcast stay afloat.
You are all deeply valued, and a special thank you to the Shah'roon for their
enduring love in reaching out to us.

I find myself going back and reading UB papers again
with a little more understanding than before.
I am currently reading Paper 108 and I came across a passage that made me wonder
about the Shah'roon's individual names - with reference to the following;

Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters

Their mission is also that of elevating the mortal minds and of
translating the immortal souls of men up to the divine heights
and spiritual levels of Paradise perfection.
And in the experience of thus transforming the human nature of the temporal creature
into the divine nature of the eternal finaliter,
the Adjusters bring into existence a unique type of being,
a being consisting in the eternal union of the perfect Adjuster
and the perfected creature which it would be impossible to duplicate
by any other universe technique.

Human subjects are often known by the numbers of their Adjusters;
mortals do not receive real universe names until after Adjuster fusion,
which union is signalized by the bestowal of the new name
upon the new creature by the destiny guardian.

If the Shah'roon so desire perhaps they could elaborate on this.

Warmest greetings from New Zealand,

8 August 2015
read this hour 278
Hi Curtis,

Hope everything is going well for you.

After listening to Pod Cast 276,
I felt urged to get Michael's written message from Shaharoon out in written form.
I know it became more and more comprehensible to me as I worked through it
to get it written down so I am hoping that it helps other listeners to the pod casts. Anyway, here it is below.
I worked through it pretty quickly so that you could get it as soon as possible and check through it. Thanks for everything Curtis.

Love and Joy,

31 July 2015
read this hour 277
I corrected the text to work with html on the internet.
Sorry I did not check
through what Kathleen
wrote of Michael's words.


Pod Cast 276

In which Michael explains a recent chat with a Shaharoon:

Michael: ... a chat with him recently but he started talking in language that I fully didn't understand. In English, of course. So, I started writing it down. Well, might if you... it was concerning, you know, as we in, you know, the entire world has many major religions or Faiths all concerned with the Human Destiny uh... where what, what happens to a person after they die. We're trying uh... you know... We know a person is born and then they go through life and then they die. This is my huge complaint about the purpose of life. And it was the great call that I had out to the universe and I... the reception the rec... it was received and then the whole journey and unveiling came about in bringing the story of the New Jerusalem. The, the fact that we are just one, very young part of an expanding universe of sentient Beings, of people. And uh... I uh... looked at the concept and said, there is so many other people; you know, you've got people of partially every Faith has only part, is only partly correct. It has in itself only a, a partial understanding. And it's good enough because the first step is the most important one - the choice to go uh... and do this uh... choice that we have but it's not well known. Different Faiths give different methodologies. And one of them was the things I remember as a... having to lead people through was something in Christian circles called, "The Sinners Prayer." But it's not ubiquitous through all Christian Faiths and or even in other Faiths. But it's more like a, uh... the Apostle Paul declared that, One must uh... accept that uh... Jesus Christ is uh... Lord and Savior and make, basically say a prayer of acceptance of His Lordship.

... Then I received, started to receive this message that came out this way, this says, "The Divine Prerogative of Ascension is immutable, immutable prescription of Human Ascent, the Human Ascension Career cannot be dispensed with, with simple words." This one sentence was the answer in part and it went on to say, "But it is the everlasting right of every Human Being today that this choice is yours to make and to live the Conjugated Divine Nature of Human to the Divine." This is, in other words, it's saying, it's a lot more then words. It's our entire life and that our living is so important. The conjugated, uh... the conjugate of both Human and Divine is this joining, conjoiningness, not a freakish thing but a developmental prerogative. That word, prerogative, means something like a special right. You know, it's like a inalienable right concept. It's a Divinely given right for every Human Being to be able to make this choice and then to live the conjugated role or life within the ascension career.
Wow, so I was thinking, he's using fancy words here. Cause they were so fancy for one. So I just started to write them down. It's not how I talk. I talk like this. (laughter) It's kinda dif... different when he starts to try to give you answer and it comes out this way. It goes on too, he went on to say uh... and it goes on to say, "to conjugate both the Human and the Divine Nature into our completely new variance of the living expression in a kaleidoscopic and absolutely Divine Way and Nature. To profuse the symmetry of both the Human and the Divine embellished by the vicissitudes of our living or your living. But it was brought to me that way. So, its' sort of fancy, yeah? (laughter)
So this came to me and I had to write it down. Cause, it's getting like, what are you talking to me about? So it sounds almost like the Urantia language. But that is really a answer to my question, "Is it enough for a person to just bear oath through the, what we've called the "Sinners' Prayer" or to any form? But it basically goes on to say, it's really living, even the vicissitudes of living. These many, many trials and works and different pressures and choices and every kind of thing that will basically set a kaleidoscopic... You know what kaleidoscopic means, right?
Curtis: Uh...well I know what a kaleidoscope is... kaleidoscopic?

Michael: Yeah, kaleidoscopic, many dif...

Curtis: Many different views.

Michael: Views, exactly! And these views are actually quite beautiful. And these are the things that are recognized. Because one of the things about the Divine Nature, the higher level Divine Nature - we're able to be read much like a book. You know, and this is one of the things I gathered really quickly being with these Celestial Beings. Their telepathic understanding of you is very, very fluid. They easily uh... understand. They bear your image. You know, our life. You know, people talked about... I remember some ministers saying, you know, how we have a wonderful crown of righteousness, a gown of great uh... majesty and glory that is given to us beyond for... But this is really what it's all about - this morontia development of the soul is something that is really a radiance that is what they are able to see and realize upon our lives, you know, individual nature, but one that radiance the embellishments, you know, from our lives, you know.

Pro-fusing the symmetry of both the Human and divine. Pro-fusing means to really embed into our nature a new nature, a new and living way - Many of the, the customary words that were given to the born again experience. But being with these Celestial Beings, they "see" you. So, you know, when we are "seen as we are known" the, the truth is that we will be recognized by what we are known by. Maybe not our physical appearance, because that physical appearance may very well change as it did with uh... Christ, Jesus Christ's resurrection. Because even his disciples didn't recognize him. They recognized him by his personality and his references and by even his, perhaps telepathic inferences. These things are what is developed.
So, you know people are terrified sometimes thinking about, wow, you know these, these uh... Celestial Beings or these uh... aliens, supposedly. They're just like us except they're monsters, you know. Having been with the ones who are faithful and true to the Primary Purpose and that Primary Purpose of the Human Mortal or the Mortals which are called Human. Actually, we're not the only Humans around but... Mortals. Isn't it the immutable, immutable... it's a Divine Prerogative, Divine Right of Ascension that prescription is to really have, to be given out freely. Not, you know, through divisiveness or held on by specific doctrines and teachings. Although many of them will lead down the path toward the same goal and that's why many times it's not necessarily corrected by the Celestials because it is enough to lead the person the right way. And this is what I returned to discover among many other things, including our own abilities having to, you know, discover technologies and wrapped in a lot of technology and wonder at the AMA... I'm amazed at the movement of how much we've ascended technology. You know, at one time the Age before uh... the Information Age was the Age of Industrialization. And when you look at industrialization... the capture of energy and use of energy to give the Human more freedom in expression in their lives if for this purpose, for the embellishment to the vicissitudes of living toward, you know, really much more beautiful appearance in the Celestial Realm. That beautiful appearance is one that makes people interested in you. You know, are we purely uh... individuals for the purpose of being just like the Angels? Actually, we're not. We are actually destined to be more then the Angels, more then many of the citizens that already dwell within the Domain. That's why we have assistants who through our lives' vicissitudes gain their Nature enrichment - their enrichment and our benefit. And it is to our benefit. That's why it's so important that we uh... move uh... in our lives with this awareness, a continual awareness of the Divine Prerogative - the Divine Right, especially ordered and commissioned for the individual Human Being. Not just on our planet, but we're concerned with ourselves here so, therefore, it's our, our, the Human Prerogative of Ascent and the choice. And when the choice is made to live life many different ways to different choices, to become a truly Divine Being. And the solutions to many of life's challenges will come our way and are made easily if we would but understand how things work in the Realm of the Divine.

In the Realm of Resource and Development, if you look at One's life and you say, well if it's just finance and money that makes our life real, real and enriched, then, the rich people should be the Ones who have the greatest uh... enrichment and fulfilled lives. And, when you do study and come to know people who many times have a lot, you find out that their lives are empty. They're continually enslaved by their wealth and they no longer are able to enrich themselves in life experience that is something that challenges their Nature and brings real character into their Beings. And par... and is part of the, the process of conjugating both the Human and Divine Nature in a personality. And this is something that is quite amazing uh... when you see... it's... that it's not, you know, having a lot of money that will make the Divine experience successful. It's maybe the opposite - having maybe not enough or a little bit and continuously enriching One's choices - the vicissitudes of life's experiences, having many angles and many, you know, viewpoints into the kaleidoscopic career of One's life. And this is kind of a way in which, man, I feel, you know, it's like, "I think I better write this down cause it's getting a little heavy." (laughter)
So I'm trying to untangle this for everyone.
Michael sends this link of a UFO Cube over Texas

[MIND-BOGGLING] Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas! 6/29/2015

7 July 2015
read this hour 274
Subject: Youtube video-Saturn

Hoaglands Secret Space Programs ~ rough cut

Hello Curtis,

I've been really enjoying the show lately.
I wanted to send you this 2009 presentation I discovered on youtube.
The video isn't great as far as quality goes, but it is interesting.
The main focus is on an anomaly found within Saturn's rings.
But, at the 31:15 mark, the presenter shows a picture of New Jerusalem
and discuses what the object might be.
New Jerusalem appears to be surrounded by three smaller bright objects.

In Light and Life
Chris in Liverpool, NY

for finding this

Chris from Liverpool New York
Richard Hoagland says
at 31:42
... is... this little guy
when I looked at this... and I said... wait
what is that doing there?
And why does it have this kind of interesting geometry
with one
..... ..... .... and two little ... ...

This is a star... alright... this can become a gray head or not
but this geometry configuration just can not be accidental
neither is the fact that, Cassini took the pictures.
And whatever it was...
and I think
it may be an actural vehicle of unusual design
was anyhow next the rings

All of you... ... practically knew that Cassini was going to take the picture
and it was possing as a message.
Those in Washington and other tabloids
do not mess with us... cause we control energies
you can only dream about.

That again is part of the speculation... 32:50 (tape was disrupted)

Beyond Knowledge Converence
Liverpool England
September 2009

Thanks goes out to
Miles Johnson
for recording this.
It could be the only copy
found on the web.

21 April 2015
read this hour 268
21 April 2015
read this hour 268
Richard Hoagland
pointing to what he found
near the rings of Saturn.
Architectural World / New Jerusalem near Saturn's rings
with 3 protecting spheres
just as Riley drew it.
I placed his drawing on
the cover of
The Coming of Tan.
21 April 2015
read this hour 268
The video is cut off when the front cover of
Ringmakers of Saturn appeared (see image here)
owned by Norman Bergrun... at the 32:48 point.

Bergrun's attorney contacted me 15 years ago
saying to remove the images I had on my web site
including the cover of Bergrun's book shown here.
All images were said to have been altered and
therefore the property of Bergrun.

Why would anyone wish to alter NASA Cassini images?

21 April 2015
read this hour 268
Michael Hour 261



I am here right now. Would you like me to say. This is Theoteractic.

If you would dare, allow me to comment upon the desired information, this we cannot share. We can only share that we have been very aware of the situation, and we have been given tremendous resource to accomplish the grand lift. The grand lift will not take place suddenly and globally in one sweep. There shall be special lifts and there has been many, many. The voice I use, Michael, he was a special lift, a raptured individual, but brought back that we could accomplish the preparation for the great harvest. But before the harvest can be, the tilling of the ground must be, the sowing of the seed, the growing of the crop until the harvest begins.

You have known that there is evil, and it has grown up together with the good. It is us, we who are in charge of some small part of the development of this great harvest. But ultimately the points that were brought out are true. Your individual destiny, all who have an ear understand, make now your corrections in steering the course for your divine destiny. For by so doing you assure yourself a place of great value for your soul, not just for your body. For your body will still indeed perish and cannot inherit many of that which we have put in place.

Let me remind you that the organic body that you live within, your physical development period is not able to withstand the transition and must be shed in order that you might inherit what is known as a morontial state through another higher body. So whether you, in such a lift, perish a physical death, remember an instantaneous lift, nearly at the same time can also take place. Do not fear the things that may come upon your planet in this transitional time, because in the grand awakening and unveiling great fear can come upon those unenlightened. Those who are enlightened who have prepared themselves well can find themselves truly enraptured. The preparation take them close together.

Daily if you can, align your hearts to the celestial mind held in your divine central source within you. This I say to you, the timing is close, yes. The exact day we know not. But I can say the structure of the elements have been put together about your planet, even as much as could hold millions to billions of actual physical people, yes, not just the soul. But will it be accomplished in this manner? We know not.

We are all being brought to this point in which the great purifying shall take place. There have been many whove been brought forth to help and teach, and through the centuries before great vessels were already in place. The New Jerusalem was already in place. So know that the additional only multiplies the affect necessary to tilt your planet toward truth, toward light, toward life. But it is still in your hearts to open as many eyes as possible and as many hearts for the pressure of the Spirit of Truth still embodies you all. Give light when it is needed for you are the light bringers.

Say I, Theoteractic (Ted) Shaharoon to you, bid you farewell, good life and light.


Thanks to: John from Columbia Maryland
for sending in this transcription of Shaharoon.
Elon Musk
builds spacecraft
Grasshopper Divert / Single Cam

Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)

NASA can not do what Elon Musk's Grasshopper can do.

China can not do it...

Russia can not do it...

Boeing can not do it...

What is the Pentagon's secret space drone doing?

12th paragraph
While the X-37B requires a rocket to boost it into orbit, its success may be helping to
revive dreams of a true reusable space plane that can take off and land like an aircraft.

Elon Musk ~ Spacecraft can do exactly this
while NASA and Boeing are still dreaming. > watch above

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Our listeners are encouraged to write to SOTA Instruments
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Or write them and thank them for helping improve their lives.

13 February
read this hour 264
Hi Curtis!

[New post] Russia Builds Tesla Tower

Have you heard of this?
Putin is smart... has spent years changing their currency to a gold-backed system too. They're tired of the U.S.A's fiat system!
Hope all is well & you're rolling along with the increasingly intense ascension energies.

Cheers, Christie B

Drone Footage: Tesla Tower in Russian winter

Published on Feb 11, 2015
Normally hidden from prying eyes, Ruptly was allowed take exclusive drone footage of the stunning 'Tesla Tower' in the Moscow region. The vast research site is home to general enormous voltage impulse generators that potentially have the capacity to equal Russia's entire electricity output.

Tesla Tower Restarted near Moscow - Spectacular! Thunderbolt-shooting

Note the toroid shape windings on arms tilted upward.

Just as the drawing Riley drew of a Tesla commuication device near Pluto.

16 January
read this hour 259
Subject: Circular Glowing UFOs Perform Odd Maneuvers Above Massachusetts (VIDEO)
25 December
read in hour 257
Subject: Amazing rocket launch!


Paul Simone

2 December
Michael... sent this YouTube... on GMOs
he wanted to play some of this during our recording...
Also Michael says to watch Jeffery Smith's other videos.

BT Toxins, Jeffrey Smith

6 November
read in hour 250
Subject : Mark Twain pays a visits Nikola Tesla's lab 1894

An oldie goldie just for you Curtis.

I hope everyone can see how this image Tesla had a photographer take shows Tesla came from another world to accomplish a feat
such as this.
7 November
Ozone gas injections receive attention on a show bigger than CNN.
It is Alex Jones out of Austin Texas 20 years producing a news show without strings.
About a year ago I tried to introduce your water ozonator into their menu of products.
They now sell to their amazement... an oxygen product and they see the results of Oxygen.
Last Friday 7 November
Alex Jones in his 3rd hour... had on his platform... Dr. Robert Rowen MD just back home from Africa.
Listen from... 0:58 to 17:44

Great to see the subject of oxygen and ozone on a major platform.
What a boost to the awareness of oxygen and ozone.

Watch ~ Alex Jones News ~
Alex Jones is the CEO and host of his show.

Live Show runs 3 hours... starts... 03:00 Honolulu... 9:00 Pacific... 10:00 Mountain... 11:00 Central... 12:00 Eastern
then repeats until the next day.

16 August
I cannot verify the following numbers but apparently somebody has had their calculator working hard.
Listen to : Alex Jones
reporting the news
for 20 years
without control
from these 6 corporations
Drudge Report
Neil Armstrong Would Not Swear on a Bible that He Walked on the Moon

Did we walk
on our Moon?
Why not?
the reason
is damaging indeed
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Subject: VISUALLY CONFIRMED: Enormous Craft Detected on Moon

Hi Curtis,

Did you see this?

good article

3 March 2014
I first heard about this:

Then it was Removed
7 March 2014

All of this was kept secret until, quite by accident, the LROC images (which are generally made public) were uploaded to the publicly available GoogleMoon service, where intrepid users came upon the enormous object. Now, the whole world can see this "object" on the moon --- the secret is out.
Monday, 20 January 2014 11:58
January 18, 2014 -- (TRN -- At least one enormous object of unknown origin has been visually verified as having landed on our moon. As a result, on Wednesday, January 15, three Terrier-Orion rockets blasted off within a span of 20 seconds from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST (0600 to 1000 GMT) on hush-hush missions for the Department of Defense (DoD).

TRN has obtained photos of the unknown spacecraft and has an audio interview with an outside consultant from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) who confirms that for almost two years the
U.S. government used the McDonald Observatory in Texas to track the approach of two of these enormous objects. A year ago, in January 2013, the objects had gotten to 200,000 miles past Mars when they suddenly vanished.

Realizing these two craft were approaching earth and might not be visible to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) depending upon where they went, the Government reactivated the previously cancelled Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) to be launched to the moon on September 6, 2013. It took almost 100 days for LADEE to be placed into proper lunar orbit because NASA utilized gravity instead of rocket fuel to achieve this. By December, 2013, both the LADEE and the LROC found at least one of the two enormous objects had landed on the moon, in a crater the size of the City of Chicago.
Link is broken
Curtis Saved
article right here...

"Dr. Eric Norton 1 " has worked as a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA for about 12 years. He has worked on many projects for the government, most recently with the Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) which is involved in several research projects with the underlying goal of gaining a better understanding of the meteoroid environment so that the MEO models can be improved. They basically monitor the skies, track meteors and other objects in space.

On January 22, 2012 Dr. Norton" was called to travel immediately from his east coast home to the McDonald Observatory in Texas, which is one of the largest optical telescopes in the entire U.S.. He was booked on a flight out the same night and was met at the destination airport by an Agent from Homeland Security who whisked him to the Observatory on a matter of national security.

Upon arrival, Norton says he met with other colleagues who said they needed his help to identify something which had been detected in space, and showed him images taken from the telescope over a period of months. "What I saw was an array of massive, three-dimensional, black structures in space, in straight-line formation, advancing in direction of planet earth." Norton said he knew this because he was also shown images taken three months prior, which depicted the very obvious course of direction of these things which, he said "had moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just 3 months." The speed at which the objects were moving was utterly incredible.
Dr. Norton said he was brought in with the understanding that his job was to aid in gauging exactly what type of composition these objects were made-up of. Were they man-made, natural or unnatural to anything seen before it?

Using the scientific instruments provided by NASA, Norton and his team were able to discern the fact these were not naturally-occurring materials. They were, to their best - but limited- understanding, some sort of metallic, carbon-reinforced material, several thousand times the structural hardness of what we have today; be it naturally-occurring diamonds or carbon nano-tube technology.
As the objects got closer, Norton and his team could see through their telescopes the structural features of these things in high detail. "They were shaped in the best way I can describe, as a three-dimensional L-shaped craft" said Norton. He said he used the term "craft" loosely because he doesn't know if they are piloted or vehicles at all in the strictest sense. "All we knew is they were moving and moving fast" he said.

By January, 2013, the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. At that point, almost instantaneously, the objects vanished from the telescope lenses. "It was almost like they flipped a switch; we couldn't see them on any form of radar we have or any visual medium" he continued.

From February through April, 2013, Norton and his team scoured the skies looking for the objects to no avail. Norton was sent home and told to be ready on a moment's notice to continue his work if needed. For almost 6 months, he heard nothing. That changed in October, 2013 just before the US Government budget shutdown, when Norton telephoned a colleague and found out the enormous objects had suddenly re-appeared at our moon and had taken-up positions behind -- or on -- the moon. According to Norton's colleague, all hell was breaking loose in government to try to determine what these things were, where they were from, and what they were doing. There were all questions, but absolutely zero answers.
At the time this article was written, for over 1600 days NASA has been operating the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera (LROC) to take high-definition images of the moon surface. Despite being active for over 1600 days, LROC has only imaged about twenty percent (20%) of the moon's surface. Unable to re-task the LROC to go on a wild goose chase for objects that may or may not be near the moon, NASA had to come up with a way to compliment LROC but do so in a fast and inexpensive manner. The solution: LADEE.
In 2008, NASA proposed the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) as a robotic mission that would orbit the moon to gather detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. Scientists have long sought a thorough understanding of these characteristics to address long-standing unknowns, and help them understand other planetary bodies as well. LADEE was to be a NASA lunar exploration mission led by Ames Research Center in collaboration with Goddard Space Flight Center.
In 2010, the Obama administration cancelled the LADEE program because of budget cuts, but in 2012, when the objects for this story were detected, the LADEE program was suddenly resurrected. NASA knew it would take over a year just to build LADEE and a rush order was placed to NASA's AMES Research Center to build the LADEE probe.

The probe was launched on September 6, 2013 via a Minotaur V rocket, formerly designed as an intercontinental ballistic missile for delivering nuclear warheads. To reduce fuel costs, the mission was designed to require 30 days to travel to the moon achieving arrival through the use of earth and moon gravity instead of fuel. After arriving, LADEE underwent "check-out" for 30 days before beginning another 100 days for science operations. LADEE arrived at the moon around October 6 and finished check-out around November 6.
In December, 2013 LADEE's Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometer (UVS), which determines the composition of the lunar atmosphere by analyzing light signatures of materials it finds, detected something very large and very different from anything "lunar." The object was located in a crater which is about the size of downtown Chicago. It was L-shaped, like a wedge, gave off no radio signals but did appear to have seven areas where light of some type was either being emitted or being reflected.

Thanks to LADEE having found the object, NASA knew where to look and sent the LROC to grab high-resolution images. Those images are classified, but low-resolution images from LROC made it out to the public via routine LROC publication. They ended-up as part of GoogleMoon where intrepid users found the object. Here now, the low-resolution images of an enormous object, which was tracked by the U.S. Government for millions of miles before it soft-landed on our moon:
In hour 287
we talked about this craft with Sharhroon.
It is not there now.
20 October 2015
Perspective shot for location

In 2012, the U.S. confidentially shared information about the inbound "objects" with other governments. Shortly thereafter to the surprise of many, China announced it intended to land on the moon and launched its Chang e-3 in December. That launch took place and China became only the third nation to make a successful soft-landing on the
moon with its Chang e-3 lunar lander. Upon landing, the Chang e-3 deployed a rover called YUTU. The U.S. has been in contact with China to see if it is possible to have its Chang 'e-3 moon lander or its "YUTU" rover travel this far to obtain more information. No word if China will assist.

The enormous object has shown no sign whatsoever of hostile intent, but whatever is going on up there seems to have the U.S. Government concerned. On January 10, NASA's Wallops Space Facility in Virginia made a sudden announcement, with only three days advance notice to the public, saying THREE rockets would be launched from Wallops between January 13 and 15, between 1:00 AM and 5;00 AM on a classified Department of Defense Mission.

The short notice was unusual; the Wallops Space Center usually provides more than a month advance notice. In fact, on January 15 three Terrier-Orion missiles were launched from Wallops within 20 seconds of each other. Their cargo was not revealed to the public and the mission is classified.

The Terrier-Orion is a small rocket that is not able to reach the moon. It can carry a small payload about 120 miles into space. So whatever the Department of Defense launched must have been small enough to fit on that rocket, yet powerful enough to be used as a defense, or perhaps to analyze whatever is on the moon. Either way, the government's lips are sealed.

The audio interview with "Dr. Eric Norton" can be heard HERE

The coordinates to be used in GoogleMoon Viewer to see the images above are: 22degrees42'38.46"N, 142degrees34'44.52"E.

The mass-media has begun covering this story. Outlets such as the London Daily Mail, New York Daily News and The Hindustan Times of India have versions of this story, but none of them has the initial, long-range-telescopic image of the craft that TRN has, nor do any of them have the audio interview with "Dr. Norton" whose name was changed to protect his identity.

1 "Dr Norton" is a fictitious name utilized to protect the identity of the source.

Audio of Eric Norton
kept by Curtis
just in case it was removed from the internet.
it was removed... although
I posted it right here on
the Listen Page.
Phoenix, Arizona
March 1997
V-Wing Craft

drawn by:
Riley Martin
page 337
The Coming of Tan

first published in 1995 by:
Curtis Cooperman
second printing 2003 by:
Curtis Cooperman

I have some copies to sell.
Find Curtis on Amazon selling
The Coming of Tan

$25 for a clean copy
14.01 for a copy with a spot.

V-Wing Craft
one circle in center
three circles on each wing
7 Circles Total
Posted 22 April 2014
Huge UFO comes off moon during eclipse.
Sent in by Pauljs 18 April
Hi guys,
You can see a very large UFO suddenly come off the surface of the Moon
and move up and into space. Then it appears to go behind the Moon.
That this has got to be enormous in size.

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31 January 2014
Hi Curtis and Michael,

Thanks for checking out the forum and for your kind thoughts. I think that this forum will provide a way for listeners to the pod casts to have "small conversations" as the Sharoon suggested in Hour 117. This pod cast (117) was a very powerful one and was a confirmation to me that I was on the right path in this endeavor. As I look back now, this whole series of events began only a few weeks ago on the night of the 26th of December. That night a little bit before 7:00 I looked out my window and saw the most amazing thing. It was a huge ball of light traveling in a straight horizontal line going north to south. As it reached the middle of my view, it exploded into a huge star burst pattern and then collapsed into a tiny point and disappeared. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I felt such a mixture of deep emotions but most of all, I felt loved. When I woke the next day, I read all about the fireball reports throughout the midwest and I started thinking that maybe that is what I witnessed and I just put the thought aside... But the feeling never left me that it was something more then that. It wasn't long after this when I started getting strong impulses and thoughts about doing something on the internet followed by a strong desire to bring it to fruition. I am not very skilled with computers or the internet, but anything i needed was provided by the skills of my family. All bumps in the road to accomplishing this were quickly smoothed over and now this forum stands as the fruit of that process. I pray that it is pleasing to All... the hidden hands in all of this and to our Creator Jesus Christ Michael of Nebadon. Lastly. if you and Michael don't mind please pass the address on to the listeners: then press: Kathleen's forum... and let us all join together in conversation. With deep gratitude,

Love and Joy,

Royal Rife ~ Suppressed Medical Knowledge

One of my favorite interviews talking about this amazing man
Royal R. Rife
from San Diego
This shows
who is in control
of your health.
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