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Hour 245

72 minutes
Tuesday ~ 7 October 2014

Our minds are really receivers

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Elon Musk
builds spacecraft
Grasshopper Divert | Single Cam

Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)

NASA can not do what Elon Musk's Grasshopper can do.

China can not do it...

Russia can not do it...

Boeing can not do it...

What is the Pentagon's secret space drone doing?

12th paragraph
While the X-37B requires a rocket to boost it into orbit, its success may be helping to
revive dreams of a true reusable space plane that can take off and land like an aircraft.

Elon Musk ~ Spacecraft can do exactly this
while NASA and Boeing are still dreaming. > watch above

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7 Octobber
Subject: Michael Question

Hello Micheal and Curtis,

I am new to the Urantia book (less than a year) and I was raised a Jehovah's Witness
but left that organization. I was taught early on that ghost are only demons trying to
deceive man into thinking that people are still alive. Then I read in the Urantia book
that ghosts are not real either. I've heard Micheal talk about how people can become ghost
and lost spirits. My mother, three sisters and I have listened to several podcasts
but cannot understand why this would be allowed by the Celestial and spirit beings
and what function it would serve to the individual?

Secondly, my sisters and I have felt like aliens put on the wrong planet for most of our lives.
Is this normal?

My family and I love the program and appreciate the time that you and Michael
put into this podcast for this world. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Love and thanks to you both,


6 Octobber
Subject: I enjoy your program

Hello Curtis and Michael.

I have listened to your program for quite a number of years.
After a while I quit listening because the audio was so bad it almost hurt to try to listen.
More recently I have come back and I am enjoying the better audio even as Michael
drifts to and away from the microphone.

Since your listeners frequently have questions about The Urantia Book I thought I would
tell you about a resource that they might find useful.
I found a study group 5 or 6 years ago and joined in the monthly reading and discussions.
The hostess for the group was a child of some of the original receivers of the book.
That said, you know she is older now and she can no longer host the group.

The group morphed into an on-line, skype, twice a week meeting, and the facilitator records
the meetings and puts them on a web site called
Fifth Epochal Revelation Fellowship, Inc
There is also another site

On Sundays we study the "Jesus Papers"
and on Wednesdays we are going through the book from the front.

The Rev. Roger Paul is the facilitator for these projects. Dr. Roger W. Paul

I hope this information will be helpful to those who (like me) struggle with the information
in the book.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for hosting the program.

Love, light and laughter.
I AM MILLIE (yes, the same Millie who transcribed hour 4)

30 September
Subject: Question about adjuster fusion

Dear Curtis and Michael,

I hope everything is going well, I know this summer went by way to fast,
and I trust you guys got to enjoy it and relax a bit.

In the Urantia Book I found 2 parts that raised some questions on adjuster fusion:

110:6.20 From the seventh to the third circle there occurs increased and unified action
of the seven adjutant mind-spirits in the task of weaning the mortal mind from its dependence
on the realities of the material life mechanisms preparatory to increased introduction to
morontia levels of experience. From the third circle onward the adjutant influence progressively

110:7.1 The achievement of the seven cosmic circles does not equal Adjuster fusion.
There are many mortals living on Urantia who have attained their circles; but fusion depends
on yet other greater and more sublime spiritual achievements, upon the attainment of a final
and complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God as it is resident
in the Thought Adjuster.

Can the celestial's offer any insight into the "greater and more sublime spiritual achievements"?
I would imagine that complete fusion even after reaching communication with our thought adjuster
might just be a shock to our system. But the Urantia Book does say that "Beyond the first circle, mind becomes increasingly akin to the intelligence of the morantia stage of evolution".
So in a sense we would be able to manipulate morantial energy prior to fusion.
And would that new morantial enegy and senses help us overcome some aspects of mortal life? Would this be sort of a requirement to fusion?

Thanks, and i look forward to listening to tonights show!


30 September
read this hour 245
Subject : Questions and pictures

Hi Curtis and Michael,

Thank you so much for these pod casts.
You have certainly made my pathway out of all this confusion a much easier one.
My heartfelt thanks to both of you and to the Shahroons.

After Ted Shahroon spoke on vortexes, I have been studying a little bit on vortexes and ley lines.
I am wondering if Ted is free to enhance our understanding of these energy lines
When he mentioned that both voices would speak at the vortexes,
I assume he is referring to the Thought Adjuster as one but I am not sure who he is referring to
as the second voice. Perhaps, he could explain this also and to why this is so.

Also, I wanted to send this photo that I took last night
and to see if you have any comments on it.
It reminded me of another photo that I took on 9 September (this year)
so I have included that one.

I'm sorry that the second one is so dark
but I think you will be able to see the "V" shape that is so interesting on both of these photos.
You will have to scroll in a good bit though.
Again, many thanks to both of you and to the Shahroons for the light you bring to us all.

Love and Joy,

26 September
read this hour 245
Subject : Thank You

Dear Curtis,

Thank you for your wonderful work in bringing Michael to us.
I was just introduced to him by a friend a few weeks ago and have been enthralled.
I am a fairly new reader of the UB and have thoroughly enjoyed hearing Michaels
unique take on the UB and all things Godward and this world-ward.

I noticed when I started listening that you had a link to a company that sells electricity for health products but I paid it little attention as I was really on your site to listen to Michael.
But I just listened to hour 57 when you were discussing Tesla
and your experiences with ozone water.
I got interested in that and went to look for the link to the company that sold these products
and it seems to have vanished.
Has it; or am I just looking on the wrong places? Can you help me out?

Again, thank you for this marvelous good work you are doing
in bringing Michael and Tesla out to us.



10 September
read in hour 243
Hello Michael and Curtis,

PLEASE take a look at the photos on this youtube video about the Fukushima Radiation
on the Pacific Ocean.

Take Care from Pacal

16 August
I cannot verify the following numbers but apparently somebody has had their calculator working hard.
Listen to : Alex Jones
reporting the news
for 20 years
without control
from these 6 corporations
Drudge Report
11 August
From Pauljs
Leaked! Raw Rosetta Images of Alien Buildings on Comet 67p

On August 11, 2014 the YouTube publisher called "secureteam10" claims to have received an email sent through an anonymizing proxy server,
from a spoofed email address, claiming to be from a current employee at the
European Space Agency (ESA), which secureteam10 describes as a "Monumental find."

Per the description, the emailed attachments were un-doctored, raw images recently taken by the Rosetta space craft of Comet 67P, revealing the true nature of the "space rock".

Namely, that an outbuilding and a disk-shaped object appear on the unretouched version
sent of this photo, differing from the images officially released.
These are compared with one another, along with the alleged, decades-long, "true"
back story that motivated this mission to capture images of this specific "space rock"
out of so many others, out there.

The publishers of secureteam10 say, "Stay tuned for updates as soon as we get them!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Subject: VISUALLY CONFIRMED: Enormous Craft Detected on Moon

Hi Curtis,

Did you see this?

good article

3 March 2014
I first heard about this:

7 March

All of this was kept secret until, quite by accident, the LROC images (which are generally made public) were uploaded to the publicly available GoogleMoon service, where intrepid users came upon the enormous object. Now, the whole world can see this "object" on the moon --- the secret is out.
Monday, 20 January 2014 11:58
January 18, 2014 -- (TRN -- At least one enormous object of unknown origin has been visually verified as having landed on our moon. As a result, on Wednesday, January 15, three Terrier-Orion rockets blasted off within a span of 20 seconds from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST (0600 to 1000 GMT) on hush-hush missions for the Department of Defense (DoD).

TRN has obtained photos of the unknown spacecraft and has an audio interview with an outside consultant from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) who confirms that for almost two years the U.S. government used the McDonald Observatory in Texas to track the approach of two of these enormous objects. A year ago, in January 2013, the objects had gotten to 200,000 miles past Mars when they suddenly vanished.

Realizing these two craft were approaching earth and might not be visible to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) depending upon where they went, the Government reactivated the previously cancelled Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) to be launched to the moon on September 6, 2013. It took almost 100 days for LADEE to be placed into proper lunar orbit because NASA utilized gravity instead of rocket fuel to achieve this. By December, 2013, both the LADEE and the LROC found at least one of the two enormous objects had landed on the moon, in a crater the size of the City of Chicago.
Link is broken
Curtis Saved
article right here...

"Dr. Eric Norton 1 " has worked as a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA for about 12 years. He has worked on many projects for the government, most recently with the Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) which is involved in several research projects with the underlying goal of gaining a better understanding of the meteoroid environment so that the MEO models can be improved. They basically monitor the skies, track meteors and other objects in space.

On January 22, 2012 Dr. Norton" was called to travel immediately from his east coast home to the McDonald Observatory in Texas, which is one of the largest optical telescopes in the entire U.S.. He was booked on a flight out the same night and was met at the destination airport by an Agent from Homeland Security who whisked him to the Observatory on a matter of national security.

Upon arrival, Norton says he met with other colleagues who said they needed his help to identify something which had been detected in space, and showed him images taken from the telescope over a period of months. "What I saw was an array of massive, three-dimensional, black structures in space, in straight-line formation, advancing in direction of planet earth." Norton said he knew this because he was also shown images taken three months prior, which depicted the very obvious course of direction of these things which, he said "had moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just 3 months." The speed at which the objects were moving was utterly incredible.
Dr. Norton said he was brought in with the understanding that his job was to aid in gauging exactly what type of composition these objects were made-up of. Were they man-made, natural or unnatural to anything seen before it?

Using the scientific instruments provided by NASA, Norton and his team were able to discern the fact these were not naturally-occurring materials. They were, to their best - but limited- understanding, some sort of metallic, carbon-reinforced material, several thousand times the structural hardness of what we have today; be it naturally-occurring diamonds or carbon nano-tube technology.
As the objects got closer, Norton and his team could see through their telescopes the structural features of these things in high detail. "They were shaped in the best way I can describe, as a three-dimensional L-shaped craft" said Norton. He said he used the term "craft" loosely because he doesn't know if they are piloted or vehicles at all in the strictest sense. "All we knew is they were moving and moving fast" he said.

By January, 2013, the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. At that point, almost instantaneously, the objects vanished from the telescope lenses. "It was almost like they flipped a switch; we couldn't see them on any form of radar we have or any visual medium" he continued.

From February through April, 2013, Norton and his team scoured the skies looking for the objects to no avail. Norton was sent home and told to be ready on a moment's notice to continue his work if needed. For almost 6 months, he heard nothing. That changed in October, 2013 just before the US Government budget shutdown, when Norton telephoned a colleague and found out the enormous objects had suddenly re-appeared at our moon and had taken-up positions behind -- or on -- the moon. According to Norton's colleague, all hell was breaking loose in government to try to determine what these things were, where they were from, and what they were doing. There were all questions, but absolutely zero answers.
At the time this article was written, for over 1600 days NASA has been operating the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera (LROC) to take high-definition images of the moon surface. Despite being active for over 1600 days, LROC has only imaged about twenty percent (20%) of the moon's surface. Unable to re-task the LROC to go on a wild goose chase for objects that may or may not be near the moon, NASA had to come up with a way to compliment LROC but do so in a fast and inexpensive manner. The solution: LADEE.
In 2008, NASA proposed the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) as a robotic mission that would orbit the moon to gather detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. Scientists have long sought a thorough understanding of these characteristics to address long-standing unknowns, and help them understand other planetary bodies as well. LADEE was to be a NASA lunar exploration mission led by Ames Research Center in collaboration with Goddard Space Flight Center.
In 2010, the Obama administration cancelled the LADEE program because of budget cuts, but in 2012, when the objects for this story were detected, the LADEE program was suddenly resurrected. NASA knew it would take over a year just to build LADEE and a rush order was placed to NASA's AMES Research Center to build the LADEE probe.

The probe was launched on September 6, 2013 via a Minotaur V rocket, formerly designed as an intercontinental ballistic missile for delivering nuclear warheads. To reduce fuel costs, the mission was designed to require 30 days to travel to the moon achieving arrival through the use of earth and moon gravity instead of fuel. After arriving, LADEE underwent "check-out" for 30 days before beginning another 100 days for science operations. LADEE arrived at the moon around October 6 and finished check-out around November 6.
In December, 2013 LADEE's Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometer (UVS), which determines the composition of the lunar atmosphere by analyzing light signatures of materials it finds, detected something very large and very different from anything "lunar." The object was located in a crater which is about the size of downtown Chicago. It was L-shaped, like a wedge, gave off no radio signals but did appear to have seven areas where light of some type was either being emitted or being reflected.

Thanks to LADEE having found the object, NASA knew where to look and sent the LROC to grab high-resolution images. Those images are classified, but low-resolution images from LROC made it out to the public via routine LROC publication. They ended-up as part of GoogleMoon where intrepid users found the object. Here now, the low-resolution images of an enormous object, which was tracked by the U.S. Government for millions of miles before it soft-landed on our moon:
Perspective shot for location

In 2012, the U.S. confidentially shared information about the inbound "objects" with other governments. Shortly thereafter to the surprise of many, China announced it intended to land on the moon and launched its Chang e-3 in December. That launch took place and China became only the third nation to make a successful soft-landing on the
moon with its Chang e-3 lunar lander. Upon landing, the Chang e-3 deployed a rover called YUTU. The U.S. has been in contact with China to see if it is possible to have its Chang 'e-3 moon lander or its "YUTU" rover travel this far to obtain more information. No word if China will assist.

The enormous object has shown no sign whatsoever of hostile intent, but whatever is going on up there seems to have the U.S. Government concerned. On January 10, NASA's Wallops Space Facility in Virginia made a sudden announcement, with only three days advance notice to the public, saying THREE rockets would be launched from Wallops between January 13 and 15, between 1:00 AM and 5;00 AM on a classified Department of Defense Mission.

The short notice was unusual; the Wallops Space Center usually provides more than a month advance notice. In fact, on January 15 three Terrier-Orion missiles were launched from Wallops within 20 seconds of each other. Their cargo was not revealed to the public and the mission is classified.

The Terrier-Orion is a small rocket that is not able to reach the moon. It can carry a small payload about 120 miles into space. So whatever the Department of Defense launched must have been small enough to fit on that rocket, yet powerful enough to be used as a defense, or perhaps to analyze whatever is on the moon. Either way, the government's lips are sealed.

The audio interview with "Dr. Eric Norton" can be heard HERE

The coordinates to be used in GoogleMoon Viewer to see the images above are: 22degrees42'38.46"N, 142degrees34'44.52"E.

The mass-media has begun covering this story. Outlets such as the London Daily Mail, New York Daily News and The Hindustan Times of India have versions of this story, but none of them has the initial, long-range-telescopic image of the craft that TRN has, nor do any of them have the audio interview with "Dr. Norton" whose name was changed to protect his identity.

1 "Dr Norton" is a fictitious name utilized to protect the identity of the source.

Audio of Eric Norton
kept by Curtis
just in case it was removed from the internet.
it was removed... although
I posted it right here on
the Listen Page.
Phoenix, Arizona
March 1997
V-Wing Craft

drawn by:
Riley Martin
page 337
The Coming of Tan

first published in 1995 by:
Curtis Cooperman
second printing 2003 by:
Curtis Cooperman

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The Coming of Tan

Curtis Cooperman
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Copy totally NEW

V-Wing Craft
one circle in center
three circles on each wing
7 Circles Total
Posted 22 April 2014
Huge UFO comes off moon during eclipse.
Sent in by Pauljs 18 April
Hi guys,
You can see a very large UFO suddenly come off the surface of the Moon
and move up and into space. Then it appears to go behind the Moon.
That this has got to be enormous in size.

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31 January 2014
Hi Curtis and Michael,

Thanks for checking out the forum and for your kind thoughts. I think that this forum will provide a way for listeners to the pod casts to have "small conversations" as the Sharoon suggested in Hour 117. This pod cast (117) was a very powerful one and was a confirmation to me that I was on the right path in this endeavor. As I look back now, this whole series of events began only a few weeks ago on the night of the 26th of December. That night a little bit before 7:00 I looked out my window and saw the most amazing thing. It was a huge ball of light traveling in a straight horizontal line going north to south. As it reached the middle of my view, it exploded into a huge star burst pattern and then collapsed into a tiny point and disappeared. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I felt such a mixture of deep emotions but most of all, I felt loved. When I woke the next day, I read all about the fireball reports throughout the midwest and I started thinking that maybe that is what I witnessed and I just put the thought aside... But the feeling never left me that it was something more then that. It wasn't long after this when I started getting strong impulses and thoughts about doing something on the internet followed by a strong desire to bring it to fruition. I am not very skilled with computers or the internet, but anything i needed was provided by the skills of my family. All bumps in the road to accomplishing this were quickly smoothed over and now this forum stands as the fruit of that process. I pray that it is pleasing to All... the hidden hands in all of this and to our Creator Jesus Christ Michael of Nebadon. Lastly. if you and Michael don't mind please pass the address on to the listeners: then press: Kathleen's forum... and let us all join together in conversation. With deep gratitude,

Love and Joy,

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Royal R. Rife
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This shows who is in control of your health.
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