Michael from Maui
Hour 230

69 minutes
Tuesday ~ 13 May 2014

There is a grand alignment of time

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Podcast 230

Curtis: Well, Michael and I would like to welcome you back to another recording of the Saturn-Earth Connection. Our website is: and today is Tuesday, May 13th 2014. This is hour 230 with Michael from Maui, Hawaii. Michael was taken to a huge luminescent sphere near Saturn as a student visitor and returned to Maui with their amazing flowing dialog. And, occasionally, we hear from Shahroon using Michael to transmit his voice into the recording. Hello, Michael.

Michael: Hello, Curtis. How's the weather there?

Curtis: Oh, it's ah...terrific. shorts, finally. I mean it's, you know when you, when you live in Maui you don't have, you don't spend a portion of the time of year where you really can't sit outside.


Curtis: It's just not comfortable. But now, it's's really nice and comfortable and the door's usually open but right now I have it closed in case we get a boat or something go by.

Michael: Yeah, well that's nice. Yeah. You know in terms of weather there's space weather, you know.

Curtis: Space weather?

Michael: Yeah, space weather. And you look at, when you look at space weather, there are cosmic energies that flow. Not only from our Sun which is strong but there are other cosmic energies that come from outer areas that are impinging upon our solar system right now and causing a weather change. Also, some interesting things have come about and I was just having a short discussion with a Shahroon awhile ago. And they were just kind of commenting on some things that were leading in a track that I never thought I'd worry about but they just kept on speaking about it. Would you like to hear about it?

Curtis: Yeah, I'd like to hear about it.

Michael: Well, it's interesting in the fact that we are here on Earth, right?

Curtis: Right.

Michael: We have our own domain. We have essentially our own, you might say, time we have ah...linear time. Uh...and time within space is different and we know that by our physics, right? We sent up atomic clocks and all that stuff, measure velocity and stuff. They come back and measure and then they look at it and say, you know, the things are measuring different times. They were just flying around and in an airplane and much more time might, I guess it was called time dilation. But the uh..., the uh...Celestials, Teachers were essentially not calling it time dilation. It's almost like time has domains in which we have different areas in which time is held in our linear interface with it. And then we, you know, we live our lives doing this. But in other, when we take...let's say we're taken to other place. We participate in this other time frame, you might say time uh...domain or time uh...section. I forget what word they were using to try to help explain my, my uh...mind what this is all about. But it really comes down that there are different time interfaces that a person or life can interface. And then there is Universe Time. And we have something, you know, it's called Greenwich Mean Time, sometimes called Universal Time.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: You know, it's sort of like the Coordinated Universal Time. But it's really not Universal Time because when it comes right down to what time is in terms of our cosmic or our celestial friends, they don't look at it that way. Time in one part or even out in the New Jerusalem is different from time as what we have here on Earth. And, in respect to that, they have to use other means of looking at, you know, times and seasons and place. And one of the things that do coordinate are the Grand Celestial Alignments. Whether they be for uh...long periods of time or for uh...uh...more short and precise periods of time. And, I was uh... looking at and wondering about - do they time travel? And, and they said essentially, if we look at it from a perspective of linear time against transverse time, uh...they're doing a form of time travel. Cause they must coordinate, interface back into their time and time frame or time and uh...the reverse also.

So, moving between domains can cause this change as far as time. But all of it can be coordinated with what they call Havona Time or Universal Time which is coordinated through the Master Chronoldeks, the Master Time Keepers which have a lot to do with how everything is coordinated in terms of the Universe, it's expansion, it's force and it's material. So, and there is others which are not time dependent as well as not also being non-gravity dependent. So, a whole different aspect of this uh...feature is part of the interesting interface that goes on between ourself and our celestial neighboring uh...friends who do uh...visit and learn. Being, many of them not creatures of our time uh...frame, you might say our time, linear time uh...track. And when they do interface, they have to uh..., they have to make some adjustments according to that and they're pretty good at it. So, if you're wondering about space travel, has a lot to do with time travel.

Curtis: Well, uh...well Einstein, he, didn't he say, when you start speeding up near the speed of light that time just starts, or begins just to slow down more and more and almost seems to stop when you get to the speed of light?

Michael: Well, that's Einstein's concept of relative relativity or relative uh...progression. You know, when you look at time moving along a linear line, just like a line, you're walking along a line and then you have somebody who doesn't care about you walking along that line and actually makes transversals between your line and their line and back and forth. This becomes something that is somewhat out of phase with your linear time and also in their transverse between the two, it also becomes out of phase with their line. But they use this as comfortably as we would use, perhaps, our car or, you know, if they're in transport uh...very much like jumping on to a uh..., uh...subway or you know, a local train or high speed train, doesn't matter, airplane. So, transport is comfortable to them. But it also includes this time dilation or it's, they kept saying, don't use time dilation cause time expansion or contraction but it's more traversals. Yeah. So that's the con...

Curtis: So, so, so how, what? Well, since you're talking about time. How about going back in time? What is uh...what does uh...Shahroon have to say about going back in time?

Michael: Time has force energy. This is an interesting part of time because there are, there are larger impulses that move through time. In other words, time changing. You know, the concept of going back in time and changing some event and then you, you go over there and you kill your father and your mother and you never be born again, be born. But that's not necessarily true because there's force in time and that projects reality forward, always forward. And if you break through that time force, you essentially create a new reality domain. Now, that is part of our participation in Universe development is that when we are traced into this time domain, we are traced into it as living vessels of a specially designed implant. It's, you might say, a technology that was created for ah...not being able, not having to worry about uh...multiple uh..., uh...yourselves. You know, there's this concept where you have this uh... What do they call them? There's a funny word for it. But, anyway, sort of a shadow of yourself and reality there is only one real personality which is your soul implant, your soul development. In other words, you, yourself uh...the idea of being in multiple places at the same time is possible because the soul is not time dependent and neither gravity responsive. It is part of the characteristic of what we are being developed for. So, uh...this is kind of esoteric reality that they were pointing me into. And trying to say, live your life fully as you can and in your life development, don't worry about this time travel because ah...going back in the past and all that and seeing. History has it's way of being the ah..., ah...fundamental ah...force of, you know, of being pushing forward to time. And ah...,'s part of an expansionary thing. But if you want to reverse time, there is a way. And essentially, uh...if you were to try to reverse time, you go back in time, the forward traversal would not uh...necessarily change uh...the domain, yourself, your personality. And that is the primary point of who we are and why we are uh...unique above the animals. You know, ah...just, you know, living creatures running around trying to make sense of, you know, ah... fulfilling your base drives and needs. We have this higher need of finding greater truth. But in that, we get to participate in our own development but also in the structure of the Universe through this development of this personality through soul development which has alot to do with, you know, the ah...Father Fragment. You might say the Fractal of Divinity - Divinity Fractal. So, that's the uh...idea of perhaps, not - it's not that big of a deal to go back in time.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: Because when it really comes down to it, what is the big deal? The big deal is you, yourself. We are, but not in the terms of our aggrandizing yourself, making yourself a big deal - but in what, fulfilling what purpose uh...we were essentially uh...created for; is that the word? That's why we have Guardians of Destiny and the Shahroons are Guardians of Destiny, of High Destiny. So, this is one of the interesting factors about looking into others who are functioning in this Destiny Attainment and are curious of our development and are, of course, learning. Because their point of view has different images as what we would characterize as uh...normal, the ordinary. Their, Their points of view on some of these other ones would be like, oh, uh..., uh...curious. You know, as mere curiosity sometimes. So...

Curtis: Uh hum.

Michael: Uh hum.

Curtis: So, you said, the soul is not dependent on time?

Michael: Uh huh. Essentially, when the soul is constructed with that Destiny in sight. In other words, it has it's alignment toward Higher Destiny; it will, it already does but it won't get lost - essentially is locked on uh...with other Higher Destiny uh...Guardians who guide, who help guide the individual soul toward attaining Higher Destiny, Higher Realm of Development. In other words, our Realm of Development starts off as mortal being that develops, you know, through...If you study human development, you go through certain phases of development that are common in terms of how humans develop from childhood, you know, from being born, even prenatal kind of concept. I, it's pretty much predictable. And also terms of the real eternal destiny point, this is the part that is confused and uh...can become a, oh a point of devolvement. You know like you devolve rather then evolve. You digress rather then progress. And that is because of we align toward uh...time. The physical body will die. Uh...but the time progress, the time development progress will if aligned properly and the soul developed properly will be immune to, to Time's decay. know, you'll essentially be a Universe time travel time traveler. Uh...which is becoming almost, you might say, immune to Time's linear force. That's part of the concept of eternal life.

Eternal life is not just a continuum of Linear Time but a con...a expansion traversing uh...Linear Time. It can go sideways in a, in terms of a displacement of time lines time.... You know, the concept that people feel is very real when they say, oh, isn't time moving faster or isn't time moving slower. Uh...even though our watches measure time mechanically or electronically or automatically, our, our perceiving it precisely. But yet our lives get keyed upon different, a different time frame. This is much like what I am saying what I'm talking about. Very similar in a sense because it is impressed upon our life development of how fast or slow time progresses. Yet, our time mechanism....One of the interesting things the Shahroon was mentioning to me was how we have a physical body that has a physical clock inside of it which has fairly precise time. We think of our time clocks, our body time clocks as being somewhat not so accurate. You know, within plus or minus and hour or two. But he mentioned to me that it is much more precise then that and it can actually come within minutes of uh...perceiving your own time position. So, uh... I've noticed that in terms of uh...certain cycles that, that I keep getting involved with and they come within minutes - wake-sleep cycles. And I keep thinking, how can this be so precise? But then, uh...this is part of our own natural biologic clock, if you want to call it that.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: Yeah, but the, this perception is of time speeding up and time speeding down. That is part of our soul development clock which has uh...kind of an independence of linear time. So, that is a real perception. It is a real perception of, of development - soul development and time in terms of this higher level of time or participating in Eternal Time.

Curtis: Hmmm.

Michael: That's, you know, a little curiosity in our development. So, don't, don't ignore it.

Curtis: Yeah, well I've, we've all, we've all ah...felt our physical body clock. You know, how we, oh, I want to get up at 6:30 and for some reason you wake up at 6:30.

Michael: Yeah, precisely.

Curtis: Which surprises me many times. Oh, I'll get up. I'll just don't have to set the alarm.

Michael: Uh huh.

Curtis: Or, I'll set it anyway and I'll just get up at the same time. It's, it's, it is surprising how we do have a built in clock.

Michael: Uh huh. I guess one of the things that he was pointing out was that in, in a sense we have a, a higher kind of a clock - life clock.

Curtis: Life clock?

Michael: Yeah, that kind of tells you how fast your life is going, how slow your life is going. That's sometimes, yeah.

Curtis: Uh huh. But arou't change your clocks. But I hear people say, oh, I'm having a hard time getting adjusted to the new time. What, an hour?

Michael: Uh huh.

Curtis: But they do.

Michael: Yes, you mean that daylight, Benjamin Franklin invention?

Curtis: Yeah, when they change, when they change the clock for some reason. (laughs)

Michael: Yeah. (laughs)

Curtis: They should just make the schools start an hour earlier, or later or adjust businesses if they want to. But, people don't like the time change. I's still the same amount of sunlight whether, no matter what time the clock says. You're still always going to get the same amount of sunlight. Like in the summertime, we have a lot more sunlight and winter we have much less. But no matter where you are when winter takes place, it's less sunlight.

Michael: Uh huh. Yeah, we have, we have that too - shorter days and stuff.

Curtis: A little shorter.

Michael: Yeah, but one of the things is that that in the latitude at where we are at, yeah, we do have that famous saying where the don't really have a twilight. The Sun just sort of drops into the ocean quickly because of the latitude. I remember going up to Alaska and like, when is the Sun gonna set?
(Curtis laughing) It's 10:00 right now and the Sun is still up. I mean it's bright and I can walk around and see. (Michael laughs) That was fun to experience that. You know, but the same people invited me up there to Alaska were here, you know, cause that's why they invited me back to Alaska. Then, (laughs) their, their comment was, oh, the Sun goes down fast here. (laughs)

Curtis: Yeah, it does. (laughs)

Michael: Yeah, I want to tell you, it was just sunny - zoomp...the Sun goes down.

Curtis: I was just going to say, yeah, in Hawaii the Sun must drop really fast.

Michael: Yeah, and I believe one of the concepts behind it the Shahroons are trying to project is that, try to imagine these time lines or time as just that participation in that. So, they're, they have that different, different zone or different time concepts of time's progression. Yet, they master time in, in a way that allows them to move their technology forward and use uh...the traversals in time. Yeah.

Curtis: They mastered time? Could you....

Michael: Yeah, they kind of mastered time, the elements of time in to the point where they can actually use its force energy, time force energy if you want to call it force energy that uh...that is part of their motive, uh...force. You mean, you might say their engine. So, they don't necessarily use just force energy. They use time force energy to, to work with. And that's all part of higher, the Higher Realms of a Higher Civilization.

Curtis: Time force energy?

Michael: If you were, yeah, time... You cannot say time cannot be a force; time cannot be an energy. Is time a particle? Well, (laughs) yeah, all of those questions are, are semi-true in terms of the answer to them as being yes, yes and yes.

Curtis: (laughs) Well, well what is... Describe time force energy. What do they mean by that?

Michael: Yeah, that's the part, that you know... I kinda was like stumbling with and kept coming forward with - expansion and contraction. The ideas of, you know, when you look at high....this idea of uh...the black hole which is like this tremendous gravitational force.

Curtis: Right.

Michael: What the black hole is, is a reversal in time flow, also. So, uh...and it results in compression or reduction in, you know, the opposite of expansion is compression. So, you will perceive a lot of it as high gravity force but it is time reversal also. So, this is also energetic. But uh...some of our math is pointing toward that right now and just trying to figure out. Is this something that we can really count on? - understanding this. And when we come to grips with a lot of this, these concepts and prove them out, we will begin to actually come into a point of becoming much like the Celestials in terms of our development - our technology and our understanding of time and development and realize uh..., uh...the shortcomings of being a purely linear time dependent slave. Yeah. This is some of the warnings of...that had to do with the sequestering of individuals who were Celestial moving into our domain, Planet Earth, and being locked into the fabric in which it is. And because of that, eventually having to deal with uh...the eventual end result of time's penalty which is you might say, death. Because the uh...the life mechanism that makes function along a linear path is for us biologic and because of that it has its limits. And those who became participants of our, of our reality, of our reality frame actually uh...had to use very similar vehicles. Not to say that they cannot use other uh...if you want to say, bodies uh...,, you know, interface with our world, our planet uh...but in order to fully uh...bring forth with what the mechanism of our planet was going to used for - the ultimate catapulting of, of base material, particle reality base - that level of reality into the Higher Realms of, of True Destiny, High Destiny, uh...would require kind of a individual with Guide, guided Destiny. You know, to attain that. And that's all part of our progress. And uh...anyway, that's, that's one of the fundamental failings of becoming a partner with a Material Being, cause another Material Being having, perhaps a different development on a different, let's say planet or a different order of in, in having that different planet would have also a different interface to time. As a result, they could either become very long lived or short lived. Where, normally they would live a very, very, very, very, very, very long time. But, if they came from a certain type of time domain, they might, in this - participating in our world, live for uh...measurable short, measurable amount of time, meaning they don't live forever.

Curtis: Uh huh. And that's Time Penalty.

Michael: Time penalty, yeah. Because they're the movement. And this is sort of hard to understand for me, you know, kind of like - give me the nother, you know, another parallel. You know? And that's why I'm trying to repeat all the different parallels they were drawing for me.

Curtis: Right.

Michael: And this is just coming out of, of uh..., uh...some i.... some idea of why these Celestials just don't come down and say, hello. You know?

Curtis: What do you mean? You mean, are you referring to the reason is because of time?

Michael: Some of it, yeah.

Curtis: Some of it?

Michael: Some of it....yeah. Want to spend more time with us. This is what I was coming to; I had a question about. Why, since 2012, you know, essentially the end of 2012, December or's time. I seem to be going into a different....time line in, in myself. Uh...some things have been changed. And, some of it is like, I feel like I'm getting younger and healthier. And it's not cause I've changed my life cause my life started changing in reverse. What was dragging me down seems to be building me up now.

34:00 know, that time fabric was sort of changed and I was wondering about it and it was explained to me that there is a Grand Alignment of Time Synchronization that is also happening right now. This Grand Alignment of Time Synchronization is part of our fuller awakening to the Higher Realm of Reality that we are to, uh...the term "evolve into," "grow into." It is happening right now. And if we can participate in it in a way that we don't kick against it, or fight against it we will gain the advantages of moving in this time line, this higher time line. And there is also dangers that can happen. Uh...with being too closely aligned uh...with the uh...former time line. And this is part of the answer which I was trying to get from... What is, why did, you know, in this burst happened that my friend died on that day...and that big X-flare. And then there was also a whole bunch of ambulance sirens. I could hear all over, you know, and we're a small community and you don't hear uh...all that often and just blaring off one after another. It seemed like uh..., uh...this, this biblical warning about uh...which basically came from Jesus Christ. He said, had to do with in that day and these days uh...because they're talking about, you know, there'd be signs in the Sun, Moon and stars, signs in heaven, all kind of celestial signs and alignments. Uh...and one of them was men's hearts failing them because of things coming upon the Earth. And what is coming upon the Earth are these uh...changes in rhythm and in, in uh...normal.... You know, when you, when you uh...navigate.... You know I like to on the ocean. You know you change; you can feel the changes. And this is how the old navigators that piloted and navigated the Pacific with the little, with their little twin hulled sailing ships. Hawaiian people uh...the various Polynesians that propagated from way down in Indonesia and all the way across through the whole Pacific. They were able to detect the various subtle changes in, in wind, sea current uh...wave actions as well as star alignments. And when they didn't have, couldn't see the stars, they were still able to navigate uh...without compass.

Now, this is uh...some of the things that I've been noticing. Without uh...compass, you might say, I am able to feel that there is a change in the time fabric of space-time that we are in right now. And there is a movement toward a higher plane and realm but there are dangers in terms of how we intercept it. And uh...if we can intercept it in a way that is uh...not going to disturb ourselves physically, we can you know, intercept it in a way that is...keeps us on track, we will uh..., actually prepared for a higher realm and interface. This is another point that they were making in terms of what is happening right now. And what is happening right now is this change that is happening in ourselves. The human race is changing and it is possibly for many changing for the better if they are, you might say, guided by the uh...Guardians you might say, the Guardians of Destiny. And these, who would want uh...that guidance, are uh...having an advantage. And those that are rejecting it will loose that advantage and sometimes go stray into uh...dangerous waters, you might say...and without knowing it too. Yeah.

Curtis: Could you, uh...could you explain a little bit more about the human race changing? What do you mean, the human race changing?

Michael: The human race is, has been functioning in its time capsule, you might say, this time domain on Planet Earth. We're running about our planet and in terms of the Grand Celestial Alignments that are causing us to move into might say, people call a higher vibratory rate or something like. But I call it more sympathetic and more uh...yes, sympathetic rate with the uh...Universe time frame. going to cause, because of that, a "Grand Receptivity" to the human race to gain even more enlightenment, spiritual knowledge through that gate...uh...uh...attunement, that gaining. Some people could call it spiritual but it has a lot to do with our, our shifting of our mechanism - you might say our body mechanisms right now that are happening. And I notice it and's, it's, it's real and it really happenes. Yeah, so, I can't explain everything because if it were, you could duplicate it. But I can say that it is something that I am experiencing and that it's not bad. It's a good thing but it has its challenges. The entire planet will be challenged because of it. And some of the challenges is how it can look or feel to people and it can become uh...deadly, you might say, or the exact opposite which is uh... It's sort of like they reminded me that if I stepped into the regeneration chamber or the resurrection chamber and I went through the process. I was told by the operator, you know, cause it was very simply put to me. He said, if you go in there and you go into that chamber then when you come out, you will live forever. But the penalty of that was my body would die. Cause in discussion between my Graduate Guide and the Operator of the Chamber was this - Doesn't he?, and he was talking about me. He wants, he went over, my Graduate Guide didn't know this part. He went over and said, oh, uh...visitor, you know, my uh...wants to go into the chamber because I told him, you know, what it does. And then, I'm listening to them and he says, Doesn't he need his body? And at that point, the conversation between the two stopped and they looked at me and says, don't you need your body? And I said, What,what do you mean? And he says, well, if you go in there into this chamber, your body will die. But I thought you meant live forever? And he says, Yeah, but it's not in the way that you think. In other words, they were verifying first of all...

Curtis: (laughs) It's not in the way you think..

Michael: Yeah, Yeah. It has a lot to do with getting readied. And uh...this is about to happen. But, you know, it will take place in, you know, various forms. Cause there is something that is being worked on for a long time. You know, so, even now more then ever. And essentially it has a lot to do with uh...what our planet may be impinging upon, which may become one in which requires a rescue mission. But in this rescue mission, physical bodies need to be translated. And along that line of translation, you cannot necessarily have successful translation. Like, there can be some ones that don't make it. Uh...and as a result they're, they're not embodied - they're without body. Don't you need your body (laughs) to finish your life experience? -to live out this task that you have on, on Planet Earth, Urantia?

Curtis: Uh hum.

Michael: You know, I said, you mean, I won't, I wouldn't...he says, you would, in a sense I would be able to participate but not in the way that uh...very much you might say, like an alien. I would have been not fully functioning as a developing soul here on planet but I'll loose that advantage.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: But, anyway, that's just a little bit of that hint back on what is happening. There's more things going on that I don't know. They'll reveal only so much. And I think they don't even know everything that they're revealing, every little detail.

Curtis: And sometimes they use words that we just understand but we just don't understand them the way that they use them. You, you just said, physical bodies need to be translated.

Michael: Uh huh.

Curtis: You mean changed?

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

Curtis: Uh hum.

Michael: Yeah.

Curtis: Would that reju...reju...With a chamber, you mean?

Michael: With... Well, the chamber duplicates a type of emission or if you could call it a radiation. Cause my immediate impression was, oh, you've got tanning booths here. That was what I said.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: You know, cause they looked like, you go inside, you know. You don't have enough Sun, so you get... You know, this is some of the things that I got uh...aware of uh..., uh...through, you know, you know, being experienced with some of these guys in the health, health realm back, way back as a, you know, in middle school when I was uh...working with a, a body, a world uh...a Mr. Universe, you know 3, 4 time Mr Universe Olympic Body Building Champion. All - I mean World Weight Lifting Champion, also. And he explained to me that there are other areas that don't have enough Sun and people go into these tanning booths but also to get the vitamin that, vitamin D and stuff. But, anyway, he showed, he explained that to me so, that is why I looked at them...You got tanning booths here. Cause they had this idea that they looked like they were also shining light so... And that was explained. No, you go into those, you go into there and live forever. Oh, I wouldn't mind going in there and living forever, you know. But my idea was, oh, in this physical body.

Curtis: Hum.

Michael: Yeah, not necessarily becoming heavier, but actually becoming lighter.

Curtis: What, physically lighter?

Michael: Yeah, uh...physically. But having heavier powers, you know. Cause more associated's this morontial development that we can inherit...a morontial form. But there's also a point in which a, the direct translation from organic uh...carbon base biologic machine can be translated through that chamber into another uh...base form which the Urantia Book calls morontial. Yeah, which is the same aspect in which Jesus Christ on his own merit, without technology, resurrected.

And his physical body was held up, stood up. Yeah, and his drape - you know, that Shroud of Turin was draped, was held up over him and his physical body was, was flashed away in a flash, was decomposed, destructured which resulted in the Shroud's image. That's why the Shroud's image looks like, how could this be? Because the blood stains on it don't quite match the photograph. Because he was held up in a vertical form. The Shroud was draping forward and back and his body was uh...evaporated, vaporized. Actually, it was, you know, just taken, just completely uh...decomposed, deconstructed in a flash. And, uh...his morontial form was such that he looked uh...similar but not the same. But was able to interface with uh...the human beings. So, this is the same thing that the chamber does. But that makes an individual not fully a human being anymore; becomes one level higher.

Curtis: Uh huh.


Curtis: But without the human body anymore.

Michael: Yeah, but the human body is almost like a blueprint for the next. But more importantly, what is developed along the lines of the soul is much more important. Because, even if the, the soul is transported no longer, not implanted into another body, still can be implanted into another body later on.

Curtis: hum...

Michael: Yeah, so that's all part of the technology that is of, of life's purpose. Yeah, that was the biggest, biggest revelation on the biggest enlightenment that I could ever say about going to the New Jerusalem and finding out the purpose of life, human life and all life. And to intercept it and to place uh...a variant path which we can, right now, participate in this variant path that does not lead to this high uh..., uh...Higher Realm. It does not lead to an Ascendant Realm. But it leads back in a circle. And it is, you know, not the purpose, you know.

Curtis: It leads back, back to where you came from?

Michael: Back to nothing essentially.

Curtis: Yeah...

Michael: Yeah, and that's sort of like the black hole concept which things reverse and get essentially recycled, as you know. Does the Universe have garbage? (laughs) Celestial garbage that is recycled. Yes, it does. And in it's, it's got some very powerful characteristics about it. You know, - galaxies that can collide and stars collide. Things move in ways in which get swallowed up through these, these cosmic uh...entanglements. Yeah. But all in all, when it comes right down to this universe was to, to get this extremely, extremely valuable resource which is the Human Soul and that to be developed further becoming, you might say, the Children of God. That's why we were given that little concept - the Children of God progress to Higher Realms, progress to Pure Land, progress Beyond, you know, developing character. Uh...yeah. So, it's, all of this is all part of the purpose. In, in an interesting sense, was how uh...the time in all aspects of the Universe are not the same.

Curtis: I'm sorry. Could you say that again? All times of all...are not the same? What?

Michael: In all aspects, in zones within the Universe are not the same. Different aspects, different progresses, even in our own life as I get reviewed about that again. We say that time's going faster and time goes slower in terms of our living our lives. But, yet our lives' biologic clocks can be extremely accurate. Yet, when we look upon real time and life development time, time progress in our soul development, that can be uh...something that is not linked together directly with our own chronologic time. Yet, the direct chronologic time helps, the Universe Chronologic Time helps order the Universe into its very structure that we have so that we can participate in non-time responsive development, which is our soul development - which is not gravity responsive, neither time responsive. But has, in time, as creatures of time, we have the capacity to develop that soul. Which is just living life. And, don't, don't.... There is something in Zen Buddhism said, the concept is you do it in the Now. In other words, there is other concepts in which became highly meditative and you sort of De-linked yourselves from the reality of the world and did not participate in the development of character because you spent time trying to esoterically align oneself to a higher plane which we'll automatically inherit. It's much more important to be aware of that and to participate in the Now in terms of understanding that we are all along being developed. And, then, of course, making along the way those adjustments to our lives and life choices that will allow for an individual Guardian of our own personal destiny to partner with us, along with our Divinity Fragment and that is the Thought Adjuster, the Divine Fractal that helps build the real Divine Nature and therefore, develops the Child of God in us to a more mature Being and Stature. It's becoming a true son of God, Daughter of God, Child of God.

Curtis: Well, that does sound like a, uh..., a Grand Scheme of Things or the Grand Alignment as they called it. Well, that's a... So, the Celestials have been communicating with you? Uh...Shahroon, about time recently?

Michael: Yeah, they just kind of like converse.

Curtis: uhhum

Michael: Yeah, it's like if you...we participate, if you have a, a uh...Seraphic Guide, ah... ah...Angel of Destiny, you can have uh...a participative Guide. But you've gotta learn to become receptive. And one of the ways to become unreceptive is not to believe that that is possible. You know, because if you don't believe it, it won't receive it. As you begin to believe it, and then prove it out in your own personal lives, then you begin to realize - Oh, they really are speaking to me. They really are. Or, you know, you might have one Guide or you may share a Guide with a group of other people. You know. And that Guide will help you gain more and more knowledge.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: Uh huh. So...This all has to do with the same simplicity of the physic circles. The development of what our life's purpose should be so...attain them all. Don't think that you gotta, you know. And even if you only attain a few, not all seven, you know, you're not considered a flunky. But one important thing is that, if you have the will to say you want to and you make the choice to attain all and come to a point where you are nearly.... It really amounts to a real love affair with The Divine. And that uh..., uh...ends up with becoming a true Divine Son capable of, of traversing the Universe of Space-Time and being not dependent upon it. You know, being stuck in it in terms of linear time.

Curtis: Yeah, well we've spent our, most of our lives just dealing with linear time.

Michael: Yeah, when we just look at it as, and if we spend that part of our lives, almost all of it, then we just... How much of the real purpose of our life is lacking?

Curtis: Uh hum.

Michael: You know, it's being short changed. We're not giving that little bit of space. That's why there has to be some space that we set about to say... And these philosophies, these, these Guides who place within the structures of various religions are uh...many times the very same Shahroons that are guiding uh...the destiny of the human race uh...along. You know, progressing along. So, that's why uh...I was amazed when I saw, whoa there, these guys etched into the very structure - some of the most ancient religions of the world. And yet, they are seen. And that's, you know why my interface with the Shahroons was that they had a, a sore spot because we keep.... You know, sometimes we just plain fail and, you know, it takes, perhaps, a, a newer Enlightened One. Cause always, you know, the Buddha became too enlightened and became non-human. You know, and that's, you know, not the way it's supposed to have been, you know. And, even Christ, uh...Jesus Christ himself, his entire purpose was to become human and as human to... But then, they raised him up too high and made him unattainable. Made things... And yet, he can say, the things that I do you do also, and greater. So, all of this was open to us. But sometimes because of the frailties and sometimes if you raise up, you know, these, these, these people up high, then you think, that, oh, I don't have to attain it. You know, I, I used to say, uhm....some poor excuses for, for living in some Christian slogans which is, not perfect, just forgiven. You know. And what? Not perfect, you mean? I don't think so. Once forgiven, becoming perfect. - having been forgiven and excepting such a forgiveness, therefore, turning away from your own pathway to be a participant in your own personal development towards Divinity attainment is the much better pathway then, you know, your own. And that is, you know, something that you treasure, you know.

Curtis: hmmm.

Michael: Yeah. So, let your treasures be in Heaven. You know, sometimes you think we gotta treasure. What a treasure represents is something that will make your life easier here on Earth, right?

Curtis: Right.

Michael: You know, I got treasure. OK. What's your treasure? OK, whatever it is. You know, I got, I own an apartment building and I collect all this rent or something. Well, when it... Let your treasure be in Heaven, that means if you have a Divine Ascension Goal, you want to attain this Divinity Attainment as your entire purpose in life. And along with that, you take care of your physical life but understanding your True Destiny is very high. Then, you will begin to place the appropriate associations in the realm which are not associated in this time link or time, linear time frame but in a higher destiny time frame as you associate with Higher Guardians. But first, you must make that choice. It starts with a choice. And that choice is to live a life of uh...fulfilling Higher Destiny. And, uh...associating directly with the Christ that came into the world to just say, this is your purpose, this is what was hidden from you, this is what was stolen from you. Now, go back and live it, with, with, in partnership with Him, if you could call it... Yeah.

Curtis: Uh huh.

Michael: Yeah, that partnership results in it's not wrong in terms of other, other religious alignments. But many of these, if you look into, let's say, the Christian Church which associates itself directly with Jesus Christ. There are lots and lots and lots of disagreements causing different, different, concepts. So, that's why there are so many different uh... factions I would call. People would give factions a different name called denominations. But really, it really amounts to factions. But those who are truth seekers can traverse any one because the truth that comes out of there will be a...a..aligned or uh...associated with the Divinity Fractal within and gives you a resounding uh...attuned point. So, if you hear something like that, uh...whoa, yeah, or just people who are aligned well with their Divinity Fractal, you, you find them as people of a kindred spirit because it's the same. Yeah. But, if they're a little bit off alignment, if they're stuck in the, the ah...temporal then uh... That's the majority of where we live is the temporal. But yet, we've got to make that, that adjustment from the temporal to the eternal. And that is a important adjustment because you don't take temporal thinking, temporary thinking, mortal thinking uh...along the way because that's where the pollution of mortal thinking embedded itself into many religions of the world. And some of them became extremely radical and very, very, very weak in their associations with Divinity.

Curtis: hmmm. Wow, well let's continue next week.

Michael: OK

Curtis: Alright, Michael, Aloha

Michael: Aloha

This hour 230 was
transcribed by:
Subject: VISUALLY CONFIRMED: Enormous Craft Detected on Moon

Hi Curtis,

Did you see this?

good article

3 March 2014
I first heard about this:

7 March

All of this was kept secret until, quite by accident, the LROC images (which are generally made public) were uploaded to the publicly available GoogleMoon service, where intrepid users came upon the enormous object. Now, the whole world can see this "object" on the moon --- the secret is out.
Monday, 20 January 2014 11:58
January 18, 2014 -- (TRN -- At least one enormous object of unknown origin has been visually verified as having landed on our moon. As a result, on Wednesday, January 15, three Terrier-Orion rockets blasted off within a span of 20 seconds from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST (0600 to 1000 GMT) on hush-hush missions for the Department of Defense (DoD).

TRN has obtained photos of the unknown spacecraft and has an audio interview with an outside consultant from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) who confirms that for almost two years the U.S. government used the McDonald Observatory in Texas to track the approach of two of these enormous objects. A year ago, in January 2013, the objects had gotten to 200,000 miles past Mars when they suddenly vanished.

Realizing these two craft were approaching Earth and might not be visible to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) depending upon where they went, the Government reactivated the previously cancelled Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) to be launched to the moon on September 6, 2013. It took almost 100 days for LADEE to be placed into proper lunar orbit because NASA utilized gravity instead of rocket fuel to achieve this. By December, 2013, both the LADEE and the LROC found at least one of the two enormous objects had landed on the moon, in a crater the size of the City of Chicago.
Link works again

"Dr. Eric Norton 1 " has worked as a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA for about 12 years. He has worked on many projects for the government, most recently with the Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) which is involved in several research projects with the underlying goal of gaining a better understanding of the meteoroid environment so that the MEO models can be improved. They basically monitor the skies, track meteors and other objects in space.

On January 22, 2012 Dr. Norton" was called to travel immediately from his east coast home to the McDonald Observatory in Texas, which is one of the largest optical telescopes in the entire U.S.. He was booked on a flight out the same night and was met at the destination airport by an Agent from Homeland Security who whisked him to the Observatory on a matter of national security.

Upon arrival, Norton says he met with other colleagues who said they needed his help to identify something which had been detected in space, and showed him images taken from the telescope over a period of months. "What I saw was an array of massive, three-dimensional, black structures in space, in straight-line formation, advancing in direction of planet Earth." Norton said he knew this because he was also shown images taken three months prior, which depicted the very obvious course of direction of these things which, he said "had moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just 3 months." The speed at which the objects were moving was utterly incredible.
Dr. Norton said he was brought in with the understanding that his job was to aid in gauging exactly what type of composition these objects were made-up of. Were they man-made, natural or unnatural to anything seen before it?

Using the scientific instruments provided by NASA, Norton and his team were able to discern the fact these were not naturally-occurring materials. They were, to their best - but limited- understanding, some sort of metallic, carbon-reinforced material, several thousand times the structural hardness of what we have today; be it naturally-occurring diamonds or carbon nano-tube technology.
As the objects got closer, Norton and his team could see through their telescopes the structural features of these things in high detail. "They were shaped in the best way I can describe, as a three-dimensional L-shaped craft" said Norton. He said he used the term "craft" loosely because he doesn't know if they are piloted or vehicles at all in the strictest sense. "All we knew is they were moving and moving fast" he said.

By January, 2013, the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. At that point, almost instantaneously, the objects vanished from the telescope lenses. "It was almost like they flipped a switch; we couldn't see them on any form of radar we have or any visual medium" he continued.

From February through April, 2013, Norton and his team scoured the skies looking for the objects to no avail. Norton was sent home and told to be ready on a moment's notice to continue his work if needed. For almost 6 months, he heard nothing. That changed in October, 2013 just before the US Government budget shutdown, when Norton telephoned a colleague and found out the enormous objects had suddenly re-appeared at our moon and had taken-up positions behind -- or on -- the moon. According to Norton's colleague, all hell was breaking loose in government to try to determine what these things were, where they were from, and what they were doing. There were all questions, but absolutely zero answers.
At the time this article was written, for over 1600 days NASA has been operating the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera (LROC) to take high-definition images of the moon surface. Despite being active for over 1600 days, LROC has only imaged about twenty percent (20%) of the moon's surface. Unable to re-task the LROC to go on a wild goose chase for objects that may or may not be near the moon, NASA had to come up with a way to compliment LROC but do so in a fast and inexpensive manner. The solution: LADEE.
In 2008, NASA proposed the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) as a robotic mission that would orbit the moon to gather detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. Scientists have long sought a thorough understanding of these characteristics to address long-standing unknowns, and help them understand other planetary bodies as well. LADEE was to be a NASA lunar exploration mission led by Ames Research Center in collaboration with Goddard Space Flight Center.
In 2010, the Obama administration cancelled the LADEE program because of budget cuts, but in 2012, when the objects for this story were detected, the LADEE program was suddenly resurrected. NASA knew it would take over a year just to build LADEE and a rush order was placed to NASA's AMES Research Center to build the LADEE probe.

The probe was launched on September 6, 2013 via a Minotaur V rocket, formerly designed as an intercontinental ballistic missile for delivering nuclear warheads. To reduce fuel costs, the mission was designed to require 30 days to travel to the moon achieving arrival through the use of Earth and moon gravity instead of fuel. After arriving, LADEE underwent "check-out" for 30 days before beginning another 100 days for science operations. LADEE arrived at the moon around October 6 and finished check-out around November 6.
In December, 2013 LADEE's Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometer (UVS), which determines the composition of the lunar atmosphere by analyzing light signatures of materials it finds, detected something very large and very different from anything "lunar." The object was located in a crater which is about the size of downtown Chicago. It was L-shaped, like a wedge, gave off no radio signals but did appear to have seven areas where light of some type was either being emitted or being reflected.

Thanks to LADEE having found the object, NASA knew where to look and sent the LROC to grab high-resolution images. Those images are classified, but low-resolution images from LROC made it out to the public via routine LROC publication. They ended-up as part of GoogleMoon where intrepid users found the object. Here now, the low-resolution images of an enormous object, which was tracked by the U.S. Government for millions of miles before it soft-landed on our moon:
Perspective shot for location

In 2012, the U.S. confidentially shared information about the inbound "objects" with other governments. Shortly thereafter to the surprise of many, China announced it intended to land on the moon and launched its Chang e-3 in December. That launch took place and China became only the third nation to make a successful soft-landing on the
moon with its Chang e-3 lunar lander. Upon landing, the Chang e-3 deployed a rover called YUTU. The U.S. has been in contact with China to see if it is possible to have its Chang 'e-3 moon lander or its "YUTU" rover travel this far to obtain more information. No word if China will assist.

The enormous object has shown no sign whatsoever of hostile intent, but whatever is going on up there seems to have the U.S. Government concerned. On January 10, NASA's Wallops Space Facility in Virginia made a sudden announcement, with only three days advance notice to the public, saying THREE rockets would be launched from Wallops between January 13 and 15, between 1:00 AM and 5;00 AM on a classified Department of Defense Mission.

The short notice was unusual; the Wallops Space Center usually provides more than a month advance notice. In fact, on January 15 three Terrier-Orion missiles were launched from Wallops within 20 seconds of each other. Their cargo was not revealed to the public and the mission is classified.

The Terrier-Orion is a small rocket that is not able to reach the moon. It can carry a small payload about 120 miles into space. So whatever the Department of Defense launched must have been small enough to fit on that rocket, yet powerful enough to be used as a defense, or perhaps to analyze whatever is on the moon. Either way, the government's lips are sealed.

The audio interview with "Dr. Eric Norton" can be heard HERE

The coordinates to be used in GoogleMoon Viewer to see the images above are: 22degrees42'38.46"N, 142degrees34'44.52"E.

The mass-media has begun covering this story. Outlets such as the London Daily Mail, New York Daily News and The Hindustan Times of India have versions of this story, but none of them has the initial, long-range-telescopic image of the craft that TRN has, nor do any of them have the audio interview with "Dr. Norton" whose name was changed to protect his identity.

1 "Dr Norton" is a fictitious name utilized to protect the identity of the source.

Audio of Eric Norton
kept by Curtis
just in case it was removed from the internet.
Phoenix, Arizona
March 1997
V-Wing Craft

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Riley Martin
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V-Wing Craft
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Posted 22 April 2014
Huge UFO comes off moon during eclipse.
Sent in by Pauljs 18 April
Hi guys,
You can see a very large UFO suddenly come off the surface of the Moon
and move up and into space. Then it appears to go behind the Moon.
That this has got to be enormous in size.

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31 January 2014
Hi Curtis and Michael,

Thanks for checking out the forum and for your kind thoughts. I think that this forum will provide a way for listeners to the pod casts to have "small conversations" as the Sharoon suggested in Hour 117. This pod cast (117) was a very powerful one and was a confirmation to me that I was on the right path in this endeavor. As I look back now, this whole series of events began only a few weeks ago on the night of the 26th of December. That night a little bit before 7:00 I looked out my window and saw the most amazing thing. It was a huge ball of light traveling in a straight horizontal line going north to south. As it reached the middle of my view, it exploded into a huge star burst pattern and then collapsed into a tiny point and disappeared. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I felt such a mixture of deep emotions but most of all, I felt loved. When I woke the next day, I read all about the fireball reports throughout the midwest and I started thinking that maybe that is what I witnessed and I just put the thought aside... But the feeling never left me that it was something more then that. It wasn't long after this when I started getting strong impulses and thoughts about doing something on the internet followed by a strong desire to bring it to fruition. I am not very skilled with computers or the internet, but anything i needed was provided by the skills of my family. All bumps in the road to accomplishing this were quickly smoothed over and now this forum stands as the fruit of that process. I pray that it is pleasing to All... the hidden hands in all of this and to our Creator Jesus Christ Michael of Nebadon. Lastly. if you and Michael don't mind please pass the address on to the listeners: then press: Kathleen's forum... and let us all join together in conversation. With deep gratitude,

Love and Joy,

Royal Rife ~ Suppressed Medical Knowledge

One of my favorite interviews talking about this amazing man
Royal R. Rife
from San Diego
This shows who is in control of your health.
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