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Tuesday ~ 21 January 2014

How would it be like to have
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16 January 2014
Subject: Citizenship of the higher levels of creature existence

Dear Gents,

Some weeks ago the Shahroon so lovingly extended an invitation to come up to them where the spiritual climate is cool and nice. It is summer here in New Zealand and whenever I take shelter under the shade of a tree, I cannot help but recall their kind invitation and I just lavish in the moment of pleasant relief.

The Urantia book explains how our own planetary cousins, known as the Midwayers, converse with celestial traveleres to learn about the far places of the universe in preparation for citizenship of higher levels of creature existence, alike for mortal and midwayer.

What a great task the United Midwayers have undertaken to remain on planet until Urantia is settled in Light and Life, before they may continue their journey! Such an immense sense of loyalty and love is indeed a beautiful gift to the mortals of this planet.

The Shahroon converse with us too, to prepare us for citizenship of the higher levels of creature existence, and it has been some time since the Shahroon have freely spoken with the audience of this platform. I wonder if we are permitted to ask that they speak freely with us about any topic they desire?

With much love and greetings from New Zealand,

Thank you Wendy for your wonderful words to Shahroon.

We heard from a Shahroon new to our recording.

Curtis and Michael discuss this...

time 9:25

Michael: The Shahroon's are indeed great counselors, but never as great as your own personal relationship between yourself and your own Divinity Fragment, your own Thought Adjuster. The very fact that they use a relationship between, or a kind of a forward relational transcriber of truth, to give humanity a heads up on many of the things that are headed, in terms of our destiny and the preservation of our destiny. But I will take it up right now in conversation with them first and extend myself into a higher language domain, that will just say Hello basically...


A Shahroon speaks using Michael:

I... Shahroon, will speak for you now. ... I have not spoken, ever, this is the first time. I... Shahroon, will let you hear some of your blessedness in terms of our eyes upon you, and I speak of all of the planet. The entire planet is very very precious to us and to the very creator of this universe. It is so precious that indeed an ever increasing number of higher level guardians are taking personal relationships with many of you who are of mortal origin on planet. Your walk will many times be guided by us that you may proceed successfully toward your higher destiny. And it is great joy when we do see, hear, and feel the discoverers on a very intimate level personally realizing that their very destiny is a choice, and that they choose to rise high and relate to the unseen Father of the universe. The invite on this planet, your planet Urantia has been made because of this wonderful relationship and the very fact that it is of his choice that your planet, your very human race be set aside as a level of newer creation.

There is talk that you were created by genetic manipulation of some of our kind, for a purpose that was not necessarily in keeping with the original higher destiny that it was, in order that your universe would be speeded up and be separate from the entire. But that has come to an end, and in its place are you who through the image of deception and lies make a way through, piloting it by your own relationship to our tiny voices and to the very most quiet voice of the First Source and Center speaking in each one of you.

I speak now that only to confirm that the very voices that you may hear are Divine, for there is no lying in the Divinity voice within yourself. Only you can lie to yourself for your voice is always heard. There is no need for deception, hidden agendas in our light, for it is impossible to hide these things from us that originate from you who are walking as mortal and of animal origin. You might say you haven't gained the sophistication of deception that one of our kind who fell developed. But yet because of your abilities that are born within you that through the development of your race has allowed for you to personally and by liaison for relational true embrace between yourself and your Divinity fragment within you. Urantia book calls it, calls him the Thought Adjuster, you may call him many names, the Christ in you, Lord Jesus, many of the names that are very common, even Allah, there is no problem in any of that which allows for you to speak to the highest universe voice.


But there is a problem when there is no desire to speak to the highest Universe voice. There is where all deception and dark sentences and evil manipulations come from. Your kind suffers from all of that, not of its own origin, but because it was seeded and impressed into the very planet you are on. Thus you are considered when you seek out truth and make the actual choice to live for truth, to live for ascension to the realm of true light where there is no deception, in a planet filled with both light and darkness your choices causes you to navigate towards truth, causes your character to be even higher than those who never have seen any deception.

There is great anxiousness in this, your race of beings all being ascension oriented, but that is not the case just yet. But many of you are, and I speak right now to those who can hear me, that that voice that has been speaking within you, calling you to higher realms has not always been in place. There were at one time and may still be those who by genetic manipulation are unable to gain a insight to that voice. This is where you come in who have that. You speak at a level of, as I would speak to you, through a one who can transcribe my words to you. You also will be able to do the same.


We do not speak of religion, although religion is a very important vehicle for ascension. You must look at the fact that your kind not only was spared complete annihilation, but was given the opportunity for high ascension, above that which those who thought themselves better than they were to have created a higher being. There are many sentient beings, beings of choice, 'will creatures' as the Urantia book calls. You are indeed 'will creatures', able to choose, act, and also to discover. But you are filled right now on a planet which is filled with choices. Yes, you must maintain that which is temporary which is your physical bodies. Your physical bodies are indeed an important part of your ascension process, because it is through that that you are able to interact, one with another, gaining knowledge, gaining in understanding of the universes structure in many of the choices and climates that can build civilization. These choices and climates that can build civilization are social, economic, indeed technological, others having much more to do with the alignment of faith and belief.

I would say to you right now that word 'faith' is very important, because you cannot perceive and understand all that is, and also we come to that description of faith as a point of our own ascension experience. Before we fully understand we have faith to proceed to discover. This is an important factor of aligning toward divine natures. Your divine natures are operational. They cause you to discover, to learn and even to believe without seeing, yet it is rewarding to see. But it is more rewarding, I say to you, to believe without seeing, and then to receive having believed. In other words, to discover the very truth that you believed in. And when you do, it will not always be exactly as you may have perceived it in your faith belief, but it will be a convicting power in your very consciousness when you see it confirmed, that the voice that spoke within you was speaking truth.


You will be driven toward higher light always. And I use the word 'driven' much as a herder who guards his animals of domestic nature, in other words, animals which service you. You will be driven by the very power that drives us because you will be servicing the 'Higher Ones', especially the 'Highest One'. In that, you will be driven towards success, discovery, and more important more full and true divine and royal nature capability. Your eyes will see a situation, and your mind will understand it, not from the perspective of just a human being with some artificial experience, no. You'll be able to see with liaison experience, experience that is in fact made in place of being a actuary of divine will! Did you hear that? How would you like to be such a person? Maybe you already are, an actuary, one who actuates by free will choice, yet under the driving force of this divinity within you, and applying divine will. And the many expressions in which it can be done.

But why I said it is not religion that we are talking about, the word 'religion' is too weak. It causes confusion. It is one in which there are different points and perspectives. But when the true light and life is put into the very structure of your relationship, yourselves, you will understand the flow of this driving energy. And many of you have a good and simple word for it, called Love. You're driven by Love. You will be driven, not by animal love, but by love that is divine. This is the driving force. The love of the discovery indeed brings forth the great and wonderful point of that discovery. There is a joy, a confirmation, a realization that all that was being told to you was real. This will make your citizenry, your absolute walk in the heavenly realm, not only in the dimensions which you live right now, but in the higher realms, in the higher dimensional lanes, where many of the things which you thought were fixed are not. Yet, what applies itself in all of them and is able to penetrate all dimensional planes is this driving unifying force that is Love.


It begins here with you of mortal origin and extends itself all the way until you become truly divine, a new one and a new person of truly divine nature, wholly divine, filled with all experience personally. This is the point in which we are working very much to keep and allow this planet Urantia to ascent through the maze. Ascending through the maze does not mean that the first try is always successful. But it does mean that there is discovery, and an ability that choices would be made. When you truly begin to start to listen to the voices beyond the sustaining of your physical body and your physical structured realm, you might say, the home in which you home, your home of yourself really is in your very body, and the home which your body stays would be considered home. And if you're only concerned with those areas, it is difficult to grow out of it. You must be able to abide, realizing that the home in which you really live, your physical body, is a shelter for the very divinity that speaks to you, and also us, a unifying voice, buy yet keeping us together as individuals, and yet having all this put together for one great good.


There are many lords. Many of those who are of higher command and responsibility in this protection of your destiny, not only in the protection, but to see forth that you will be driven by the proper spirit. Because there can be things that will cause you to regress, back into a point where choices need to be made all over again. Sometimes these things need to be avoided that you continue progressing , so choices are outlined ahead of you, and you are guided to make them correctly that your destiny may be reached. But you wonder how your progress sometimes seems to go backwards. Why is it that I must repeat this? Because your choice and your path destiny, because of that choice finds itself awry, the wrong direction. It does not lead. The maze of your existence ends up in a dead end.

You will be given a Guardian of Destiny who is excited and can see many things that you cannot. You wonder what the future holds, and the Guardians many times can see the future better than you and can head them off, thus giving you the better choice. But there is complexity in multiple paths of choices because you are interacting continuously with the destiny of others in which you do live. You are not a solitary being, functioning on a solitary path, but interacting with completely different individuals, and some familiar, some strange, some new, some old.

And this a great time of expansion of life choice, but also following the leadings of the very voices that you're hearing right now. I can only speak to you because I have been, and share consciousness with this one (Michael) who has been pre prepared and placed in our hands for use. And such use we find useful for your benefit and ours. This is something that we desire that you become able to do also, and if you are able to do, greater and greater good will find its way into the planet, and that great flow of love will begin to blossom, and spread forth bringing forth great light and great life.


Have you ever wondered what the term 'Light and Life' means? Well, if you think about darkness and you cannot see, and what does light give you? Vision. What do your Seraphic guides help you with? Your vision, your destiny, even your choice alignments. If I choose this then this may happen. You may have a hope by choosing this that such a thing should happen. But in the realm of giving you choices, we do not want you to gamble. As a gamble is a low but yet needed characteristic of the human animal, but if you gain guidance from your personal guide, even though you may not see the final outcome of your choice, when choosing an alignment of your choice with the choice of the Seraphic guardian who sees beyond, you will find yourself progressing toward that higher light of visionary perspective, finding the unfindable. Very different from a gamble, for a gamble you may use mathematical probabilities, or just simple guesses, but if you are in commune you will know. Do this. Do this. As you progress, if your motive is in to bring greater life.


The universe creator, Jesus Christ, said "I've come to give you life, and life in abundance." This is something that you will have to place in your destiny, a position, a room, a zone opened up within your sphere, your consciousness, beyond that even which you understand, that allows for greater abundance of living. Many times you will be forced forward, to the side, and sometimes if you do make a mistake in your choice, a back-step, and a re-choice, and a new path. But that new path if guided, taking a temporary step back, listening to the voice of divinity within you, you will make another choice, not a guess, but one that is guided by that voice. And then you will begin to see a divinely made path through the maze of human existence, far beyond existence into an abundance in living.

How can you live in abundance if you have no vehicle to live in abundance? If I only had a device that could make walking easier! Ah, someone invented the wheel. Someone took and made a horse a friend. Someone said "Let's do this, let's do that". In your society your technology has arisen to give you many of the vehicles in abundance in living, in terms of interaction with one another.

When you do find yourself interacting with one another, fear not. Allow yourself an opening in your space to experience other life directions, other individuals, and have small conversation, but inwardly ask for the divine liaison between your hearts. This is where perfect strangers will find themselves connected by a mysterious likeness, saying that I have known you but I don't know you. This is because you have found one who has found the very divinity within them self. ...And so by doing and interacting in such a relationship greater life, greater light comes into the planet.


You see, you wonder how would it be like to have your planet filled with 'our kind'? Physical beings of a standard of physicality that can transcend dimensionally, and show ourselves as real physical beings, and then yet not be physical. This we have done before only to cause great fear in your people. "Oh my goodness" is a term that I hear. Yes, we don't want to frighten you, so we stand back and when assigned, and I was assigned at one time to a individual to help his pathway, and later more and later even more, and now I stand as a Guardian of Destiny to see forth that this wonderful planet of yours, but even more wonderful people that populate, even with the confusion, fulfill this fuller destiny of light and higher life.

Imagine that the voice that you hear right now you'll hear even when you're no longer monitoring in an audible sense, but you hear it from within. The liaison between the very divine voice their selves and other divine entities, especially your own Seraphic Guardian, I see your own angel. Ahh, it will happen.


Don't concern yourselves too much with the interaction of your physical space. It parishes. You through moving with and in this physical space, both your body and the world itself brings you a character and personality unique to yourself and to the universe. This is a wonderful thing. Have you ever noticed in the physical sense that there are those of you who look alike? Oh, I can say 'Are you related to him, or her?" And you find out that there could very well be some genetic linkage. Yet in personality and in knowledge and in experience and in all these things put together you are very different even if you may look similar. Yet having enough differences to be completely disassociated physically, you can find the person that has very similar concepts and ideals. So the outward man, the visible man, the visible being is not the destiny of you, it is beyond that.

But indeed this planet, when it is filled in light and life will be functioning at the level which I described in which individual souls, individual people realize their place and understand that they are moving in towards, and with each other towards a common destiny of higher and more perfect light, more visibility, even able to see beyond the limitations of space and time as beings of space and time. This is the realm where beings of space and time live in higher dimensional reality and because of that they exchange life and can have higher light. Higher light is what I am trying to explain to you.


The word symbols that I speak right now were and are a part of the very fabric of inter-relational understanding between individuals. The words can expand themselves into understanding higher realms, but the real understanding will come when these word images will find themselves unnecessary word tools ... because the translational relationship between yourselves and others, misunderstandings can come in. That is when you will see that the higher adjuster attunement between individuals will give such likeness of understanding that you can use different words and understand the same thing. This is part of the light, of light and life.

There is words that say "I experienced working with an alien being and he did not speak words, he used telepathic abilities." Ahh, just the fact that you can receive telepathic abilities means you can also speak telepathically and not need word images, but have true images and understanding. And we will relate it back to you in a very (way) that is not so figurative, one that transmits understanding quickly.


You will have a shared joy, a joyous relationship with us when this is done. Pure love flows through those who do not need to embellish their words with the scripting of culture, but just honest and innocent communication. This is the fabric that helps keep light and life. Not complexity, simplicity.

I'd say right now, if you've heard me you've heard enough. My message to you is what stands before you, and how you have a position and a responsibility to help create this domain of light and life in your very planet. People often say 'It is because we wait for the Redeemer, for the Messiah, or the Avonal Son to bring this age in. But do you know even when it is, even when it happens it is not sudden. It is a position when all learn the very things I talked to you about, and live and act and interact and make it happen. So it is a process, but along with the process the long lived character of those who are in the physical structure, the body, through their age, their vitality will be able to continue on this progress, yes, and usher in light and life.


The awakening will happen, but there will be many that will need to be guided, that will need and ask for explanation. "What is this all about? I don't understand! I spent my life talking about God, but what is this universe of all ascension?" Ahh, this is why I gave you a little bit of insight, how some of the universe of sentient beings and citizenship in this domain works. You don't even need to hear my voice to attain this understanding. You need only to hear the divine voice installed within yourselves. But we thank those, we thank those who allow for this transcription of voice to be made into your consciousness. Not that it never happened before, but it always has been that same...

I say right now, I bid you farewell, and I will again make my words know if it be needed. Other than that I thank you for your time and your listen.



Curtis and Michael continue...

Thank You
John Godfrey
for this transcription
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