Michael from Maui
Hour 215

67 minutes
Tuesday ~ 7 January 2014

Mystery of lawlessness is already at work

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5 January 2014

Subject ~ Dream

Dear Gents,

I write this to you just after waking up from a dream in the hope that I don't forget anything. I shall share the images of my dream that are most impressed upon my memory.

I was in a building which could be described as a shopping mall with many people walking around all getting on with their own thing. My attention was drawn to a circle appearing on a wall, similar to a flashlight shined on a wall. The circle started spinning and became brighter. It reminded me of a portal from a sci-fi movie with a lit up runway or tunnel just much more beautiful. As if being drawn I stepped into the lit up tunnel as did many other people around me. To some people this beautiful circular light was of no interest and it was strange to me how something so beautiful could be dismissed.

As we walked along the lit up tunnel, images of Urantia's history was shown to us on the walls of the tunnel. It was so beautiful to behold wild animals running freely in the field and native tribes dancing joyously around a fire at night. Sadly our joy soon turned to sorrow as we witnessed dead bodies lying on the same fields and concrete buildings built on the native tribe's grounds. It became progressively worse until the tunnel ended and we walked into a war torn hospital. We were in the presence of the very images seen on current news reporting of Syria.

The wonder was that our arrival at the hospital was expected! I remember concerning myself with how I would explain to the people in the hospital that we walked through a lit up tunnel which ended in their midst. But they announced that the servants of God had arrived. We gathered those that were waiting for us and again the circular portal appeared and we were able to journey further on with those from the war torn hospital and were waiting for us.

With love and greetings to all from New Zealand,

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