Michael from Maui
Hour 212

71 minutes
Tuesday ~ 17 December 2013

The most important thing that needs to be
transformed is our personal attunement

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Hi Curtis,

Check out this ship and close up showing the whites celestial s walking around and waving for the camera. What do you think, is it real? I just watched it once and will go take a more careful look.


Neil Armstrong Would Not Swear on the Bible that he walked on the Moon ~ 59 seconds

Hello Curtis,

This is a capture of a real sphere that was not suppose to be released.

Planet X


Comet ISON visited by UFO

Michael sends
me two email
on 3 December

Greetings Michael and Curtis,

I would like to share with you these incredible pictures that I took on the 6th of December in Auckland, New Zealand, at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

As the Sharoon so beautifully said, I am a 'looker'. These pictures are another of my 'looking' moments that I could not hesitate to share with you and the listeners.
I can undoubtedly say that this was the most incredible and special of the universal displays gifted by the Celestials that I have seen.

Before these pictures were taken, we had a few days of rain without seeing the sun.
I didn't expect the sun to appear on that day and expected the muggy weather to continue.
It was after watching the announcement of the death of Nelson Mandela, that I felt rather sad about the passing of a man who had brought a nation of people of my home country to freedom. As such I focused my thoughts to him passing into a more peaceful eternity.

It was around half past two, a few hours after the announcement of his passing that the clouds began to clear. I almost felt drawn to earth my feet on the grass outside and take a chance to do some 'looking'.

Suffice to say I was more than elated and was filled with so much joy in seeing a feint type of scalar cloud banded with a horizontal rainbow. I proceeded to look around the sky hoping to see something moving about in the sky where I then noticed the beautiful halo around the sun. It took only a couple of minutes to take the photo's, and for the most part you can imagine I was staring in awe thanking whomever was responsible for sharing that and lifting my spirit.

As you look through the pictures you will notice something similar to that of the other pictures I had sent to you earlier in the year, and something new and exciting, what looks like two purple dome shapes facing towards the sun's halo.

I wonder if the Sharoon might have anything to share with us in regards to this spectacular display as I am sure this brought much joy, not only to myself but to many.

I thank you Michael and Curtis for the wonderful work you continue to do, and for all that the Sharoon have shared with us.
With many thanks and love to all,
Seanne (shaun-nay) ~ 8 December 2013

Comments from Curtis
Seanne... to me the violet color is most important in seeing what is there.
Rainbows display all the colors. This was not produced by water vapor and sunlight as in a rainbow.
And another thing... the left side... there is a Violet Rod... and the light show stops (at a point).
Then on the right side... there is a Violet 1/2 Sphere... wow... things in nature are usually balanced.
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