Michael from Maui
Hour 209

75 minutes
Tuesday ~ 19 November 2013

We must hold the secrets of the
Universe engagement and travel
and time gating for a while

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Subject: Time Chronodeks/Force Organisers

Dear Gents,

I know this finds you all well and blessed in the abundance of peace, joy and love.

In hour 206 we were given the invitation to inquire into the attainment
of knowledge of the Time Chronodeks/Force Organisers... whom hold the key
to unlocking the time/special gate. The Sharoon explained this to be
their own method of traversing the vast universe.

The Sharoon also explained... that we are as such... currently locked in a pen/coral - similar to sheep in a pen/coral awaiting the Shepherd to open the gate for the sheep to roam freely. If I understand correctly the Time Chronodeks/Force Organisers are the Shepherds... and developed morontia Souls are gifted the ability to traverse the universe freely.

I have so many questions which may seem elementary... but I am in essence
in kindergarten... so please forgive me if my question may seem somewhat childlike.

Could the Sharoon please explain if they are directing us towards the actual ability to time gate and essentially travel to them in our current mortal bodies
just as you did, or are they directing us toward the point of contact
with the higher order Time Chronodeks/Force Organisers
that we will interact with as part of our future morontia career?

Oh... how the undiscovered excites me!

With great love and blessings to all,
Wendy ~ New Zealand

Subject: ISON

Hello Michael and Curtis,

If you all get the chance, please check this video out:
Steven Hannard ADG UK
ISON Has Grown Wings ice melting?

I watched it this morning and it gave me quite an impression. This crop circle that is shown in the video:

was one of the first crop circles that I ran across on the internet back in 2009 when I first started this journey. This one appeared shortly after the one above.

And I think that they are connected. The symbols in the first one are very intriguing. I am wondering if the Sharoon's would comment on these crop circles and maybe their connection to Comet ISON.

Blessings to you and your families and to our wider family out there, you enrich my life so much with your thoughts and care.

Love and Joy,

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