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Tuesday ~ 1 May 2007
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Curtis : Hello welcome back to our podcast... this is our third podcast. Michael from Hawaii is joining us again... and he is going to continue where he left off last week... last Tuesday... he is talking about being out on this huge illuminated object in the rings of Saturn. And it's extremely interesting because it is not too many people go out there. We've heard Riley's story in: The Coming of Tan... and Michael talked about getting The Coming of Tan... or actually he heard him on Coast-to- Coast... and then he got a copy of The Coming of Tan and felt that his was very much like what he experienced... and he wrote to Riley and it was read on Artistfirst and Riley responded and then Michael contacted me... we spoke for quite a while. Hello Michael are you there...

Michael : Yeah I'm here.

Curtis : There he is. Well Michael... lets see... lets just continue where we left off or do you want to summarize a little bit.

Michael : Well where we left off I pretty much covered a part of or half of the story which is already into the mothership and some of the goings on. One of the things were were just finishing up on was being with these girls. And Riley has a picture of the in his book The Coming of Tan. Anyway we're out of there... taken out of the room and I am... in walked and was seated and as I was seated out comes the girl that rode with us up to the mothership... this other girl that ah... human coming she is from Earth. And I mentioned her in the earlier section and she sits next to me and I look at her... and immediately I notice that she is just looking straight ahead dead on and not really noticing me. So I say... where have you been or something and she doesn't respond and I begin to notice that she is kind of spaced out zoned out not really there. Her mind is not there... she seems to be just looking straight ahead and I get a little disturbed because of that and she gets one of the Biaviians to come over and get her and walk her away and that is when I probably get close to my first encounter seeing Riley. I am not sure if he saw me then... but anyway what happened there was after they took her away moved her to another room I was asked if I'd like to fight. I and I said what do you mean. They covered the concept of fighting a little bit. So and ah... I said no. They referred my being a Kendo instructor thing like that. And I said that is not what is it about it is not just that it is Martial Art. They understood a little bit of that idea. Quitted down a bit on that subject. And then in comes Riley he doesn't see me he is across the way and he is walking with somebody and his head is looking down... he is making chatter he is talking away with... I guess Question you might say that be Question because I didn't see Question I just saw him talking down and say... verbalizing both sides of his conversation. ha ha Is this the guy you want me to fight? They say... oh no no no. And I say okay. Well anyway I guess it was Riley he just kept talking on and on... and it just seemed strange to me really strange to me to see him talking like that. Then he turns over and looks at me... and he makes a comment like... What are you doing here. And that was it and then he gets out of the way on the way... and I am going like... what is with that guy? And this is he is talking with his space pet. That was the concept that was relayed to me... and I said... space pet? You mean kind of a little animal or something? But ah... And he says oh yeah... you can have one too if you really want one. And I said... no I don't want one... not if I am going to end up looking like that. And they said that is fine you don't have to one. And I went off... okay and the next thing you know across the in way... in front of me walks these new beings I never saw them and they are a human looking face their face is defiantly human but their forehead continues very very high... they got twice the forehead that we do and ah it is kind of a big promenade nose and ear and immediately I came up with the impression that these guys remind me of elephants because of such a high forehead and ah and ah that was my first impression but I guess Riley described them as kind of Stagyian scientist kind of people and they defiantly had that feel about them because they were they seemed to be dressed in some kind of a like a lab coat closet white and they just walked past me and they didn't give me a second look. And from that point I was taken into the room and in they come again. And I am looking them what seems like through a glass. Were in an area they are on the other side of the glass... they see me I see them. And I am seated and looking at them and wondering what they are doing. And they seem really busy about two or three of them. And they once in a while look toward me... I try to say hello... and wave my hands and try to make conversation. And they don't care they are just ignoring me... I guess they didn't want me to converse with them... but I kept looking at them. They seemed quite busy behind their... what appeared to be like a control panel. And they stayed behind there and were looking like they were making some fine adjustments or things like that. And there was a point in which they seemed satisfied they all agreed... yeah we got it is okay now. So they look at me and I looking at them and they give me a good look... I get a chance to get a good at them. In fact they purposely allowed me to get a good look and then I walked out and they walked out... and I kind of get off the chair and I walked right up to the glass I guess you could say and I looked at the control panel and see what they at... I saw nothing that was any significance you know there wasn't a desk with instruments and pencils or papers or anything or... it was just a panel there and that was it... and I guess it was all touch panel and that is all they were doing and give me not much clue as to what they were doing... I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel any different. And from that point I left and this is when I run into the elders... they are all walking away from me. They walked away from me right past me and there was a point when they were kind of changing their appearance and I told them to just stay that way I can see you as you are. Fine. And they relaxed and they seemed okay about that and they marched on their way.

Curtis : Michael what do you mean they changed... they changed their appearance?

Michael : They changed their appearance in a way that I would perceive them in a you know a different way um... wouldn't see them as they were but they tried to make me remember them as some kind of mannequin type made up creature as if they were clothing themselves in another imaginative memory. You know... and I did care for that so they just let me see them as they are. And as I said they were in purple and that cape purple and their what struck me was they have this very wrinkled and furled ah forehead and the top of their heads were all ferruled and gave me the distinctive impression that their brains are outside of their head. I believe I covered that before... later when I was taken into that but I will get into a little more detail about that now. They went on there way... and as they went on their way I thought that was going to be the last I would see of them and I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore... okay you know there is different kinds of people you know I call them people because they are not animals you know they are not... they have personalities people you know. And what happens now I am waiting for them or something to happen anyway. I get so that I have to go with my friend... ha... I kind of call him my friend cause he was familiar to me this one Biaviian guy that was in this blue outfit. He was younger than Tan... he seemed younger anyway with his facial features weren't as strongly... he didn't look aged like Tan looked aged. He had that real red strong features. This guy looked younger. Anyway he was in blue and I was escorted with him and another one. And that is when I first rode the levitators. These levitating disks that would take me outside to the hall of the elders. And this is when I get my first glimpse of the center of the ship which is immense it is wide open space. And I am looking at it and I am going... my goodness I am looking at these awesome structures that are out there amidst this open space. There is nothing on Earth that can compare to this... they are just out there huge gigantic structures. And there is clouds there is light and clouds and the space is just immense and my statement to them is was you know you have clouds my goodness it is very large it is big in here.

Curtis : Were they like Earth clouds? 13:55

Michael : Yeah. They were like wispy clouds you know. There must be a immediate sources or you know something making the clouds. He said no... the clouds is part of their way for them to balance their atmosphere and stuff like that in there naturally and I saw an area where looked like venting of some air and out of that there is seemed to be some cloud formation from that cloud from that area too but that wasn't what was making the clouds cause it was kind of far away from the all of the actual clouds. And I was not looking up at the clouds... it was looking down to the top of the clouds.

Curtis : Looking down.

Michael : Yeah looking down.

Curtis : Were you on a platform or what were you on?

Michael : Yeah I was on a platform which seemed like an open view but there was an enclosure a clear enclosure and the levitator are there. so I am looking across... and I says... how do we get over there? Out there disconnected from what Riley calls the a spiral causeway I guess you know cause that is what we are pretty much standing close to that area. 15:15 I'm standing there and I'm looking at them big levitators... so I get on the levitators and I am afraid because I am looking down at cloud and these levitators don't look like they have any handles to hang onto nothing you just sort of stand on them because you kind of need to have a handle or something grab onto so you don't fall off and they told me you won't... they knew my concern right away. They said no you're not going to fall off... you can not fall off. And I okay. ha. Lets see about this... so they go on and I am in the middle of them... and I am riding it and I decide ah lets see if I can fall off or steer it. So I kind steer it like a skateboard or a surfboard or something like that and I am leaning right to left... and they noticed that. And I decided to get really radical and start to go and really lean and I almost practically jumped off of it. And it just went... bump and pushed me right back up and... it was a soft feel... it wasn't like I hit glass or had a solid structure or cold to the touch or anything... it just had this feel like I was just pushed up and put right back up and that was when I was told... don't do that. I think I said that in the other interview.

Curtis : How large was this disk... how many people could stand on it? 16:55

Michael : One.

Curtis : Oh one... you said there were three of you?

Michael : Yeah... so they had their own disk.

Curtis : Oh I see... okay.

Michael : Yeah... I am sorry I didn't cover that part... but anyway they each had their own disks. It just seemed about two and a half feet in diameter maybe three feet. It didn't look very big... just enough... to give you and idea of okay... step on it... that is when it gets really scary because that is when you think you're going to easily fall off. Now we move out into open space... what seems like open space. And I am getting a good glimpse of the area and it is really hard to describe it. If you were to look at the Grand Canyon in there... you know. Nothing. This space is immense. And I am riding over it... through the hall of the elders... which isn't in the center of the space... it is off closer to the side... one of the sides.

Curtis : You mean it was off the side of the... 18:18

Michael : Disconnected from the... it looked... if you were to imagine the inter space being like a shell and the inter space being an opening... a hollow space in a egg. It would be situated closer to the shell not where the yoke would be in the middle.

Curtis : Could you see the huge vessel from side to side?

Michael : The huge vessel?

Curtis : In other words this huge object you said you were in...

Michael : Oh I am inside of it so I am looking into the interior.

Curtis : You're inside this thing.

Michael : I'm inside of it the... I'm basically talking all about the a... the only time I really looked at the outside was just about at approach. And there is nothing to see there... it is without texture.

Curtis : And the inside... can you see the inside of it... in other words... if it was a solid vessel... can you see the walls?

Michael : There were two hulls... there is another hull... again when you approach it and you penetrate the outer hull... you move in and then you have an inter hull... the inter hull is solid more solid. It gave me that feeling it was like a real vessel... you know. Landing dock area was clearly visible as an area where you could... oh that is going to be obviously going to dock in that area and yeah and were going right into that space hole whatever. And it might have had that feel like a... the aperture of a camera. You know at that point. The outer hull didn't have that feel at all.... it just went right through. Anyway so now I am looking at the interior of all of this because if you were to imagine a lot of their rooms the spiral causeway all of that area is all built on the outer hull as if it was you know part of the shell I think part of the shell. Like I said... the big v-wing craft is... heck it could be a mile long... it looked big. So the space is where the dock is more than ample to hold that vessel in there with ease.

Curtis : The craft was a mile long? 21:10

Michael : Well I could imagine it being that long... because I didn't have any way of making a dimensional measurement except to use perhaps a perspective or vanishing point and it had a pretty good taper to it so I knew it was pretty big.

Curtis : Okay

Michael : And a... anyway... this is all...

Curtis : A mile long.

Michael : Oh that is just the v-wing craft. There are a lot of other little craft there. That one stood out for me because it had wings... anyway. I finally made it over to the... into the hull... walk around... and it spirals around... and I get inside the hall of the elders I sitting in front of them... and in my mind I had this question about their heads I ran through that earlier. After that I began to almost lecture them in a sense I was telling them... you know... I know you are going to try to tell me about our world and our planet and it is not in the best shape and all of this stuff and we have wars and all of this stuff. And they looked at me sympathetically... I felt that right away. And that was not what it was about. They weren't going to... you know... try tell me... that we've got to save your planet... that is not that way at all. They were looking at me and then... I had... you know really desired to... ah... find God. That is the way they ended up intercepting me... so what they were doing at that point was just trying to understand a little bit more. And then trying to relate to me how... it was part of the whole going on. There being around was part of the big picture of God. And... ah... I said... oh. And then essentially... um... I felt... they... you know... if anybody can help this... our Earth it is you guys. You guys have all this great and wonderful things beyond my comprehension... why don't you show us how to do it right then. And... I got an idea that... ha... you can not create Earth as a welfare Earth. An Earth which is just dependent upon them and other things for every little need... because all the essence of what we are would be dissolved because of that. The essence of who were are as creatures that pancreate. Creatures that can look for God. Creatures that can... enjoy outer space or enjoy inter space or enjoy the Earth itself and a walk in the forest it will all become dissolved if they get involve in a premature sense. And I say... oh... okay. And basically say you can't get involved. And basically they came out with an idea that you know... we need your help... what would you do? And I... ah... what can I do... I am just one person. But I basically ended up... being convinced after they had kind of satisfied that I was feeling a little bit too... small to them. I kept getting smaller and smaller. Trying to make myself real insignificant like I can't do a thing. And ah... I finally I said... well... okay... I'll do whatever... if you need something that you want me to do I'll try and see if I can do it. And then they all up and they all smiled... in a sense... I could feel that they... they had that what they wanted... and all it was... my... was willing heart... a willingness to do. And they weren't going to... you know to put a hammer lock on me say you have to go back and do this... you have this far out story you are going to tell. Well... no... I was happy about that... you are willing to help us... okay. And at that point... it was just before I left... it because quite... and the light turned blue anyway... and I could hear them singing... and they sang and the blue light... oh here is the blue light again... and I felt all of their love... for not just me but for Earth for the heavens... for... it was like they were just trying to embrace me with an understanding that... this... that God even through them is just trying to express that love... and we just need to be willing to receive it. And once we do things will start to fall in place. But that was pretty much the ending part really and I remember leaving after that... I mean... I am dizzy. I mean... this it too much for me to really understand it really... and ah...

Curtis : And they just got you in there so you could agree to help them?

Michael : Just to say... yeah okay you know.

Curtis : That you are going to help them?

Michael : If they need help I would be willing that is all I said... you know.

Curtis : And that made them happy you would be willing to help.

Michael : Yeah

Curtis : Did they express what they wanted you to do? 28:08

Michael : Not really.

Curtis : Okay

Michael : Yeah... and ah... maybe I am doing what they want right now... I don't know. Not in a full sense... but... what is happening at a point after I leave... I ah... notice... coming down the spiral causeway towards me... I see one human... and he is dressed in white... has a Caucasian appearance and he surrounded by huge really huge men... I would say. And I think Riley calls them the Nyptonian. These guys looked like guards. They gave me the impression like they had this immense strength... they were close to eight feet. And as they were walking toward me they seems to not let me approach that human guy amidst them... they are surrounding him. And I am wondering why. But then you know... they just stopped as they got close they all stopped... and they broke rank they opened themselves and he just walked out and he looked at me... and I am talking about this one human guy... and he spoke good English and he seemed like he could walk anywhere on Earth and not be a problem. And he said you look confused. And I said in a sense yes... this is just too much for me to understand... yes. And I want you to understand that there is a book on Earth that has a lot of what is going on and it explains a lot... and I said oh you mean the bible. And he said well the bible is a book yes indeed but it is not as easy to understand what is going on here as the book and that book is called the book of Earth. And went... oh that is easy to remember just to look for the book of Earth... but it is not called that. And he said... and I said... oh well now it is hard to understand if it not called the book of Earth how am I going to remember it. And he said the book is called THE URANTIA BOOK. And I went... THE URANTIA BOOK... now that is an easy one to remember. And he said just remember you don't have to remember the name. At the proper time in which you need to know... it will be given back to you... you would know. It is the book you need to look into and you will find many of the answers that you want to know about the answers to in that book. So yeah... THE URANTIA BOOK is a very real book and it is available on the web. How do you like that. Anyway.

Curtis : How do you think they know about that book?

Michael : They composed it. 31:45

Curtis : They composed it? !!!!!!!

Michael : Part of it anyway. If you were to get the book you'd begin to understand it. Especially from the perspective of having been with them. One of the things that I was given was that... when I... allow myself to commune with the elders... one of the names they allowed me to call them is the Elohem I'm allowed to call them Elohem and that is also from the bible. But it is an allowed name and they would not refuse it. It is getting pretty much... there is a whole unraveling here of what's been going on. A whole unravelling of the mystery of humanity on Earth the issue of life on Earth and also there is some idea of why a little bit of why they don't just come and land on the White House lawn kind of concept if you have been out there if you have all this other life forms all over the place... you can see anyway. Anyway that's one of the amazing thing cause now with this knowledge that I have... and if you were to put that book and The Coming of Tan side by side and try to run parallels through the two books you would see just an amazing amount of parallels. The story is almost the same. So of course THE URANTIA BOOK is you know really really really detailed. And The Coming of Tan is sort of like a general summery and it got... it's colored with the humanity of Riley's own understanding too with the limits... in other words the limits of his understanding. One of the things I know was all these limits of understanding too but they would condescend as much as they can. But anyway...

Curtis : Riley's limits of understanding was understanding what they were expressing to him?

Michael : Yeah yeah... everything has its limits yeah... so if you view that from that then you can understand it. Riley was given a more direct instruction while I was just sort of given a shorter... stay there. But then again they don't have to teach you at sequentially they can give you knowledge suddenly too.

Curtis : Do you mean while you are there or while you are on Earth.

Michael : Both.

Curtis : Do you feel they have been giving you knowledge while you have been here on Earth.

Michael : Oh yeah.

Curtis : Was that in your dreams or during the day... could you feel it happening.

Michael : Yeah. You know it happens because it is too... ah too sudden... you know. If I am trying to figure a math problem I review the rules of math and then go through a sequential method of solving a problem and to arrive at the answer. With them it would be more with them went the communication with them it would be more like a sudden burst of... like a calculator... boom... that's the answer. And that is kind of like how it works. But it's you know... again we are limited as to expressing it. I said that the Bible describes it as the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.

Curtis : And how often would they download this information or knowledge into you.

Michael : Oh as often as I would want it I guess. yeah. It would have to be an approved knowledge they wouldn't share something that is not approved.

Curtis : Approved by you?

Michael : No. Approved in what can be shared. You know everything has its timing and a sense. If they would share the secret of free energy through the use of their device their living creature device I guess you might say that... I was shown looks like a stomach... if they'd be showing you how to do that... I guess they'd actually be showing you... I asked about that you know... why don't you just give us that. How about if I take one back... and I share it. And they said it would be like you learning the secret of life. And I went... that's very difficult we can you know look at it under a microscope and all of that but I don't think we can come to a point of creating one bit of life you know chemically whatever it is from the basic raw materials... yes that is how it is... very very difficult. So anyway... that is something... like nuclear fusion and stuff like that. So it is easy to understand. But not this. It is... almost like I said... it looked... that energy that unit... it looked like it was live and they referred to the design if we were trying to replicate it... it would be like replicating life.

Curtis : So they were basically telling you that with our technology would be impossible for us to even know how that thing worked.

Michael : I think so. Yeah. I think... not really impossible but we are not allowed that were not going to be allowed to know it yet.

Curtis : Well that is way back when you were on the ship.

Michael : Yeah.

Curtis : And that was quite a few years ago but how about now.

Michael : That's the same story I get all the time.

Curtis : I see. 39:05

Michael : You keep probing them... you know it is just impossible. We have to be really... again you know it is like how my argument with the elders was like... you guys should just come and solve all of our problems and you know create welfare... we'll create just like a welfare planet... you know. Where everything has got to be given to me... lose all creativity lose all the spontaneity... lose all the drive that is what life is about. And essentiality the whole life experiment on Earth is you know... kaput because of the intervention. Presently we are moving toward the next... our next level which is to interface with them. Right now we are creating a point where it is very common. People at one time... people ended up with concepts of the UFO or the Roswell experience and this kind of stuff were put in a little box and just forget about that because... it is irrelevant but it is going to come to a point where... it is coming to a point where it is not going to be irrelevant... it is going to be too common... it is going to be... ultimately coming to a point where it is going to be very common it is going to be a point where... this understanding that their not going to come over here with the conquer attitude. They don't need to. Like I said that is not their nature at all. I think it is the farthest thing from their nature. They are more like... life organizers... cultivators. They will tune in life... and make it better or adaptive to allow natural evolution plus a little inter venture here... but their whole concept is not to go stop and run everything like a robot. And essentially when you... I was asking them... I think that is what they were alluding to is that they don't want a robotic society robotic community where everything runs like that... it is not what it is about. So right now... I have been given some visions like ah much more fresh vision of these people called the elephant men. These guys were like the human Stagyian scientists. Like Riley's book said he never saw them without their breathing apparatus on. Well I saw them clearly without any breathing apparatus on and their face is human... they looked so human but their... skulls their heads continues on. It is almost as if we got the top of our heads cut off... if you cut the top of their heads off they would look perfectly human.

Curtis : If they would cut the top of their head off they would look perfectly human?

Michael : Yeah... that is how much more head they got above their forehead... you know... above their normal... our normal forehead height... they have a lot it is like twice as much height.

Curtis : Were those the Stagyian?

Michael : I would say so. Because I saw them without... without breathing... you know without their face masks on. I saw them with just their face plain. But I didn't talk with them... I tried to but they kind of ignored me. They had some business with me. And it would seem to be behind the glass panel and just tinkered with the control panel or whatever they were doing. Anyway...

Curtis : Now when they asked you if you would help them... and how are you suppose to help them Michael?

Michael : Just being willing I guess. I can not tell you how... I'm suppose to help them... except to be willing. And one of the... and I guess one of the ways is to be able to tell you... their heart... their hearts is... their hearts are full of love. They have a real compassion for us. Presently that's... I think one of the ways.

Curtis : Why do you think they have such love for us?

Michael : As if ah... it's like a parental kind of a feeling I guess... like they were around... or they know our journey... they have been... watching us. Because when you look at Riley's story... he wrote it down... and it is the way of the coming of Tan... Tan's story. Which involves... life creation on planet Earth. It's like that... it is like they have been... nurturing this planet and nurturing and nurturing us for a long time and it is not... it's not like we're not related to them.

Curtis : It's not like we're not related to them? 45:25

Michael : Yeah... we are essentially related to them in one way or another. Whether if where not related to them biologically totally because I think they are head a lot... but spiritually... we seem to be very related.

Curtis : Well that is surprising related to them spiritually.

Michael : Yes. It's not... it's actually if you got their perspective it is not at all surprising simply because that was one of the forces in the beginning that started the whole thing. Was that desire to move life out... a spiritual directive essentially. And we're... and I guess what happened to me to calling out to God to make himself real... send some messenger... do something... I wanted to know more about the kingdom of God the concept of the... you know the universal... the universal God... the universal God head.... the source. Anyway... and their basically trying to ext????inct... tried to... come to a point where their successfully... explaining to my level of understanding anyway... that spiritual motive of God. And it is really wrapped up in the level of God. That is what they are able to do. They simply are just fully matured in the level of God.

Curtis : Matured in the level of God.

Michael : Yeah. God's love is... you know... Their matured in the level of God... God's love is maturity to them. In other words... it is fully functional. Yeah... Humanity hasn't come to that point yet... but it is coming close to it.

Curtis : And they are watching us.

Michael : Yeah... they are watching us.

Curtis : And we're like their children... you said they're almost like our parents.

Michael : Yeah... almost like a parent... or feeling... not like a school teacher don't give you that idea like their just a school teacher a task master no more like a parent more like guide more like we really care we don't want you to stumble we don't want to see you hurt yourself but you have got to do this... don't do this anymore... like you know... you're sort of like that feeling when I was trying to... get radical and on the levitators and maybe you know hurt myself or do something stupid... they said stop that.

Curtis : Did they ever express to you that they have a hand in making sure that we didn't hurt ourselves with nuclear weapons?

Michael : Hurt ourselves with nuclear weapons is... is something that has... something that has happened before... in other areas of their domain with which they have been around. And of course they don't want to see it happen. And they... I believe that they have even intervened to times to make sure it wouldn't happen... but with of course the first dropping of the nuclear weapon on Hiroshima Nagasaki it was not something that they... couldn't stop... they probably could stop it but they weren't allowed to stop it because of the affairs and the progress... and the death toll and all of that stuff that happened was actually you know terrible if you were to look at it from their point of view it is sometimes the necessity of the progress of life on a planet. We you look at Tan's ?????something and law... it almost give you the idea that he's really seen worlds go kaput.

Curtis : Yes... the poem that Riley has in his book... is an amazing poem.

Michael : And sure they don't want Earth to do that. But it would be according to them it would be wrong.

Curtis : So they are out there watching us and making sure we don't do the wrong thing but they can't intervene.

Michael : Yeah... not... not... not like running things. Essentially if they were to run things they would become like ah... out of their... first of all they would be out of their roles... because they don't... they are not... up at the... up at the Saturn mothership... by the way... it is not in the rings of Saturn... they don't... it is not settled in the rings it is outside of their own area... it is not in the rings. They move around a little bit too over there. But... they... it is not their job to rule other planets and stuff.

Curtis : And how long have they been out there looking at us?

Michael : I don't know.

Curtis : Did they have a hand in creating us?

Michael : Oh yes.

Curtis : Oh yes... tell us about that. 51:50

Michael : The creation of humanity is not unique. First of all... life in its different forms different parts of the universe are is according to the... following a pattern which is duplicatable... but that needs to be adjusted... so as a result... although I look at them as... these Biaviians as little guys running around with you know and they got big heads proportional to their bodies in my opinion. The body seemed relatively light duty but... their adapted to another area... but they still have this humanoid form... and that humanoid form is unique... it is not unique it is somewhat universal. It is just for us and being from Earth and being essentially... a adjusted... living creature that developed to a point of being able to look for God. That is a pretty high point in their attainment. And that all took a long time... so... yes they had that. I couldn't say they actually you know... the created or blended the DNA and made it out of something that what was not... someplace else. Yeah I think that's not how it was... you're not totally unique to to Earth. In fact much of life on Earth is not totally unique to Earth it is not totally endemic... in might have been somewhat exotic in a sense and brought over and adjusted.

Curtis : Are you saying we were brought here? 54:23

Michael : Not direct... not in a direct sense. In the sense I am talking about is the base building blocks of organized life form DNA based life form that we are as basically all the instructions said you could need to create a lot of life but it is not that... each instructions set... is unique... never been done in another world or another planet... that is not true. It's adapted one more for one area or another.

Curtis : hummm

Michael : So anyway that is what I am saying... and that's... that's um... that's where my disappointment came in... in a sense was that... you know I wanted to find God the creator of heaven and Earth and all the one central figure that does it all but he has like... ha he has helpers... it is sort of like Santa Claus and his helpers. He has a big job to give everybody a present so what he can't do it all by himself no he has helpers so essentially that really simplifies it. I like to put it like that because it sort of feels right... it doesn't feel so... you know... doesn't feel so out of space... you know without.... cultural merit. Because we as a sense have this imagining inside of us already... so for... of how things can be done or actually how they are being done.

Curtis : How things are being done here on Earth... ?

Michael : From God... to God

Curtis : From and to God.

Michael : God's will being done. Yeah. He doesn't apply it... you know all the time. Just here all by himself... going around... and creating Earth life forms and everything. And essentially is the inventor but not the builder of...

Curtis : ... not necessarily the builder of...

Michael : Yeah... not necessarily builder of every little thing... its sort of... this initiated starter... the essence of it is... and no one can do without his help. But the whole... and that what we are... we need to realize is that... when I said... well... I guess do as I can do you know and... I'll be willing to do as I can do what little that is. That's basically the answer they want... in fact that is basically they every go one to it (?notclear?)

Curtis : So they want us to... So these being out there... what do they want you to do Michael?

Michael : Well they want me to um... first of all... relate... what I have related to you... and uh... relate this one... message this central theme... and that is that... there is a lot of love out there from them for us. But of course you know... when I first met them I fell down on my face I was afraid.

Curtis : How many times have you met them?

Michael : Oh... only one time at the mothership at Saturn. But there have been other occasions where they have... been involved in so of the affairs that I have here. Seems as though they were pretty close to life and death situations. yeah.

Curtis : huh 59:00

Michael : But not... only one time I know that... this kind of revelation was given to me and was pretty plain. It puts together a lot of loose ends that are....

Curtis : With loose ends... we're going to have to continue next time... you can... people can look at the schedule and see when we'll bring Michael back on... we'll bring him back on in a couple of weeks after we talk about Tesla and electricity coming up on this next podcast. We're getting close to the end of the hour Michael thank you very much. I hope that spot... my gosh... this is so interesting I know everyone wants to hear more. And we'll have to pick this up again... thank you very much for coming... and we'll talk with you again... and ah... look at the web site... and we'll post things on there.

Michael : okay

Curtis : okay thanks Michael

Michael : okay bye.

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