Michael from Maui
Hour 185

70 minutes
Tuesday ~ 7 May 2013

Last week the celestials gave me a tap
like on the back of the head...
go look at Scalar Waves

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Michael sent this YouTube last Wednesday... What are Scalar Waves
Last Days Pictures... What are Scalar Waves

In physics, a scalar is a simple physical quantity that is not changed by coordinate system rotations or translations.

A scalar Wave propagate through the dimension of time, but not through the dimension of space.

Scalar Waves forms nonlocal potential energy. They carry information and have a fractal structure.

Scalar Waves do not decay over time or distance.

A simple capacitor is able to store energy as a static electrical field.

The energy in a capacitor is only released when the current is closed.

Scalar Waves stores Energy and information in a dimension outside of our 3D space and the stored energy can be released by closing the circuit in our 3D dimension.

An RLC circuit in electronics is able to tune into the ambient radio waves if it is in harmony with the frequency.

Our DNA is more than only a data storage unit. It's a quantum antenna, able to send and receive data. The DNA has access to a vast pool of information outside of our 3D dimension. It created Scalar Waves and it receives them if it is in tune with the frequency. No information gets lost through this super advanced technology inside our cells.

The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. ~ Nikola Tesla

Our Brain is such a tuning machine. Information is not stored in our brain. Our brain is a interface creating a connection to a higher dimension.

The EM-Field created by our brain makes all cells on our body resonate. Each DNA structure reinforced this field.

Water is affected by Scalar Waves. It resonates with the Scalar Waves when micro-clusters are formed.

70% of our planet is covered by water, and our body is also made of 70% water.

Humans have a collective consciousness and a collective memory.

Experiments and empirical data proved that we are interconnected to each other. Our thoughts and emotions effects all humans.

If many humans are coherent in their mind, like a laser than even the weather can be altered.

HAARP is a Scalar EM Wave weapon. It is able to manipulate the weather and it is dangerous for our health. In this picture typical HAARP patterns are visible. These patterns are not natural and are man made.

Nikola Tesla was the first scientist able to provoke a earthquake with Scalar Waves. Scalar EM Weapons are now used by some countries as a tool to spread fear. But these governments are not aware that in a invisible realm creatures of incredible power are ready to judge them for their crimes. ~ "Because he has set a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited Earth in righteousness" (Acts 17:31)

The Angels of God will execute his judgment. No human made weapon is able to defend them against this creatures residing in a spiritual dimension outside of our space.

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