Michael from Maui
Hour 177

60 minutes
Tuesday ~ 26 February 2013

The Urantia Book ~
Exercise what the book speaks of
and its origins will become plain as day

Saturn Earth Connection
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.Michael Connection
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Breaking News: Strange Objects Passing Close to the Sun
One of them is Massive Feb. 23, 2013

Thanks to Pauljs
Thanks to Jay
If you get a chance you might want bring up the master map to the universe of nebadon based on the urantia book papers, thought it might be useful study aid helps to understand the book in a different learning experience- here it is :

Finding God - Master Universe Map
Organization Chart of the Paradise Spiritual Heiarchy - Based On the Urantia Papers

The Master Universe Map

The Kingdom of Heaven Revelation Universe

System & Earth Administration - Before Lucifer Rebellion

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Saturn Earth Connection
introduction ~ home page
.Michael Connection
...Listen ~ hour 177
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