Michael from Maui
Hour 175

70 minutes
Tuesday ~ 12 February 2013

Reaching down we touch you
from your highest level from your crown
from that which is in you
this is related to your pineal gland

Michael sends Curtis email

7 February 2013
Subject: Tan's star of David like symbol that I saw on his uniform

Hi Curtis,

This a nice video of the merkaba the seven pointed Star of David
that Tan made me count the points of.

Multidimensional: Merkaba


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Sent to me by employee
at JPL said they thought I would find this interesting
and I should have this.

See NASA Connection

The merkaba is a spinning structure of light similar to the chakras.

It is similar in that when spinning properly it works as an inter-dimensional gateway so that higher consciousness may incarnate into the physical body.

The difference is that the merkaba is much larger, encompassing the entire body.

In fact, the merkaba is the structure of spinning light which allows for the incarnation of the lightbody itself.

Without the merkaba being activated the other parts of the lightbody such as the chakras cannot incarnate properly and may not be stable.

This picture show the foundation of the merkaba in its non-spinning state.
We all have field of light around us like in this picture.

While in a non-spinning state they do not perform their function properly just like a chakra that does not spin.

The gateway to higher consciousness is closed and so the rest of the lightbody has trouble grounding and incarnating.

When the merkaba is activated it forms a counter-rotating field of light which creates a dimensional gateway for the lightbody to stabilize within the physical body... and for its other structures such as the chakras to activate and stabilize as well.

This allows for the possibility of incarnating higher consciousness permanently as well as raising the vibration of the physical body.

If successful it becomes possible to take the physical body into
the fifth dimension.

In Hebrew, merkaba is spelled merkava
which means chariot and indeed that's exactly what it is.

It is a vehicle which can take you and your body between dimensions.

Once raised into the fifth dimension, the physical body will become much more subtle and may live for much longer.

The possibility is also there to rise into even higher dimensions.

When the merkaba spins at a certain speed, a disk of light shoots out from the base chakra, in the perfect centre of the spinning star, tetrahedron, to around 50-60 feet in diameter (illustrated next).

This is what your activated merkaba would look like and in fact this field of light has an electromagnetic component that can be seen with the appropriate instruments on a computer monitor.

.Multidimensional: Merkaba
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