Michael from Maui
Hour 171

64 minutes
Tuesday ~ 15 January 2013

When you engage in the spirit of truth
you must surrender

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Curtis : 0:02 Well Michael and I would like to welcome you back to another recording of the Saturn Earth Connection. Our website is and today is Tuesday, January the 15th 2013 and this is hour 171 with Michael from Maui, Hawaii. Michael was taken to a huge luminescent sphere near Saturn as a student visitor and returned to Maui with their flowing dialog. And now we hear from Sharoon using Michael as ah... using Michael to transmit his voice into the recording. Hello Michael.

Michael : 0:43 Hello Curtis. How is everything?

Curtis : 0:45 Oh everthing's good. Be nice if the sun came out but maybe that'll happen tomorrow.

Michael : 0:51 Oh yeah. There's some strange weather too. Yeah. California's real cold. Yeah.

Curtis : 0:57 Ah Las Vegas is way below freezing. And in Celsius it's 17 below. Which is like whoa. I didn't know Las Vegas got that cold.

Michael : 1:13 And Europe is got interesting springtime weather.

Curtis : 1:19 Oh really? I didn't notice.

Michael : 1:20 Yeah and that goes to show you there's a, there's a shift or a tilt of our planet has shifted a bit. A very slow wobble is happening and ah Nancy Leader is talking about that a bit and it's been pretty much the effect has been in, in effect in our planet for a while. So uhm just watch these events as ah... uhm time progresses and uhm there'll be more information. The Celestials also sent me information a while back. Remember the, the vision that I had a while back ah concerning uhm looking at the, the soles of the bottom of peoples' shoes and everything was gray, frozen looking or gray colored?

Curtis : 2:10 Yes.

Michael : 2:10 And ah... a guy comes in and he has ah he's like a mounted uhm... soldier or you know commander... and can't believe what he's looking at... ah all like troops are just people just fallen dead... and ah... you know... he picks up at a statue... some kinda statue. Kinda reminded me of like a seated Buddha. Well anyway...

Curtis : 2:46 Mhm. Well well, we got, I just got a ah an email from Cortney. I should read this last but I'll... since you just mentioned that ah... He says ah... Hi Curtis, Michael, Sharoon and others. Thank you so very much. I learn much from hearing those conversations and reviewing them. Michael, please ask Sharoon what is the meaning or use of the symbol around his neck in Riley's book? Remember the, the, the elder in the purple robe and Riley had that symbol with the ankh on it and you had mentioned oh you don't remember, maybe Riley just drew that on there? Do you remember that Michael?

Michael : 3:37 Yeah. Uhm...

Curtis : 3:39 It's on the site. It's on...

Michael : 3:41 When I uhm yeah, when I have uhm, when I was with them they, they all were, wore purple robes or like gowns, purple gowns. And their hands were you know it's like long sleeves and they had their hands uhm covered like their hands together like uhm how would you say... one over the other and ah like ah you know those hand muff, what do you call... hand muffs? People would put their hands... not a glove but...

Curtis : 4:18 Yes. Yeah, you put'um in both sides?

Michael : 4:22 Yeah you put your hands in both sides... instead they were putting their hands in their sleeves.

Curtis : 4:27 hmm

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Michael : And and they all walked in together in single file... and this is the Sharoons. These are the, the watch keepers or the guardians and uhm they nev... I didn't see any ah special ah... medallion or anything that they wore but they could wear'em anytime they, they could add to themselves any of those symbols. One symbol that I did see was on uhm... Tan's shirt. Tan uhm... I noticed Tan and I said, I kept looking at his symbol and, and then he, he said... do you know what it is? And I said it looks like a star of David. And he said, he smile ah well kinda gave me a pleasant ahh necessarily a smile but a feeling like he smiled. Cause you know we were looking at he's not exactly a ah a human face but uhm he never real ah I don't remember them smiling ever... but having... I can have that feeling that they were they were pleasant, pleasantly ahhh... surprised or sometimes just... pleased. Well anyway... and he, he mentioned count ah the points. And I said ok ah count the points you know come out to six so one, two three, four, five, six, seven... Now how did that happen? And I kept doing it and ah it was a holographic representation and seven points of the hologram represented the full governance of how all... ah... all of our universe civilizations must come under this holographic governance. Now the holographic governance that was uhm shared with me by the Daynal, starts from our approach to God the idea that we must find the First Source and Center. We must and that, that ah draw or gravity is already put together by the Divinity that created us. So that we kinda like go ahead and try to discover more. And in that approach we find ourselves approaching through what the Daynal taught me as the seven psychic circles of divinity attainment maturing spiritually of becoming fully entangled with their ah consciousness. Now the holographic governance that that seven pointed... six, looking like a six pointed star of David but really having the seven holographic point points out to its governance representation. In other words there will be no need for real ah laws. You know we, we do have concepts of laws but they, they've been so... you know... plagued by ah... manipulation and loop holes and you know its become a terrible thing and it was always that way ah because when the human being goes around and does not dri... ah ah commit to harmony with the seventh point which is that Divine Fractal, that uhm Though Adjuster, that ah... part of Divinity that is given to every human being uhm then ah we find ways around rules and laws. But when we adjust to it... we have in a sense loo... rules and laws that are structured not from our own concept of right and wrong but of true like... true... likeness or understanding or just uhm the ability to uhm... harness, pull on, retrieve, download, the Divine Mind. So in that when one becomes fully entangled with the Thought Adjuster... we attain the Divine Mind. The mind of Christ that was many times taught as we should attain the mind of Christ and it's ah really not out own logic but this... absolute harmony that allows civilization to progress uhm... and last forever. Ah and because of that ah... ah foreverness in terms of civilization... it just continues to propagate out into the, the vastness of an ever expanding (electronic crash) infinitely larger universe, infinitely large universe. Uhm, so uhm this all goes back to the symbol that was on ah Tan's shirt which looks like a star of David but when I counted the points it came out with seven.

Curtis : 10:32 Hmm.

Michael : 10:32 So everybody knows a star of David has six points... and ah it was the type of hologram representa... representing the holographic governance of the universe of sentient beings that we are moving into right now, absolutely right now. So... yeah...

Curtis : 10:57 Hmm.

Michael : 10:57 Well any, in any case getting back to some of the other concepts ah uhm... that were, were mentioned. What was that, ah what was there anything else in in the email? Umh...

Curtis : 10:41 Yes. Yes. He ah, he says ah... Michael your dream seems close to mine here in Santa Cruise. In my dream I came to the conclusion that it might be volcanic ash falling from the sky. So I looked at volcanoes to the east of our location. I found the Long Valley Cauldra. In my dream, I knew I was dreaming. I also felt directed to see again... and share... and share you later. Ah traffic was slow coming to a stop even with headlights on visibility was only a few feet ahead. I don't know what he means... I also felt directed to see again and share you later. I'm not sure what he means by that. ah And he ends with ah... You're all done so much to slow us down and help us see better. And he signs it... His Love Cortney.

Michael : 12:13 Yeah well Cortney the uhm... that dream vision really does put together some perhaps... ah... better interpretation of what was sent to me as many times happens in my visions. I don't understand what I'm seeing. I just have to relate them as I see them.

Curtis : 12:14 Yeah.

Michael : Ah yeah so it could very well be that... it was a volcanic eruption which ex you know the volcanic ash is gray and many times volcanic ash falls like snow. Not heavy volcanic ash it's a lighter type that sort of drifts down.

Curtis : 12:56 Dust.

Michael : Yeah. Like dust, light dust. But it could be combined with that actual snow which it could be a result of where the volcano was located. Because it would have, some moisture would have a time to freeze around some of the ash. You know and cause a snow fall too right?

Curtis : 13:16 Mhm.

Michael : 13:17 But the fallen people could also mean that it was like poison gas that could have come out of the volcano and killed them. You know. And that has been verified you know in so many different eruptions where poison gas... even when you look at some of the plagues of Egypt... the gas which was heavy lies closer to the ground. That's why you know these people were closer to the ground and then died and the guy on the horseback he was high above the gas level maybe and then he wasn't, he wasn't falling victim to this gas.

Curtis : 13:55 And so was the horse.

Michael : 13:57 Yeah and the horse is up higher yah. And so...

Curtis : 14:00 Yeah.

Michael : 14:00 So could, it could be that you know I'm not sure but that's all, that's all some things we have to think about and right now we're having a lot of volcanism around the world and they're on the increase also earthquakes ehh... which are related to volcanism. And uhm as I mentioned earlier that the wobble and tilting of our planet. And as of course uhm Nancy Leader is ah... with her ah... Zeta talk ah... has been very ah... vocal about ah... the planet Nibiru or Planet X moving into our Solar System. And ah... people are spotting different, different ah anomalies in the Sun, seeing some other uhm... ah different kinds of observa... observable phenomena like ah... you know another, what looks like could be another planetoid or even a second Sun reflecting in the back. All of these things point to... we're still looking toward some trouble ahead and ah we're not ah nearly ah into that position where you know uhm... the terrible absolute planet-wide catastrophe will happen. I think there's a gigantic ah move by the Celestials to continue in preserving our planet in its present ah... present level however, ah we're to change. They, they want to see us make a ah... ah change in the way we do things. A paradigm shift must happen and we're heading for that full paradigm shift soon which happens to be one in which how the civilization functions. And ah... it's something they, they know will take us a long time to come through but all we have to do in our planet is to make a change in our hearts and minds ah... to ah... to ah... change, to, to have a different value system. And I think I've been talking with so many people today... their value systems are changing extremely. I remember in the yuppie age which is my age ah... the young up-and-coming professional. It was always to climb the corporate ladder, get richer and get uhm... up there into you know... the six figure income and higher and higher. Well anyway ah, those who came through to that ended up burnt out... sick... full of stress... and never feeling good and/or happy. And now ah... there's a lot more where people ah... view the quality of life being much more important, happiness being much more important and uhm... many people having had a lot of you know ah... problems with the... the false security in materialism are making that change. And ah an entire generation is coming around that values happiness more than uhm... they don't link happiness and money in the same boat. They're very separate and very different. So this is one of the interesting things and that is one of things that ah the Celestials want us to, to find because this happiness and this uhm... ah... you might say blessedness comes from also tying ah ourselves much closer to ah... operating under the governance of the Divinity Fractal within us... the Thought Adjuster. So anyway... ah ah... that's a little bit of extra... in terms...

Curtis : 18:29 (clears throat) Well... oh excuse me ah... ah... One thing we talked about ah... a while ago about this Hurricane Sandy I just wanted to bring up I... I had mentioned... to you before we started recording that ah those two girls who died because of the generator, the exhaust from the generator, well I heard more to the story. It turned out that it wasn't even their generator. It was the neighbor's generator and their window was open. So that's ah... pretty terrible but ah... Sorry... sorry that took place.

Michael : 19:07 It's... They, they were probably sleeping, yah, at the time and just died that way.

Curtis : 19:15 Yeah... maybe so. Maybe they were asleep. !t was just a, just such a sad, sad story.

Michael : 19:22 Yes... Well one of the things that comes to mind quickly with that story is how insidious that, their death was by this... uhm, you know probably it was ah carbon monoxide poisoning that, that is absolutely ah without warning you know people, you know, don't even know they're being poisoned and... a... yeah

Curtis : 19:50 That's something strange about that gas.

Michael : 19:52 Right. And another thing ah that goes back to that vision that I had is that it points out that it could be, what could happen could be very insidious and sneak up on people. Eh... so there... there, if we don't keep our wits about us and watch, watch carefully, the things that are going on and that's why I point out some of the things that are going on that are significant so... you know. A Spring, a Spring in Europe and all of that and cherry blossoms happening right now versus frozen what Las Vegas, California you know and eh... represents certain kind of things that are happening, so should keep our wits about us cause things could happen that would, you know, could ah very well sneak up on us if we just don't look at those things.

Curtis : 20:47 Last week before we ah signed or before we closed off our hour ah you were talking about cleaning our pineal gland and you had mentioned either on the air or off the air about you and your wife putting your hands on Marcy and I and ah... just getting you know... laying on hands for that ah healing ability and communicating ability and you said that Marcy was very strong and came out with lots of words and I hardly had any words but... Ted writes ah... he he picked on that. He wants to hear more about that pineal gland and so do I but anyway. He says, I listened to hour 170 again and I would definitely like some guidance from Michael and the Sharoons about how to tune the pineal gland. There is so much info on the web about tuning frequencies but nothing really concrete. So definitely let's ask for a step-by-step guide or maybe a reference source. (clears throat) There, there, Ted's interested and we are all interested in cleaning up our pineal gland and ah... and I had ah... another person write to me. I'm sorry. I'm just... going all over the place here. Ah... well asked me about the pineal gland. Oh yes, this is the second part of Keith's... question. He says, Michael mentioned that the pineal gland should be tuned-up or clean, or cleansed or some such. I read somewhere a while back that fluoride can collect there and to... and to that end I quit using it in toothpaste which is great. And he says, Tom's. That's a brand. Tom's makes a fluoride free one. Do the Celestials have any opinion on the efficacy of that approach? I guess they... I guess they'll tell ah-us others. Thanks. And that's ah from Keith. He asked another, another part of the question but maybe you can touch on a little bit of the pineal gland right now Michael?

Michael : 23:17 Well let me see ahh... I have ah pressure from Sharoon who would want to speak on that. Let me, let me come forward with ah... Let me explain something before I do something. One of the key... key points is that this... this language which I speak is... is actually secret. It is a... it is a language which is between myself and Divinity and the Divinity circuit. And it is understood on a level that requires attunement to the mind of God. You might say the mind of Christ or the... And it ah also is able it-it-it's able like you know we type in a website or dial a phone number uhm you can point it to an individual. Many times in prayer ah it is uhm... our... our prayers are are if they are properly presented eh... will be directed toward a guardian or ah a... yeah, a guardian, one guardian, a higher guardian who has under his guardianship many maybe sometimes hundreds of individuals but depending upon one's purpose uhm they may actually become uhm directed toward a singular guardian. Who has ah a combination. In my area I speak to many guardians and they all function under the same circuit and represent the First Source and Center. Let me for, go forward in this... Lackshunaraibesanaka ahelavawaterfortabesendeako ahfanstelkate theyaharunup sunfmarea threarupitagirlwhaisgonabelecialborogeten tarumpshun tararupshunata

Sharoon : 25:40 Greetings.

Curtis : 25:42 Hello Sharoon.

Sharoon : 25:43 Yes. I am here.

Curtis : 25:45 Hello Sharoon so good to talk with you again. I guess I can say Happy New Year.

Sharoon : 25:53 Ah yes. You do count the years.

Curtis : 25:56 (chuckles) Yes we count years as we go around. We've ah... we'd like to ask you about the pineal gland and ah... which... I'll just say our to our listeners it's ah it's close to the center of our head and our brain and it's right between our eyes and it's called the third eye and it's a very unique piece of our brain that we... we would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Sharoon : 26:30 Ah yes. These were sent toward me in the ah the hidden language. Understanding, of course that your concern is that it is the sole and only means of communication from us. It is not. It requires many ah... embraces, from us. We provided embraces to your planet and to your kind through a special and divinely sent spiritual agent who by his nature will point you to seeking First Source and Center Divinity. Pointing to Christ Michael your most... or most wonderful and the Universe's most powerful agent of creation... the Creator Son. When you are pointed that way by this agent I will describe for you right now who this agent is represented in your scientific word. Your science has progressed tremendously in understanding therefore I can use some ah... analogies that can be drawn from them. Recently... you've... described the God particle, the Higgs Boson but Higgs himself realized that the Boson required a higher level field in order to give the Boson mat... matter, density and reality within the time frame spectrum. He used his mathematics to form that reality. But he did come forward with full understanding that the Boson itself, this particle required a field. This field he could not describe. But let me explain to you. This field which he described to you is the field which many people would simply say is Spirit and it is true. You can call the field. You can call it Spirit... but it is truly part of the matrix of reality in which you and we are fully entangled and expressed in this Universe. Your hearts are free agents. You can listen to us or you can listen to anyone... even yourselves. But that your hearts become fully engaged is close to, in a sense, your engagement with your own mind and the mechanisms built into your mind which are expressed both in terms of heart feeling and mind logic and they can be expressed in your gland, the pineal gland which gives forth oh... sometimes regulation in moving your mind from one vibratory rate to another sometimes falling asleep. However, we have gifted you with attunement possibility if you choose to engage fully in this spirit circuit. How it is engaged is your willingness to surrender. Let me repeat. How you engage in this circuit, this Higgs Field, the Divine, the Holy Spirit, whatever you would like to call it, it all proceeds from the First Source and Center. It is probably best named as the Spirit of Truth. When you engage in the Spirit of Truth you must surrender. Therefore higher logic many times must fall away to the surrender to this and in that surrender one of your high level abilities is your ability to communicate as I share right now that ability, that speech. When fully entangled you must understand I used this term... entangled. I will use another term science... that science understands... called quantum entanglement and quantum teleportation. Quantum, the idea of being very small yet very large in its expression is the way in which there is no distance and no time. This can only be effective... when the quantum field or the Higgs Field is fully engaged and entangle between material or... matter. And that bit is already placed within your physicality your physical being. The ignition of truth in your mind is so vivid if we excite it that we can express through the means of this field, the spiritual circuit communications and through that many times it will take the form of a vision, dream or a dream. In terms of what you are hearing right now in the mind sharing, this is another engagement of your field... of mind oscillation or mind resonance. They're very similar to entanglement but different. The entanglement that requires a first step again goes back to submission. You must submit to. Once submitting to, you will receive entanglement. It is much easier to be entangled with one who is already entangled. In other words, the concept of lying on of hands, the physical touch along with the spiritual field transfer will entangle to the same source. Not all, not all those who are entangled with are entangled with the same source. Some may find themselves at resonance with a... a lower source. There are many times in which... the animals will entangle themselves with their master. This is many times observable in how ah pets will know when their master is approaching from a long distance away. They may even sense that the master has arrived from a trip that took him, the master, into a different part of the world. This is an interesting level of entanglement. Now is the important part I want to say. When the submission takes place, the required submission, as a pet would submit to the master so you must learn to submit to the Higher First Source and Center who sends the Spirit of Truth or the field to entangle with and you will receive a expression that your higher centers have submitted, especially the centers of communication, your voice your language and in such you'll be gifted with an actual verbal signal that you have been entangled with at least one of a guard... of your guardians. These guardians will speak through you and then gift you with this in a massively parallel download of ability. From there grows many more powerful effects of the communication. Under the first group you would receive is that you will be able to receive this language and also if allowed interpret the very same language. As well as operate under the same mind sharing ability that is being demonstrated right now. The next will be the ability to heal, to place the same quantum field... and be able to heal by applying not your own spirit but the very same Spirit of Creation. This field will correct many imbalances that are found in unhealthy or ill individual along with knowledge. There would also be the ability to work powerfully... powerfully with us... and if we can we shall... do many mighty thing and these would be as an example placing your will in our hands, your desire, as which we... ask the Celestial Agents can and will use what you may call technology but we call living life adaptations and magnifications. So we will magnify your will with external power through the Divine Agent of actual operational linked faith. Let me give you that word again, linked faith. Faith that is an illusion will always be an illusion. But faith that is linked to us through the beginning stages and growing operational communicational stages will actually become more and more magnified. Old words was operating by the working of miracles. Your will and that of high level inter-operational abilities between space and time especially time variants can make minor shifts and make possible powerful changes or very small that will impact your lives and made by your will. Other agents that will come forth are the inter-operational communicae between us that will give you the source of knowledge that which comes through another gateway of the mind a massively parallel download of information. This is something that you will know but was not given to you by ordinary learning. It comes by a massively parallel understanding. This is knowledge. Prior to that I mentioned the idea of understanding future events or prophecy both function under the time relevance and that part of the relationship. Now how you attune again must first start with the First Source pointing your mind, heart and will towards the First Source, engaging the First Source in submission to and you will receive an invasion, an invasion of powerful, powerful waves of the field or the Spirit of Truth. This field will literally switch on many of those abilities that are lying dormant. Let me repeat. The first step is submission. Well, the first step is pointing toward the First Source but if you're listening to this you are already pointing toward the First Source and through the Christ circuit, through the circuit which was installed by Christ prior to Him leaving the ah planet Urantia that will be engaged with you. That is a submission point and then the moving would be the exercising of what I previously described. Therefore, take time. If you do not and even if you have the chance to have one who has already been previously entangled share that same entanglement with you via the lying on of hands, the physical touch it still requires submission. Not to the individual touching but to the First Source. Also if that is not available to you it may require more quiet time, more time to try to quiet one's mind. And you will find that the pineal gland has control of some of those states. And once you achieve these quieter states you'll begin to feel a wash starting to flow over you, your body starting with your head which is the location of your pineal gland within your head. It will feel like a tingling massage like a spray of of gentle water over the top of you, the very top of your head flowing down, down through your body all the way down into and through your toes. And it will repeat over and over and over again pulses of waves of this flowing tingling energy through your mind exciting your pineal gland. And as you begin to feel this you submit more and more to the Divinity circuit. Soon you'll become so entangled that you have surrendered even your voice. And as you excel you allow your voice to speak but it will not be your words that you can understand. And when they are received you know you are entangled. If you begin to speak that way then you have been entangled and your growth and all circuits of Divinity attainment will begin to grow massively and you'll understand much more about the holographic governance of all the Universe. I, Sharoon, salute you grant you all your hearts wishes if you but do this and you will realize there is no good thing that is held back from any of you if you attain this level. Because all truth will be given to you and you will never ask for the foolish gift. This is my word to you. I take my rest now and allow my voice to recede.
Curtis : 47:18 Thank you Sharoon.

Michael : 47:20 Ok I'm back. (laughs) Alright anyway I just came back from his discussion quite considerably interesting.

Curtis : 47:32 Yes. What did he mean at the very end by a foolish gift?

Michael : 47:37 Uhm. Well I guess you know when people like like I was saying before I think ah when it comes down to a foolish gift would be ah... make me a millionaire or tell me what ah stock to buy... (laughs).

Curtis : 48:00 Mhm.

Michael : 48:00 That's a foolish gift of information. Although they can through time time ah shifting they can under-they can see but it's a foolish gift.

Curtis : 48:17 Hm.

Michael : 48:18 Yeah. There's more important things that need to be done especially understanding. Once that goes about, the world will make a paradigm shift. Well looking at what really is important, what makes people, what makes this planet ah truly on its way to becoming a a ah forever lasting planet where many, many, many, many beings of eternal not just eternal potential but eternal life will continue past this planet's birthplace into the rest of the Universe. There's so much more to to look into. So much more to express.

Curtis : 49:06 Yeah well it seems like we're always ah focused on the present moment.

Michael : 49:12 You know one of the things that's been upon my consciousness is ah you know. You know about ah genetically modified organisms right?

Curtis : 49:25 Well not much about them but I know what you mean.

Michael : 49:28 Well I I got familiar with that back in the 80s and ah... On the Island of Molokai which I live uhm there's a laboratory called Hawaiian Research which is now Monsanto. But Hawaiian Research ah was ah ah like the Silican Valley of the high it was like a high-tech place in the world of genetic modification and they'd they'd be able to ah use a type of uhm blast and blast genetic material and create these ah genetic monster material. You know but basically what they wanted to do was create strains of ah ah seed corn eh... primarily seed corn that was their strong point that was ah round up. You ever heard of the ah herbicide Roundup?

Curtis : 50:29 Yes.

Michael : 50:29 Yeah and use that and ah take the seed, plant it and then it would grow up and the plant would be ah impervious to Roundup. Every weed around it would die but the plant would grow.

Curtis : 50:45 Hm.

Michael : 50:46 Yeah. And uhm... ends up as uhm ah becoming a very, very bad part of our genetic research because they were combining materials into the the Geno ah that was ah gonna create many many ah disastrous effects. One of the disastrous effects ah was that if you eat some of this GMO materiel it creates a type of toxin, the very toxin uhm in some of ah... expressions that they they went to was creating a toxic plant. In other words... the plant would generate and it would be quarant, would generate ah a insecticide within it. The problem was with this insecticide it would ah... uhm find its way into the gut ah as you eat it. Of course you eat it and then the gene would find its expression into other parts of your own metabolism which would be the bacteria and ah even your own cells ah could express the generation of toxic uhm the insecticide that toxic material. And ah some of the syndromes that have come out about from it was one called... Leaky Gut Syndrome which the ah walls of the intestines become very, very thin and uhm and you have ah you know problems with ah not only digestion but ah-uhm...

Curtis : 52:46 Real problems.

Michael : 52:48 Real problems. I think you know someone who might have that problem.

Curtis : 52:51 Mhm.

Michael : 52:52 And that's caused by these modified organisms. But the problem has become very pervasive right now because it's in the U.S. food supply. Where countries like ah many of the under developed countries as well as Europe, Asia I mean Japan have uhm who've developed a lot of this genetic modification by the way uhm have ah band that type of ah materials these GMO materials into their food supply. And a while back I was given a a dream well actually not a dream. Yeah it was a dream that was so scary that when I saw it I I jumped up. Now I, now I found out that what the dream was expressing was ah basically this couple were, beautiful young couple was sitting at a ah uhm restaurant outside in the daylight you know an outdoor table and eating a meal enjoying themselves and suddenly the woman ah became extremely fat and obese, gigantic it was like the fat lady I mean it was just, just terrible. And when that happened she ah took the knife from the table and she castrated her husband ah across and that when that happened it was so like just walk over and just rip. And it was like whao, I jumped out of bed and was thinking what the heck was this? Anyway it it reverts. These are ??? with GMOs and some of the stuff in our food supply ah like the high fructose corn syrup and stuff that causes this kind of terrible obesity and uhm as well as uhm it's some of the GMOs as well as high fructose corn syrup and other things like that have uhm ah male sterility has happened. So these kind of things that are sent to me because ah the guardians are very much aware of what is happening and simply want uhm our planet to know especially ourselves to know that ah they're aware of it. Look for it, study it and we have a change in consciousness that will reject many of these thing that are ah already taking a massive move moving away you know, definitely moving away from these things in our food supply because the United States is a sick nation because all of these created uhm franken-foods ah and ah that's, that's happening. So I just wanted to make that point because... when I first received that dream... I didn't understand it but now I do. All of that information is easily found on the web or Youtube. You could look up ah dangers of GMO, ah dangers of high fructose corn syrup. Ah you can look up ah even the other ones that are well known already like ah ah hydrogenated ah trans fats and all of that stuff and ah uhm monosodium glutamate and glutamate in itself all of these in our food supply. You mentioned ah in our earlier conversation about not wanting to go to McDonalds but yet McDonalds in some foreign countries are not using that that type of ah oil to make french fries that are hydrogenated... foreign countries, cause they refuse to have it and uhm and ah have to stay away from uhm using some of this high fructose material, corn syrup. Go back to regular sugar.

Curtis : 57:18 Mhm

Michael : 57:18 For them to do business. So right now the United States is you know go for it. They can do whatever they want. Apparently, because the manufacturers have to submit uhm some kind of research which will be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Food and Drug Administration will determine ah whether or not it's safe or not. And it's the very manufacturers of these types of ah dangerous items like high fructose corn syrup the genetically modified organisms. Uhm ah the researches will be done by the very manufacturers... saying that oh our product is safe. And what is happening to all the products that are very profitable will find their way, have found their way and there's a whole bunch more in line to to try to make it into our food supply. Because when it comes down to our basic profit, you know one of the things a merchant told me once and I said, how's the economy hitting you? and he says, I sell food. He was a grocer. He says, I sell food. Everybody has to eat. He never felt any, any change in you know ah his profitability and that's one of the most ah basic of all ah places to, to make a profit in and they, they want to get involved in that. Ah the paradigm shift of course will have to come from the fact that ah when consciousness shifts people will begin to make the shift and ah it will cause a profitability to go ah become you know threatened and of course the move will be ah ultimately moving away from a profit based monetary system, economic system to one based more on faith. Let me come to you again with the concept of faith based monetary systems. You wanna hear about that?

Curtis : 59:36 Well that was a question Ted asked.

Michael : 59:39 Oh okay.

Curtis : 59:40 I don't know if we have time for this but ah... He says, The pod cast was excellent as usual. Yes, mid-wayers are a type of troublesome person. As long as that keep their distance and do their job but more than that I would really like to hear Michael explain more about how the faith based financial system would actually work. He did give an example but I didn't quite see how the transaction flowed, the logic.

Michael : 1:00:11 A faith based system would find its way first of all in changing the motive. The motive would be, instead of profit would be alignment with the universal consciousness. It requires those that are in control to make conscious decisions in alignment with the Divinity Fractal with the Thought Adjuster ah which is the highest level of governance. In other words, ah there will be no need for laws as long as everyone would listen to that governance. But what has happened is in this economic system which is profit based ah it has become perverted through an absolute plugging up of people's listening to their Divinity and ah moving on only with profit in their mind and that's where I said people are making that shift already and a ah whole generation is coming up realizing that. It's really happiness that is more important ah you know...

Curtis : 1:01:32 Oh yes happiness is more important.

Michael : 1:01:37 And the sources of course of that happiness become more and more apparent and that will make ah that faith based system. But faith requires action and ah it also requires a living faith in God or living faith in the Divinity within you and ah all of that takes stages but once it ah takes place one will receive a entirely new perspective on life and civilization and and how civilization can find its way towards great and wonderful expressions that will last forever.

Curtis : 1:02:25 Wow. Thank you, Michael. That was beautiful. Ah do you know probably a lot of your listeners are ah really content with their lives because they've really figured out what's important and that is just to be happy and healthy and not have to ah think you have to do better than the Jones' in a way, whoever the Jones' are. You know what I mean.

Michael : 1:02:54 Right. It's not to say that those things will be denied us. For me, ah they've all come to past you know. It's like I've needed all those toys and all of that I have them all. But uhm I didn't really you know when I got them... it was when I didn't really care for them anymore. It's sort of strange how they came about.

Curtis : 1:03:19 (laughs) Yeah, I know what you mean.

Michael : 1:03:23 Yeah.

Curtis : 1:03:23 You think you need something and then when it finally, when you finally do get it...

Michael : 1:03:29 (laughs)

Curtis : 1:03:29 Ah what's the big deal.

Michael : 1:03:32 Oh it's a big deal. Anyway it a... there is so much more that God will express to an individual... just make the first step and listen and even that physical description that the Sharoon was talking about. About how they will... the move is one that... starts from the head and moves through the body. And you feel it. Feel the tingling... yeah.

Curtis : 1:04:04 Yeah... living life... that's what is important. I hope ah... this didn't break up too much... it sounded... your voice broke up a little bit. I think we all heard you. So wow before ths completely stops... ah... we'll talk with you next week Michael. Thank you very much... and ah... Aloha.

Michael : 1:04:32 Okay... Aloha.

Curtis : 1:04:33 Aloha... bye.

Michael : 1:04:35 Bye.

Transcribed by : Jersey Johnelle & Curtis Cooperman
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