Michael from Maui
Hour 162

73 minutes
Tuesday ~ 2 October 2012
There is no desire for us
to send you back to the stone ages
that would be a fool's progress
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Curtis : 00:00 Well Michael and I would like to welcome you back to another recording of Saturn Earth Connection. Our web site is... and today is October the second 2012 and this is hour 162 with Michael from Maui Hawaii. Michael was taken to a huge luminescent sphere near Saturn as a student visitor and returned to Maui with their flowing dialog... hello Michael.

Michael : 00:30 Hello Curtis... how do you hear me?

Curtis : 00:34 I hear you really well. And ah... we had trouble last week with... with getting going... cause my... ah... DSL line and ah... it just wasn't working very well and... last Monday... I had high speed installed with a cable. So our upload speed went up by seven times. And our download speed doubled. Which is great news for us. And hopefully this we won't have any trouble with our recording any more... or very limited trouble I hope. But news around here our hummingbirds have gone until next year... and they... it seems like the same ones come back to the same feeders... cause... they come back about the first of May... and if I don't have the feeders out there... they'll come right up to where the feeders is... and they'll like... look all around. Well... where is it? It was here last year.

Michael : 01:37 chuckles

Curtis : 01:37 So they're cute as can be. And then big our birds... the swans... they have been... teaching their babies how to fly... and that's really cute. I've been trying to catch it with a video camera... which is really hard cause... I just wish they could tell me when their ready... I'd get ready. But... it is a sight to see. And when I go down to feed them... Mr. Hughes the male he... he always thanks me when I go down there. Oh thank you... snort sounds... he puts his head up and makes his... his ah... clears his throat sort of... oh thank you thank you thank you. But it is nice getting back with you again Michael... hello.

Michael : 02:22 Hello there.

Curtis : 02:23 Hello. So ah... I had this ah... I went down to Patty Blackwell's... she has groups at her house... and my friend Dr. Ong... he has been going up to see this man named... Thom Angels. He spells it... Thom... Angels dot com... and he has gone up gone up to the Adirondack to see him... and I mean... Ruben is a surgeon. Although he just retired from doing major surgery... because of... the price... well he is getting older and the price of ah... insurance... he calls himself... a recovering surgeon. And ah... anyway he's taken pictures of this Thom Angels. And Thom Angels had this shirt that was given to him by the celestials. And it is... I touched it on Sunday... several times. And it's like... touching the artifacts of ah... Roswell... you know some real alien technology. And you have to recognize it when you see it. You know this is really what it is. And he said he feels great when he has it on. And... he said he was somewhere is some television... or not... some ah... airport I think he said. He said a man came up and offered him two thousand dollars for the shirt. He goes... I can't do that... it's the only one I have. But you can go to his web site and read his story. He was a business man in Florida. And he had some kind of sore toe or something. And he went into ah... maybe lunch hour or whatever... went to see a doctor. I can't remember what was wrong with his toe. But the doctor anesthetized his toe and then heard some kind of scream or something in another room and said I'll be right back. And when he came back the anesthesia had gone up his leg and gone to his heart and stopped his heart and he died. Like I said to Marcy last night about Thom Angels... we've had a lot of our friends... like pass away and things and ... none of them died and came back. So it's... I guess it is like being hit by lightning. Doesn't happen too often. But... the way he told his story was quite amazing. And ah... I'll be able to see him in another... later on this month. He is coming back down here. But he kind of... frightened me a bit about ah... not a bit... I was... I just wasn't myself for a day or so... I just sort of came back today. But about 2012... the end of the year. So ah... and when we talked about it the other week... a few weeks ago... that was... that just blew me away... cause... here I live on a river... a very active river. Last year we had to move off the property three times. And... I mean we're having a gentle rain today. And it seems like... HAARP isn't... giving us a problem anymore. At least not in our area. And ah... because sometimes you can't even see Pennsylvania it's raining so hard but... so I feel I have to do something on... this December 21st. Be somewhere else. And then Michael you said... oh well... just go up in the hills... and come back and after you pick up the pieces... and pick-up the pieces.

Michael : 06:33 Yeah something like that.

Curtis : 06:35 Something like that.

Michael : 06:37 I just realize... ah... that it is an event.

Curtis : 06:46 What does the Sharoon say about... this event? And how we're going to be a... I mean what's going to happen? Or what is happening?

Michael is not talking yet

Michael : 07:00 Ah... the Sharoon... ah... lets see what they say... yahshaksonamirhaonasonshonacton genesahaspenima yandasha yasada egondararea.

Sharoon : 07:25 This is Ahiden Sharoon

Curtis : 07:29 Hello Sharoon... it's wonderful to speak with you again.

Sharoon : 07:36 Yes

Curtis : 07:39 And I...

Sharoon : 07:39 What would you desire to know?

Curtis : 07:43 Well... the first... the first thing... I just seem to always want to ask you... are you... right now out near Saturn?

Sharoon : 07:56 Yes

Curtis : 08:00 Can you see Saturn where you're sitting?

Sharoon : 08:05 No

Curtis : 08:07 Either can I. It's daytime here... and... I'm here on Earth. ... I wanted to ask you about... the end of this year... 2012. I ah... heard what Michael had to say... a few weeks ago. And... because I live on this river... I'm a... jittery as it is anyway... being flooded ah... and had to move off the property 3 times last year I was just extremely disrupted. And can't seem to live a normal... life. ah... And then I met this Thom Angels... last Sunday for the first time. I've heard about him and seen pictures. And my friend Dr. Ong has been... visiting him... and talking with him. And he is a special person... he had his shirt on that was given to him by celestials. And it certainly was material that I have never seen... on this planet. So ah... you know you put together these pieces and you listen to what someone says. But he said some very frightening things as far as what's going to be occurring here on the east coast of the United States. And it sounds like around the whole planet. Could you please... tell our... tell us more of what... is happening... and what will happen toward the end of this year. And when will it happen... and what will happen?

Sharoon : 10:11 The exact day in which it will happen... I believe you have in your mind a concept of great calamities. A struggle between... a forces that are electromagnetic and gravitational... that places great stress... on... planetary and environmental structure... tectonic movements. Understand... that you should have been aware... that... strange weather... numerous volcanic eruptions... earthquakes... and the resulting calamities that may follow. Have happened and are already warnings that you should have taken note of. Because you have taken note of them... understand this. That when the exact time comes forth... you will be able to see... the signs for yourself. You'll be able to find a place... for a short duration. Or... you will be found by us... and removed. The level of the calamity is variable. We have in the past manipulated... by our abilities... the interaction... that can happen. If we desire that no life... should come from this planet anymore... that it should be a great extinction... we would have desired to place... the forces... at a position that would have impacted the planet. If we desire... that certain adjustment... and change... we would adjust its in a way... that will get your attention. I say you... not... just speaking to you Curtis... but to... the planetary consciousness. You see... although you look at us as celestials beings... and your question... about where I am located was important to you... you must also realize... that we are beings... similar to you. We have abilities that perhaps are many many times more perfected... others that are more powerful... others that are very different. Yet the primary part of you... that is so precious... is the development of your soul. You're individual souls planetary souls. For that is the part that is most precious to us. For that part... it is for us easy... to create the physical body. But it is difficult to place a personality... of unique... and true divine structure within it. That part... that part... is the most important. Presently... your planet is in struggle. And it has been in struggle because... of the way things have been done. The balance is important in order that it will function but that was lost... and will not be found again. Instead a paraign must come forth... where your understanding of that... will become truly... accepting of a new way. We will not tell you what to do. But we want you to wake-up... and understand truly this new way. You see... if the planet goes through this juncture and does not awaken... you would not be ready to receive the wisdom that we have for you. The many many many... teachers are waiting for your readiness. To receive this wisdom. And once you're ready... a great and wonderful age is stretching out before you. During this time... it is a time you need... to look at what is important. Is it important that you save the fabric of your physical life? The pieces that make your life comfortable... or to understand... that a way... is just... on the other side... awaiting your acceptance... a new way... a new way. A new way of being... a new way of doing. You understand what I am saying?

Curtis : 18:40 Yes... very clearly... I understand exactly what you're saying. It sounds... it sounds... it sounds like heaven. It sounds like a new... beautiful... new way of life.

Sharoon : 19:00 Yes... you must understand this new way of life... is not really new in all of it's structure. All of the things that you have developed over this time... over this period... of a thousands of years in the past... have set forth this point of decision. And what we have seen is that your lessons have been learned deeply. You have not taken another step... your planet your governments in setting off another nuclear weapon. And setting off another nuclear war. Yes there were mistakes. Yes there were times in which you did come close... and we did intervene. But... the point of destroying each other has been tested. Therefore why should we allow a planet to be destroyed. We've done it in the past. When none came forth as you. For we waited for a uniqueness to be brought forth on this planet. Urantia is a wonderful planet. Has many phases of intriguing and beautiful life. Systems of life that were unique since systems of life that evolved into what you have today. But you will find on the other side of this... that many things... that you consider... unimportant... will become important. And many things which you presume... to be necessary for life... will become unnecessary. Yes you spoke of a... a shirt that ah... is... here or... given to your... ah... individual. This is only a token... pointing toward a new revelation. And you have but to do as that shirt is. Put it on... wear it. In it you will be enveloped... embraced by the higher wisdom. Not that the shirt contains it... but that your acceptance of it is more important. Therefore yes there will be change. There will be times in which will be trying toward many... and many shall perish... but their souls shall be translated. For you... you have the ability to move. You have also the understanding of what is ahead. And it shall be a time of trouble... yes. And yet we shall remove many who shall be removed in your biologic form... your mortal form. Because we need you to return. You shall return... not mortal... but that first stage morontal. You know what that is... I will tell you. In the holy Bible... we have already placed understanding of the Morontia plane. Servants shall be sent forth... such as flames of fire. Understand that you can look that up in the Bible. Servants shall be sent forth... as flames of fire... the first Morontia change. Understand the Morontia Tree is a symbol. Even that which was placed... ten giving of the Ten Commandments of Mount Sinai. It had Monortia Flame... but was perceived as a bush that burned... and was not consumed. This is the end point of being removed from the planet. It is also a time when the announcement comes... it shall take place. When is the right time... when is the exact date... should it be around... well yes... you will know the time. You will know approximately the time. When a... when a... person or a fisherman knows the tide and the currents and knows the migratory routes... he will base himself in position... to become successful in catching a fish. During this period of catching a fish... the exact time when the fish will bite is not known to him. But the closeness to it is. This is his skill. We have sent you signs to allow you to become more and more serious about what is being said... all about the planet. And what is most important... again... is it your physical body... or your structured soul... that will now perish. But needs to be aligned toward... paradise gravity. Recognize as a light... by us... visible in another realm of vision. You see when we look at a person we see much more then you can see with your own vision. But if you are aligned correctly it is easy to see. Now... do you understand what I am saying?

Curtis : 27:34 Yes I do. I just wanted to ask you about... if I was aligned correctly. Could you explain that a little bit differently. What you mean by aligned.

Sharoon : 27:55 You must understand that the structure of civilization that is on the planet presently. If you are aligned correctly... your contributions into it would not be one in which would enrich yourself. But your concern would not be enriching yourself... but others. And your heart felt home... would not be this planet... Urantia that you live upon... but the greater Universe that you are a part of. This gravity... empowers your ability empowers you. You would call it love... but it is the way the Universe really is powered by... from first source and center. You understand?

Curtis : 29:14 Yes I do Sharoon. Thank you for explaining it further. ... I mean I've always lived this physical life that I am in. I don't... I can imagine another life but I can't envision... or maybe I can envision but whether the vision is correct... that... that is something that needs to be... ah... taught. But I do love this planet. It's a beautiful planet and I... have seen and I've been aligned with... understanding and seeing the terrible things that some humans insist on doing to this planet. It's not all of us that want that direction. But it seems this a... seems that they have the power to keep going in the direction they're going. Cutting off our oxygen supply... and polluting our air with unnecessary particles that we have to breath. Because we're all breathers. So did you say that I... will... die during this time and... I will ah... return?

The voices
in the background...
Michael is at his work area... you hear other people in the background.

Sharoon : 31:03 That is not for me to say. I am not your guardian... of destiny. Your guardian will draw near to you as the time gets closer. There will be no special insights that will be necessary. Only pull... a pressure... a push... maybe a tug. And when the time comes forth... a change. You see... even if you're pulled forth as a mortal of biologic origin... you can not retain that. It will not be possible. It would only allow you to live... and put off the enviable. The difference is... if it become necessary that we create the lift... the grand lift... the harvest... it will be one in which... is so wonderful. When you are touched by it... the light will proceed... from us into you... and you will not know it. Only that it is wonderful. Only that it is so wonderful. There will be no terror... no fear. There is terror and fear if I were to come... and you were to see... me in my present form... as well as the many others who have their different forms. You will think... we are being attacked. You would think... how terrible it is. Instead... we will understand the lift... who work with it all the time. Know the transition is one of great love. If you have fear... if you reject that love... it is because paradise gravity has not harmonize in your soul. Because the substance is the same... that will touch and pull you. But if it is rejected. You see... if you choose the manner of the working of your planetary methoder. You are not... be lifted... because you will be too heavy... spiritually heavy. And you would almost be glued to the planet. This is a simple way of saying it. Be detached. Why worry. The time will be seen... and you would be told. Not even we know exactly the time. We just know it is near... as you should too. Is there any other thing you would desire to know?

Curtis : 36:05 Well... you speak about the lift... the harvest... the harvest of the precious souls on this planet and there are people listening to you on this recording. I'm going to be asking... asking you about the people who are listening. Will they be also included in this lift? Will they be taken in the physical... or will their souls be harvested?

Sharoon : 36:50 The soul harvest is the primary method... of removing the planet... of its... wonder and beauty which are you who live upon it. They shall be a remnant. The solar blasts that will hit will be one form of trouble. The Earth itself will be another... the weather another... the climate another. There will be many troubles that will occur simultaneously. If you need to hide from a solar blast... you take cover under dense material. A building... a parking structure. But if there is a great earthquake... that would be a poor choice. It may collapse on you. You see it depends on your personal situation. Therefore I will say you will be told... what to do. Don't think yourself alone. You will have if not a personal guardian... a group guardian. One who puts you together with others... and they would know what to do. Because the group guardian has been given... what to do in the locality in which you are. Do you understand?

Curtis : 39:16 Yes I do.

Sharoon : 39:18 Okay. I can not tell you exactly what to do. Because it depends. It depends where the Earth is in relation to its... struggle. Whether it be a solar blast... a tectonic shift... great earthquakes... and or tsunamis. If you survive and earthquake and sit in a low lying area close to the ocean... doesn't make any sense. Does it?

Curtis : 39:58 Well my present location... I'm just ninety-one feet above sea level.

Sharoon : 40:07 Ninety-one feet has been accomplished already... in Japan. Do you know that a river carves its way... becoming the low point... high seeking low. Eventually creating the lowest point in a area. Will the rivers turned the other way? Will they flow up hill. Do you need to understand anymore? You can see it on your own technologies... your own recordings. These are the warnings that have come forth.

Curtis : 41:15 Yes I can see the warnings. And I've... I understand the river could flow the other way. Our part of the Earth where I am located really doesn't have earthquakes. Like when I lived in Hawaii or the west coast I felt a lot of earthquakes. But this... this is going to happen at the end of the year. And it sounds like I should move to higher ground. Don't you think that's a good idea?

Sharoon : 42:02 I would survey... I would survey your options. As I said... it may not be a tsunamis... as your river turning the other direction. It could be a tremendous fiery burst. Or it could be... a terrible storm. These things will not come upon you... and surprise you... if you will harmonize with paradise gravity. You will be given enough warning. You would see what it will be... then you would know. This I say because... your situation is not the same as others. But... remember that there are many who have been assigned guardians who function actively... for the good of those they serve. Which are individuals just like yourself.

Curtis : 44:23 Well many times I am by myself... and my... my guardian could contact me... and... present himself I won't be afraid. Would that... could that happen? Could he present himself to me?

Sharoon : 44:50 Let me show you the first ways that are allowed. An enlightened individual human being... will slip a few words to you. That in their understanding can be shared. When the word there said... you receive them... but they strike you in your heart... like you have been... electrocuted. They're strong words. They come from a human source. That which was spoken... was not known by the source. As of any consequence or any importance. But the divinity that is in you will brace these words as a warning. Then you know you have been warned. This is one of the first ways. Another way we use... is to impart to you... a pressure... a push... onward... forward... to a place... look... look... look. And as you are looking... we will direct you... to the place... or to what to do. Another way if you are harmonized and aligned... you will be given a dream. And another way... you would see a dream as you are awake... a vision. And a final you would be given a face-to-face encounter with your celestial guardian. But most will find the first way... enough. Do you understand?

Curtis : 47:23 Yes I do. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. So... I may even have a face-to-face encounter.

Sharoon : 47:35 It is the last and highest way. But it is one in which is given only in extreme circumstance.

Curtis : 47:54 So only in an extreme circumstance... if I don't come to my senses... is that what you mean Sharoon?

Sharoon : 48:06 Yes.

Curtis : 48:09 I thought so. Well I certainly have seen a lot of signs of what's going to happen. And... most people just think it is going to happen in another dimension and it won't even happen in our dimension. But this is happening in our dimension... isn't that correct?

Sharoon : 48:39 Yes... and it is one in which happens... and has happened before. And as I have said... we have used it before. In this case however... it is not for destruction. It is for helping align your mind and heart... to be ready for the change. I want to give you a picture so that you know what you are up against. If you love money in the bank... you want the banks to succeed. Is this what you see is good right now?

Curtis : 49:41 To see banks succeed?

Sharoon : 49:43 Yes... Do you love that picture that they have painted around the globe? It is a toxin that has come forth and is poisoning the culture of your life. And it is making difficult the very development of each individual soul... a soul enslaved to structure its life... to progress... away from divinity and its purpose is a life soul that is stunted and perhaps many times lost. This powerful force that has been in the world of finance and enslavement has structured the reality that you live in to the point in which it has helped support the civilization but is now poisoning it. There is no way that it will continue beyond. It will be the greatest re-set necessary. You see... we do not use money. It does not work. Do you think I get paid to speak to you?

Curtis : 51:27 chuckles. No I don't. That never crossed my mind. I don't think you get paid to speak to me.

Sharoon : 51:35 Of course not. Then what is it?

Curtis : 51:43 Well it seems that people on this planet have been so mesmerized by money. It seems their focus no matter what they do always leans toward making a profit... making money. And that goes for our hospitals taking care of the people on this planet... their decisions are aligned to money to keep their survival going. Even if people perish they just don't seem to care.

Sharoon 52:24 You see the force... it is false. It is a false instrument. There are things that we have placed in your biologic organic life on your planet. Their needs... you get hungry and you want to eat. You get tied you want to seek shelter. You get cold you need clothes. These are based of course. You have conquered many of those things. Yet in other areas these things are foremost important because they have none of that. What is missing? Money? No. What is missing is the same force that makes us speak to you. It comes from the first source and center. It finds its way through all of the celestials of high origin as well as those who come from your direction of mortal origin and have aligned themself to this. The creator son came forth and said... he has wanted that you know not of... living water. Pssss... financial instrument or is this a real and important part of life. You have water... but you don't know of the water that we have? Ah... I think you do. But you can't make money with it. This is the problem. And if you would overcome that obstacle. During this great re-set the severity may not be so grand. And the restructuring planetary consciousness planetary civilization and infrastructure will not be so grand and large a task. There is no desire for us to send you back to the stone ages. That would be a fool's progress. You see... you are almost ready to become interfaced with us who have no money. This is one of the problems your planet has to be re-set. In its religious heart you will learn that you all knew the truth. Just that you had different names for it. This is easy re-set.

Curtis : 56:00 Yes Sharoon you said that... to align your heart for the change and it will be the greatest re-set. And now you're speaking about re-set again. When we think of re-set we just think of starting over again. But... this is not going to be starting over again... this sounds like... this is going to be starting anew.

Sharoon : 56:25 Yes. This is good. Let me use that word. To start anew.

Curtis : 56:36 And when we start this anew... could you describe what our lives... we know what our lives are like now... could you describe to us what our anew life would be? And where we would be?

Sharoon : 56:56 First you would realize the preciousness of those around you. You would learn truer friendships. You would become aligned toward family and friends in a different way. Secret associations and back door deals and hidden agendas... these things will be done away with... because they will be unimportant. You will be able to understand a new way of doing things. And a new way of empowering your society. I speak not only of empowerment of your own ability to develop... agriculture in a way that does not poison yourselves. Or energy in a way that does not choke off your life. I speak that you would be given understanding of how... when you spread it around. Not money. But... all that you will be given to the planet. You see... there is a way in which... agriculture successful crops come forth... with special energy. You'll be shown that and many already know that. Energies that are free and power your mobility and give you more time to assemble yourselves... and align yourselves with divinity. And the Universe itself and become a true citizen of this Universe. It is pitiful that you did come with... the structure of the rebellious ones. Who in their own minds desired to be worshiped as gods. Who enslaved and said there would be able through this enslavement technique... build forth... something else... greater than... the Universe itself. But over and over and over again if you look back in your past it has failed. But your populations have grown. The preciousness of your souls have been developed. Know this... it is not a time for destruction ahead. Do not look only at the door... but look through it... and you will see it. You will be able to be instructed in a matter in which to reconstruct... if need to be. Or to build it in an entirely different manner. These words go out not only to you but to all who hear. I ...Ahiden Sharoon... say farewell.

Curtis : 1:01:25 Farewell Sharoon... thank you for your enlightenment and... we find your words precious to us. They will ring in our ears... they ring in mine. Thank you for coming. Thank you for being here. Thank you for telling us that... it is not a time for destruction ahead. You said... look through the door and you will see it. I'll have to think of what that... what you're referring to.

Michael : 1:02:28 Well Curtis... well anyway. Did it make any difference of your understanding of...

Curtis : 1:02:34 Yes

Michael : 1:02:38 December 2012

Curtis : 1:02:39 Yes it sure did. Wow. Thank you Michael. That was ah... overwhelming amazing.

Michael : 1:02:56 uh hu.

Curtis : 1:02:59 Sharoon said the planet will be re-set.

Michael : 1:03:05 Yeah yeah. When... when you know... redo something. You don't want to just redo it the same way. Keep redoing it the same way it's going to break again.

Curtis : 1:03:24 Yes laughs... good.

Michael : 1:03:26 Yeah

Curtis : 1:03:27 Good laughs. We don't want to re-set and have the same troubles.

Michael : 1:03:32 Yeah... I noticed he liked your... he liked your word. What's your word? Re... not re. I don't know.

Curtis : 1:03:43 I don't know ether.

Michael : 1:03:44 laughs

Curtis : 1:03:44 What make anew. laughs

Michael : 1:03:49 Refresh... well anyway. yeah... he seemed to want to... point us to the fact that we'll get to... be... I guess to be aware... and to watch. And you know... don't stay too locked into the world's system. We'll be able to be guided toward... um... um... protection or even ah... even to be groomed... lifted off the planet.

Curtis : 1:04:37 Well I believe early on when he came on... he said ah... that I will see a... I will see a sign for myself. And to find a place or... I will be... found by us and removed he said.

Michael : 1:05:00 Yeah you could be. So in any case... ah... the... the concept or the idea of... of 2012... you know... people are very much aware because of all the... all the different things going on about it. But mostly... they can see for themself the struggle in our planet. I guess it is like really obvious laughs... you know... yeah.

Curtis : 1:05:43 Yes it is unless you listen to the news media and they focus on... I mean with all the trouble this country is having and they focus on some other country and they only talk about them... I mean it is just...

Michael : 1:05:58 Well its okay if they just talk about them but its... you know... it's an entire globe... a global situation.

Curtis : 1:06:06 It is a... yes it is a global situation. And I'm glad Sharoom is not into money... cause...

Michael : 1:06:16 laughs

Curtis : 1:06:17 He... at one point he said... do you think I am doing this for money...

Michael : 1:06:22 laughs

Curtis : 1:06:22 ... talking with you. Laughs. You know that's about the farthest thing from my mind. chuckles. That was pretty funny... I thought I almost laughed.

Michael : 1:06:37 laughs

Curtis : 1:06:37 laughs... I tried not to laugh. I mean. But he knew I was ready to laugh.

Michael : 1:06:44 Yeah. But you know that... sad to say some of the... the ministries... religious ministries... um... have a... gone the way of doing exactly that... you know. Putting on a ah a kind of a um... what did you say... a dog and pony show or whatever... laughs

Curtis : 1:07:10 Yeah... a front... just a... all those cloths and all that gold.

Michael : 1:07:19 Oh my goodness when I went into some of these cathedrals... my goodness the gold that is just over everything is gold... its like... woo... laughs. It's like... what are you guys trying to do... you know.

Curtis : 1:07:38 Well actually gold is very nice... because it is better than brass... because if it was brass they'd have to be polishing it every day... and the second or third day it would look terrible. So a little layer of gold just is a magnificent metal on this planet. This is a most magnificent planet this planet Earth.

Michael : 1:08:00 Yeah... I think that's his attitude to. So in any case... I don't think we are headed from the... the tone of what he was bring forth... to (be) anything like an extinction event. If that was to happen... ah... that's they don't care about... you know... um... rescuing anybody he says... let them all go to... erase erase... you know... we don't... dinosaurs... erase them... yeah.

Curtis : 1:08:38 But he wasn't looking for that kind or re-set.

Michael : 1:08:43 No I think... he pointed out... the a... a global problem with basically finance. I think that is a type of enslavement that have had too many many centuries. Actually when you look at the development of finance... it was a one of the tools used by the... what they call the... The Urantia Book calls the planetary prince... a fallen... one of the fallen ones of other... who um... functioned to uplift the planet but also insidiously inserted the enslavement technique through finance. And it stayed there. You know I often wondered how come you know some of these projects go unfinished. You can kind of tell... even in the ancient structures. How did they build this with human labor. You know... you go to Easter Island. Why would these Easter islanders be over there... you know... trying to walk this huge chunk of stone across the island you know. What was the purpose behind it?

Curtis : 1:10:00 Yes what was the purpose behind all those statues?

Michael : 1:10:05 Yeah well it had to do with keeping everybody going you know. It's simple as that. So its been embedded into the society all around the world... until it finally break down. And when it break down people run away and they go free and you know... the whole is going to fall. I remember the dream that was sent about the horses... and they're breaking out and going free. You remember?

Curtis : 1:10:35 Yes I do.

Michael : 1:10:35 Yeah yeah that one is... one that's happening right now... and you see the guys is kicking down the a... the a door... the corral... ya? And and... you know... I can see that. People are just around the world kicking down the corral. And that's all part of the necessary attitude change. Because um... I don't believe that we could truly become a part of the planet... I mean a part of the Universe. If we retain our... I guess... way this paradigm of finance. Cause they would look at the Universe as a... you know something to be financed. laughed... yeah.

Curtis : 1:11:27 Yeah well. Thank you Michael I hate to... say Aloha but it's way over the hour...

Michael : 1:11:36 Okay (chuckles)

Curtis : 1:11:35 ... and I don't know why it has to be an hour... but... try and keep it near that. And this was amazing. As Sharoon was speaking I'm constantly thinking... I need to transcribe this entire hour and... and have it on the... have it on the page.

Michael : 1:11:55 Oh yeah...

Curtis : 1:11:55 Have it on the web for people to read... it's it's like an eight hour job... but Sharoon speaks a little slow... and that could help a lot but... the words he uses needs to be seen and heard. So thank you Michael and ah... we'll do this again next Tuesday.

Michael : 1:12:18 Okay

Curtis : 1:12:18 And thank you for bringing Sharoon on... that was... I'm so glad he came on and ah... made me feel better. I hope he made other people feel better too. Okay Michael...

Michael : 1:12:32 Okay

Curtis : 1:12:33 Aloha

Michael : 1:12:34 Aloha

transcribed by Curtis
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