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Subject: Michael
Date: 29 July 2007 13:48:59 GMT-04:00

Dear Curtis,

I have just finished listening to the half dozen recordings of your conversations with Michael. As a 20+ year reader of the Urantia Book I am especially intrigued by his experiences, descriptions and interpretations. To say that this stuff is familiar to me from my reading would be partially correct in that the cosmology of ascending and descending Sons of God is familiar. However, the bright object near Saturn is a new one on me that I find especially interesting since I would never have anticipated the presence of an architectural world within our own solar system from the information in the Urantia Book. But, there it is, apparently.

I have three questions for Michael and one observation. I"ll begin with the observation.

Seekers of truth read a great deal these days. The breadth of the materials available on line provide a resource of credible and incredible sources that are many-fold the volume of just ten years ago. Reading books about the spiritual journey, including the Urantia Book, often puts the reader in the mental space of significant events taking place in the past. In the Bible the time frame is thousands of years. In the Urantia Book the time frame is years beyond our imaginations, millions and billions of years. From the perspective of the reader, the time frame is rarely this moment or the near past and future. It is millennia, centuries, eons and epochs of the past.

Encountering teachings that discuss and describe present day conditions concerning our unseen friends of the universe and our place among them, we are squarely placed in the situation of either believing or disbelieving what is said as a matter of discernment, assessment and judgment about the validity of what is being related to the reader. Each person who hears what Michael has to say or reads what the Urantia Book has to say has to make a judgment about the veracity of what is being said without being able to see, hear, feel or touch these beings and without having much in the way of scientific or archeological proof to support the perspective put forth. People of faith believe without having material proof. Their proof is their own experience with the divine Source and Center of all things.

The "Wow" factor that accompanies the ultimate realization of our direct and personal participation and assumption of faith in the over-arching universal plan can, for a time, overwhelm the truth seeker in the bliss of revelation. Michael has stepped well beyond that bliss-out state. His balanced calm and willingness to say, "I don't know," is refreshing.

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William H.
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Now the questions:

Michael has described the quarantine of our world following our leaders involvement in the Lucifer Rebellion many thousands of years ago. This quarantine involves the shutting down or significant lessening of the energy and communication circuits that are a part of a normal inhabited planet's environment. The restoration of these circuits is subject to the final adjudication of Lucifer and his associates.

I'm wondering if that final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion has taken place and what Michael's friends had to say about this and the subsequent results of reopening these somewhat mysterious circuits.

My next question is this: The very high, created beings who are known as descending Sons of God are talked about at great length in the Urantia Book. Jesus (also known as our Creator Son, Michael, Christ Michael, etc.) is one of several descending Sons and associated orders of beings who have come to our planet to reveal the divine love and design of the Father.

In talking about the normal order of spiritual and societal progression on other worlds, the authors of the Urantia Book discuss the series of dispensations, adjudications and materializations of these high order descending Sons of God. Multiple times in the book, the authors suggest that our world is possibly due for a material dispensation of a Descending Son known as an Avonal or Magisterial Son. But they warn that the timing is not known nor revealed by the authors when the book was indited in the 1930s.

Here we are 70 years later and much has changed on our world. I am wondering if Michael's acquaintances have anything to say about the possibility of a Magisterial Son coming to our planet in material form - incarnated as a visible teacher/leader on our planet. If so, is this something that will be happening soon? And if so, what does "soon" mean - five years, fifty years, five hundred years?

Finally, I have a question for Michael outside of the teachings of the Urantia Book. I wonder if Michael has had the opportunity to receive information about the emerging Planetary Supreme, Urantia?

If you or Michael require additional information or elaboration on these questions, I'll be happy to correspond.


William H...
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