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Bright Object
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William H...
William a 20 year
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comments after hearing 6 hours of Michael.
Saturn Earth Connection
I just listened to Michaels story yesterday and I must say, he certainly sounds genuine to say the least. I find it much easier to listen to someone speak about things like this... but minus the ego that Riley has.

dan ~ Nova Scotia

8 September 07
From: Michael in Maui

Subject: Re: architectural world near Saturn... origin ~ The Urantia Book

Hi Curtis,

I checked out the Riley connection and it looks good. I believe the Urantia people are interested in subject that not only relates to the Urantia book but also has an effect on their personal situation in the present. Your site gives hints to both the celestial activity on Earth as well as educational activity on the New Jerusalem Mothership parked at Saturn within only day, weeks, months and years of time. It should be pointed out that the information that has been collected on the site are not from channeled sources but from the first hand experience of real individuals as well as scientific resources. Also that there is a awakening of many of the Mortal Reserve Corps of Destiny as the arrival of Christ Michael nears. The Coming of Tan would serve well to help many in the Urantia study groups have fun with the revelations in the book as well as give them a idea of their place in this special group of Mortals.

Aloha, Michael

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