Saturn Earth Connection
Urantia Connection
On the luminous sphere near Saturn... a human being told Michael they wrote
the book of Earth The Urantia Book
Michael records
381 hours of his connection
with celestial beings near Saturn
NASA Connection
Spacecraft named Cassini... visits Saturn like a tourist and sends back images of a huge luminous sphere. You'll see NASA switch to a telephoto for a
close-up view of object near Saturn.
Saturn Earth Connection
introduction ~ home page
Tesla Electricity for Health
1896 Nikola Tesla started his Ozone company. A wonderful natural form of Oxygen with extra Oxygen
Click this link... you'll see old brochures from the 1920s... the truth about ozone.
Riley Connection
Riley Martin hands Curtis his manuscript in 1994. Composed like a master but Riley comes from a sharecropper world. A little help from his friends near Saturn.
read The Coming of Tan
Michael Connection
They called their architectural world near Saturn... New Jerusalem.
listen to Michael of Maui
.Homozon New Web Page
Listen to Dr. Freibott
on Homozon from
Ozone is in
Ozone in Homozon enters and cleans your body like nothing manufactured on Earth. Ozone is natural.
Read the history of Ozone which includes
1898 Homozon.
Listen to George Freibott tell you about Ozone in Homozon.
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Saturn Earth Connection

Our first recording as a test was on 17 April 2007
before we called this the Saturn Earth Connection.
Listen to Michael of Maui

Saturn & Earth
Equatorial Circumference
Saturn ~ 235,298 miles
.Earth ~ 024,901 miles
Radio Control Cassini
transmission time to Saturn
at the speed of light
70 light minutes
Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Otis T. Carr~~~~~~knew Tesla
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla

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Michael hour 381
Michael Connection
Part 4

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